; Hallelujah
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                                                Revelation 19
1. Worship of God
   A. Hallelujah v 1
     i. Background information in the Bible
     ii. Hallelujah means ________________
     iii. An example is Ps 104
  B. The Hallelujah Anthems
     i. The first song stressed the j__________ of God v 2
     ii The second song v 3 accented the finality...
        a. The smoke going up...
     iii The third song led by the twenty-four elders and four living creatures v 4
        a. Another echo of the Psalter with "Amen and Hallelujah." It reveals Christ as the gracious ...
     iv The Voice from the throne
     v. The final song with v 6 emphasized the word "reigns"
        a. We are hearing anew the message of ch 11...

2. The Wedding of the Lamb
  A. The Song
  B. The Appearance of the Bride v 8
     i. The Righteous Acts of the Saints
       a. The works of the saints

       b. A declaration of God
  C. A Very Joyous Occasion
    i. Spoken of once by the prophet Isaiah
    ii How you ought to live in light of that day...

3. The War of the Lamb
  A. The scene
  B. The Theme of the Lamb's Righteous Judgment
    i. Expressly stated
    ii Illustrated "Rod"
     a. The flaming eyes v 12
     b. The Robe dipped in blood v 13
     c. Another Feast vss 17-18
 C. Some Implications for us
    i. Christ shall p___________
    ii His triumph should influence your perspective on w_________
    iii His triumph should make us conform our w___________

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