sweet-potato-skit by nuhman10


									Sweet potato skit
Harry Potter
Quidditch team (3?)
Fred the Gecko

Brooms/quiditch props
Harry potter costume
Sweet potato
Gecko costume
Cooked sweet potato

Reporter: And now the news. Next Wednesday Green Street
School Students will be taste testing maple-glazed sweet potatoes
in every classroom. The sweet potatoes they will taste were grown
locally just on Picadilly Farm in Winchester New Hampshire. This
is part of the Farm to School Program which is taking off all across
the country. School Cafeterias are buying their vegetables from
local farmers so kids get the freshest food possible. Plus buying
locally helps keep our environment clean and keep our beautiful
Vermont farms in business. Kids can help by buying lunch on the
days there are local offerings. And we’ll be back after this
commercial break

(Kids playing quidditch on Broom sticks)
(Harry potter blows whistle, pauses and walks over to speak to
Harry Potter: You know, after a long day of playing quidditch
and practicing my wizardry skills, I know I need to eat a nutritious
meal. And sweet potatoes are just the right thing! Not only are
they delicious, but they are cfull of all the things you need to stay
healthy and fit. They are high in potassium, calcium, and vitamin
A and vitamin C. Calcium is good for your bones and Vitamin A
helps your eyes. You’ve got to be quick with your eyes to catch
those quidditch balls coming by! And, here’s a bit of trivia for
you- Did you know your body needs vitamin A and C to produce
sebum, an oily substance secreted by your hair follicles that is the
body’s natural hair conditioner? All you WACKY HAIR folks out
there should make sure you eat your sweet potatoes!

Student (walking up to Harry) Are sweet potatoes good for

Harry Potter: Of course! Sweet Potatoes will enhance
ANYONE’s special powers.

(Fred- school mascot appears)

Fred: What about geckos?

Harry Potter: Even Geckos! Fred, want to try some maple
glazed sweet potatos?

Fred the Gecko: NO… I don’t think I’ll like it. I only like bugs.

Harry Potter: If you’ve never tried it, how do you know- maybe
you’ll love it! Remember, life is all about taking risks. We
wizards learn that early! Tasting new foods is one great way to
practice BRAVERY! You don’t have to like it, just try it!

Fred the Gecko: Well okay… (Nibbles some of the sweet potato)
Hey this is YUMMY!
Harry Potter: (turning to audience): What did I tell you? (Turns
back to Fred) This is for being such a brave gecko! (Hands Fred a
bugget.) Sweet Potatoes are really worth it! (holds up sweet
potato and looks at audience) Eat Sweet Potatoes. Good for
Muggles, Wizards, Wacky Hair AND Geckos!

(Harry, Fred, Student, Quiditch team all smile and gives a thumbs

Reporter: And now back to the news: It seems at Green Street
School, students have been taking Harry’s advice. In some
classrooms during our last taste test in December, every single
student tried the roasted root taste test! Talk about BRAVERY!
Next Wednesday, students will be taste testing local sweet potatoes
and have a chance to be BRAVE again! Tune in next week to GSS
News to find out how many classes get high scores for bravery
during the sweet potato taste test. Thanks for watching GSS News.
News and Information for a Better World.

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