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					journey             ‫رحلت‬
cook                ‫طباج‬
worried               ‫قلق‬
wasn't ready   ‫ليس جاهزا‬
fantastic            ‫رائع‬
wonderful        ‫رائع‬
century          ‫قرن‬
translation    ‫ترجمت‬
Icelindic     ‫ايسلندي‬
‫‪parchment‬‬                  ‫المخطىطت‬
‫‪fell out‬‬                    ‫سقط مه‬
‫‪alphabet‬‬           ‫الحروف الهجائيت‬
‫‪the message‬‬        ‫الرسالت‬
‫‪a secret code‬‬   ‫الشفرة السريت‬
1- Where did Axel and his uncle live?
They lived in a house in the city of Hmburg.

2- Who was Martha?
She was the Professor's cook.
3- Why was Martha worried when the
Professor came back home early?
She was worried because his dinner
wasn't ready yet.

4- What did Professor Lidenbrock
He found a fantastic old book.
5- Who wrote the book? When?
The book was written by Snori
Sturrasson in the twelfth century.

6- What was the old book?
It was a translation of a famous Icelandic
7- What fell out of the book?
A piece of parchment fell out of the

8- What are runes?
They are the old Icelandic alphabet.
9- Why couldn't the Professor
understand the message in the
Because it was written in a secret code
and the letters were mixed up.
10- What did the professor use to
make the letters bigger?
He used a magnifying glass.
11- Who wrote the parchment?
- Arne Saknnussam
12- Who was Arne Saknnussam?
He was a famous Icelandic scientist. He
made great scientific discoveries.
13- What did the Professor decide?
He decided not to eat or sleep until he
broke the code of the message.
14- Who was professor Lidenbrock?
He was a great scientist and geologist.
He knew about earth more than any
other scientist.
15- Why did other scientists come
to learn from the professor?
Because he knew about earth more
than any other scientist.
16- Why did the Lidenbrock think
that the parchment was written in
Because the scientists of the 16th
century always wrote about their
discoveries in Latin.
17-What was Axel proud of?
He was proud of his uncle.
18-Why was Axel proud of his uncle?
Because other scientists from all over
the world come to learn from because he
knew about earth more than any other
19- What did Axel do when his
parents died?
He moved to live with his uncle.
           Now test yourself

Answer the following questions:
1- What was Lidenbrock?
2- What was Hans?
3- Why did Professor use a magnifying
glass ?
4- When did Axel come to live with his
uncle ?
5- What did professor find in the book?
6- Why did geologists from all over the
world go to the professor?
7- When did Axel come to live with his
8- Why couldn't the professor read the
9- What did the professor use to be able to
read the parchment.
10- When did Axel come to live with his
uncle Lidenbrock?
11- What did the professor found in the old
12- Why couldn't the professor read the
letters on the parchment?
11- What was the professor?
12- What did the professor find in the old
13- Why did Axel go to live with his uncle?
14- Why couldn't the professor understand
the writing on the parchment?
15- Who was Arne Saknussemm?
Complete the following:
1- Martha was----------------------
2- When Axel's parents died -----------
3- Axel Came to live with his uncle when ----
4- To keep his discovery a secret, Arne -----
5- After the death of Axel's parents, he ---
6- In order to make the letters bigger, the
professor used ----------------------

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