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									Job Title:                      Programme Funding Officer – Regional HIV and AIDS programme              Responsible to:                    Head of Funding, Africa with matrix accountability to the
                                in southern Africa (RAISA)                                                                                  director of RAISA. Also working closely with the RPDFA and
                                                                                                                                            HIV & AIDS programme managers in southern Africa as well
                                                                                                                                            as with fundraising colleagues across Africa and elsewhere.
Responsible for:                No management responsibility                                       Location:                                Pretoria
Job purpose:                    To raise funds for VSO’s RAISA programme and to support effective donor relations and fund management

Responsibilities                                        Key Performance Indicators                          Competencies                                      Skills, Knowledge and Experience required
Reaching fundraising targets                                                                                The following are taken from VSO's                Essential
To develop and maintain an up-to-date funding           Fundraising targets for RAISA (to be agreed)        competency framework:                             Able to write compelling, high quality
strategy for RAISA                                      met                                                 Working together -Proactively enables and         funding proposals
To work with programmes to anticipate, plan and                                                             encourages teamwork in others
respond to funding opportunities, predominantly         Number of applications that are successful,         Communicating and influencing - Informs           Proven experience of having successfully
from institutional donors                               and feedback from donors indicates that             others clearly and convincingly when asked,       raised funds within the charitable sector
To develop and write high quality proposals that        applications are of good quality                    and listens well to others
meet donor requirements, working closely with           Where decisions are made to submit                  Managing knowledge - Proactively seeks out        Proven experience of securing restricted
programme managers on programme development.            applications, deadlines are met and are of          new knowledge sources (people and data);          funding from institutional donors
                                                        good quality                                        uses and shares knowledge effectively
To work with the RAISA team to support the team in                                                          Striving for excellence - Wants to learn and      Personal experience of cultivating strong
prioritizing and packaging RAISA into fundable                                                              improve; responds to feedback and strives to      donor relationships and negotiating with
sections, enabling quick responses to donors            RAISA director and other staff perceive that        meet objectives set by others                     donors
                                                        profile is increasing                               Managing resources - Spends VSO’s money
Raising profile and partnership building                                                                    responsibly; organises own work to meet           Experience of delivering quality and timely
To ensure that RAISA has a high profile amongst         Number of new networks, consortia,                  objectives on time                                reports to donors on funding received
institutional donors, corporate, major donors, trusts   partnerships and funding/joint programming          Managing people - Requests and follows up on
and foundations                                         gained                                              appropriate support from others; raises           Excellent interpersonal skills, including well
To ensure that there is quality information about                                                           concerns about uncooperative colleagues in an     developed written, verbal and presentation
RAISA readily accessible for donors                                                                         appropriate way.                                  skills.
To work with the RAISA director in the development                                                          Developing people - Gives constructive
of strong partnerships between RAISA and restricted                                                         feedback that helps others identify and meet      Experience of selling organizations to
income donors                                           Financial and narrative reports are timely and      development needs.                                external donors and networking on high-
                                                        of high quality                                     Leading for the future - Represents VSO at        level donor forums
Grant management                                                                                            major forums; works with leaders in the
To ensure timely submission of reports by grant                                                             private, public and not-for-profit sectors to     Strong administrative and organizational
accountables that meet the donors requirements          Staff feel they receive timely and quality          progress the International Development            skills
                                                        support                                             agenda
                                                                                                            Thinking strategically - Makes decisions based    Desirable
Communication and collaborative team working                                                                on a range of internal and external factors and
To promote a proactive fundraising culture across       Increased participation of a wider number of        long-term impact; consults widely across          Experience of working with corporate and
RAISA                                                   staff in fundraising activities across region       disciplines.                                      foundations
To work closely with the fundraising adviser,           A joined up strategy and approach to                Delivering results - Analyses objectives,
Southern Africa in identifying and prioritizing         fundraising across Africa, the region and           considers options, plans and manages              Experience of working remotely with
regional priorities                                     RAUSA, and integrated funding plans                 appropriately; holds self and team accountable    colleagues in other locations
To work with others in the Global Fundraising Team,                                                         for achieving goals
identifying potential relationships with new donors                                                                                                           Sound understanding of HIV and AIDS issues
To ensure that all relevant information that will       Clear quality information about fundraising in
contribute to achieving our corporate fundraising       RAISA is available to other fundraisers
objectives is shared across the Global Fundraising

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