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									                       Things to know
                                                                                                                                              PrePaid Guide
Your phone warranty is 2 years, warranty for accessories is 3
months against manufacturer defect. Accidental or damages
due to abuse are not covered by warranty.

There is no insurance service provided by Vodafone.                                           CallYa                                                  Specially designed for the
                                                                                                                                             Grafenwoehr and Vilseck Military Communities
CallYa phones are inexpensive phones and not economically                              Pre Paid Programs
worth repairing. There is a 34,95(+ 19% tax) euros                     Vodafone offers pre-paid internet, pre-paid phone cards,
non-refundable fee for getting an a repair estimate if phone                 pre-paid activations and pre-paid phones.
is not under warranty. Turn around time for service orders is
up to 8 weeks. There are no swap or replacement phones
for pre-paid phones.

Automatic Deactivation
Because of the shortage of phone numbers they are recycled
                                                                                                                                             Pre-Paid Phone
and deactivated if not used for 12 months after last load up.                                                                                Quick Reference
PIN and Super PIN (PUK)
After switching on your mobile, you are prompted to enter
                                                                  This compact guide will show you how and will give you
                                                                  an overview of Vodafone’s CallYa services and special                           Guide
your PIN. You received this “personal identification number“      features.
with your SIM card. Once you have entered this four digit pin
correctly, you can make and receive calls with your mobile.
The PIN is a security feature to prevent unauthorized use of
                                                                  Get off to a quick start. If you “only” wish to use your
your phone. If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times in      mobile for calling and sending text messages, you will
a row, your SIM card is automatically blocked. You will need      find everything you need in this guide. Your mobile will
the Super PIN to unblock it. There is a 2,95€ service fee for     be ready to use in just a few minutes.
reissuing lost PIN.
                                                                  If you still have questions, simply stop by one of our
Super PIN (PUK)
                                                                  shops or visit our website at www.militaryvodafone.de
                                                                                                                                                        A great start with Vodafone
You only need your 8-digit Super PIN for emergencies: such as                                                                            Everything you need to know to get started.
if you enter your PIN incorrectly three times in a row and you
                                                                  where you will find additional information.
block the SIM card. You can unblock the SIM card by entering
your 8 digit Super PIN. You can also use your previous PIN as     Have fun calling with Vodafone,
your “new” PIN. If you enter an incorrect PUK code ten times
in a row, the SIM card will be permanently blocked and you will   Your Vodafone Team
need a replacement card. There is a 15 euros charge for
replacement cards and it will take a minimum of three working
days for the new SIM card to arrive. Please contact the shop                                                                                            Visit our website at
near you to request a replacement SIM card. You will keep                                                                                             www.militaryvodafone.de
your existing number and balance.                                              Make the most of now.
                 A great start with Vodafone                             This brochure is for information only. Vodafone is
 Everything you need to know to get started.                             constantly updating its programs and features in
                     Make the most of now.                              order to provide you with the best service available.                     CallYa
                                                                                                                                Jul 09                             Make the most of now
               How to change phone display to English                               How to load a Vodafone CallYa phone card                                          How to make calls
On your phone                                                          Call 22922                                                            Turn your phone on. Check for network availability, "Vodafone D2"
Select Menü                                                            Follow the announcements                                              or something similar will appear on the screen. Dial the number
Select Einstellungen                                                   Wait until operator verifies that the account was credited            and then press "Send" key. Cell phones do not have "dial tones" as
Select Grundeinstellungen                                                                                                                    with regular phones. The number is not actually dialed until you
Select Sprache                                                               How to Tranfer Money to another phone or internet card          press the “Send“ key.
Select Englisch                                                        Call 22922
                                                                       Follow the announcements                                                                      How to receive calls
          How to change voice announcements to English                 Wait until operator verifies that the account was credited            From German landlines and mobile networks, people can reach
Call 22922 (Announcements will be in German)                                                                                                 you by dialing your prefix followed by your phone number. Callers
If in German press 4 and then 2 to change to English                          How to load a Vodafone CallYa phone card (Automated)           from abroad need to dial the country prefix for Germany (49) and
Operator will verify change of language in English                     Press * 100 * Top Up (PIN) number #                                   then the prefix followed by your phone number without 0. From
                                                                       Press call button                                                     the USA 011+49+ Vodafone prefix without 0.
          How to change the language on your mailbox                   Text message will show current balance
Contact one of our shops for assistance.                               After loading card, check balance to verify money was loaded.         For example: If your number is 0172-xxx-xxxx from the states they
                                                                                                                                             will have to dial 011-49-172-xxx-xxxx. When your mobile rings,
              How to activate and set up your mailbox                              How to check the balance on your CallYa phone             simply press the "Send“ key to answer the incoming call.
Call 5500 and follow the announcements.                                Press *100#
                                                                       Press call button                                                                                Service Numbers
                         English User Guides                           Text message will show current balance                                Hotline, Toll Free, Service and Assistance numbers such as 0800,
English user guides and tips available at the phone                                                                                          0180 and 0190 are not free of charge when using cell phones.
manufacturers website. Some models are listed in our website.                                                                                Make sure that you check before you call. These numbers are not
                                                                                       How to check the cost of your last call               included in the "Landlines or Home Phones" free calling options.
                                                                       Press *102#
                            Incoming Calls                             Press call bottom
Incoming calls are free when you are in Germany. Roaming (if you       Text message will show current balance                                                            CallYa Hotline
use the phone in Europe, outside of Germany) charges are an extra                                                                            You can contact Vodafone's Hotline by dialing 22911. This is a free
0,75 euro cents for every incoming and outgoing call. Outgoing calls                       Calling Rates for CallYa Phones                   call from your cell phone. This is a German speaking hotline, but
are an additional .29 euro cents per minute.                           Currently we are offering the CallYa 5/15 and CallYa OpenEnd. For     you can ask for English technician if available.
                                                                       current rates see our CallYa Rates Quick Reference Guide available
                                                                       in our shops or visit our website www.militaryvodafone.de for
                        International Calling                                                                                                                              Downloads
International rates depend on the country and type of call (home                                                                             Music, ring tones and other downloads are usually not free.
phone or cell phone). International calling is expensive. We                                                                                 Payment will be charged to your phone card balance. If service
                                                                                           Internet Flat Rate for CallYa                     provider is other than Vodafone, you must contact the provider
recommend the gobananas calling card when using your cell phone.
                                                                       Monthly 9.95 euros if you have an UMTS handy or 14,95 euros for       directly for cancellation of service. Downloads are a subscription
                                                                       other phones. Includes internet and email flat rate. Otherwise it’s   service.
                                                                       0.09 euro cents per minute for a 5 minute minimum (0.45 euro
         How to verify and change Tariff for CallYa Phones             cents).
To change between the CallYa 5/15 and the CallYa Open End call                                                                                                                 NEW
22044, follow the announcements. First 10 changes are free of
charge. Verify that you are in the right tariff before making any

                                                                                     Make the most of now.

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