Rules of the Game by liamei12345


									Rules of the Game
- The game starts with two teams with same number of people: 8 people in each
group. Each group sits down on the floor side by side, forming a line with their
group members, and the two groups face each other. All group members hold
hands with people sitting beside them, and the first person in each line holds
hands with the host. Except for the last person in each line everyone must close
his/her eyes when the game starts. There will be a host who gives questions, and
two people watching to see if anyone is cheating. When the host finishes reading
the question, the host will squeeze the first people’s hands whenever he/she
feels like to do so. He/she might squeeze right away or pause for a while. The
first people in each group should pass the squeeze on the next person, and the
next person do the same thing until the each group member reaches the last
person in the line. When the last person feels the squeeze, he/she can reach for a
doll, which is placed in between the last people in each line. The first person to
grab the doll gets a chance to answer the question. Points will be deducted if the
last people in each line fight for the doll or stand up to grab the doll from the
opponent. Only the last person in the line can speak, meaning that other people
in his/her team cannot answer the question. If the team with the doll answers
incorrectly, the opposing team gets a chance to answer. When the question is
answered, the team who answer the question correctly gains a point, and the last
person moves to the first place on the line so that each person in the group can
get at least one chance to answer.

How to Win
- When the last person in a team answers the question correctly, that group gains
a point. When two people who are watching each group catch someone cheating
(start to squeeze in the middle of the line when they didn’t even feel the
squeeze), the group gets two points off. The group who gains more points wins
the game. The host will be keeping the scores. There are 10 questions and extra 3
fun questions. (The number of questions is an odd number so that we can avoid
the problem of having equal number of points.)

- Don’t you miss American snacks? This is a chance for you to taste delicious
American snacks! The winning group will get one bag of delicious twisted puff
cheetos. The cheetos is divided equally in a small bag for each member. Also, in
addition, we have Korean snack called “longs.” It is similar to chocopie, but it is
HARD!! 

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