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									                       Springboard World Literature
                         Independent Reading List

Author                      Title                                             Country
Alan Payton                 Cry the Beloved Country                           Africa
Albert Camus                The Stranger                                      French
Aldous Huxley               Brave New World                                   British
Aldous Huxley               Eyeless in Gaza                                   British
Amitav Ghosh                Shadowlines                                       India
Amos Tutuola                The Palm-Wine Drinkard                            Africa (Nigeria)
Anita Desai                 Clear Light of Day                                India
Anita Desai                 In Custody                                        India
Anita Desai                 Baumgartner's Bombay                              India
Anthony Trollope            The Warden                                        British
Archibald McLeish           J.B                                               British
Arthur Evelyn Waugh         Decline and Fall                                  British
Arthur Evelyn Waugh         Put out More Flags                                British
                                                                              Africa (South
Athol Fugard                Blood Knot                                        Africa)
Ayi Kwei Armah              Why Are We So Blest?                              Africa (Ghana)
Ayi Kwei Armah              The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born                Africa (Ghana)
Barbara Pym                 Jane and Prudence                                 British
Barbara Pym                 A Few Leaves of Grass                             British
Barbara Pym                 Quartet in Autumn                                 British
Barbara Pym                 The Sweet Dove Died                               British
Bharati Mukherjee           The Tiger's Daughter                              India
Buchi Emecheta              The Bride Price                                   (Nigeria)
Buchi Emecheta              Head Above Water                                  Africa (Nigeria)
Charles Dickens             A Tale of Two Cities                              British
Charles Dickens             The Adventures of Oliver Twist                    British
Charles Dickens             Great Expectations                                British
Charlotte Bronte            Jane Eyre                                         British
Chinua Achebe               The Arrow of God                                  Africa (Nigeria)
Chinua Achebe               No Longer at Ease                                 Africa (Nigeria)
Cyprian Ekwensi             Jagua Nana                                        Africa((Nigeria)
E.M. Foster                 A Passage to India                                British
Emily Bronte                Wuthering Heights                                 British
E'skia (Ezikiel)                                                              Africa (South
Mphahlele                   Down Second Avenue                                Africa)
Eugene O'Neill              The Hairy Ape                                     British
Franz Kafka                 The Trial                                         German
Fyodor Dostoevsky           The Brothers Karamozov                            British

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                      Springboard World Literature
                        Independent Reading List

 Author                    Title                                   Country
Fyodor Dostoevsky          Crime and Punishment                    Russian
Fyodor Dostoevsky          Notes from the Underground              Russian
Geoffrey Chaucer           The Canterbury Tales                    British
George Bernard Shaw        Pygmalion                               Irish
George Bernard Shaw        Back to Methuselah                      Irish
George Bernard Shaw        Major Barbara                           British
George Lamming             Water with Berries                      The Caribbean
George Lamming             The Emigrants                           The Caribbean
George Orwell                                                 1984 British
Ginu Kamani                Junglee Girl                            India
Gustave Flaubert           Madame Bovary                           French
Harold Pintar              Betrayal                                British
Harold Pinter              Ashes to Ashes                          British
Harold Pinter              Moonlight                               British
Jamaica Kincaid            At the Bottom of the River              The Caribbean
Jamaica Kincaid            Annie John                              The Caribbean
James Joyce                A Portriat of an Artist as a Young Man  Irish
James Joyce                Ulysses                                 Irish
Jane Austen                Pride and Prejudice                     British
Jane Austen                Northhanger Abbey                       British
Jane Austen                Emma                                    British
Jean Rhys                  Wide Sargasso Sea                       Caribbean
Jonathon Swift             Gulliver's Travels                      Irish
Jonathon Swift             A Modest Proposal                       Irish
Joseph Conrad              Heart of Darkness                       British
Kushwant Singh             Train to Pakistan                       India
Leo Tolstoy                Anna Karenina                           Russian
Mary Shelley               Frankenstein                            British
Merle Hodge                Crick-Crack Monkey                      The Caribbean
                                                                   Africa (South
Nadine Gordimer            Burger's Daughter                       Africa)
                                                                   Afric a (South
Nadine Gordimer            The Conservationist                     Africa)
Ngugi wa Thion'go          Petals of Blood                         Africa (Kenya)
Ngugi wa Thion'go          A Grain of Wheat                        Africa (Kenya)
Oscar Wilde                The Picture of Dorian Gray              British
Oscar Wilde                Lady Windermere's Fan                   British
R. K. Narayan              The English Teacher                     India
R. K. Narayan              The Financial Expert                    India

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                      Springboard World Literature
                        Independent Reading List

 Author                    Title                                             Country
R. K. Narayan              The Dark Room                                     India
Salman Rushdie             Midnight's Children                               India
Salman Rushdie             Shame                                             India
Salman Rushdie             The Moor's Last Sigh                              India
Samuel Beckett             Waiting for Godot                                 British
Samuel Beckett             Endgame                                           British
Samuel Beckett             Krapp’s Last Tape                                 British
Thomas Hardy               Tess of the D'Ubervilles                          British
Thomas Hardy               The Mayor of Casterbridge                         British
Tom Stoppard               Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead             British
V. S. Naipaul              A House for Mr. Biswas                            The Caribbean
Vikram Seth                A Suitable Boy                                    India
Virginia Woolf             Mrs. Dalloway                                     British
Vladimir Nabokov           Lolita                                            German
Voltaire                   Candide                                           French
William Shakespeare        Hamlet                                            British
William Shakespeare        King Lear                                         British
William Shakespeare        Twelfth Night                                     British
William Shakespeare        The Tempest                                       British
William Shakespeare        The Winter's Tale                                 British
William Shakespeare        As You Like It                                    British
William Shakespeare        Othello                                           British
Wilson Harris              Palace of the Peacock                             The Caribbean
Wole Soyinka               Death and the King's Horseman                     Africa (Nigeria)
Wole Soyinka               Ake: The Years of Childhood                       Africa (Nigeria)

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