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					Material       *The paper is focused, significant,   *The paper is somewhat    *The paper is a listing     *The paper lacks clarity in   *The paper does not
(Content)      interesting and logical               logical and insightful    of factors/concepts         presenting concepts           follow the assignment
               *The paper is insightful,             *Lacks some originality   *The paper lacks depth      *The paper lacks depth        *Plagiarism
               demonstrating originality, new        in thinking or approach   and offers little insight   and offers no insight into
               thinking or new approach              *The paper fulfills the   into new thinking-paper     material
               *The paper fulfills the               requirements of the       repeats source material     *Paper regurgitates source
               requirements of the assignment        assignment                *Average material           material
Organization   *The paper contains: a clear          *The paper contains an    *The paper contains a       *The paper contains an        *The paper lacks a
               thesis, an introductory paragraph     adequate introduction     vague thesis, intro         uncertain thesis, lacks       thesis
               forecasting the overall               and thesis                paragraph lacks focus       focus intro paragraph         *No recognizable
               organization of the paper, a          *The paper uses some      *The paper uses few         misleads audience             organization-lacks
               conclusion that brings finality to    transitions but lacks     transitions and lacks       *Disorganized, difficult to   coherence and unity
               the paper.                            tight organization        tight organization          follow line of argument,      *No transitions
                                                     *The paper has an         *Concluding paragraph       *Inadequate conclusion        *Poor conclusion
                                                     adequate conclusion       is weak/lacks finality
Expression     *The paper contains a variety and     *The paper displays       *The paper displays         *Paper lacks sentence         *Sentence variety is
               complexity of sentence structures     some sentence variety     limited sentence variety    variety                       missing
               and styles                            *Word choice is           *Word choice average        *Paper reflects below         *Paper reflects poor
               *Word choice is audience and          acceptable for audience   for FYC-lacks college-      average word choices and      word choices
               topic appropriate and displays        and topic                 level appropriateness       appropriateness               *Writing is offensive
               college level use                     *The writing style and    *The paper displays         *Writing style is             to audience
                                                     tone is somewhat          average writing style       inappropriate for intended
                                                     sophisticated             and tone                    audience
Correctness    *The paper contains no more than      *The paper contains no    *The paper contains         *The paper contains more      *The paper contains
               2 combined errors in grammar or       more than 3 combined      more than 4 combined        than 5 combined major         too many errors to
               mechanics                             major and minor errors    major and minor errors      and minor errors              read
               *The paper has no spelling errors     *The paper contains a     *Several spelling errors    *Many spelling
               or typos                              few spelling errors       and typos                   errors/typos
Sources        *The paper contains sufficient and    *The paper contains       *Paper does not contain     *Sources are not cited        *The paper
               specific support material             sufficient and specific   appropriate number of       properly                      demonstrates a lack
               *All sources are cited correctly      support material          sources                     *Many formatting              of understanding of
               according to MLA format               *Works Cited page is      *Several sources are not    problems                      correct MLA
               *Works Cited page is formatted        formatted correctly –     cited properly                                            formatting and
               correctly – MLA format                MLA format                *Improper Paraphrase,                                     citation methods
               *Support accurately paraphrased,      *Minor formatting         summary, or quotes
               summarized or quoted                  problems                  *Formatting problems
   Grade                    A (10-9)                            B (8)             C (7) – Fulfills the                D (6)                     F (5-0)
  (Points)                                                                        basic requirements

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