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					                                        Beer Styles and Flavors

         Style                                               Description
Abbey                   Strong, fruity, spicy, aromatic, complex.
Altbier                 Bronze-colored, snappy bitterness, full malt flavor.
Amber                   Color signals caramelized flavors in amber ales and lagers.
Barley Wine             Very strong, dark, bittersweet, malty, complex - a sipping beer.
Bière de Garde          Full-bodied, herbal, flavors of anise and earth.
Bitter                  Fruity and racy, subtle, low carbonation, robust hopping.
Bock                    Dark (usually), strong, malty, toffeeish, full-bodied, restrained bitterness.
Brown Ale               Dark, caramelized, fruity, light chocolate and coffee.
Doppelbock              Very strong, dark, toffeeish, with some sweetness.
Dortmunder Export       Golden, dry, bready, moderate bitterness.
Dubbel                  Dark, fruity, complex, raisiny, spicy.
Dunkel / Dunkles        Dark, malty, juicy, bready, moderate bitterness.
ESB                     "Extra special bitter", amber, fruity, slightly strong, hoppy.
Framboise / Frambozen   Beer made with raspberries; can be sweet or dry.
Gueuze                  Pale, dry, funky, wildly complex, quite tart.
Hefeweizen              Wheat beer with yeast, light-bodied, spritzy, clovey, banana-like.
Helles                  Golden, light-bodied, malty, bready, restrained bitterness.
Imperial Stout          Very strong, dark, roasty, coffeeish, chocolaty, robust.
IPA                     "India pale ale", amber, strong, dry, robust hop bitterness and aroma.
Kölsch                  Very pale gold, bready, lightly fruity, restrained bitterness.
Kriek                   Beer made with cherries; can be sweet or dry.
Lambic                  Fermented by wild yeasts, tart base for gueuze and fruit beers, funky.
Märzenbier              Amber, bready, round, malty, caramelized, juicy, medium-bodied.
Mild                    Dark, lightly hopped, caramelized, raisiny, light-bodied.
Oktoberfest             Should be the same as "märzenbier", but sometimes paler.
Old Ale                 Somewhat strong, dark, caramelized, fruity, balanced bitterness.
Old Bruin               "Old brown", dark, sweet-and-sour, fruity, juicy, raisiny, complex.
Pale Ale                Amber, snappy, dry, fruity, hoppy, with some caramel flavors.
Pilsner                 If genuine…golden, dry, sharply bitter, flowery, bready, snappy.
Porter                  Very dark, chocolaty, coffeeish, caramelized, hoppy.
Rauchbier               "Smoked beer"; smoky flavors and aromatics, juicy, caramelized.
Saison                  Dry, sharp, spicy, complex, refreshing, hoppy, slightly strong.
Schwarzbier             "Black beer", dark, bitter chocolate, dry, caramelized, bready.
Scotch Ale              Dark, sometimes strong, malty, full-bodied, restrained bitterness.
Stout                   Black, coffeeish, chocolaty; can be dry or sweet, strong or modest.
Trappist                Made by monks; strong, fruity, spicy, complex.
Tripel                  Pale, strong, dry, fruity, complex, spicy, rummy, spirituous.
Vienna-Style            Bronze, sweetish, malty, bready, caramelized, light bitterness.
Weisse / Weissbier      Wheat beer, usually with yeast. See 'hefeweizen".
Witbier                 Belgian wheat beer, hazy yellow, light-bodied, citric, spritzy, slightly tangy.