6th Grade PE Activities (PowerPoint)

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					Physical Education
      7th Grade
   Five minutes at the beginning and end of the period
    will be given for the changing of clothes.

   After changing, the students will enter the gym under
    the direction of the teacher and will immediately sit in
    their assigned squads.

   Students must remain in the locker room, not in the
    hallway or gym, until the bell rings.

   Once class starts, the locker room doors will be locked
    and not opened until the end of class.
                  Medical Notes
   If a student needs to be excused from class, one day or longer,
    he/she must present the note to the nurse at the beginning of that
    school day.

   Long term medical excuse (more than 1 week) must be signed by
    a doctor and specific about limitations and adaptations.

   Any student who does not participate in PE class, with or without
    a parent/doctors note, must complete a written assignment to
    fulfill their participation requirement for that day’s class.

   Each student will receive a letter grade for each marking
    period. There will be no medical excuse grades given.
   No books, book bags in gymnasium.
    You are responsible for your
    valuables. Make sure your locker is
    locked at all times.
   No jewelry is permitted (allowed) to be
    worn during class (exception: stud
   No watches, bracelets, necklaces, silly
    bandz, hoop earrings
 Each  student starts each marking period
  with 100 points.

 Participation:  each student is expected to
  participate to the best of their ability in
  each and every Physical Education class.
  (–5 points for lack of participation)
   A complete change of clothing is required to receive credit for being
    prepared for each class: (-5 points for lack of preparation)

   A Sandy Run uniform is required (shorts and shirt which can be
    purchased at the school store). Do not alter the uniform.

   Appropriate athletic footwear (no hiking boots) and socks

   Sweat clothing or warm-ups should be worn during cold weather on
    top of the uniform.

   Only your last name is permitted on the back of the Physical
    Education t-shirt and right leg of the shorts.

   No aerosol deodorant products are permitted in the locker room. (-
    10 points are deducted when you are not prepared and do not
                Fitness Testing
   Fitness testing is a requirement for all students.

   Fitness Tests include sit-ups, pull-ups, sit &
    reach, 1 mile run, shuttle run

   Fitness testing may occur periodically
    throughout the year.

   Make-up testing times will be announced during
    regular P.E. classes
7th   Grade PE Activities
     7th Grade Fall Activities
 Recreational/Cooperative   Games
 Team  Handball
 Archery
 Cross Country
 Fitness Testing
   7th Grade Winter Activities
 Badminton
 Pickle Ball
 Basketball
 Volleyball
 Weight Training
 Floor Hockey
    7th Grade Spring Activities
 Softball
 Dance
 Orienteering
 Lacrosse
 FieldHockey
 Recreational/Cooperative Games
                   Special Events
 7th   Grade Spirit Day (Fall)
       Friday, September 17th
       Purchase your team color t-shirt at the school store
       Lots of fun and silly games to promote team spirit and
        school spirit
   Turkey Trot (day before Thanksgiving)
       1 mile charity race (all proceeds go to charity)
       Random prize drawings
       Catered lunch
   Anything Goes Day (Spring)
       Fun activities that are different from Spirit Day

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