Kamrass English 10 Weekly Sheet by coryelJudie


									                          Kamrass Sci Fi and Fantasy Weekly Sheet
                                         Quarter 3

Week 4, Feb. 23 - 27

Monday, 2/23 A-Day
        Goal – finish analyzing our first short story; explore genre and theme through literature
and film; appreciate the greatest movie of all times (well, second greatest, Empire is better)
    “Master Zacharius”
           o Review questions
    Notes
           o Sci Fi subjects (we will expand to theme after viewing and reading)
    Start watching Star Wars (no further title is needed, there is only one Star Wars and it
        does not need further specifics; any of these movies created during the 1990s do not
Homework: Study for quiz about Sci Fi genres and subjects/themes.

Tuesday, 2/24 B-Day

Wednesday, 2/25 A-Day
            Goal – finish movie analyze using universal myth
   Quiz – Sci Fi genres and subjects/themes
   Finish viewing Star Wars
        o Joseph Campbell: The Hero’s Journey – relate and analyze
Homework: First writing assignment sheet distributed – read and ask any questions.
Thursday, 2/26 B-Day

Friday, 2/27 A-Day
              Goal – review blog expectations; appreciate the greatest movie of all times (well,
second greatest, Empire is better)
    Hero’s journey – if not addressed last class
    Read next story in book: “The Disintegration Machine”
           o Pre-reading question: Does the end always justify the means?
           o Book questions after reading: 2, and 3, then re-address the pre-reading question
              with specifics from the story.
    Blogging time?
           o choose leaders
Homework: Complete any work not completed in class.

Long-term deadlines:
Rewrites of writing assignments and your collected journals for this quarter are due
April 14, or 15 (whatever day we meet for class).

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