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					                         DESOTO YOUTH BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION
                                    DESOTO, TEXAS

                                                Article I
                                          Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the DYBA is to provide the youth of the community of DeSoto with the opportunity to
learn the fundamentals and rules of basketball and also to promote the development of leadership, with
emphasis on good sportsmanship, team play and clean, fair competition.

                                              Article II
                                         Name and Boundaries

Section 1   The name of this organization shall be the DeSoto Youth Basketball Association (also referred
            to as “DYBA”). The DYBA shall be a non-profit organization

Section 2   Boys and girls eligible to participate are:
            a) Any youth player residing in the city of DeSoto
            b) Any youth player attending school in the DeSoto Independent School District
            c) Any other player who does not meet these requirements (a or b above) may be allowed to
               play if their participation does not cause DYBA to violate the city of DeSoto’s City
               Ordinance No. 1501-02 which requires organizations to have at least 75% of the youth
               listed on the cumulative playing rosters of the organization as residents (as defined by a
               and/or b above).

                                             Article III
                                         Membership and Fees

Section 1   Membership in the DYBA shall consist of two types.
            1) Voting members are all coaches and Board Members designated as voting members
            2) Non-voting members are all players, parents and any other person interested in advancing
               the stated purpose of the DYBA

Section 2   Board members and members of the registered coaching staff shall be voting members of the
            Association. Board members also coaching a team shall have one (1) vote only. Each team
            shall have one (1) vote cast by one (1) member of the registered coaching staff.

Section 3   The Board of Directors shall have authority to suspend discharge or discipline any member of
            the DYBA (player, coach, parent or Board Member) whose conduct is considered detrimental
            to the best interest of the DYBA.

Section 4   It is to the Board of Directors discretion as to any action to be taken against any member. This
            action includes but is not limited to dismissal from the DYBA, suspension of a member’s
            participation for a time determined by the Board of Directors or legal charges should the
            misconduct so warrant. The Board of Directors is empowered by this document to act as a
            representative of the entire membership should legal action be necessary in any matter.

Section 5   The Board of Directors will determine fees before the beginning of each season.

Approved                                                                                             September 2008
                                             Article IV
                                     Government of the Association

Section 1   The DYBA shall be governed by a Board of Directors which shall be empowered to conduct
            all business of the DYBA to include, but not limited to:
             a) Making all policy decisions regarding DYBA operation
             b) Establish an annual budget for approval by the membership.
             c) Approve all expenditures not included in the budget, provided funds are available and not
                  previously committed.
             d) Represent the DYBA at Parks and Recreation Board meetings, City Council meetings,
                  and DISD meetings.
             e) Changes to the Rules of Organization shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote of
                  the Board members present at any Board meeting in which a quorum is present.
             f) Changes to the Rules of Competition shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote of
                  the Board members present at any Board meeting in which a quorum is present.
             g) If a vacancy on the board should occur, the position should be filled by appointment of
                  the existing Board members as soon as possible.
             h) The Board shall review and decide on all members’ protest, problems, rule changes,
                  amendments and disputes.
             i) Establish and collect player/participant fees.

Section 2        Board of Directors and their responsibilities

                 Shall be charged with overall administrative duties and shall coordinates and administer
                 rules for the association as it chief executive officer. Shall represent DYBA at all
                 functions requiring a board member of the DYBA or appoint another Board member to
                 attend in his/her place. Shall assign duties, shall keep all records of the DYBA on file
                 and is authorized to co-sign DYBA check. Shall appoint a nominating committee for the
                 next year’s election for Board members

                 Vice President / Treasurer
                 Shall assist the president and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. Shall
                 be responsible for banking and maintaining accurate account of finances of the DYBA.
                 Shall report on league’s financial status. Collects all monies and pays all bill of the
                 association as budgeted. Shall be empowered to issue any check to satisfy the function of
                 the DYBA and will co-sign checks over $100.00 with the President

                 Shall be responsible for all publicity concerning games, league functions and
                 correspondence through the newspapers and brochures. Shall direct all flyers and
                 maintains an accurate, updated record of league membership, coaches, teams and Board
                 members. Shall maintains records of the minutes of all Board meetings. Shall ensure all
                 coaches and Board members have an accurate telephone list, copy of the by-laws, rules of
                 organization and rules of the game.

                 Time / Scorekeeper Coordinator
                 Shall schedule all scorekeepers and timekeepers for each game weekly. Shall keep
                 accurate records of al payment and numbers of games each worker has worked. Must
                 maintain a complete and accurate telephone list of all individuals who are interested in
                 scorekeeping. Shall keep all portable scoreboards.

Approved                                                                                             September 2008
                 Tournament Director
                 Shall be responsible for the scheduling of DeSoto Basketball Tournament. Shall
                 distribute tournament information to all DeSoto teams and teams from neighboring cities
                 (if open tournament). Shall work closely with DeSoto Department of Recreation on dates
                 and gym availability. Shall be responsible for contacting the Referee Coordinator and
                 Time/Scorekeeper Coordinator for scheduling workers for the tournament. Shall be
                 responsible for maintaining an accurate account of gate fees, entry fees and team rosters.
                 Shall be responsible for the purchase of trophies or medals for the tournament.

                 Referee Coordinator
                 Shall be responsible for scheduling of referees for each league game. Will work closely
                 with Tournament Director in scheduling all tournament officials. Shall be responsible for
                 basketballs for DYBA. Shall be responsible for score books after last game of the day.
                 Shall contact division coordinator if problem occurs between referees, coaches, parents or

                 Age Division Coordinators
                 Shall be in charge of organizing teams, coaches and players in their division. Shall
                 receive all complaints by coaches, players and parents in that division. Shall maintain
                 contact with his team representatives and attend as many of his division games as
                 possible. Shall find new coaches for new teams and for existing teams without coaches.
                 Coordinators shall help with registration. Shall keep a complete record of all coaches and
                 players for his division. Shall also be responsible for accurately describing playing rules
                 for his division as described in the DYBA rules of competition.

                 At-large Member
                 Shall be an honorary board member. He shall be someone interested in the future
                 development of youth basketball in DeSoto. Shall have one (1) vote. This position shall
                 be appointed yearly by the board members of the DYBA.

                                              Article V
                                     General Membership Meetings

Section 1   There shall be a mandatory annual meeting for the general membership to attend prior to each
            season for the expressed purpose of electing the members of the Board of Directors for the
            next year. Other business may be conducted at this meeting.

Section 2   There shall be a mandatory meeting for the general membership to attend prior to each season
            to review any changes in the playing rules, initiate the activities required each season and to
            distribute the necessary forms and documents.

Section 3   Additional meetings may be called by the President at his discretion to conduct the business of
            the DYBA. Any other two (2) elected members of the Board of Directors may call a general
            membership meeting at their discretion.

Section 4   Any member may request a general membership meeting for a specific purpose. The request
            should be made in writing to any member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors
            shall rule within seven (7) days if a meeting should be called. If ruled favorable, the meeting
            should be called within seven (7) days.

Section 5   At least 25% of the voting members must be present to constitute a quorum to be able to
            conduct business. No more than one half of the quorum may be Board members.

Approved                                                                                             September 2008
Section 6   To vote, a member must be considered a voting member as defined under Article II,
            Membership. In the absence of the head coach of a team, the assistant coach of record may
            vote. In the absence of the head coach or assistant coach, a parent of a player on that team can,
            with written designation from the head coach, vote the position of that team. No proxy votes
            will be accepted.

Section 7   All meetings of the DYBA shall be conducted and guided by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 8   General membership meetings as discussed in SECTIONS 1, 2, and 3 of ARTICLE VI require
            mandatory attendance due to the specific topics to be covered. A lack of participation due to
            non-representation can hinder the progress of the DYBA for the season and the year. To
            ensure attendance, a team not represented at these meetings will be required to pay a $25 fine
            before being allowed any further use of DYBA facilities or registering for the upcoming
            season. Representation of a team is defined in ARTICLE VI, SECTION 6 of these By-laws.
            The Coach will be notified by regular mail of the fine and have seven (7) business days to
            respond either with payment or a request for an appeal hearing. Waiver of this fine will only
            be under the most extreme circumstances and will be decided by a subcommittee of the Board
            comprised of the current President, Age Group Coordinator of the concerned team and a
            minimum of two other members of the Board

                                                 Article VI

Section 1   The Board of Directors will call a membership meeting for the election of officers in the month
            of October.

Section 2   The Board of Directors will appoint a nominating committee. All Board members must be
            residents of the city of DeSoto.

Section 3   The Election will be for all positions of the board. All positions are elected for one (1) year.
            All positions are open for concurrence.

Section 4   The person receiving the largest number of votes for a particular office will be declared the
            winner and considered elected to that position. In the case of a tie for a position, a vote will be
            retaken until such time as there is one person receiving more votes than his/her opponent.

Section 5   A person cannot hold more than one (1) position on the Board of Directors at the same time.

Section 6   If a vacancy on the board should occur, the position should be filled by appointment by the
            existing Board of Directions. In this case, there will be no general election.

                                               Article VII
                                          Organization of Teams

All voting DYBA members will be provided a copy of the Rules of Competition. Everyone participating in
basketball, playing within the control of DYBA, will be required to abide by these playing rules.

These Rules of Competition will augment and further define the rules outlined in these By-laws. These
playing rules will take effect immediately after the approval of the By-laws amendments and their
publication. Copies will be handed out to all coaches for their use when they are published.

Approved                                                                                                September 2008
Section 1   A team shall consist of one (1) head coach and one (1) assistant coach and the players. The
            head coach will be approved by and be assigned a team by the DYBA. Coaches must submit
            to a background check before they will be assigned to a team.

Section 2   Youth players shall be defined as boys and girls no younger than 5 and no older than 13 on
            August 31st of the year in which registration is held*. Playing divisions are defined in the
            Rules of Organization. (* 4 and 12 year olds may be eligible to play under certain
            circumstances as defined in the Rules of Organization)

            Age Division           Eligibility Requirements
            Under 7                Not older than 6 years of age by 8/31
            Under 8                Not older than 7 years of age by 8/31
            Under 9                Not older than 8 years of age by 8/31
            Under 10               Not older than 9 years of age by 8/31
            Under 11               Not older than 10 years of age by 8/31
            Under 12               Not older than 11 years of age by 8/31
            Under 14               Not older than 13 years of age by 8/31

Section 3   Assignment of players to teams is described in detail in the Rules of Organization.

                                              Article VIII

Section 1   These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of a quorum of the general membership.
            Any proposed changes must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors for their review,
            a minimum of 30 days before the annual meeting. The Board of Directors will present the
            changes at the next general member meeting. The changes will then be voted upon and if
            passed be incorporated into the By-laws.

Approved                                                                                             September 2008

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