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					                          ISB Ice Bagging System

                Ice to Go. ProfIts to GroW.


Your Profits

on Bagged Ice
           Want Bagged Ice
          The Answer Is
     Is the cost of buying bagged ice
                                                                       ISB Ice Bagging System

  weighing you down, when it could be a                         1 The KOLD-DRAFT                   ®
                                                                                                       Ice Machine
        profit center in your store?                            KoLD-DrAft ice is made with our time-proven ice-making
                                                                technology. our exclusive horizontal water plate and evaporator
     With the ISB Ice BaggIng SyStem,                           system results in perfectly pure, perfectly shaped, slower-
                                                                melting ice, a difference that customers will notice. And slower
                it’s as easy as                                 melting means clumping is a thing of the past. KoLD-DrAft
                                                                machines produce the only square cube ... or

               1-2-3.                                           choose to make half cubes or crushed ice to bag.

                                                                Ice machine capacities range from 450 lbs per
                                                                24 hours (45 bags) to 1,000 lbs per 24 hours
                                                                (100 bags).

Can pay for itself in one year!*                                2       The Automatic Bagging Machine
                                                                our revolutionary ice-bagging system by IsB has the capacity
                                                                to fill and heat-seal up to 360 10-lb bags per day, every day.              The Ice Bagger system can be
*Annual NeW profits more than pay for the system in one year,                                                                               “dressed” to match your chain’s
assuming annual sales of 9,000 bags of ice.                     finished ice drops into the bagger, where it’s automatically
                                                                filled and sealed in 10-lb bags.                                            brand and colors.

                                                                Bags can be easily reloaded in the machine by store
                                                                personnel. that’s it. No more waiting for delivery trucks,
                                                                no more torn bags, no more disrupting store traffic while
                                                                the ice machine is loaded.

                                                                Bags can be printed with your store logo or brand.

                                                                3       The Merchandiser
                                                                                                                                            • Full cube 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 1-1/4"
                                                                choose your size. Ice merchandisers with a see-through                      • Half cube 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 5/8"
                                                                door come in 4-, 6-, or 8-foot sizes to chill and hold the                  • Crushed ice
                                                                right number of bags for your customers’ needs every day
                                                                — and on weekends, party days, and holidays.

                                                                NatioNwide service techNiciaNs iN your area for iNstallatioN aNd service.
since 1955, KoLD-DrAft® has been manufacturing ice machines that make
the only true “square cube,” utilizing their exclusive “upside-down” horizontal
evaporator. KoLD-DrAft machines produce pure,
solid, sparkling ice that cools faster, melts slower,
and doesn’t distort the taste of beverages. KoLD-
DrAft machines have a longer life cycle and a
five-year warranty on all parts and labor, making
them the least expensive to own.
                                                     KOLD-DRAFT’s exclusive “upside-
                                                     down” horizontal evaporator
                                                     ice-making system.

Headquartered in Irving, texas, the In-store Bagging Machine co. (IsB) was
established in December 2008. the IsB management team has over 25
years’ collective experience in ice-bagging machine design and marketing.
their commitment to advanced technology has produced one of the most
dependable and cost-effective ice baggers on the market today. With eight
patents pending, the IsB team is committed to a long-term strategy of
innovation and continuous improvement.

1525 e. Lake road erie, PA 16511 800.840.9577

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