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Circle and write the letter that best completes the statement.

1. The phase of the moon that occurs before the new moon is the                 .
   A. Waxing Crescent
   B. First Quarter
   C. Waning Crescent
   D. Last Quarter

2. A          occurs when the moon moves directly between the sun and Earth and throws
   shadow on Earth.
   A. Solar Eclipse
   B. Waning Gibbous
   C. Lunar Eclipse
   D. New Moon

3. The yearly orbit of Earth around the sun is called the Earth’s               .
   A. Rotation
   B. Ellipse
   C. Tilt
   D. Revolution

4. Summer occurs on the hemisphere of Earth that is                 .
   A. Turned away from the sun
   B. Tilted toward the sun
   C. Tilted away from the sun
   D. Turned toward the sun

5. How long does it take our moon to rotate once on its axis?
   A. 1 month
   B. 1 year
   C. 32
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