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									   Public Health Area of Concentration (PH AOC) for Medical Students
The PH AOC provides students with a rich, integrated, longitudinal training program in the theory, practice and research
goals of public health medicine. The AOC includes opportunities to work with a wide range of experienced faculty, allowing
students to become consummate physicians who know how to care for both individuals and communities.

AOC Faculty interests include: Emerging infectious diseases; Environmental health; Primary care; Applied epidemiology;
Behavioral health; Public health practice; Disasters and emergencies; Health policy; Computer simulations and modeling;
Chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity; Aging; Cancer; Community health; Communicable disease
control; and many more.

The central goals of the Public Health AOC are to:
    1) Build students’ knowledge of medical and PH theory - including where medicine and PH converge and diverge -
        through their engagement of literature, self-directed projects, internships, faculty mentors, and each other;
    2) Develop students’ ability to provide a continuum of care for individuals and populations by evaluating a PH problem;
        creating, implementing, and assessing a solution to the problem; and integrating both PH and medically-based
    3) Improve students’ ability to translate research into practice on the community and population level;
    4) Augment students’ abilities to serve as effective agents of change through training in leadership, team building,
        multidisciplinary problem solving, meeting planning, interagency collaboration, project management, and
        negotiation; and
    5) Foster overall professional growth in analytical thinking, written and oral communication, and rational decision-

Structure of the AOC
  PH Journal Club: The PH journal club will meet regularly throughout the academic year and will be open to PH AOC
  students and faculty. Students will take turns presenting a peer-reviewed paper related to PH research and practice.

  Summer Internship: AOC students will complete a real-world PH experience during the summer after MS1. The
  experience may focus on research, practice, or a combination of the two depending on student interest. A poster
  presentation, abstract, or manuscript summarizing the summer experience is required following the rotation.

  Public Health Interest Group Sessions: Several times each semester, The AOC will sponsor interactive lunch talks or
  workshops that include presentations by expert faculty in PH-related fields. During a workshop, students will work
  through a real-life PH problem solved through PH practice, such as case studies published by the Epidemic Intelligence
  Service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  Clinical Experience in Public Health: During either 3rd or 4th year, students will be required to take the month-long
  Public Health Field Practicum or similar rotation, or opt out with the permission of the AOC Director if they have had an
  equivalent experience.

  Leadership Training Seminar: Students will participate in a leadership seminar developed by the Pennsylvania
  Preparedness Leadership Institute and Center for Public Health Preparedness. Activities include skill building in the
  following areas: leadership, team building, multidisciplinary problem solving, meeting planning, interagency collaboration,
  project management, and negotiation.

Students completing the AOC will have a letter describing their accomplishments
placed in their official record.

Questions? Visit the Public Health AOC website on the Zone or contact:
 Jason Sanders (, Jacqui Moreau
 (, Mirat Shah
 (, Emily Rosenberger
 (, Daniel Beswick
 (, Dr. Stebbins (

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