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									        S. Ejaz Husain MD, FACS
           Associated Ophthalmologists, PC.
    1212 Pleasant Street, #202, Des Moines, IA 50309

Associated Ophthalmologists, PC
LASER VISION CORRECTION                                WaveScan produces a sophisticated map of
                                                       your vision. Like your fingerprint, it’s one of
You’ve been hearing about laser vision                 a kind. Once your eyes are measured and
correction for years; about the boost in               mapped, your treatment information is
confidence that comes with the freedom from            transferred to the laser. The CustomVue
glasses and contact lenses, about the carefree,        procedure tailors a distinct correction for
active lifestyle. You probably have friends or         each individual. In fact, each treatment is
family who’ve had laser vision correction.             “designed” by the unique characteristics of
You may have talked to your doctor about it            the individual’s eye.
or done some research. But you’re still
dealing with those glasses and contact lenses.         “This provides us with a precise and
Why?                                                   detailed guide for customizing your laser
                                                       procedure based on your personal needs,”
Waiting for a major advancement in laser               says Dr. Husain.
vision correction? Well, it’s here.
                                                       “When the doctor explained what
“At Associated Ophthalmologists,                       CustomVue can do, I was really impressed.
CustomVueTM has become the cornerstone                 I finally got a comfort level with laser vision
of our practice. It’s taking laser vision              correction.”
correction to a new level,” says Dr. Husain.                       Diane Marsh, high school teacher

The FDA has approved VISX CustomVue,                   With CustomVue, nearsighted people, even
establishing a new standard in laser vision            those with astigmatism, can achieve a new
correction. FDA clinical studies                       level of vision…Personal Best Vision.
demonstrate that CustomVue is safe and
effective. “With the CustomVue procedure               Glasses and contact lenses are limited in their
we can potentially produce better vision               ability to personalize their correction. In
than is possible with glasses or contact               fact, thousands of individuals have the same
lenses,” claims Dr. Husain.                            glasses prescription. “With the CustomVue
                                                       procedure, we are able to develop a
How? CustomVue uses WaveScan®                          treatment plan tailored just for that person’s
technology, originally developed for use in            eyes,” claims Dr. Husain.
high-powered telescopes, to measure the
unique imperfections in your vision;                   What does this mean for you? At Associated
imperfections that couldn’t be measured                Ophthalmologists, you can achieve the full
before. In fact, WaveScan measurements are             potential of your vision; a level of excellence
25 times more precise than standard                    impossible with glasses or contact lenses.
measurements for glasses and contact lenses.
         The only question is…
        What are you waiting for?

                                               “I figured I would have laser vision
 IS CUSTOMVUE™ RIGHT FOR YOU?                  correction some day…and when I saw the
                                               statistics about CustomVue, I thought, what
      Anyone over the age of 21, with          am I waiting for? Let’s do this!”
 nearsightedness or astigmatism may be a                             Vince Gilpin, firefighter
 candidate for the CustomVue procedure.
    Call Dr. S. Ejaz Husain today for a
  complimentary consultation at 515-244-       TOP TEN REASONS TO HAVE THE
                   3937.                       CUSTOMVUE PROCEDURE WITH DR.
 Or visit our website for more information.    EJAZ HUSAIN
         www.dmeyemd.com                       1.  Dr. Husain has performed thousands of laser
                                                   vision correction procedures.
                                               2. He is one of the few surgeons, who have
And what about the results of the FDA              completed a two year advanced surgical
clinical studies? At one year after the VISX       fellowship in Refractive and Cataract
CustomVue procedure:                               surgery.
• 100% of people could pass a driving test     3. He is Board Certified Ophthalmologist and a
    without glasses or contact lenses              Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
• 98% of people could see 20/20 or better      4. He is very selective in choosing the
                                                   appropriate candidates and always uses a
    without glasses or contact lenses
                                                   conservative approach.
• 70% of people could see better than          5. Dr. Husain carefully reviews all pertinent
    20/20 without glasses or contact lenses        patient data and plans each patient’s
                                                   treatment individually.
                                               6. You will personally see Dr. Husain at your
                                                   screening exam, pre-op diagnostic evaluation
                                                   and all post op visits.
                                               7. He has one of the lowest enhancement and
                                                   complication rates in the field.
                                               8. The state of the art technology that he uses
                                                   has been successfully used to treat over five
                                                   million eyes worldwide.
                                               9. Associated Ophthalmologists is a long
                                                   standing reputable practice in Des Moines
                                                   and Dr. Husain is accessible to his patients.
                                               10. When it comes to your eyes there should be
                                                   no compromise.

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