Exponents _ Radicals Project by liamei12345


									                 Algebra 2 Project: Exponents & Radicals Project
                                        Due Date:

                                      Core & Honors


Games are fun, but they can also be a great learning tool. In this project, you will design
a game based on your study of exponents and radicals.


Create a board game that can be used by students to review the properties of exponents
and radicals, radical functions and rational exponents.

Part A: Things To Do
    Your game should require players to be familiar with as many concepts from
       Chapter 7 as possible. Refer to Part B, for a list of topics.
    Come up with a set of rules. What does your game require players to do?
    Suggested Materials: construction paper, poster board, cardboard, index cards,
       markers, pens, rulers, scissors, tape, glue…
    Decide on a name and design the box for your game. Create and provide all of the
       pieces or equipment to play the game. These may include a game board,
       question cards (including answers), dice spinners, pencils, paper and so on.
    Test your game by playing it with others in your class. Make any adjustments that
       might be necessary.

                A Comprehensive List Topics, Concepts, and Skills

                     Properties of Exponents
                     Simplify nth roots
                     Multiplying and dividing radical expressions
                     Add and subtract radical expressions
                     Multiply and divide binomial radical expressions
                     Simplifying expressions with rational exponents
                     Solving radical equations
                     Add, subtract, multiply and divide functions
                     Find the composite of two functions
                     Finding the inverse of a function
                     Graphing radical functions

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