1. The Association              4.     Fundraising Policy Procedure
     2. Hockey Operations            5.     Registration
     3. Fee Structure                6.     Summer Camps

1.      The Association
The Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association (FMMHA) is a not-for profit society
governed by a set of by-laws. The FMMHA establishes and enforces policies,
procedures and rules governing the operations of all Minor Hockey in the Regional
Municipality of Wood Buffalo. All participants, including those playing on Rep teams,
must be registered and are members of the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association.
The Association is affiliated with the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association (Hockey
Alberta) and the Canadian Hockey Association (Hockey Canada).

Two others not-for profit societies also support Minor Hockey in Fort McMurray, the
Wood Buffalo Competitive Hockey Development Society focuses its activities on the
development of coaches and players and the Wood Buffalo Ice Hockey Athletic Club
supports the operations of Rep Teams playing in leagues outside of Fort McMurray.

Membership in the FMMHA include parents and guardians of all registered minor hockey
players, coaches and other team officials and any members of the community that are
18 years old or older interested in participating in the work of the association.

The Association is governed by executive officers elected annually by the membership
at the general meeting. The executive committee also appoints Directors to the Board to
help in the operation and administration of the Association. The list of current officers
and directors and the by-laws of the Association are available from the Minor Hockey
Association web site at

2.      Hockey Operations
The Association is continuing to build from its pass successes such as the TELUS Wood
Buffalo Hockey League (WBHL) that provides most of our participants an exciting and
competitive venue to play hockey at minimal cost.

Our program has been very successful and was recognized by Hockey Alberta in 2009
as Minor Hockey Association of the Year for being a model supporting national initiatives
such as the development of Grass Root Hockey and mentoring programs.

Changes for 2011/12

At the Annual General Meeting held in May 2011, members were presented with some
of the program improvements being put in place for next season.

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                      Page 1
•   TELUS Wood Buffalo Hockey League: Gus Higdon, Vice President (Operations) is
    the new League Governor (as VP Operations). We will be building on successes
    from the past season in spreading games out more evenly during the season and
    leveraging signigicant improvements realized in 2010 on ice allocation efficiencies.
    Three year division and team sponsorships matured this year and packages for
    sponsorship renewals and new sponsorship packages have been distributed.

•   Respect in Sports: both FMMHA and Hockey Alberta are contemplating making
    this a mandatory program for coaches and parents, with Calgary Minor Hockey
    making it mandatory in 2010. More details on Hockey Alberta’s and FMMHA’s
    decision on this program will be available in the summer on the FMMHA website.

•   Pee Wee, Bantam & Midget AA teams: Our three rep teams will continue to play in
    new leagues that they entered this past season. The Pee Wee AA plays in the 1660
    League ( with its home rink out of Bruderheim. Our Bantam AA
    team will play in the Edmonton Rural Bantam AA Hockey League (
    comprising 31 teams and our Midget AA team will continue to play in the Northern
    Alberta Midget AA League ( comprising 25 teams. Try-outs will take
    place in early September. Players interested in playing at this level should do a
    summer conditioning program such as the Summer Performance Training Program
    available at the Alberta Sports Development Centre or an individual program such as
    the Oil Barons Junior A training plan available at the FMMHA Office.

•   Conditioning & Dry-Land: a floor hockey and conditioning component to be
    provided at the Syncrude Sports & Wellness Centre (SSWC) will be continued for
    WBHL players this season. Off-ice training has long been used extensively in
    Europe to improve conditioning, coordination and the hockey sense of players. The
    FMMHA is taking advantage of an opportunity for space at the SSWC to add this to
    the program. More details will be provided at the start of the season.

•   Other Provincial Teams: the Association will continue to support other Provincial
    teams (not playing in out of town leagues) to ensure that players have the
    opportunity to further their skills to the best of their abilities. Try-outs will take place
    in early September for the following Provincial teams:

        •       Atom AA
        •       Atom Female
        •       Peewee AA
        •       Peewee Female
        •       Bantam Female
        •       Midget U16
        •       Midget Female

•   Player Development and Program of Excellence: Last year’s player development
    sessions are being reviewed for improvements by the Board and enhanced player,
    goalie and coach development opportunities are currently being developed for next
    season. Details and registration to program of excellence will be announced on the
    FMMHA Web Site in late early July.

•   Volunteer Fee Deposit: like most other minor sports organizations, the FMMHA
    depends on the assistance of all its members to ensure the delivery of our programs,
    especially special events such as Minor Hockey Week and other tournaments. All

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                              Page 2
    members must now pay a volunteer fee of $150 per family that will be refunded once
    their volunteer commitment has been completed. This is implemented to ensure
    fairness to our memberships.

•   Jersey Deposit: a $75 jersey deposit was implemented in 2010 to assist in
    care and return of jerseys by members. The deposit has been very
    successful and has resulted in much higher jersey returns in better condition.
    The deposit has been well received by members and they have the option to
    leave the deposit with FMMHA from season to season upon return of the
    jersey for a ”one-time” cost or to have their deposit returned at the end of the

Player Registration

Hockey Alberta governs competition in amateur hockey in various divisions. Every player
competing in sanctioned games must be a member of a Hockey Team registered with
HA and shall prior to their first league game be duly registered in the Hockey Canada
Registry. All players residing in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo must register
with the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association unless they are in the elite stream
(Bantam AAA, Midget AAA or Junior).

All players will register in their respective division based on their birth year and will
participate in their respective Divisional try-outs/evaluations starting in early September
(dates and locations will be published at in mid-August).

                                          For Players with
       Division                             birth date in
       Initiation                            2005, 2006
       Novice                                2003, 2004
       Atom                                  2001, 2002
       Peewee                                1999, 2000
       Bantam                                1997, 1998
       Midget                                1994, 1995, 1996

Wood Buffalo Hockey League

WBHL – Tier 1
The tier 1 of the WBHL provides the highest level of local competition. Placement of
players in the Tier 1 Division is based on skills demonstrated in the divisional try-outs.
The ranking for each division will be made by an evaluation committee comprised of the
Division Director, coaches of the Division and at least one independent league official or

Participation in Tier 1 level hockey requires a higher level of commitment such as
participation in all practices, games and other team activities.

WBHL – Tier 2
The tier 2 division of the WBHL is equally important to the Minor Hockey Program.
Greater emphasis is put on the development of individual skills and the recreational
aspect of the game. Tier 2 hockey is for those players that still need to improve their
basic skills or just want to play hockey in a less competitive environment. Through
Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                         Page 3
affiliation with Tier 1 teams, many players will have an opportunity to further enhance
their development and play at a higher level.

Midget Division
For the Midget Division (15, 16 & 17 year old), it is expected that we will have sufficient
players and coaches to support 4-6 teams in the Midget Division of the WBHL. Changes
to the scheduling and operation of the Division will be implemented as detailed above.

Players born in 1996 are eligible to try out for the Midget U16 Development Team.
Players will continue playing on WBHL Midget teams but will practice weekly and play
exhibition and tournament games during the season.

Rules, Regulations and Procedures

Code of Conduct
Greater emphasis will be made on the code of conduct for players, team officials and
parents/spectators. National and provincial programs will continue to be promoted
locally to ensure that the sport of hockey remains fun for all. Through education
programs and, where necessary, enforcements that could lead to suspension, the
FMMHA will ensure better compliance with the code of conducts that are agreed upon
by registering for Minor Hockey.

Handling of Complaints
Policies and procedures have been developed to respond and/or investigate complaints
made by members. A formal process is in place to resolve and close issues in a timely
and efficient manner.

Communication with team officials
We will continue to work on improving communication with team officials (coaches,
assistant coaches and managers) with improvement to our web site and the scheduling
of compulsory meetings with all Association Coaches before and during the season.

Team Placement and Evaluation Tournament
Based on the ranking of the Divisional try-outs in early September, coaches and division
directors will make an initial placement of players on Tier 1 and 2 teams. This will be
followed by practices and exhibition games in late September and during the first few
weeks of October to assess the strength of teams and placement of players. Player
movement will then take place to ensure that the teams are as balanced as possible.
Players may also be moved from one tier to another based on their performance during
the evaluation tournament.

Team rosters will be finalized in October and the WBHL regular season will begin. There
will be no player movement after the final rosters are submitted unless warranted by
special circumstances. Such movement will require the approval of the league

Female Hockey
In the Initiation to Novice Divisions, Female players play on mixed gender teams. For
older players, try-outs will be held for the Female Atom team and the continuing
Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                        Page 4
Peewee, Bantam and Midget Teams. The female teams will play in the WBHL. Special
consideration will be made to allow the teams to play as many exhibition and tournament
games against other female teams in the Province. Female teams are provincial teams
and will play in the Hockey Alberta Provincials Tournament, commencing with Zone 2
play downs, typically in February.

Rep Program
Players may also try-out for the three Fort McMurray Rep Teams playing in out of town
leagues. The three (3) Rep Teams are the Peewee AA (1660 League – Peewee AA
Division, the Bantam AA (Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League – AA Division) and the
Midget AA (Rural Alberta Midget Hockey League). Try-outs for these teams normally
start in late August. Details will be posted at by mid-Summer.

Parents of players that are selected for these teams must understand and accept that
they will be required to participate in fundraising activities and pay additional fees to
cover the additional costs associated with these teams. Playing on a Rep team is a
great experience, but also requires a much higher level of commitment from players and
their parents.

Underage players – Initiation
The FMMHA accepts registrations for underage players (born in 2007) in the Initiation
Division. The following conditions apply:

      the child must participate in the normal activities of the team without disruption;

      no special consideration will be provided because of the age of the player;

      the underage agreement is only valid for one year. It is expected the child will
       play one additional year in the initiation division. The player will not move up to
       Novice after two years due to the fact that he/she has started as an underage
       player in Initiation;

      A written agreement must be signed by the parents agreeing to these conditions.

Underage Players – Novice to Midget
Players are expected to play in the Division corresponding to their respective age group.
Research conducted by Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta clearly demonstrates that it
is better for the long-term development of players and that pushing players at higher
level too young can be harmful to their development. It is also important to consider that
under-age players take away legitimate spots on teams for players trying out in their own
age group.

The FMMHA only allows underage players from Initiation to Bantam to be registered for
a team in an older Division if the following conditions are met:

      Participate in the Divisional Try-outs of the higher division and is ranked in the
       top 20%;

      Given similar skills, preference will always be given to an athlete playing in
       his/her own age group;

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                            Page 5
      The player possesses the physical, psychological, social and education maturity
       which matches his/her superior hockey skills;

      A request is made in writing by the parents to place the player in the higher level

The Hockey Alberta affiliation rules will be used to the maximum extent to allow for as
much development opportunities as possible for players. Players are only permitted to
be affiliated to one team. It is important to understand that the affiliation process cannot
negatively impact the team on which the player is registered. The affiliation procedures
will be discussed with the coaches and Division Directors before the start of the season.
When used appropriately, the affiliation process is a useful tool for coaches to reward
players that are trying hard to improve their skills and for players to gain an opportunity
to measure their progress and gain more development and ice time. It is important to
understand that being affiliated to a team does not guarantee any ice time with the
higher level team. Most affiliated players will never be called up or practice with the
higher level team as the preference for ice time will also be given to the regular player of
the team.

Body checking
Hockey Canada forbids any body checking in games with Initiation, Novice , Atom or any
Female teams. In order to promote the development of basic hockey skills in a safe and
fun environment, the Tier 2 level for Peewee and Bantam will also play without body
checking. All games involving any female or any Initiation, Novice or Atom teams will
also be without body checking irrespective of the Division.

The Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association believes that fighting is not appropriate in
Minor Hockey. The WBHL will have rules that will impose severe and lengthy
suspensions for fighting. Instigator penalties will carry even longer suspensions.

The Fort McMurray Referee Association will conduct their first clinic in early August. All
parents and hockey players that are 12 years or age of older are encouraged to attend
the clinic and become officials. The FMMHA and the WBHL will not tolerate any abuse
of officials from players, coaches or parents. All infractions will be reported to the league
Governor who will initiate an investigation of each complaint and may impose severe
sanctions including suspensions for players or coaches and where the offender is a
parent, controlled or limited access to hockey games.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and Directors
Please consider volunteering as a coach, assistant coach, manager or as a Division

Clinics will be held throughout the season. All clinics are provided free of charge to our

All coaches will be required to obtain certification for the Respect in Sports course. All
on ice-personal at the initiation level must obtain their Canadian Hockey Initiation

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                         Page 6
Program certification (CHIP). All Rep and Tier 1 coaches will also require the
completion of the Coach Level clinic during the season.

All teams in the WBHL will also appoint a team manager. The coach will select their
manager once the team rosters are finalized in late October. The team manager reports
to the coach.

All team officials must agree to complete a RCMP Volunteer Security Check. The forms
are available at or from the minor hockey office.

All coaches will be required to sign a contract with the FMMHA outlining their roles and
responsibilities. This will include mandatory attendance to clinics and hockey camps
that will be offered by the Association.

The FMMHA supplies goaltender equipment for the Initiation, Novice and Atom Division.
There are no designated goalies in the Initiation and Novice Division and it is expected
that every player will be given an opportunity to play in that position during the season, if
they so desire.

Most teams will have two goaltenders on their roster (depending on registration).
Goalies normally prefer to alternate in the position and play full games and play-out as a
regular player on the other. You are encouraged to retain a set of regular equipment to
allow for this to occur, especially in the younger divisions.

Goaltenders at the Atom level and lower do not require top of the line equipment. A
regular hockey helmet with a face guard is sufficient and normally provides better vision
at that age group than expensive goalie masks. In addition, they can wear it when they
play out. More expensive equipment is designed to protect goaltenders against hard
shots that normally only start occurring at the Peewee AA and Bantam levels.

3.     Fee Structure
Participation in Minor Hockey is still relatively affordable taking in consideration the
length of the season and the amount of ice time provided. The fee structure varies for
each division and is based on the number of ice times provided in each age group.
Included in the basic registration fee is the affiliation cost to Hockey Alberta that must be
paid for each player that includes insurance coverage through Hockey Canada. The
Fort McMurray Minor Hockey registration fees are amongst the lowest in Alberta.

Federal Fitness Tax Credit
Registration fees paid to the FMMHA are eligible for the “fitness tax credit of $ 500.” The
credit is provided for enrolling children under 16 in recreational activities in organized
sports to promote healthy lifestyles in today's youth. Please retain your receipt of
payment to claim this credit.

2011/12 Fee Plans
The fee structure provides parents with two basic registration options and access to
several discounts:

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                          Page 7
Plan A: Participation in Almonds Fundraising: You pay $60 and will be provided with
a case of 30 boxes of almonds to sell at $2.00 per box. You recover your fundraising fee
of $30 from your sales.

Plan B: No Almonds Fundraising – You do not sell almonds and pay your almonds
fundraising fee of $30 directly as part of your basic registration. To qualify for this plan,
you must register before July 31th, 2011 as this is the date we place our order. All
registrants after July 31st will be automatically enrolled in Plan B. Almonds are
normally received in October for participants to pick-up at the Minor Hockey Office.

The reason for the two options is that some members do not want to sell chocolate
almonds while others appreciate this opportunity to recover a portion of their fundraising

Discounts available:

        Early Registration: $30:
         For registrations received or postmarked and paid on or before July 15th, 2011;

        Family: a discount of $50 per child for a family registering 3 siblings or more is
         provided. The chocolate almond fundraiser is also waived for the 3rd child or
         more. The gaming/fundraising commitment is also limited to one per family.

Gaming/Fundraising Fee

Members may also choose not to participate in the gaming activities of the
Association by not working bingo or casino. A fee of $150 may be paid in-lieu of
working a bingo or a casino during the year. This fee (plus a $50 penalty) will
also be charged for “no-shows”, members booking a bingo or a casino that do
not show up.

                            2011/12 Registration Fees

Plan A – With Almond Fundraising

                                                      Early       Lowest Cost                                Gaming
                                      Regular                                    Volunteer Fee
              Basic     Almond                     Registration   Registration                   Total Fee    Waive
                                    Registration                                    Deposit
               Fee    Fundraising                   Discount -      with all                      payable     Fee
                                       Cost                                      (Refundable)
                                                    July 15th      discounts                                 (Optional)

 Initiation   $350       $60           $410          ($30)           $380           $150         $530        $150

 Novice       $390       $60           $450          ($30)           $420           $150         $570        $150

  Atom        $420       $60           $480          ($30)           $450           $150         $600        $150

 Peewee       $420       $60           $480          ($30)           $450           $150         $600        $150

 Bantam       $475       $60           $535          ($30)           $505           $150         $655        $150

 Midget       $475       $60           $535          ($30)           $505           $150         $655        $150

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                                       Page 8
Plan B – Without Almond Fundraising

                                                      Early       Lowest Cost                               Gaming
                                      Regular                                      Volunteer
              Basic     Almond                     Registration   Registration                  Total Fee    Waive
                                    Registration                                  Fee Deposit
               Fee    Fundraising                   Discount -      with all                     payable     Fee
                                       Cost                                      (Refundable)
                                                    July 15th      discounts                                (Optional)

 Initiation   $350       $30           $380          ($30)           $350           $150        $500        $150

 Novice       $390       $30           $420          ($30)           $390           $150        $540        $150

  Atom        $420       $30           $450          ($30)           $420           $150        $570        $150

 Peewee       $420       $30           $450          ($30)           $420           $150        $570        $150

 Bantam       $475       $30           $505          ($30)           $475           $150        $625        $150

 Midget       $475       $30           $505          ($30)           $475           $150        $625        $150

Payment of fees
The following options are available for payment of fees:

By cheque: for registrations made at the Office or by mail. Make cheques payable to
the FMMHA. Payments may be made in two equal instalments post-dated July 15 and
September 18th.

By credit card: for registrations made on-line or at the Office. Payments may be made
in two equal instalments. The first payment will be at the date of registration with a
second payment to be made on September 18th. A small administration fee is added for
instalment payments to cover the additional transaction fees incurred by the Association.

Financial Support
The FMMHA believes all children should be able to participate in youth organized sports.
Parents that cannot pay the registration cost may contact the FMMHA in writing
requesting that special consideration be given for their registration cost. A payment plan
may be put in place or additional fundraising opportunities may be provided to help offset
some of the registration costs.

4. Jersey and Equipment Fee

Players will be provided with a team jersey at the beginning of the season. Players and
their parents agree that they are responsible for the proper maintenance of their jersey
and to return it in good condition at the end of the season.

Each team manager will maintain an inventory of their equipment including the jersey
number provided to each player. Failure to return a team jersey to a team official or the
FMMHA at any time during or at the end of the season will result in a penalty of $75 (per
jersey) that will be assessed to the player/parent.

A player will not be permitted to participate in any subsequent minor hockey activity until
the jersey is returned or the penalty is paid in full. A player will not be released or

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                                      Page 9
allowed to try-out for any other team or association affiliated with Hockey Canada until
all outstanding payments are settled with the FMMHA.

5. Volunteer Policy - Deposit

All members are expected to assist their association during the season and volunteer
their time for a minimum of six (6) hours. Volunteers are essential to the success of the
FMMHA especially during large events such Minor Hockey Week, evaluations, sorting
and issuing jerseys and equipment and year end banquets.

Members should identify on their registration the type of activity they want to participate.
If no preference is listed, it will be assumed you are available for any type of activity.

Members will be charged a $150 volunteer fee deposit at the time of registration. The
deposit will be reimbursed upon confirmation that the volunteer commitment has been

Members may also elect to be placed on the “do not call list”, meaning they want to pay
the fee in lieu. You will not be called to volunteer for any activities during the season.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and team managers will be credited for their volunteer
commitment once they are confirmed in their position.

6.       Bingo & Casino Policy
Gaming revenue is essential to the operations of the Association and allows the fees to
be kept relatively low.

Who is required to work a bingo/casino: one bingo/casino per season per family is
the commitment required for all except:

        Initiation: no bingo/casino for Initiation Players

        Coaches/Directors: Directors and Head Coaches of a team are not required to
         work a bingo/casino. The bingo will be waived only when the appointment to the
         position is confirmed.

        Family: only one bingo per family

Bingo/Casino Waiver fee: Realizing that some members may prefer to pay a higher
registration fee than working a bingo, a bingo waiver fee of $150 per bingo/casino is now
available. This fee must be paid at the time of registration in lieu of booking a
bingo/casino. Given that the number of bingo/casino is limited, the additional fee will be
added to the registration cost once all bingo/casino are full. A waiting list will be
maintained and the $150 will be reimbursed when a spot becomes available;

        Family Discount: the maximum bingo/casino commitment per family is one per

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                        Page 10
       Chairperson: Please note that if you elect to be the chairperson of your
        designated bingo, this will qualify for your volunteer commitment.

       No show: members failing to show to their booked bingo will pay a penalty of
        $200. The registration of the player(s) will be suspended until the penalty is paid
        in full. Members may also elect to work a replacement bingo plus a penalty of
        $75. The registration of the player(s) will still be suspended until the bingo has
        been worked and the penalty paid.

    This may sounds somewhat harsh but the reality is the FMMHA has lost more than
    $20,000 in the last two years because of members not fulfilling their fundraising
    commitment. Even more important is the unreasonable burden it imposes on
    dedicated volunteers of the Association who are often called with 15 minutes notice
    and agree to leave their family and work additional bingos to replace those that fail to
    show up.

    Please take notice that this policy will be strictly enforced during the 2011/12 season.
    It is an issue of fairness and responsibility for all members of the Association. If you
    do not want to work a bingo, pay the bingo waiving fee with your registration.

   Bingo reminders: members are responsible to remember the date, time and
    location of their bingo, to show up to their bingo or find their own replacement. As a
    courtesy, the FMMHA will forward a reminder e-mail one week prior to your bingo.
    Please do not rely on this reminder as e-mail addresses are often changed during
    the year. Members will not be called.

   Outstanding accounts: members who did not work their bingo from previous
    seasons or who failed to show up to their booked event must work their bingo or pay
    their penalty before their registration can be accepted. Players will not be allowed to
    participate in any activities of the Association including camps and try-out until the
    outstanding accounts are settled.

   Bingo waivers: The only individuals exempt from working their bingo are the team
    head coach, team managers and directors. If you are volunteering for any of these
    positions, you will be put on a bingo wait list until your appointment is confirmed by
    the Board.

Bingo or Casino will be booked on a first come first serve basis. The list of available
dates will be posted at Once you have completed your registration,
send an e-mail to to book your bingo or casino date. Once all the
bingos/casinos are full, members will be charged a bingo fee of $150 and will be put on
a waiting list. Once members are booked for a bingo/casino, the fundraising fee will be

If a member cannot work their designated bingo/casino, they are responsible to find a

Members that have booked their Bingo after January 1, 2012 will need to provide a post-
dated cheque of $200 to the FMMHA office that will serve as a Bond. The cheque will
be destroyed once the bingo has been worked. Bonds are not required for those
working their bingo before December 31, 2011.

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                        Page 11
7.      Registration Procedures - FMMHA
Three options are available to members for completing their registration for the 2011/12

On-line registration
We are continuing with on-line registration for the 2010/11 season through the Hockey
Canada On-Line Registration System.

Online registration is the preferred method of registration for the FMMHA, as it is a fast
and convenient way for you to register your children for hockey. It also allows a direct
interface and data entry in the Hockey Canada Registration System. This service is
available through a link provided on our website at

The FMMHA will contact on-line registrants if additional information is required such as
birth certificate for first time registrants or releases from other Associations for new

Complete the registration package. Please ensure all the information is complete and
signed. Confirmation of your registration will be e-mailed back to you with your
designated bingo/casino date. Please select at least three choices for Bingo/Casino as
some of your dates may already have been filled.

At the Minor Hockey Office
Registrations will be accepted at the minor hockey office during regular working hours.
Please complete the registration package prior to going at the office to minimize the
waiting time for everyone.

If you register early and your child suffers an injury or illness that prevents him/her from
playing or simply decide they do not want to play hockey, a full refund will be provided if
the de-registration occurs before October 31, 2011. The FMMHA de-registration policy
will be in effect for those received after that date.

Birth Certificate
In accordance with Hockey Alberta rules and regulation, any new registrants must
provide a proof of age in the form of a birth certificate. This will be kept on file at the
Minor Hockey Office.

New registrants that played minor hockey in another association also need a release
from their prior Minor Hockey Association. If necessary, please contact the minor
hockey office for assistance in obtaining such release.

Any FMMHA player moving out of town will also require a Release from the FMMHA
before they can play minor hockey elsewhere in Canada. Please contact the office to
obtain a release. Release will only be granted for members in good standing (e.g.: no
outstanding fees and completed fundraising commitments).

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                           Page 12
Permission to try-out
Minor Hockey players participating in Junior Camps must obtain a “Permission to Try-
out” letter from the Association. Please contact the office to obtain your permission to

A player may not register in another Local Minor Hockey Association (LMHA) that is of
the same Category or of a lower category than the local minor hockey association in
which the player resides.

8.     Summer Camps
Please check the FMMHA Web site for information on the many summer hockey camps
being offered in Fort McMurray this summer.

       For additional information on Fort McMurray Minor Hockey,
                               please visit


                      Or email the office at

Ft McMurray Minor Hockey – 2011 Registration                                      Page 13

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