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ID     Risk Item                         Effect                       Cause                                                          Action to Minimize Risk   Owner                   Comments                               Risk Mitigated?
       Describe the risk briefly         What is the effect on any    What are the possible                            L*S What action(s) will you take        Who is responsible
                                         or all of the project        cause(s) of this risk?                               (and by when) to prevent,           for following through
                                         deliverables if the cause                                                         reduce the impact of, or            on mitigation?
                                         actually happens?                                                                 transfer the risk of this

                                                                    Poor assembly                                               Have clear instructions that                           Use pre-assembled board and only
       The students place the electronic                            instructions; poorly                                        include pictures; label/mark                           have the students change the gain
       components in the wrong                                      labeled electronic                                          components that need to be                             resistors; clearly label components so
     1 breadboard locations              The activity will not work components                       2          2             4 installed a certain way        Heather                 they are easy to place                 YES
                                                                                                                                Flush out activity to                                  Could add slinky activity to
                                                                      Not having enough                                         determine available design                             demonstrate how sound waves travel;
                                         Kit will be too short; not   design choices/testing                                    decisions and testing                                  could show/demo how a speaker
     2 Not enough activity time          meet customer needs          opportunities                  2          2             4 opportunities                  Heather                 works                                  MSD2
                                                                      Poorly constructed
                                                                      breadboard; overuse of                                    Use a PCB; use non-hinging
                                                                      kit; attaching                                            container so that wires will
       Loose wires that cannot be        Kit will not work; loose     components to the lid                                     not get pulled out of
     3 detected                          wire will be hard to find    of the container               3          2             6 breadboard                     Heather/Bryan           Use PCB                                YES
                                         Weak sound; students will
                                         not be able to tell the      Audio amp not powerful                                    Research and test op amps to
                                         difference between gain      enough; poor quality                                      find the best one for this                             Purchasing speakers as opposed to
     4 Speaker output not high enough    change                       speakers                       2          2             4 application                  Heather/Bryan             making them                            YES
                                         Lack of demonstration of     No equations /
                                         how engineering uses         equations are too                                                                                                Found a simple gain equation that can
       No equatable relationship         equations to determine       difficult for middle                                      Research equations that can                            be used to have the students calculate
     5 between design variables          an output                    school students                2          1             2 be given to students           Heather                 the resistors they will need to use    YES

       Choose the wrong op-amp/audio Kit will not work; sound         Research amps before                                      Research amps and their
     6 amp                              will not be good quality      choosing one                   2          2             4 power requirements             Heather                 Chose the LM386N-3 after testing       YES
                                        Kit could cost a lot to
       Kit uses a lot of batteries; kit replenish; would not meet     Research amps before                                           Research amps and their                           LM386N-3 is designed to run off of a
     7 needs batteries replaced often   customer needs                choosing one                  2           1            2 power requirements              Heather                 9V battery                             YES

                                        Kit won't work properly;                                                                                                                       Do not use hinged case; have speakers
       Kit not durable enough to        would not meet customer                                                                 Choose robust container                                contaned separately from the circuit
     8 withstand repeated use           needs                     Kit design not robust              2          2             4 material and design            Heather                 board; don’t use wires                MSD2
                                                                  Not knowing enough
                                        Kit won't have electrical about PCB assembly;                                                                                                  Will need Sara/Bryan to show me how
                                        component; kit won't be lack of soldering                                               Have an EE help me solder                              to model a PCB and to give me a lesson
     9 PCBs are not assembled correctly able to be used           experience                         3          2             6 PCBs                           Heather                 on PCB assembly                        MSD2

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