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Business Japanese Program


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									Business Japanese Program Needs Assessment 1. NAME:
Please complete this needs assessment questionnaire, being as specific as possible. Your responses will be used for planning purposes only by the BJP instructional team. Please use the reverse side or attach additional pages as necessary. 1. What are your expectations regarding your ability to function in your daily life in Japan? I have 3 years total experience living in Japan and have well adapted. I can function fully.

2. What are your expectations regarding your ability to function in your daily workday in Japan? I understand the day is longer than an American workday, and I understand the transit systems I would use to be punctual. I have also worked in Japan successfully.

3. What are your expectations for the JEMBA program: a) In terms of business language learning? I am hoping for a good deal of semantic grammar and vocabulary, as well as finer manners in business.

b) In terms of your long term professional goals? I am looking for the confidence and know-how that will make me comfortable and articulate in a Japanese meeting room, on the phone, and in the office. I need to function in the Japanese environment as well as the Japanese do.

4. In terms of the goals you have outlined above, briefly describe your language proficiency and language learning (formal and informal). a) With regard to your language proficiency, what are your strengths? I am very conversational and I am able to read the subtle social cues in conversation. I have passed the 2kyu level of the JLPT

b) In what areas do you remain “weak”? Writing is a weak point, especially writing kanji by hand.

c) What areas of instruction or instructional experiences have you found to be most satisfying? Dissatisfying? Why? Speaking and listening practice is important. Projects that require writing a lot are good too. Wrote learning from a textbook can be underwhelming but also has its place.

5. Other comments Sorry this survey is in at the last minute!

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