Venturer Movie Night Information Sheet by coryelJudie


									        Venturer Movie Night Information Sheet

On Friday February 1st, the 30th Kitchener Venturers are holding a fundraiser at the St.
Philip’s Church. This fundraiser consists of the different 30th Kitchener groups paying to
watch a movie, eat popcorn, and drink juice/pop. It will occur between 6:00pm to
8:30pm. Each section of 30th Kitchener Scouts (Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts) will be
allowed to choose between 3 age-appropriate movies each. These movies will be viewed
in separate rooms with supervision. Admission will be taken at the door and a concession
stand will be set up for food and drinks. Parents are welcome to stay free of charge if they
like. Leaders of the respective sections are also welcome to participate during the event
free as well. We do ask that the leaders can keep track of who is planning to attend and
give us an estimate. There is also a Bring-A-Friend option which gives the Beaver, Cub,
or Scout half-price on admission and we would like to be able to keep track of these as
well. The beavers may pick a shorter movie and thus it is recommended for the parents to
stay for the length of the movie. Uniforms are mandatory for all 30th Kitchener members.
Concessions will consist of popcorn for all ages, juice for beavers, pop for cubs and
scouts, and coffee for adults. With admission of $4.00 a free popcorn and drink is
provided. All other concessions afterward are $0.25 to $0.50. All supplies are provided
by the 30th Kitchener Venturers as well as all the set-up. Also, all profits go to the

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