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           Compiled by
Paul and Edith (Sisley) Bongiorno
         Shadyside, Ohio

         Raymond Huckles
     Williamsville, New York
                (Original dedication)

                 For Papa, With Love
              On His Ninetieth Birthday

                    March 4, 1974


                  To Edith and Paul
who started us being interested in our family history
                    Lennis Piccolo
    who did most of the research for the updating

           A generation goes,
                And a generation comes,
           But the earth remains forever.

                     -- Ecclesiastes 1:4


     We appreciate the opportunity to make a revised edition of the
history of Wilber C. Sisley's ancestors and descendants. We revised
the original edition to stop the main section at Wilber C. Sisley's
children. All side branches of the ancestors and descendents are now
listed on their own pages.


     The following is not intended to be a great literary masterpiece
nor historical document, but rather something for the family to enjoy.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did collecting the information.

     We started this venture when Papa became interested in Family
Histories about the time the Eberhart book was published in 1959. We
caught his enthusiasm and became addicted. Once we started we
couldn't stop. We have collected maps, tax records, census records,
lists and notes of all kinds. Whenever any of us came up with
something new, we compared notes and exchanged information. It is like
a jigsaw puzzle each little bit of information is kept and eventually
falls in place, even with some pieces left over.

     We have visited libraries, courthouses and cemeteries from
Columbus, Ohio to Harrisburg, Pa. and from Pittsburgh to Meadville. We
have been locked in libraries, chased out of courthouses at closing
time and been covered with nettles and poison ivy in old cemeteries.
But we have met the nicest people. We have also written letters to
and received letters from people as far away as Oregon and Canada.

     There are still many gaps in the   Family History and there must be
some mistakes for which we are sorry.   But we are going to keep our
charts and records and add to them as   we find new information. We
still want to know where the Sisley's   were before they came to
Southwestern Pennsylvania.

     Perhaps if we had taken more time we could have obtained more
complete information about the present generations, but we feel that
this is the time to put it all together in the hope that our
grandchildren will at least know the name of their

           'In foord, in ham, in ley and tun,
            The moste of English surnames run.'
                             Verstagan; Restitution - 1605

     When surnames first came into use in England they appeared to
fall into four general classes. Local, such as Towns, Fields;
occupations, such as Smith or Cooper; from the first name of the
father, as Johnson or Robertson or descriptive, as Short or Brown.
Sisley or Sicely is listed as a British personal name. The name of the
martyred Saint Cecilio, patron saint of musicians and the blind, was
introduced into England by the Normans. It soon became very popular as
Cecely or Sisley.
     In the early days in America, names of settlers from all
countries were changes by misspelling and carelessness in writing.
Many people could not spell their names and in saying them to others
the spelling became changed. An example of this may be found in 18th
century lists of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance in
Pennsylvania, published in the Pennsylvania Archives. There, the names
of settlers and boats in which they arrived are tabulated, Two lists
are given -- one is the original names and one apparently made by an
English speaking person from hearing the names spoken.
     Before 1800 the name Sisley is found under a number of different
spellings. Records of Lewis and Jacob Sisley found in the
Pennsylvania Archives are spelled Sisley, Cisley, Sicley, Sissley and
Cissley. In the case of Perry Sisley the Coshocton County, Ohio Court
Records show in the index of marriage records -- Cissel; on the
marriage license -- Cissle; on his wife's death record -- Cisley; in
the 1860 Census his name was listed as Sicily and his death was
recorded as Sisley.
     Where the Sisleys came from before they settled in Pennsylvania
we do not yet know. Some believe they came from Virginia or Maryland.
Others think they came from France. The only basis for the belief that
they came from France is the artist Alfred Sisley. Although there is
no known connection between his family and ours, an article, "The
Ancestry of Alfred Sisley" by Claude Sisley a second cousin of the
artist, published in the 'Burlington Magazine', Vol. 91; Sept. 1949,
is very interesting to read. The following in a brief outline of the
     'Very little seems to be known about the ancestry of Alfred
Sisley. In most books he is described as being the son of English
parents living in Paris, his father being a merchant trading with
South America. Sisley, it is true, was of English decent, but his
grandmother was a Frenchwoman and his English ancestors came from that
curious tract of country - Romney March.
     Alfred Sisley's earliest recorded ancestor is Francis Sisley
(1748-1808), his great-grandfather. In 1770 he married Anna Chowning
of whom we know nothing. In the marriage register Francis Sisley is
Described as a husbandman, and elsewhere as a grazier - sheep farming
being an industry of Romney Marsh. But later he was actively engaged
in smuggling.

     It has been said that the Sisleys were, in their way, a curious
family, coming from one of the oddest parts of England and being
essentially of peasant stock, It must be realized that much of Romney
Marsh lies below sea-level and owning to its reputation for being
unhealthy and "aguish' it was largely cut off from the rest of Kent.
For centuries the men of Romney Marsh had been engaged in smuggling
and its seafaring population was as much at home in the French ports
across the Channel as in England. There was apparently a good deal of
inter-marriage between the two races as there were people with French
names living on the Marsh. Thomas Sisley (1772-1819), grandfather of
Alfred Sisley, went to Dunkirk at an early age to supervise the
family's smuggling enterprises on that side of the Channel. Thomas
Sisley's various marriages were somewhat involved. A family tree shows
that he married, first, Francoise Felicite Dagneau. Contrary to the
custom that when a man marries a foreigner the children are given
Christian names of the father's country, Thomas' children were given
French Christian names. Alfred's farther was Guillaume. Does this mean
that there may have been some prier connection with France before the
time of Francis Sisley, or is it merely an example of the cosmopolitan
characteristics of the men of Romney Marsh, who were prepared to be
either English or French as it suited them? Alfred Sisley had one
brother and one son, neither of whom married, so his branch of the
Sisley tree died out.'

     Family history and local history are closely related. When
tracing a family it is helpful to know something of the formation and
make-up of the various counties in Pennsylvania.

     Bedford County was organized in 1771. Westmoreland was created
from Bedford on Feb. 26, 1773. It covered nearly one-fourth of the
entire state of Pennsylvania. Rostraver was one of the eleven original
townships. Washington County was the first to pull away from
Westmoreland, created on March 28, 1781.

     Fayette County was next, created on Sept. 26, 1783. Washington
Township, one of the original twelve in Fayette County, included what
is now Jefferson and part of Perry. Before 1783 it was part of
Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County and at that time was bounded
by the Youghagheny and Monongahela Rivers and a straight line from the
mouth of Big Redstone Creek to a point on the Youghagheny opposite the
mouth of Jacobs Creek. Perry Township was incorporated in 1839,
Jefferson Township in 1840 and Cookstown and Belle Vernon in 1863.

   Allegheny County was created on Sept. 24, 1788 from
Westmoreland and Washington Counties. Greene County followed on Feb.
9, 1796 from part of Washington County.

      At this time both Pennsylvania and Virginia laid claim to the
southwestern part of Pennsylvania. The Virginia counties in
Pennsylvania were Yohogania, Donegal, Ohio and Monongalia. When the
dispute was settled, Yohogania and Donegal disappeared. Ohio and
Monongalia became Virginia counties.

     Military and tax records are found in the Pennsylvania Archives
and some old tax records of Fayette County may be found at the
courthouse at Uniontown. Because of the dispute between Pennsylvania
and Virginia at this time, many old Pennsylvania records may be found
in Wheeling or Morgantown, West Virginia or even Richmond, Virginia.
     On some of these tax records a man may be listed as an "inmate"
or in other words a renter, An "unseated" landowner was a non-resident
landowner. Some are listed as 'freemen". Such a man would be over 21,
single and therefore taxed. To get off the tax list he took a wife. If
he was married and owned no land, horse nor cow he disappeared from
the tax list.
     There were two kinds of military service. The Pennsylvania Line,
a volunteer group which fought mostly in the east against the British,
and the Pennsylvania Militia. Every able-bodied man between 18 and 53
had to be enrolled in the Militia. Each Company was formed from a
geographical area or township. You can usually tell the area by
comparing the names in the Militia with those on the tax lists.
     Other sources of information in the Pennsylvania Archives are the
Land Grants, the Warrantee lists. During the land rush in the 1760's
the government in Philadelphia issued 'survey orders'. Many people
thought this was a land title until someone else came along and got
the warrant. After the warrant was issued the land had to be surveyed
and then a patent was issued. The Patent was the final title. Thus
the patent holder was not always the settler who first claimed the
     The census records are a good source of information but not
always complete or accurate. From 1790 to 1840 they listed only the
name of the head of the family. From 1850 the names and ages of the
family were listed along with any persons living with the family
including servants.
     The first Sisley we found in Pennsylvania was Jacob Sissly paying
a state tax in Mountjoy Township, Lancaster County in 1773, taxed for
27 acres, 1 horse and 1 cow.
     We next found Jacob Sisley in southwestern Pennsylvania on the
west side of the Monongahela River in what was later Allen Township.
     There is a petition in the National Archives (about 1775-1780),
signed by 2000 persons from southwestern Pennsylvania and western
Virginia, asking for the formation of a new state, because they were
tired of the dispute between the two states. The idea was dropped when
the Revolutionary war settled the matter. Among the names on the
partition were Benjamen, Jacob, Jacob Sr. and Lewis Cicily.

     There is no other record of Jacob Sr. nor Benjamen. I might say
here that many times in old records the term Jr. and Sr. did not
always signify father and son. If there were two men with the same
name they used this way of identifying which was which. I believe that
Jacob Sr. was the father of Jacob, Lewis and Benjamen. We know that
Jacob was the father of a later Lewis.
     Jacob and Lewis Cissley were in the 5th Class of Capt. James
Hopkins Company of the 5th Battalion of Washington County Militia,
Commanded by Col. Crooks, April 25, 1782. Men of this Battalion were
taken from what later became Allen and Fallowfield Townships,
Washington County.
     We have often wondered if this Battalion was with Col. Wm.
Crawford on the 'Expedition to Sandusky'. April 4th to June 14, 1782
is the period of time when the disastrous 'Expedition' was planned and
carried out. There is no roll or roster known to exist, but on Dec. 8,
1789, Richard Hopkins, one of the men in the 4th Class of Capt. James
Hopkins Co. at that time, was paid 4 pounds for a horse lost in this
     A Class drafted and ordered to rendezvous, 6th of Sept. 1782, to
Col. Edward Cook, Westmoreland County, received payment for services
rendered in defense of the frontiers of Westmoreland, Lewis Cisley was
in this group as well as several men in the previous group, but not
Jacob Sisley.
     It was about this time that the Sisley's moved across the river,
Lewis to the Belle Vernon area and Jacob to Freeport, later Cookstown
and now Fayette City.
     One of the first grocery stores in the Mon Valley was operated by
a man named David Furnier at a site on "Spears Run" between Belle
Vernon and Gibsonton. The entire concern was known as "The Barter
Mills". Many of the names on the books were familiar pioneer settlers.
 They included McLaughlin, Shepler, McCoy, Cissley, Speers, Ellis,
Cook, Patterson, Springer, Frye, Crawford and many others.
     Lewis Cisley was the first to be buried in the first burial
ground intended for Belle Vernon on Gould's Hill, now known as East
Belle Vernon or Seldom Seen. The date is unknown.

     The following is a Bill of Sale found in the Westmoreland County
Court Records at Greenburg, Pa.

  Jacob Sissely
     to          Know all men by these presents that I Jacob
  Peter Keller   Sissely, of the County of Westmoreland and
                 Province of Pennsylvania, yeoman for and in
  consideration of the sum of Seventy Five Pounds current lawfull
  money of Pennsylvania to me in hand paid before the ensealing and
  delivery of these presents by Peter Keller of the County of
  Washington and Provance aforesaid yeoman and thereof I the said
  Jacob Sissley do acknowledge to be fully satisfied and paid.
  Have granted bargained & sold and for the consideration aforesaid
  do grant bargain and sell alienate release quit claim and confirm
  unto the said Peter Keller a certain improvement by me purchased

  of Nathan Ellis and lying and being in the County and Provance
  aforesaid on the Eastern side of the Monongahela containing
  seventy-five acres more or less. To have and to hold the said
  bargained premises with the appurtenances thereto belonging with
  one ferry boat and a canoe to the only proper use and behoof of
  him the said Peter Keller Together with all the writings and
  evidences touching and concerning the same & to his heirs assigns
  forever yielding & paying to the Honourable the Proprietors of
  Pennsylvania all monies due or to become due for the same & the
  said Jacob Sissly doth for himself and his heirs covinant promise
  and grant to and with the said Peter Keller his heirs and assigns
  lawfully claiming or to claim by virtue of any power or authority
  by from or under him them or any of them have and will warrant &
  defend by these presents against all person or persons. In
  Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first
  day of April Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and eighty
                                      Jacob    Sissely Seal
  Sealed & delivered in pres-               mark
  ents of James Davis
  Westmoreland County SS. Personally came before me the subscriber
                          Justice for said County James Davis and
  made oath acording to law that he saw Jacob Sissly sign and
  acknowledged the above Bill of Sale to be his act and deed and in
  order that the same may be recorded as such. Given under my hand
  and seal this 12th day of May 1783.
                                      Edward Cook    Seal
  Recorded Jan. 10th 1784

     The above is the only records of land transactions found in the
name of Jacob Sisley.

     In the Deed Books of Fayette County at Uniontown are records of
land transactions in the name of Lewis Cissely and Lewis Sisley.
There are three men by the name of Lewis Sisley involved in these
various purchases. More about these later.

     We will attempt to trace the descendants of Jacob Sisley the best
we can with the information we have. Each generation is indicated with
a letter and the children in a family with a letter and a number.

JACOB CISLEY -- Settled on the Monongahela River in what is now
Washington County Pennsylvania in about 1774. No other record.

   A1 Jacob
   A3 Benjemin -- no other record
   A4 William Sisslee -- This man paid a State Tax in Pitt Twn.,
   Westmoreland County in 1786. So far we have made no attempt to
   trace this man's family.

A1 JACOB SISLEY - Jacob and Lewis were taxed as single men in 1786.
They could be Jacob and his son or his brother. Jacob's wife was named
Jane. He was a cooper (barrel maker) by trade. There must have been a
great need for coopers because of the number of distilleries in the

     Jacob moved across the river into Washington Township where in
1783, he sold to Peter Keller a ferryboat canoe and seventy-five acres
of land. He lived in Washington Twn. until 1800 when he was listed on
the tax list as - gone. Where? Perhaps to Ohio.

   B1 LEWIS SISLEY -- A family record owned by Robert Sisley shows
   Lewis Sisley, son of Jacob and Jane Sisley and Margaret, daughter
   of Nathan and Mary Ellis married on Nov. 14, 1788. Lewis born in
   Pennsylvania, July 22 1765, died Feb. 14 1826. Margaret born in
   Maryland Dec. 13, 1773 died Feb. 13, 1870. (This looks like 1810
   but records show she was still living in 1860 at 87 years of age.)
   They are both buried at Rehobeth Cemetery.

   Lewis spent most of his life in Washington Township. In 1801 he
   bought from John Seward, 175 acres called "Sewardton" adjoining
   Cookstown which he laid out in lots. This plot was for years, known
   as Sisleytown.

   In March 1808 he bought from Thomas Strawn 77 acres of a plot
   called "Content" along Lambs Lick Run where he build a Sawmill.

   Lewis died intestate on Feb. 14, 1826. In June 1827, Morgan Morgan
   petitioned the court for the appointment of a guardian for Amberson
   Sisley, under 14 and Wilson Sisley, over 14. William D. Mullin was

   Margaret Sisley filed a petition on March 15, 1828 as Administrator
   of the Estate of Lewis, late of Washington Twn. for the sale of
   property in the vicinity of Cooktown. The sale was held May 12,

Before his death Lewis Sisley agreed to sell to James McCrory, Lot #21
in "Sewardton". In 1835 this deed was signed by Margaret Sisley and
her children with their husbands or wives. Wilson signed for himself
and W. D. Mullin for Amberson.
After the death of Lewis, Margaret lived the rest of her life with

Children of Lewis and Margaret Sisley:

     C1 Mary Ann Sisley (1789) married Samuel Shepler on Jan. 3, 1809

     C2 Nancy Sisley (1792) Married Morgan Morgan on Jan. 18, 1809

     C3 Hester Sisley (1795-1899) married James McCrory in 1812
     "James McCrory came from England and settled near what is now
     Allenport, Washington Co., over 100 years ago. Their son has in
     his possession as relics, the Sisley 'conch shell' bearing the
     date 1806. At that time a conch shell was used as a horn to
     sound a warning in times of danger. Wilson McCrory also has the
     old indentures - over a century old - by which his father was
     bound to work three years for about two pounds sterling, three
     months schooling and a "freedom suit" (from 'Cyclopedia of
     Fayette Co.' by Greshem & Co. Publishers, 1889). Hester McCrory
     died in 1899 at the age of 104.
        D1 Wilson McCrory (1815)
        D2 John McCrory (1816)
        D3 Thomas McCrory (1818)
        D4 William McCrory (1821)
        D5 Lewis McCrory (1824)
        D6 Margaret McCrory (1826) married William Kyle
        D7 James McCrory (1828)
        D8 One Child died in infancy

     C4 Eleanor Sisley (1797-1860) married Robert Lyons on Sept. 4,

     C5 John Ellis Sisley (1800-May 26, 1855) married Sarah Boden in
     1828. They had 10 children. Sarah (Boden) Sisley, at the time of
     her death in 1885, lived in the second house above the creek in
     Fayette City. James H. Sisley, son of Samuel and Elizabeth
     (Boden) Sisley was her administrator. All her property was left
     to Nancy Jane, Cornelia and Mary E.
     Children of John E. and Sarah Sisley:
        D1 Ellis William Sisley (1829) married Margaret Sisley (1831)
        daughter of Morgan and Hannah Sisley. Ellis died sometime
        between 1867 when Charles was born and 1870 when Margaret and
        her children were living with Morgan in Perryopolis.
        Children of Ellis William and Margaret Sisley:
           E1 John Morgan Sisley (1851) married 1st Laura Cross, 2nd
           Emma B. Cook

   F1 Ellis W. Sisley (1875-1963) married 1st Blanche
   Seighman (1875), 2nd Mary Croushore
      G1 Frederick W. Sisley (1908-1964) married Harriet
        H1 Emily Lucretia Sisley, New York City. Dr. of
        Chiropractic on the faculty of Chiropractic
        Institute of new York in the dept. of psychiatry,
        BA degree in psychology, writer and illustrator
        for professional journals. Won the Thomas Alva
        Edison Award for a book "You and Your Brain".
        Attended the University of Vienna
        H2 Frederick E. Sisley, Norfolk Va.
      G2 Edytha Sisley (May 11, 1898-April 14, 1969)
      married Lee Eckman
      G3 Maude Sisley married William E. McEwan
      G4 Lucretia Sisley
   F2 Charlotta Sisley (1881) married in 1898 to Fred
E2 Benjemin (Ben or Benona) Sisley (1854) married Nancy
Jane Essington. In the 1880 census Benjemin was a farm
worker for Milton Patterson near Fayette City
   F1 Leroy (Roy) Sisley (May 22, 1884-May 25, 1969)
married in 1907 to Sarah Cook (1890-1921) 2nd married Anne
E. (died Feb. 27, 1966)
     G1 Lois Sisley married William D. Walsh
E3 James Sisley (1856) married Adaline Mullin
   F1 James Edward Sisley (1883-1960) married Emily Morgan
   F2 Ellis E. Sisley (1893) married Stella Stewart (1891)
E4 Alice Sisley (1860) married Playford Wilgus
E5 Hezakiah Edward Sisley (1862-1937) married Jessie B.
Nichols at Quaker City, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1888 under the name
Edward Sisley. Died somewhere in Pennsylvania. Jessie
Nichols born at Quaker City, Ohio, June 25, 1871, daughter
of George E. and Lizzie Nichols. She died Dec. 28, 1945,
at Martins Ferry, Ohio and was buried at Quaker City.
Hezakiah left his family and the two boys were raised by
their mother and strict Quaker Grandmother. On Dec. 27,
1919, Jessie married E. T. Bauer who died May 28, 1931.
   F1 George E. Sisley (Aug. 29, 1888-June 5, 1965)
married Gertrude Ann Edmunds (Sept. 1887-March 5, 1949) on
Nov. 16, 1910. She was the daughter of Edmund and
Elizabeth (Fry) Edmunds
   Children of George E. and Gertrude Sisley:
      G1 Ruth Pauline Sisley (April 23, 1912-Mar. 2, 1961)
      married William T. Murray on Nov. 22, 1933
         H1 Shirley Jean Murray (Jan 2, 1935)
      G2 Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Sisley (Aug. 29, 1916-Feb.
      1961) married William Harrigan (Jan. 25, 1915-June
      1955), 2nd marriage Richard C. Smith in 1958.
         H1 Jean Ann Harrigan

            G3 Jean Ann Sisley (1920- July 6, 1922) buried in
            Greensburgh, later brought to Martins Ferry, Ohio
            G4 Jessie Sisley (Apr. 1923-Apr. 1966) buried New
            Orleans, La. married William E. Davis (1920) son of
            Wm. O. and Laura Miller David.
               H1 Cindy Davis (1944)
               H2 Judy Davis (1947)
            G5 Georganna Sisley (Jan. 28, 1926) married on Nov.
            27, 1946 to Charles Thorngate (May 30, 1926) son of
            Ross and Loretta Thorngate.
               H1 Sisley Ann Thorngate (Dec. 8, 1952) married on
               June 3, 1972 to Phillip Allen Synowiec.
            G6 George E. Sisley (Jan. 28, 1926) on Feb. 13, 1948
            married Betty Lou Fisher daughter of C. G. Fisher.
               H1 George Clive Sisley (May 3, 1949)
               H2 Steven Sisley (April 21, 1950)
               (These boys were later adopted by Betty Lou's 2nd
               Husband, named Kurtz).
            George E. Sisley married 2nd time to Louise Steward,
            daughter of Ezra Stewart.
         F2 Joseph Sisley (Jan. 17, 1891-Nov. 18, 1924) buried
         at Greensburg, Pa. Married Ethel M. Sanders (Mar. 30,
         1898) on Dec. 20, 1922.
            G1 Joseph Sisley, Jr. (Jan. 21, 1925)
               H1 Joseph Sisley
               H2 Timothy Sisley
               H3 Rebecca Sisley
               H4 Cynthia Sisley
               H5 Robert Sisley
      E6 Charles Sisley (1887) youngest child of Ellis and
   D2 Elizabeth Sisley (1832) 2nd child of John E. & Sarah
   D3 Margaret Sisley (1834) Tailoress by trade
   D4 Nancy Jane Sisley (1836) Weaver
   D5 Cornelia Sisley (1838)
   D6 Mary E. Sisley (1840)
   D7 Hester Sisley (April 30, 1837-July 7, 1842)
   D8 Sarah Sisley (1844)
   D9 Elisa Sisley (1848)
   D10 Twin sons- infants (died Oct. 29, 1850) buried at
   D11 Samantha Sisley (1853)

C6 Louisa Sisley (1803-Aug. 12, 1823) Sixth child of Lewis and
Margaret (Ellis) Sisley married Samuel Nutt (July 7, 1811-Oct.
7, 1857)

C7 Ruhama Sisley (1805) married Samuel Nutt widower of Louisa on
July 29, 1824

C8 Indiana Sisley (1809) married Conrad Stein

C9 Wilson Sisley (Dec. 3, 1811-Oct. 7, 1857) married Nancy Wells
   D1 James Sisley (1837)
   D2 Margaret Sisley (1840)
   D3 Nancy Sisley (1842)
   D4 A Boy (1844)
   D5 William Sisley (1846)
   D6 John Sisley (1848)

C10 Amberson E. Sisley (1814-1862) married Mary Ann Shepler (?)
   D1 A daughter (1842)
   D2 Austin Shepler Sisley (1844-1933) married Ocie J. Rose
   (1849-1918). Many of this family are buried in the Belle
   Vernon Cemetery
      E1 Allie Sisley married H. W. Phillips
      E2 Ella Sisley (1870) married Wm. James Watkins in 1889
      E3 Addie Sisley married Lutes
      E4 John Sisley
      E5 Robert C. Sisley (July 30, 1879-Sept. 13, 1897)
      E6 Myrtle Sisley
      E& Joseph Sisley
      E8 Ocie Sisley married Kulleck
      E9 Mary Sisley
      E10 Jesse B. Sisley (1890-Nov. 29, 1941) married Annie R.
      E11 Bartha Sisley
      E12 Stewart Sisley
      Also in the Belle Vernon Cemetery are “Son of Austin and
      Orie J. Sisley died May 21, 1881” and “Little Ollie son of
      Austin and Ocie J. Sisley died Feb. 5, 1874, 1 yr. 8 mo. 6
   D3 Mary C. Sisley (1846)

A2 LEWIS CISLEY -- We believe this man is the father of Samuel, John
and Jacob Sisley for several reasons. We hope to check this further
someday. Lewis Cisley owned property and was buried in the Belle
Vernon area; his son Jacob lived close to the county line between
Westmoreland and Fayette Counties near Belle Vernon and the name Lewis
runs through the families of these men.
     In the Deed Books of Fayette County at Uniontown are records of
land transactions in the names of Lewis Cissely and Lewis Sisley.
There are three men by the name Lewis Sisley involved in these
purchases. Three deeds in particular we would like to check more
thoroughly, that we believe belongs to the first Lewis.
     Item No. 439, Book B, Page 274 -- To Lewis Sisley from John
Owning (Owens) 52 acres called "Addition" situated on the Monongahela
River in Westmoreland County when granted, now in Fayette County.
John Owens, on the 18th day of May 1793 received of Lewis Sisley the
sum of one hundred and five pounds. This is the same plot of land that
according to history, on which Noah Speers founded Belle Vernon. It
was given him by his father, Henry Speers, who obtained it by purchase
from John Cockey Owens to whom the state granted a patent on May 17,
     Item No. 554, Book C, Page 1238 -- In 1796 Lewis Cissely brought
from Joseph Chester, who bought it from Ignatius Jones, 137 acres, a
place called "Jones Folly". This land was subject to one-fifth of all
gold and silver ore for the use of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
to be delivered at the pit's mouth free of charge. In 1812 he obtained
a 'release' from George Hogg on a promise to buy 31 acres of this land
which he then sold to London Darry. This land would be along the river
between Belle Vernon and Fayette City.
     Item No. 605, Book D, Page 84 --In 1797 Lewis Cissely bought from
Dan Springer, 12 acres 132 perches, being part of the plot called
"Springerburg", part of which was in Westmoreland County and part in
Fayette County.

  B1 SAMUEL SISLEY (born about 1771-1814)
     From the History of Crawford Co. -- 'Among the list of settlers
  of Crawford County, prior to 1804 were John and Samuel Sisley who
  were brothers. The latter was a 'cooper' by trade and settled on
  Tract 33. (This is in East Fallowfield Township -- east of the town
  of Atlantic). During his last sickness the nearest physician
  resided at Meadville and Mr. Sisley expired before medical aid
  could reach him.'

     Samuel Sisley was taxed in Washington Township, Fayette Co. as a
  cooper. He left there in 1798. He went to Fallowfield Township in
  Crawford County, where, in 1801, he owned four hundred acres and
  two cows. When he died on Jan. 26, 1814, Joe Mattock and John
  Sisley were named administrators for his estate. The estate was
  settled and the property sold on Dec. 11, 1816.

     Samuel Sisley was married and had three boys and two girls.

B2 JACOB SISLEY (see Page 13)

B3 JOHN SISLEY (1775-1843) settled in Fallowfield Twn., Crawford
Co., Pa. before 1800. In 1801 he owned 400 acres, 2 oxen and two
cows. His wife's name was Anney.

   From The Crawford Weekley Messenger of March 10, 1813.

   "Notice - Whereas John Sisley obtained from the subscriber dated
   the 23rd day of Feb. last past, one for the payment of thirty
   dollars on or before the first of May next, the other for ten
   dollars or twenty gallons of whiskey, to be paid on the 25th day
   of Dec. next. These are, therefore, to forewarn all persons from
   taking assignments of said obligations, as I am determined not
   to pay the same until the said Sisley fulfills an article of
   agreement for which the said obligations were given.
                                       John Findley
   Fallowfield Twn., March 3, 1813”

John Sisley was in the Pennsylvania Militia under Gen. David Mead,
at Fort Erie from July 23 to Aug. 9, 1813. He published a notice of
insolvency on March 8, 1827. He died in South Shenango in 1843. On
Jan. 24, 1844, Lewis Sisley and Joseph Sharp were appointed
administrators of his estate. On Dec. 30, 1844 Joe Sharp denounced
Lewis Sisley on mismanaging the estate. No results were given as to
the outcome.
John Sisley had seven children in the 1820 Census, 3 boys and 4
girls. Two of the boys were John and Lewis. John and his wife Mary
(Betts) Sisley settled in Kinsman Twn., Trumbull Co., Ohio in about
   C1 Lewis Sisley (April 25, 1803) married Catherine Betts (March
   1, 1807). They had twelve children, four girls and eight boys.
      D1 John Sisley (1833-Sept. 23,1910)
      He moved west and homesteaded a government claim near Marion,
      Iowa, now a suburb of Cedar Rapids. There is a graveyard with
      a large sign "Sisley Cemetery" over the gate that is plainly
      seen from U.S. Route #30. John Sisley is buried at Glasgow,
      Valley County, Montana. He married, first, Olive Woodard of
      Galena, Ill. They had 2 girls and 2 boys.
         E1 Eunice Alvira Sisley married Almond Baker
         E2 Cassie Sisley married Charles Weller
         E3 Simon Sisley married Ella McCord. He was shot by
         rustlers (?)
         E4 John Lewis Sisley (1860-1937) born - Lancaster, Wis.
             F1 Arthur Lewis Sisley married Ellyn Norris - Chicago
             F2 Simon Anderson Sisley married Daisy Dobson
             F3 Grace Sisley married Barton
             F4 William Bryan Sisley married Anna Henderleiter
             F5 Gertrude Cassie Sisley married James Russell –

      John Sisley deserted this family and later married
      Julia Ann Duell (Curry). They had three children, 2 girls
      and 1 boy.
         E1 Frances Eunice Sisley (1876-1958) married William James
         E2 Mary Sisley (1878-1966) married Chaffee
         E3 Benjamin Sisley (1880-1955) married Adeline Trask

     Frances had ten children. Nine are living in Oregon. One of
     the youngest ones, Mrs. Viola Vaughn of Walton, Oregon is
     tracing this branch of the family.

B2 JACOB SISLEY - born in Pennsylvania (1773-1834) married Margaret
Morgan, born in Pennsylvania (1782-1865), daughter of William and
Brittie Morgan of Westmoreland County. They were married about
1798. They lived in Washington Twp., Fayette Co. until 1815, when
they moved to Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., where in 1825,
Perry H. age 10 and John Sisley age 8, children of Jacob and
Margaret Sisley, were listed as poor children to be educated by the
     We had believed that Jacob died in 1827 but he was listed in
the 1830 census of Washington Twp. with his wife and two sons,
(Perry and John). Jacob evidently died in about 1834 as Margaret
was listed in the 1835 tax returns as a widow with a horse and a
cow. In the 1840 census Margaret and her two sons were still in
Fayette County.
     Margaret went to Bedford Twp., Coshocton Co. Ohio with her son
Perry. We do not know if John went with them. She died there in
1865. Jacob and Margaret had seven children, five boys and two
girls. They had one daughter in 1800 who may have died young.

  C1 Margaret Sisley (1802-1844) married David Gibbs (1800-1843)
  C2 Lewis Sisley (1804-Sept. 25, 1883 married Sarah Stephens
  (1812-Sept. 6, 1879). They lived in Jefferson Twp., Fayette Co.
  and are both buried at the Redstone Churchyard. Lewis was a
  Blacksmith and farmer.
     D1 John Sisley - no other record
     D2 Levi Sisley (1831-Nov. 13, 1862) married Ester Moss (1827-
     Oct. 23, 1905). Levi was a Master stonemason.
        E1 France Madira Sisley (1848)
        E2 Mary Ellen Sisley (1850) married Wm. J. Thorndell
        E3 Milton H. Sisley
     D3 Lewis N. Sisley married Annie S.. Settled in Scottdale -
     D4 Malinda Sisley (1841) married Thomas Herwick
        E1 Lewis Herwick married Bertie Goe - daughter of Sarah
        Jane Sisley Goe - daughter of Morgan Sisley.
     D5 Phoebe Sisley married Thompson
     D6 Sarah Sisley married John Culler
     D7 Margaret Sisley died Sept. 11, 1849, 2yrs, 5mo., 2 days

C3 Samuel Sisley (1807-May 3, 1868) married Elizabeth Boden
(1813-Jan. 18, 1881). Samuel was a Stonemason by trade. The
homestead of Samuel was about a mile out of Perryopolis on the
Red Lion Road at the top of what was called "Sisley Hill". Both
are buried at Redstone.
   D1 Jacob Sisley (1834-1842) buried at Rehobeth Cemetery.
   D2 James Henry Sisley (Aug. 22, 1835-Oct. 24,1912) married
   Elizabeth Hamilton (Nov. 24, 1838-Sept. 28, 1917). James and
   Elizabeth are both buried with some of their children in a
   lot just west of the Fuller Mausoleum at the Mt. Washington
   Cemetery. They lived on the homestead of his father Samuel.
   This family record was furnished by Walter Sisley.
      E1 Cynthia Ann Sisley (1856-1909) married Joseph Wilgus,
      2nd Nesley Murphy
      E2 Infant (1856)
      E3 Izora Sisley (1859-1881) married Nesley Stickle
      E4 John Douglas Sisley (1860-1924) married Dorotha May
      E5 Emma Sisley (1862-1898) married John Hopkins (1853-
         F1 Ina May Hopkins (1882-1951) married Armstrong
         F2 William H. Hopkins (1887-1889)
         F3 Martha B. Hopkins (1890-1891)
         F4 Helen Fay Hopkins (1894-1918)
         F5 James Henry Hopkins (1898)
      E6 Viola Sisley (1864-1883) buried at Redstone
      E7 Sarah Addie Sisley (1866-1942) married Robert Herwick
      (1862-1895), 2nd Abraham Norton
         F1 Lelia Herwick married Earl McBride
         F2 Claude Robert Herwick (1889-1935) married Grace
         Porter (1890)
      E8 Kate Sisley (1886) married Samuel McCrory (1856-1936)
         F1 Elizabeth McCrory (1893) married Charles Roberts
         F2 Elta McCrory (1902) married 1st Wm. Comer, 2nd David
         F3 Robert Earl McCrory (1907) married Josephine V.
      E9 George Franklin Sisley (1872-1936) married Effie (1875)
         F1 France May Sisley (1901) married Howard Shoup (1901)
         F2 James Sisley (1907)
         F3 Marie Sisley (1908) married John D. Anthony (1901)
      E10 Jennie May Sisley (1875-1878) buried at Redstone
      E11 Walter S. Sisley (1877-1972) married Clara K. Sisley
      (1881-1903) daughter of Samuel L. and Lucinda (Martin)
      Sisley (see page 22 – E7).
         F1 Clare Walter Sisley (July 23-Aug. 8, 1903)
      Walter married Charlotte Hazlett (1879-1941)
      E12 James Norman Sisley (1883-1946) married 1st Dessie,
      2nd Mary
         F1 James Watson Sisley (1903-1954) married Leona (1905)
         F2 Claude Parker Sisley (1904-)
         F3 Earl Hamilton Sisley (1906)

         F4 Nesley Everett Sisley (1906-1951) twin of Earl
         F5 Stewart Maxwell Sisley (1907-1957) married 1st
         Josephine M., 2nd Ruby Munnery (1920)
         F6 Zara Zadel Sisley (1910) married Towsen
   D3 William Sisley (1883-1910) married Loretta Evans (1844).
   He was a Stonemason. They lived in Perryopolis. They had ten
   children. We have the names of only five.
      E1 William Sisley, Jr. (1867-1902) married Ella V.
      Ferguson born in Pittsburgh (1867-1953). He was a Railroad
         F1 Helen Sisley (1894-1951)
         F2 June Sisley (1903) married Wauschak -- Youngstown
         F3 William Ferguson Sisley (Aug. 6, 1904)
      E2 Samuel E. Sisley (1868) married 1st Esther M. Jones
      (1867-1894), 2nd Elizabeth Hill (1868). Engineer on P.R.R.
         F1 Jeannette A. Sisley (April 23, 1897)
         F2 Louise M. Sisley (Jan. 14, 1900)
         F3 Elizabeth Sisley (April 11, 1905)
      E3 Cora Sisley married John Hasson, married in 1900
      E4 Harris Sisley, Conductor on the B & O R.R., lived in
      E5 Roland Sisley died in McKeesport
   D4 Samuel S. Sisley (1841-1843)
   D5 John Sisley died Aug. 8, 1843, buried at Rehobeth
   D6 Margaret Elizabeth Sisley (1846) married Thomas Hixenbaugh
   in 1866. He was a Blacksmith in Perryopolis.
      E1 Bert Hixenbaugh
      E2 Orville Hixenbaugh
      E3 Adam Hixenbaugh
   D7 Sarah C. Sisley (1850)
C4 The fourth child of Jacob and Margaret Sisley was a daughter
born in about 1810. She married a man named Bell and moved west.
C5 MORGAN SISLEY (1812-1882) married HANNAH LAYTON (1812-1872)
this family's record begins on page 16
C6 Perry H. Sisley (1815-1888) married Eliza A. Ogle (1853-1886)
   The first information we found of Perry Sisley was in the
"History of Coshocton County, Ohio" by N.N. Hill, Jr. 1881.
Later information and records checked, proved some of this
information wrong. Since these histories were written on a
subscription basis they were written, of course, to please the
subscriber. The following is a corrected version.
   Perry Sisley, a farmer of Bedford Twp., Coshocton Co., Ohio,
address Tunnel Hill, was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa.. He moved
to Ohio with his mother sometime before 1859. His mother died in
   Perry Cissle married Eliza A. Ogle, on March 8, 1870. Eliza
A. Cisley died of consumption Jan. 7, 1886. Perry Sisley died
Sept. 25, 1888. They are buried, with their daughter Laura, at
the Smith Hill Cemetery also known as the Tunnel Hill M.E.
Cemetery. Perry and Eliza had five children, one girl and four

   D1 Lora J. (Laura) Sisley died of consumption in 1889 age 17
   D2 Charles Sisley died 1935 Unmarried
   D3 Silas Sisley (1875-1940) married Maude (Manda) Dobson
      E1 Zetta Sisley married an Underwood
      E2 Delpha Sisley married a Norris
      E3 Brice Sisley (died 1965) married Helen
          F1 Dale Sisley in Florida
   D4 William K. Sisley married Ada Milligan
      E1 Charles Sisley (1896-Oct. 6, 1918) AEF - World War I
   D5 Bert Sisley (1881)
      E1 Herbert Sisley (died in service)
C7 John Sisley (1817) unmarried in 1840. No other record.

C5 MORGAN SISLEY (1812-1882) - third son of Jacob and Margaret
Sisley - born in Washington Township, Fayette County. He married
HANNAH LAYTON (1812-1872) daughter of Abraham (1769-1852) and
Sarah Layton (1775-1857). Morgan and Hannah are both buried in
the old cemetery in Perryopolis bounded by Union, Lafayette and
Federal Streets.
     Morgan was a farmer for many years but the latter part of
his life was spent in keeping the Perry Hotel in Perryopolis.
He sold the hotel property to George Layton in 1881. He was a
taxpayer in Jefferson Township when it was incorporated in 1840.
 They evidently still did their shopping in Cookstown for he was
a customer on the books of E. Martin's store, charged $1.60 for
an English History book in 1849. In a "Directory of Fayette Co.,
1872" - by G. M. Hopkins, Pittsburgh, is a map of Perryopolis
showing a number of lots in the name of Morgan Sisley.
     Morgan sold a lot in Perryopolis in 1858, to Caleb
Jeffries. Said lot being next of that of Izaac Martin.
Witnessed by Hezakiah Goe. Signed by Morgan and Hannah Sisley.
     The family then went to Coshocton County, Ohio, where he
rented a farm next to his brother Perry H.. They stayed only one
season, however, returning to Fayette County in 1859 when the
crops were frozen in June of that year. According to "History of
Westmoreland County" by Boucher. The people woke on the morning
of June fifth to find all vegetation totally destroyed. The year
of 1859 become known as the 'Year of the Frost', although
actually it was a regular freeze. It covered an area from the
northwestern lakes southward through Indiana and Ohio, crossing
western Pennsylvania and into Maryland and northern Virginia.
It did not extend beyond the Allegheny Mountains or south of the
Ohio River. All fields of grain were plowed up and sowed in
buckwheat. Others were planted in potatoes.

     When Morgan died in 1882 he left to his daughter Sarah Jane
Goe, two lots in Perryopolis on Olive Street on the south and
Erie Street. A two story house and frame stable. The property
was conveyed to Pierson Cope by sheriff deed on June 9, 1852; to
John Bell, 1859; John Bell to his wife, Sarah Ann; to John L.
Sisley, 1864; John to his wife Hannah J. to Thomas Herwick,
1865; to Morgan Sisley on March 1, 1881.
     Morgan and Hannah Sisley had four children, two girls and
two boys.
   D1 Margaret Sisley (1831) married Ellis William Sisley (1829)
   son of John Ellis Sisley. (See page 7, D1) Margaret and her
   children were living with Morgan and Hannah in Perryopolis in
      E1 John Morgan Sisley
      E2 Bejemin Sisley
      E3 James Sisley
      E4 Alice Sisley
      E5 Hezakiah Edward Sisley
      E6 Charles Sisley
   D2 John L. Sisley (Aug. 10, 1837-1922) married Hannah J.
   Wilgus (Sept. 1, 1837-1913) daughter of Edward Wilgus. John
   L. Sisley was born in Washington Twp., was a farmer, moved to
   Gibson, near Connellsville, in 1869 and become a carpenter.
      E1 William M. Sisley (June 14, 1858) a merchant of Gobson
      in 1878, married Alice Kincell daughter of Alfred and
      Evaline Kincell.
          F1 Joseph F. Sisley (Dec. 17, 1880-Sept. 1967) died in
          F2 Ella Sisley (May 12, 1885-Oct. 15, 1928)
          F3 John A. Sisley
      E2 Commadore Sisley (Jan. 15, 1860) married Lizzia Welling
      in 1892
      E3 Irene Sisley (June 20, 1862) married John Stafford,
      went to Topeka, Kansas
      E4 Marsilla Sisley (Oct 12, 1864) married William Mason -
      went to Alhambra Calif.
      E5 John Nelson Sisley (Feb. 19, 1867) married Mary Trump
      (1871) - went to Alhambra Calif.
          F1 Cora E. Sisley (1892) married Frank A. Gaal in 1915
   D3 Sarah Jane Sisley (1840-1928) married Hezakiah Goe (1837-
   1910) a Blacksmith, born in Ohio
      E1 Morgan Daniel Goe (1862-1894) married Anna Meishner
      E2 Conley Gettings Goe (1864-1911) married Asia Swearer
          F1 Clyde Conley Goe (1901-1939)
      E3 Jessie Goe (1867)
      E4 Bertie Goe (1869) married Lewis Herwick (His mother was
      daughter of Lewis Sisley brother of Morgan)
      E5 Everett Melburn Goe (1872-1896)
      E6 Carl Goe -- died in California

  E7 Wilma Oreta Goe (1880-1910)
  E8 Grover Glenn Goe (1883-1961) 2nd wife Florence

D4 SAMUEL LAYTON SISLEY born near Gillespie, Washington Twp.,
Fayette Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 1844. He lived most of his adult
life in Perry Township. He was a carpenter, a teamster and a
farmer. He died Aug. 5, 1921. In 1868 he married LUCINDA
10, 1850-Jan. 11, 1918). Both are buried in Mt. Washington
Cemetery at Perryopolis.

  E1 Oliver Sisley (April 1869-Dec. 8, 1967) married Annie
  Stickle (1868-1959). Both were born in Fayette County, Pa.
  and died at Temple City, Ca. and buried at San Gabriel
  Cemetery in California.
     F1 Rebecca Sisley (Nov. 23, 1896-Dec. 14, 1972) born in
     Perry Twp., Pa. died at Yucca Valley, CA.. Buried at
     Live Oak Memorial Park, Monrovia, Ca.. Married Edward
     Thrasher on Dec. 28, 1915.
        G1 Sara Thrasher – (Sept. 7, 1916-Feb. 1920)
     F2 Oreta Sisley (Oct. 31, 1900-1969) died in
     California. Married John Rough on Sept. 22, 1926.
        G1 John Oliver Rough (Nov. 16, 1929) married Irene
           H1 Diana Rough (July 19, 1954)
           H2 David Rough (March 16, 1956)
           H3 Kathleen Rough (Feb. 9, 1957)
        G2 Melda Lee Rough (Jan. 31, 1931) married Bert
           H1 Lester Pickett (May 26, 1950)
           H2 Rebecca Pickett (Jan. 10, 1955)
           H3 Linda Pickett (Oct. 6, 1956)
     F3 Luther Cope Sisley (2 in 1920) died of diphtheria,
     buried in Mt. Washington Cemetery

  E2 Alvin M. Sisley born Dec. 19, 1870 at Perryopolis and
  died at Perryopolis on Feb. 11, 1957. On Jan. 31, 1894 he
  married Cora Gue, daughter of James E. and Sophia (Norman)
  Gue, born May 22, 1875 at Perryopolis and died May 2, 1962
  at Uniontown. Both are buried at Mt. Washington.
     F1 Pearl Agnes Sisley (Nov. 30, 1894-May 21, 1951)
     Married Luther Cope (April 5, 1888-April 6, 1962).
     Both are buried at Mt. Washington.
     F2 Laurena Maude Sisley (July 24, 1899). Married
     William Wise (March 19, 1883-March 19, 1967), buried at
     Youngstown, Ohio.
     F3 Freeda Mae Sisley (Sept. 14, 1902-1975). Married
     Charles Earl Grimm (Feb. 25, 1901-1981), son of George
     and Ella Grimm. Lived at Uniontown, Pa.

     G1 Charles Earl Grimm, Jr. (July 6, 1929). Married
     Emma Jane Hansaker, (March 19, 1928)
        H1 Charles Earl Grimm, III (Aug. 23, 1960)
  F4 Ruth Etta Sisley (Dec. 26, 1905). Married Clarence
  E. Shaner. Live at Monongahela, Pa.
     G1 Kendall Shaner
     G2 Herold Shaner
     G3 Quinton Shaner
     G4 Carol Shaner
     G5 Rae Adair Shaner
     G6 Kevin Shaner
  F5 Dwight L. Sisley (Aug. 29, 1914)
  F6 Alvin J. Sisley (Dec. 21, 1917). Married Roanna
  Falbo - divorced
     G1 Patricia Sisley
     G2 Kenneth Sisley

E3 Harry Sisley born in 1872 in Fayette Co., Pa., died
Jan. 5, 1949 at Toronto, Ohio. In 1897 married Maleta
Headley (June 10, 1877-Dec. 3, 1929). Both are buried at
Mt. Washington.
   F1 Ethel Sisley (Aug. 13, 1898-Nov. 22, 1973). Died at
   Pittsburgh, Pa.. Buried at Allegheny Mortuary, Married
   Ralph E. Garret.
   F2 Idris Sisley (Sept. 21, 1900-Sept. 2, 1921). Died in
   a railroad accident at Warner Mine. Buried at Mt.
   F3 John Sisley (Aug. 15, 1903-March 1961). Married
   Lillian Anderson. Lived at Toronto, Ohio.
      G1 John Edward Sisley (Sept 1924)
      G2 Lois Orthelia Sisley (Dec. 27, 19--)
      G3 Charles Sisley
   F4 Lawrence Sisley born at Victoria, Fayette Co. Dec.
   2, 1905. On June 2, 1926 married Mary E. Fowler, born
   Dec. 17, 1905 at Gillespie Hollow, Fayette Co..
      G1 Leatrice Mae Sisley (May 24, 1929) married
      Costner on Feb. 14 1947 at Parma, Ohio
         H1 Gladys Marie Costner (Nov. 7, 1947) at
         Cleveland, Ohio
      G2 Myron T. Sisley (Oct. 5, 1931-Oct. 20, 1932)
      G3 Laverne Sisley (June 13, 1936-Feb. 14, 1938)
   F5 Florence Sisley, twin of Lawrence, born at Victoria,
   Dec. 2, 1905. Married Feb. 10, 1925 at Wellsburg, W.
   Va. to Nicholas Racios, born at Volos, Greece on Feb.
   19, 1900, died March 18, 1958. Buried at Monongahela
   Memorial Cemetery.
      G1 Herman Nicholas Racios born at Charleroi, Pa.,
      March 11 1926. On March 2, 1946 married Helen
      Manandise, born May 24, 1929 at Charleroi.

        H1 Laura Melita Raicos born at Charleroi, Nov.
        18, 1951
        H2 Paula Jane Raicos (July 1, 1954). Married
        Charles Caldwell July 1972 at Chicago.
           I1 Leigh Ann Caldwell (Feb. 11, 1973)
        H3 Joyce Ellen Raicos born Aug. 18, 1957 at
     G2 Elaine May Raicos born Feb. 15, 1929 at
     Charleroi. On May 1, 1955 married William Powis,
     born Sept. 9, 1929 at Stockdale, Pa.
        H1 Janice Elaine Powis born Dec. 29, 1958 at
     G3 George Edward Raicos born March 1, 1933 at
     Charleroi. Married Rosemary Jackovich, born Oct. 31,
     19-- , on Aug. 20, 1953 at Donora, Pa.
        H1 Lynda Ann Raicos born Sept. 21, 1957 at
        H2 Nicholas George Raicos (July 11, 1961)
     G4 Jane Lois Raicos born Dec. 14, 1938 at Charleroi.
      Married Charles B. Dorincz, born Dec. 21, 1935 at
        H1 Diana Lynne Dorincz born Sept. 27, 1968, at
        H2 Steven Charles Dorincz born Nov. 24, 1971, at
  F6 Herbert Sisley (Nov. 6, 1907-May 1977), married
  Olive Peasley
     G1 Harry Sisley
     G2 Norma Jean Sisley
  F7 Herman Sisley (Nov. 6, 1907), twin of Herbert, died
  June 1965. Married Julia Boris
     G1 Carl Sisley
     G2 Elizabeth Sisley
     G3 Marlene Sisley
     G4 Herman Sisley

E4 Bertram Sisley born in Fayette Co. in 1875. On Dec.
25, 1893 married May Schiebler who died about 1947. He
died in 1942. Both are buried at New Castle, Pa.
   F1 Claude A. Sisley (died 1954) married Ruth -
      G1 Ornette Sisley married Robert Davis
      G2 Samuel Sisley
      G3 Bert Sisley
      G4 Jack Sisley
   F2 Arthur Sisley (died 1954) married 1st Georgie--; 2nd
   Gertrude--. Lived at Youngstown, Ohio
         G1 Vivian Sisley
   F3 Edwin Perry Sisley (July 1899-June 22, 1954).
   Married Ruth Kaufman (May 1899-Jan. 31, 1959). Lived at
   East Liverpool, Ohio.

      G1 Edwin Bertram Sisley (Feb. 14, 1924), married
      Mary Finney (July 9, 1925). Lived in East Liverpool.
         H1 Treva Kae Sisley (July 26, 1952)
      G2 Richard Thomas Sisley (March 4, 1926), married
      Barbara Robinson. Lived in East Liverpool.
         H1 Danny Sisley
         H2 Gary Sisley
         H3 Lisa Ann Sisley
      G3 William Lee Sisley (May 19, 1932), married Starr
      Lynn Mort. Divorced
         H1 William Lee Sisley, Jr.
         H2 Staphanie Sisley
         H3 Melissa Sisley

E5 Roswell Sisley born 1876, died at Star Junction in
1953. In 1899 married Hattie Huffine (1878-1909). Both
are buried at Mt. Washington.
   F1 Frank Henry Sisley (July 15, 1901-Oct. 2, 1972),
   buried at Mt. Washington. Married Mary Belle Echard
   (Nov. 14, 1901-1969).
      G1 Joan Sisley (Stoner) divorced
      G2 Thomas Sisley (1929-Nov. 1975) married Ruth
      Charmaine Oswald
Roswell Sisley married a second time to Sarah M. Nutt
Sisley, widow of Percy D. Sisley (1878-1939).
   F2 Kathleen Sisley died in infancy
   F3 Rodney Sisley (Feb. 2, 1911-April 24, 1960). Buried
   at Mt. Washington. Married Gertrude Bell (Nov. 11,
      G1 Gretchen Sisley
      G2 Edward Sisley
      G3 William Sisley
   F4 Catherine June Sisley, (Feb. 25, 1918), married
   William Bock (divorced)
      G1 Fritzi Lee Bock married Armand G. Caron, son of
      Leo and Mary Caron. Live at Fairfax, Va.
         H1 Lisa Lee Caron (Nov. 26, 1963)
         H2 Guy Armand Caron (Aug. 7, 1970)
   F5 Mary Jean Sisley (Feb. 25, 1918), married George
   Brinker, son of George G. and Hettie M. Brinker (July
   8. 1916)
      G1 James Brinker
      G2 Vickie Brinker
      G3 Robert Brinker
      G4 Jill Brinker

E6 Percy D. Sisley (1879-1905), married Sarah M. Nutt
(1878-1939). Buried at Mt. Washington.

E7 Clara K. Sisley, born in South Connellsville, Pa. in
1881, died July 23, 1903. Buried at Mt. Washington with
her parents and infant son. Married Walter S. Sisley,
(1877-1902) (see page 14 - E11)
   F1 Clare Walter Sisley, (July 23, died Aug. 8, 1903)

E8 WILBUR C. SISLEY, born March 4, 1884 at Perryopolis, in
a house that was across the road from the Fulling Mill,
above the mill dam of Washington's Mill. At one time Jacob
Strawn built five stone buildings, including a distillery
near Washington's Mill. This was at one time George
Washington's property. It now belongs to Kerr Hixenbaugh.
 He died at home in Star Junction on May 12, 1975. On
June 27, 1906 at Perryopolis, WILBUR SISLEY married NELLIE
RUSSELL, born at Vanderbilt, Oct. 21, 1885, died at
Warner, Washington Co. on Feb. 16, 1921. She was the
RUSSELL. Both are buried at Mt. Washington Cemetery,
Perryopolis, Pa..

   F1 MARION RUTH SISLEY born at Perryopolis Oct. 13,
   1907, died June 20, 1991. Married June 14, 1929 to
   AUGUST HUCKLES (Feb. 10, 1901-Sept. 8, 1987), son of

   F2 RHODA MAE SISLEY born at Perryopolis Jan. 6, 1909.
   Married JACK WILSON (March 15, 1910-Feb. 8, 1963).

   F3 PERRY RUSSELL SISLEY born at Mckees Rocks Oct. 1,
   1910, died May 29, 1991. Married in 1934 to KATHERINE
   REYNOLDS (Aug. 29, 1912).

   F4 SAMUEL KENNETH SISLEY born Jan. 27, 1913 at West
   Brownsville. Married on Jan. 1, 1933 to FLORENCE LAMMAY
   (Jan. 24, 1911).

   F5 EDITH IRENE SISLEY born Oct. 26, 1914 at West
   Brownsville. Married Dec. 29, 1933 to PAUL BONGIORNO
   (Jan. 25, 1914).

   F6 BERNICE ELAINE SISLEY born Feb. 9, 1917 at West
   Brownsville. Married on Feb. 25, 1936 to ROBERT FINLEY
   HUGUS (June 24, 1916-March 27, 1964). Married second
   time to GLENN REESE GOTTHELD (Oct. 22, 1912).

   F7 WILBUR CLARENCE SISLEY born July 7, 1919 at West
   Brownsville. Married April 7, 1945 to DOROTHY WILKINSON
   (Feb. 14, 1922).

WILBER C. SISLEY, on Nov. 16, 1921, married FRANCES
HUCKELS (born Dec. 25, 1899), daughter of MARCUS JOSEPH

   F8 AUBREY JOSEPH SISLEY born Dec. 16, 1922 at Warner.
   Married in Dec. 20, 1952 to EDNA LINK REINIG (Dec. 21,

   F9 LOIS EVELYN SISLEY born March 29, 1924 at Warner.
   Married in 1942 to HOWARD LAUDERBACK born May 27, 1920.

   F10 DOROTHY VERNE SISLEY born July 23, 1925 at
   Monessen. Married in 1953 to PAUL OLOCK (July 12,

   F11 FRANCES ARLENE SISLEY born Jan. 22, 1927 at
   Monessen, died Feb. 20, 1961 at Star Junction.

   F12   Infant died at birth in 1932 at Charleroi.

E9 Viva M. Sisley, born June 13, 1886 in Perry Twp., in a
stone house on the Strawn Place. Died Feb. 21, 1936 at
Fayette City. She is buried at Mt. Washington. In 1908 she
married Job Haney. He is buried at Mt. Washington.
   F1 Oliver Perry Haney, (March 21, 1909), married Ruth
   Wilkins in Toledo, Ohio on April 7, 1934. Live in
      G1 Gail Katheen Haney, (Jan. 19, 19--)
   F2 Avis Lucille Haney, (Sept. 25, 1912). Married 3
   times, her present name is Avis Guy. Lives at R.D. 1,
Viva M. Sisley, in 1915, married Clyde Thorpe, (Aug. 17,
1883-Dec. 27, 1923). Died at Pittsburgh, Pa.. Buried at
Mt. Washington.
   F3 Willow Mae Thorpe, died at 9 months. Buried at Mt.
   F4 Maxine Elliott Thorpe, born Nov. 19, 1923, at
   Perryopolis. Married Dean E. Watkins in Toledo, Ohio,
   March 29, 1952. He died on Feb. 11, 1966. They moved to
   California in June 1962.
      G1 RoAnn Watkins, (Nov. 27, 1956)
   Maxine married George H. Schenk on Jan. 28, 1967
   Her third Husband was Fred Vernon.

E10 Raymond Sisley, born 1889, in Perry Twp. in what was
called the McIntyre Place, died in 1939 at Brownsville,
Pa.. Married Ada May Myers, born 1894, daughter of Charles
and Maria (Miller) Myers. Born at Mt. Pleasant, Pa., died
at Brownsville in 1950. Both are buried at Mt. Washington.

      F1 Erma Sisley, born March 17, 1915 at Star Junction,
      Pa.. Married on Feb. 26, 1932 to Robert Camino (June 7,
      1907), Son of Joseph and Maria (Gubitosa) Camino.
         G1 Nila Jean Camino, born Aug. 17, 1935 at
         Brownsville, Pa.. Married June 8, 1956 to Andrew
         Paul Nagy of Washington, Pa..
            H1 Michael Joseph Nagy, (Dec. 15, 1957)
            H2 Mark Edward Nagy, (Aug. 3, 19600
         G2 Raymond K. Camino, born Sept. 8, 1938 at
         Brownsville, Pa.. Married Marian McCollum of
            H1 Robert Joseph Camino, born Feb. 15, 1963 in
            H2 Gina Louise Camino, born Feb. 11, 1964 in
            H3 Nile Jean Camino, born Oct. 9, 1967 in England
         G3 Kathy Ann Camino, born Nov. 21, 1941 at
         Brownsville. On Sept. 12, 1960, married Franklin
         LaScala, born June 13, 1935 at Newell, Pa.
            H1 Lisa Ann LaScala, (June 6, 1961)
            H2 Linda Marie LaScala, (Feb. 16, 1963)
            H3 Frank Robert LaScala, (Feb. 13, 1964)
            H4 Jon David LaScala, (Sept. 23, 1965)
         G4 Robert Barry Camino, born Dec. 16, 1943 at
         Brownsville. Married Connie Shriver, born Sept. 17,
         1944, at Rogersville, Pa.
            H1 Jeffrey Robert Camino, (Nov. 7, 1967)
            H2 Tracy Lee Camino, (Aug. 2, 1971)
      F2 Myra Sisley, born May 8, 1919 at Brownsville, Pa..
      Married Howard Powell, born Feb. 7, 1914, son of James
      and Nellie (Dowler) Powell, on Nov. 11, 1950 at
      F3 Harold Keith Sisley, born Nov. 5, 1921, at
      Brownsville, married Esther V. Smith, (Oct. 1, 1923).
         G1 Keith William Sisley, (Oct. 18, 1951), married --
            H1 Brian Keith Sisley, (Aug. 20, 1970)
      F4 Vera Mae Sisley, born Jan. 12, 1924 at Brownsville,
      married Howard Edwin Swords (May 28, 1920), on July 28,
         G1 Susan Swords (April 17, 1947)
         G2 Gala Swords (Sept. 7, 1949)
         G3 Nila Swords (Dec. 22, 1953)
         G4 Ross Swords (Feb. 25, 1958)

E11    Valentine Sisley, died in infancy

E12 Gilbert Sisley, born in Perry Twp. Feb. 24, 1893,
died Oct. 10, 1976. Unmarried. Veteran of World War I.

    On the following pages are some of the side branches of the
Sisley’s tree. Since many of the following families were all born
and raised in the Perry Township area, it might be well to know
something of the origin of Perryopolis.

    Perryopolis, Fayette County, Pennsylvania is thirteen miles
north of Uniontown and about one-half mile west of the Youghiogheny
River. The town plan was designed by Thomas Burns, Thomas and
Nathan Hersey and Samuel Shreve. It is in the shape of a wheel
with Washington Diamond as the hub and the streets the spokes.
There are eight triangular lots that were set aside for the public
use. The street names are from the Revolutionary War period, such
as Independence, Liberty, Federal, Concord, Union, Hancock,
Randalph, La Fayette etc. The town was first known as New Boston
but after Oliver Hazard Perry's victory at Lake Erie, the name was
changed to Perryopolis. The Charter was filed in the recorders
office on March 18,1814. Recorded and Compared May 3, 1837.


PAUL BONGIORNO, born Jan. 25, 1914, at Dunlevy, Pa., son of Phillip
and Anna (Campana) Bongiorno of Charleroi, Pa.. Married, on Dec. 29,
1933 to EDITH IRENE SISLEY, born Oct. 26, 1914, at West Brownsville,
   Nancy Lee Bongiorno, born Aug. 29, 1934 in Charleroi, Pa.. Married
   on March 19, 1955 to Charles David Husted, born March 23, 1917 in
   Wheeling, West Virginia, son of Charles D. and Bess (Hughes) Husted
   of Bridgeport, Ohio.
      Charles David Husted (July 7, 1957). Married in December 1985 to
      Janet Kathryn Cerasoli, born Aug. 31, 1956, daughter of Mario
      and Helen (Morelli) Cerasoli. (Janet was first married to
      Anthony Bradley – divorced. Daughter Amy Christine Bradley, born
      Dec. 13, 1975)
         Alexandria Elizabeth Husted, born June 2, 1996 in Wheeling,
      Beth Irene Husted, born May 20, 1960 in Martins Ferry, Ohio.
      Married Oct. 11, 1997 to Michael Lois Tully (Jan 17, 1959).
      (This was Michael second marriage. Children by first marriage,
      Michael born Feb. 13, 1986 and Magen born Sept. 7, 1989, both in
      Wheeling, Wv.)
   Nellie Anne Bongiorno, born April 21, 1936 in North Charleroi, Pa..
   Married on Dec. 18, 1955 to Thomas Parker (May 15, 1936), son of
   William H. and Lenora Parker of Shadyside, Ohio.
      Elaine Anne Parker, born Aug. 26, 1967, in Bellaire, Ohio.
      Married Mar. 12, 1994 to William Edward Hess (July 22, 1962).
      Son of Louis Kenneth Hess, Jr. and Cynthia Sue (Reline) Hess.
      (Son by Williams First marriage, William Edward Hess, Jr, born
      Aug. 17, 1984 in Wheeling, Wv.)
      Lucinda Pauline Parker, born Oct. 1, 1970 in Bellaire, Ohio.
      Married on Dec. 17, 1988 to James Thomas Ault born February 5,
      1970 in Bellaire, Ohio, son of James Elmer and Sue Ellen
      (Stillion) Ault.
         Suzanne Elaine Ault, born July 12, 1989 in Bellaire, Ohio
         Bethany Danielle Ault, born Aug. 16, 1991 in Bellaire, Ohio
         Megan Elizabeth Ault, born July 14, 1994 in Bellaire, Ohio
         Emily Rose Ault, born July 9, 1996 in Bellaire, Ohio
   Paul David Bongiorno, born Oct. 31, 1938, in Charleroi, Pa..
   Married on June 4, 1958 to Eunice Pearl McMahon, born Nov. 13,
   1940, daughter of Onward and Helen (Ice) McMahon, of Shadyside,
      Paul David Bongiorno, Jr., born Feb. 28, 1960 in Bellaire, Ohio.
      Married on Feb. 25, 1984 to Tamera Denise Davis, born Sept. 1,
      1964 in Wauseon, Ohio. Divorced.
         Crystal Elaine Bongiorno, born Dec. 9, 1983 in Wauseon, Ohio
         Paul David Bongiorno III, born Aug. 29, 1985 in Wauseon, Ohio

   Timothy Allen Bongiorno, born June 14, 1961 in Bellaire, Ohio.
   Married Lori Ann Fortner on Feb. 5, 1983. Her mother was a
      Mandi Leah Bongiorno, born Dec. 22, 1983 in Bryan, Ohio
      Chelsea Lynn Bongiorno, born Nov. 3, 1987 in Bryan, Ohio
   Tina Marie Bongiorno, born Jan. 6, 1964 in Bellaire, Ohio.
   (Adopted, natural parents Eunices brother Daniel Wayne McMahon
   and Elsie Bayes – divorced)). Married first on Sept. 25, 1982 to
   Todd Bradley Reeves, born July 14, 1964, divorced. Married
   second on Nov. 9, 1990 to Bernard C. Metcalf, divorced. Married
   Third to David McClay
      Devyn Augusta McClay born Oct. 26, 1995 in Wauseon, Fulton
      Co., Ohio
      Danielle Marie McClay born Oct. 9, 1997 in Wauseon, Fulton
      Co., Ohio
Henry Irwin Bongiorno, born January 19, 1945 in North Charleroi,
Pa.. Married on Aug. 6, 1966 to Susan Lynn Ward, born March 13,
1944 in Belmont, Ohio, daughter of Nelson and Virginia (Imhoff)
Ward of Shadyside, Ohio.
   Jason Michael Bongiorno, born Feb. 9, 1972 in Akron, Ohio.
   Married Dec. 27, 1992 in Walterboro, S. C. to Antonia Paige
   Sykes, born Mar. 8, 1973 in Tallahassee, Fl., daughter of Jerry
   David and Martha Ann (Kemp) Sykes. Divorced.
      David Alexander Bongiorno, born Feb. 14, 1994 in Walterboro,
      S. C.
   Jeremy Nelson Bongiorno, born May 10, 1973, in Akron, Ohio.
   Mathew Henry Bongiorno, born Dec. 31, 1976, in Akron, Ohio
   Christopher Allen Bongiorno, born June 22, 1983 in Charleston,
   South Carolina.


RICHARD BISHOP born in England, married on Dec. 5, 1644 to ALICE
(ALIS) MARTIN CLARK hanged c. Oct 4, 1648 (see below)
   DAMARIS BISHOP died Feb. 6, 1682/3 at Piscataway, NJ, married
   WILLIAM SUTTON on July 11, 1666 in Eastham, Cape Cod, Ma

ALICE (ALLIS) MARTIN was first married to Georg(e) Clarke on Jan. 22,

   The "Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England" edited
by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff (Boston 1855), volume two of Court Orders
(1641-1651) contains the following:

   II:132 Court session held at New Plymouth on 1 August 1648. On 22
July 1648 a committee was sworn by Governor William Bradford "to make
inquiry of the death of the child of Allis Bishop, the wife of Richard
Bishope." Their report stated that they had found blood on the floor
at the foot of the ladder what lead to the upper chamber in the Bishop
house, and that in the upper chamber they found the body of a female
child, about four years of age, with her throat cut several times. In
addition they found the knife, and reported that Mrs. Bishop confessed
to five members (all at the same time) of the twelve-man jury that she
had killed her child. The child's body had originally been discovered
by one Rachel Ramsden, the twenty-three year old wife of Joseph
Ramsden. Mrs. Ramsden had told her parents of her discovery and very
shortly the law was after Mrs. Bishop.

   II:134 Two months later, at the Court held at Plymouth on 4 October
1648, Alice Bishop was indicted "for felonius murder by her comited
upon Martha Clark, her owne child, the frute of her own body." The
Grand Jury of seventeen men found a true bill, and immediately
following the petit jury of twelve men found her guilty of the murder.
She then "had the sentence of death pronounced against her, viz., to
bee taken from the place where shee was to the place from whence shee
came, and thence to the place of execution, and there to be hanged by
the necke vntell her body is dead, which acordingly was executed."
Very likely she was executed almost immediately. There is no mention
in the records that the execution took place in Daxbury, but even so
the delay would not have been very long.

   II:137-138 On the following 6 March 1648/9 Richard Bishop was
presented at court in Plymouth for stealing a spade belonging to one
Andrew Ring. He was judged guilty, and sentenced to both sit in the
stocks and also replace the spade with a new one prior to the June
General Court, or be whipped. He had not complied with the court order
by 1 May 1649. That same court ordered that one John Churchill of
Plymouth was to sell or lease the property of the late George Clark
for the benefit of his daughter Abigail Clark.

A more exact copy of the Plymouth Colony Records - Court orders-
Volume I, pages 132, 3 & 4 follows (with current spelling):

(.175) These shown, that on July the 22th, 1648, we whose names are
underwritten, were sworn by Mr. Bradford, governor, to make inquiry of
the death of the child of Allis Bishop, the wife of Richard Bishope.

   We declare that coming into the house of the said Richard Bishope
we saw at the foot of a ladder that led into an upper chamber, much
blood; and going up all of us into the chamber, was found a dead woman
child, of about four years of age, lying in her shift upon her left
cheek, with her throat cut with divers gashes cross ways, the wind
pipe out and stuck into the throat downward, and a bloody knife lying
by the side of the child, with which knife all of us judged, and the
said Allis hath confessed to five of us at one time, that she murdered
the child with the said knife.

        John Howland                    James Cole
        James Hurst                     Gyells Rickard
        Robert Lee                      Richard Sparrow
        John Shawe                      Thomas Pope
        Francis Cooke                   Francis Billington
        John Cooke                      William Nelson

   Rachell, wife of Josepth Ramsden, age about 23 years, being
examined, said that coming to the house of Richard Bishop upon an
errand, the wife of the said Richard Bishope requested her to go fetch
her some buttermilk at Goodwife Winslows, and gave her a kettle for
that purpose, and she went and did it; and before she went, she saw
the child lying abed asleep, to her best decerning and the woman was
as well as she had known her at any time; but when she came she found
her sad and dumpish; she asked her what blood was that she saw at the
ladders foot; she pointed unto the chamber, and bid her look, but she
persisted she had killed her child, and being afraid, she refused, and
ran and told her father and mother. Moreover, she said the reason that
moved her to think she had killed her child was that when she saw the
blood she looked on the bed, and the child was not there.

   Taken upon oath by me,               William Bradford
      The day and year above written

   At a Court of Assistants held at New Plymouth, the first of August,
1648, before Mr. Bradford, Governor, Mr. Coliar, Captain Miles
Standish, and Mr. William Thomas, Gent, Assistants, the said Allice,
being examined, confessed she did commit the aforesaid murder, and is
sorry for it.

   1648     "At the General Court of our Sovereign Lord the King, held
at Plymouth aforesaid, the 4th of October, 1648

4 October before Mr. Bradford, Governor,
            Mr. Thomas Prence
            Captain Miles Standish
            Mr. Timothy Hatherle and
            Mr. William Thomas,
            Gent, Assistants.

MR.        At this Court, Allice Bishope, the wife of Richard
BRADFORD   Bishope, of New Plymouth, was indited for felonious murder
GOV.       by her committed, upon Martha Clark, her own child, the
(177.)     fruit of her own body.

The names of the grand inquest that went on trial of the aforesaid
bill of indictment, were these:-

   John Dunham, Sen.            John Barker
   Isaske Weels                 Josepth Colman
   Mr. Thomas Burne             John Allis
   Robert Finny                 Thomas Bordman
   Henery Wood                  James Bursell
   Ephrain Hickes               Josepth Tory
   James Walker                 Micsell Backwell
   James Wyat                   Daniell Cole
   Loue Brewster

These found the bill's true bill

The petty jury names that went upon her trial were these:-

   Josias Winslow, Sen.    )          Gyells Rickard    )
   Thomas Shillingsworth   )          John Staw, Sen.   )
   Anthony Snowe           )          Steuen Wood       )
   Richard Sparrow         ) sworn    William Mericke   ) sworn
   Gabrlell Fallowell      )          William Brete     )
   Joshua Prat             )          John Willis       )

These found the said Allice Bishope guilty of the said felonious
murder of Martha Clarke aforesaid; and so she had the sentence of
death pronounced against her, viz., to be taken from the place where
she was to the place from whence she came, and thence to the place of
execution, and there to be hanged by the neck until her body is dead,
which accordingly was executed.

Ref: the Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England edited
by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff (Boston, 1855), volume one of Court Orders
(1633-1640) and volume two of the same (1641-1651).


ROBERT BLAIR, born in Dublin, Ireland, c1750, died in Franklin Twp,
Fayette Co, Pa Jan. 8, 1839. He was married to LETTY (LETICE) PARKHILL
born in Ireland c1760. Soon after his marriage he came to America and
settled in Delaware, and then to Franklin Twp., Fayette Co., Pa.
   JAMES BLAIR, born April 16, 1793 in Franklin Twp. where he bought a
   farm. He sold it and bought 110 acres in Perry Twp. in 1825 and
   built a fine brick house. In 1850 he bought 90 acres more and
   became quite prosperous. He was drafted in 1812 but the war ended
   before he served. Died Dec. 27, 1877 in Perry Twp, Fayette Co., Pa.
   On Jan. 7, 1819 he married RHODA RITTENHOUSE (March 21, 1796-Oct.
   9, 1843). Both are buried at Flatwoods.
      Sarah Blair married John Bell a wagonmaker in Perryopolis
      David Blair (born c1822) a farmer, moved to Iowa
      James Rittenhouse Blair (Aug. 3, 1822-Feb. 7, 1905), a farmer
      and local Baptist Preacher, married Christine Bowne
      JOHN B. BLAIR (1823-Aug. 22, 1874) was born and died in Perry
      Twp. He was a contractor, carpenter and barn builder and was
      well known for his work. He owned two saw mills as well as one-
      fourth of the first circular saw-mill at Buena Vista. He owned
      and operated McDonald Mill at Virgin Run. For six years he did
      Undertaking in his home. He owned a farm in the southern part
      of Perry Twp. He was married by Rev. Milton Sutton on Sept. 5,
      1844 to MINERVA SUTTON (c1829-Aug. 2 1899), daughter of Rueben
      (1790) and Jane (1793) Sutton of German descent, who moved from
      eastern Pa. to Georges Township then to Perry Twp..
         Martha Jane Blair (1845-1863)
         Christina Blair (1846), married Johathan Shaffer
         Milton Taylor Blair (1849-1877) married Mary Yokum. He was a
         carpenter in West Newton
         Ansley Blair (c1849), married Isabel Cook. He was a Doctor
         in Barricksville, W. Va.
         Olen Sutton Blair (1853) married Josephine Gallatin first
         then Cora Graham daughter of William Graham
         Pelina Blair (1855) married John Lynn, a farmer in Perry Twp.
         Anna Belle Blair (1859) married John Clark, a farmer in Perry
         Ulysis Grant Blair (1863-1947) married Catherine
         SETTURAH BLAIR (1865-1947) married Dr. LINDSEY TAYLOR RUSSELL
         Melissa Blair (born c1867) married Andrew Carson, lived on
         old homestead
            Clayton Carson
         John Humbert Blair, died at age 2
         Naomi Blair, Stillborn
         Avaline Dunn Blair (born May 1870) married Augusta Freiburger
         Joy T. Blair (born c1872), married James Wells, a farmer in
         Perry Twp.

   Robert Blair, a farmer in Perry Twp., married Dec. 29, 1858 to
   Harriet Oldacre (June 17, 1833-May 13, 1903), daughter of Isaac
   and Catherine (Little) Oldacre
      Three sons born c1861, 1863 and 1868
      Isaac Blair (c1872)
      Dow Blair (c1876)
      Ira Blair(c1877), Undertaker in Perryopolis, married Luvada
         Mary Irene Blair (Jan. 10, 1901)
         Harry Donald Blair (March 12, 1903-1936)
         Russell Jenkins Blair (Oct. 1, 1907-March 12, 1994)
         Ray Blair, (Sept. 22, 1909-1938)
         Herman Blair
   Rhoda Blair (c1832)
   Mary Jane Blair (c1833)
   Samuel Parkhill Blair (Aug. 12, 1834-1885) married Elizabeth
   Strickler (but 1880 census lists wife as Deborah, second wife?)
   Obadiah Blair, a carpenter, Civil War Veteran
   Milton Blair, farmer in Coffee Co., Okla., Civil War Veteran
On Dec. 25, 1845, James Blair married Susanna Slonaker, born July
21, 1811 in Dunbar of German Decent.
   Christopher Blair (Oct. 8, 1846), farmer
   William Blair, farmer in Westmoreland County, Pa.
   Susanna E. Blair, married Lynn Piersol, Belle Vernon, Pa.
Samuel Blair
John Blair
Letty Blair
Rebeccah Blair
Polly Blair (1804?)
Sarah M. Blair (1807-Aug. 8, 1888)


JOHN CONGER born 1600 in Yarmouth, Norfolk England, married in 1616 to
ELIZABETH born about 1595.
   JOHN CONGER born Sept. 8, 1633 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, died
    Aug. or Sept. 1712, in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ, came from
   England and settled in New Jersey. Married April 12, 1666 in
   Newbury to MARY KELLY born Feb. 12, 1641 in Newbury Ma., died about
   1689, in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ and was the daughter of JOHN
      Mary Conger (Dec. 29, 1666)
      Enos Conger (about 1667-Nov. 21, 1689)
      Sarah Conger (Jan. 1688-about 1702)
      Johannah Conger (Aug. 1, 1670)
      John Conger (May 24, 1674-1727)
      ELIZABETH CONGER born Jan. 1, 1678 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ,
      married JOHN SUTTON
      Lediah Conger (Jan. 1 1679)
      Jonathan Conger (May 29, 1683-May 8, 1733)
      Gershom Conger born about 1685, died about 1711
   John Conger married a second time to Sarah Cawood
      Abigail Conger (1690)
      Joseph Conger (May 17, 1692)
      Job Conger (June 9, 1694-1758)
      Rachel Conger (May 12, 1696)
      Lydia Conger (April 28, 1698)
      Benjamin Conger born about 1700, died March 1762

  Ref:   New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Torrey
         The Conger Family in America by Maxine Growell Leonard


WILLIAM CRISE, born Dec. 1837, in Pennsylvania married about 1863, to
MARY (unknown), born Jan. 1848, in Virginia
In 1880 and 1900 lived in Rostrover Twn., Westmoreland Co. Pa.,
William was a coal miner in 1880 and a day laborer in 1900.
   Anna Crise, born about 1868, in Pennsylvania, married a Ghrist
   Josephine Crise, born about 1871, in Pennsylvania, married a
   William Crise, born about 1875, in Pennsylvania
   Alvin E. Crise, born Oct. 1876, in Pennsylvania
   MAGGIE OLIVE CRISE, born Dec. 18, 1879, in Pennsylvania, died Nov.
   5, 1914. Married MARCUS JOSEPH HUCKELS on April 8, 1896 (see
   Huckles family).
   Amelia Crise born Aug 1880 in Westmoreland Co. Married on Oct. 23,
   1897 to Frank A. Bergman born 1876 in Germany. Both were residing
   in Rostraver Co. at time of marriage.
   Charles O. Crise, born March 1886, in Pennsylvania.
   Harrison N. Crise, born Oct. 8, 1888, in Pennsylvania, died March
   1969 in Greensboro, Green Co, Pa. .

Data for birth dates from 1900 census. Census showed Mary had 12
children with 7 living.

Ref: 1880, 1900 and 1910 census
     Social Security Death Records (for Harrison)
     Marriage Records (for Amelia)


   Andrew Eberhart (1732-1799)
   George Eberhart (1732?-1806)
   Martin Luther Eberhart (died 1792)
   ADOLPHUS EBERHART (Jan. 4, 1760-1828), came to this country from
   Karlsruhw, Baden, Germany. He married SOPHIA SPEELMAN (Feb. 7,
   on Jan. 11, 1787, at Frederick, Maryland. He served in the
   Revolutionary War as a private. After the war he returned to his
   trade of glass-blowing.
      Adolphus and his brother Martin and several friends went to
   Frederick, Maryland where they worked at the new Glass House at New
   Bremen, a small typical German Community established by John
   Frederick Amalung, a native of Bramen, Germany. The project failed
   and was offered for sale in 1795.
      After the failure of the Amelung Glass Works, a group of the
   best glass workers moved to New Geneva, Fayette County, Pa. where,
   in partnership with Albert Gallatin, they built the New Geneva
   Glass Works. Gallatin was a member of the United State House of
   Representatives from 1795-1800. He was Secretary of the Treasury
   under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, from 1801-
   1813. He helped negotiate the treaty of peace with England
   following the Was of 1812 and served as Minister to France, 1815-
      Gallatin's duties kept him in Washington more and more so he
   decided in 1803 to dispose of his half interest in Glass House. It
   was bid in by Christian and Baltzer Kramer, John Gabler, George
   Rappert and Adolph Eberhart. In 1817 they dismantled the old
   furnace and built a new one across the Monongahela River near
   Greensburg. It has been claimed that these men were the pioneers of
   the glass manufacture, not only in Green County, but also in
   western Pennsylvania.
          Children of ADOLPHUS and SOPHIA EBERHART:
      Martin Adolph Eberhart died in childhood, March 3, 1795
      Charles Eberhart (Feb. 18, 1789) married Minnie Kirkwood
      Sophia Annette Eberhart (1791-1870) married Joseph Dunlap (May
      31, 1791-March 15, 1870)
      Margaret Elizabeth Eberhart (March 6, 1793) married James Vance
      Christine Eberhart (June 11, 1795) unmarried
      George Frederick Eberhart (March 30, 1797) married Betsy Welter
      Anna Eberhart (April 28, 1800) married Robert Jones
      Henry Eberhart (May 30, 1803-c1880) married Abigail Squires; 2nd
      Mary M. Butterfield
      John Lenhart Eberhart (Dec. 9, 1806) married Nancy Plunket; 2nd
      Nancy Cassady
      LEWIS ADOLPHUS EBERHART (see next page)
      Rev. Albert Gallatin Eberhart (Oct. 8, 1810) married Eliza Evens

      LEWIS ADOLPHUS EBERHART (April 14, 1808-March 13, 1885) born at
      New Geneva, Pa., married by Rev. Z. S. Barstow on Jan. 23, 1828
      to LUCINDA BANKS (1809-died May 10, 1890 per grave stone) of
      Keene County, New Hampshire. He was a glass blower and worked
      for a time at the New Boston Glass Works, a window and bottle
      works at Perryopolis, Pa.. Lewis Eberhart was a school director
      in Perry Township in 1848. He died on the North Side, Pittsburgh
      in 1885. Lewis and Lucinda are both buried in the old cemetery
      on the hill at Fayette City.
         LOUISA EBERHART (May 8, 1831) married ISAAC MARTIN
         Frances Eberhart (born about 1833, died August 13, 1881),
         born in New Jersey
         Sophia Eberhart, born about 1835 in New Jersey, married James
         Stewart, October 18, 1885
         Charles Eberhart born about 1837 in New Jersey
         William Eberhart born about 1840 in Fayette Co., Pa., married
         Affinity Page
         James Eberhart born about 1843 in Fayette Co., Pa., married
         Emma Roberts
         Laura Eberhart born about 1847 in Fayette Co. Pa., died in
         1927, married Christian Baird
         Cecelia Eberhart unmarried (not on 1850 census)

Ref: Most taken from “Historical Sketch of John Adam Eberhart, Duke of
      Elsass, Germany” by Rev. A. D. Eberhart
      1850 and 1860 Census


THOMAS HOWELL born c1638 in Harleston, Stafforshire, England, died
Oct. 1687 at Cooper's creek, Watherford Twp, Glouchester, NJ. Married
in England c1659 to KATHERINE (?) born c1640 in Farnsworth, Warwick,
England, died prior to Oct. 4, 1695 in Philadelphia, Pa.
   DANIEL HOWELL born c1660 in Tamworth, Warwick, England, died prior
   to Sep. 8, 1739 in Solebury, Buck Co., Pa. Married on Sep. 4, 1686
   in Philadelphia, Pa. to HANNAH LAKIN born c1666 in Cooper's Creek,
   Glouchester, NJ
      Hannah Howell (born c1687), married Job Howell
      Daniel Howell (c1688-1733), married c1710 to Elsie Reading
      Benjamin Howell (c1695-Sep. 6, 1774) married July 19, 1721 to
      Catharine (Gertrude als) Papen, daughter of Heivert Papen and
      Elizabeth Rittenhouse
      Joseph Howell (c1698-prior Feb. 5, 1776), married Gertrude (?)
      CATHERINE HOWELL born c1700 in Philadelphia, Pa, died 1728.
      Married c1720 to WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE
   Mordecai Howell (born c1662) in England, married 1st Elizabeth (?),
   2nd Elizabeth Morgan on Aug. 9, 1732 in Philadelphia, Pa, 3rd
   Francis Garrett
   Miriam Howell (born c1664)in England, married c1693 Henry Johnson
   Priscilla Howell (born c1666) in England, married Nov. 2, 1699 to
   Robert Stiles in Philadelphia, Pa
   Catherine (Cathren) Howell (born c1668) in England, married James


ANTON LUCAS HUCKELS, born in Germany Feb. 1837 died Oct 1 1906 in
Gilmore, buried at St. Mary’s, Monongahela, married FRANCES
SCHOENBERGER. He came to the United States in 1895 and was in Donora
in 1900 and lived next to his son Marcus Joseph.

  MARCUS JOSEPH HUCKELS, born in Essen, Germany on Sept. 16, 1864.
  Died at Donora, Pa. on March 7, 1956, buried March 10, 1956 at
  Monongahela Valley Memorial Park. Married April 8, 1896 to MAGGIE
  OLIVE CRISE (Dec. 18, 1878-Nov. 5, 1914), daughter of WILLIAM and
  MARY CRISE of Jacobs Creek.

     Joseph Huckles born in 1897, died July 2 1898, 8 months old, in
     Charleroi, buried in St. Mary’s, Monongahela
     Irene M. Huckles (Nov. 12, 1898-May 14, 1973). Married 1st on
     Jun 15, 1923 to Jack Ashton born about 1890 (divorced), 2nd
     Harry F. Miller
        Marilyn Miller, married Harold Motzer
     FRANCES HUCKELS (Dec. 28, 1899-Dec. 20, 1995). Married WILBUR C.
     SISLEY on Nov 16, 1921.
     AUGUST HUCKLES (Feb. 10, 1901-Sept. 8, 1987). Married June 14,
        RAYMOND HUCKLES (May 13, 1930)
     Lucas Huckels(Mar. 6, 1902, died at birth)
     Emily Huckles (April 17, 1903), married Percy Wilson (Sept. 20,
     1900-March 27, 1994)
     Mary B. Huckels (May 2, 1905-Jan. 15, 1984). Married on Oct 10,
     1925 to Robert Fulmer (Feb. 1, 1905-April 30, 1960)
        Robert Joseph Fulmer, Graduated from Donora High School May
        28, 1943. Killed Jan. 13, 1945 in the Philippines invasion
        of World War II.
     Marcus Huckels (1907)(not on 1910 census)
     Ida Huckels (1909-1913) (3 years old on 1910 Census)
     Marcus died at birth (assumed in Nov. 1914 as Margaret died
     giving birth)

  Married a second time to Helen (unknown) who was 45 per 1920
  census, born in New York.

  Anthony Huckels, born about 1870, died December 2, 1955 (85 years
  old), in Akron, Ohio
     Edith A. Huckels (May 26, 1901), married Denious
     Robert John Huckels (May 31, 1902)
     Carl Huckels

  Emilie (Melie) Huckels, born about 1873 in Germany, married on Dec
  26, 1896 to Wm. Schigner (not alive in 1956 per Death notice of M.
  Joseph Huckels)

   Mary Rosina Huckels, born In Essen, Germany, January 16, 1877,
   She was still alive in 1960 and at Funeral of Robert Fulmer.
   Married on Dec 24, 1895 to Martin Daily who died in 1932.

   William Huckels, born Jan. 11, 1878 in Benge Bonbek (spelling?),
   Germany. He was still alive in 1956 and at M. Joseph Huckels
   Funeral). Arrived in New York in Dec 1892.

      There is an Ernest Wm. Huckels (Sept. 19, 1906-Feb. 1, 1953) -
      who’s son, Anthony or William, believe Anthony.

Difference in spelling of Huckels (Huckles) was due to error in the
recording of the births in the church and other records.
Birth dates of Ida and Marcus must be confirmed.
The 1910 census shows that Margaret had 11 children with 6 living.

Ref: Birth and Death Records
     Census Records
     Marriage Records
     Social Security Records


ROBERT FINLEY HUGUS, (June 24, 1916-March 27,1964). Buried at
Monongahela, Pa.. He was the son of Paul M. and Olive Mae (Winnett)
Hugus, of Fallowfield Twp. Washington County. Married on Nov. 25, 1936
to BERNICE ELAINE SISLEY, born Feb. 9, 1917 at West Brownsville, Pa..
   Janet Mae Hugus, born Sept. 12, 1937 at N. Charleroi. Married Feb.
   8, 1958 to Francis Henry Lapinsky of Monongahela, Pa., born Dec. 4,
   1930. Son of J.J. and Isabelle Lapinsky.
      Kathryn Anne Lapinsky (March 1, 1964)
      Staphen Francis Lapinsky (June 24, 1968)
      Meredith Lynne Lapinsky (Sept. 8, 1970)
   Robert Alan Hugus, born Jan. 9, 1940 at N. Charleroi, Pa..
   Married, Jan 14, 1961 at Monongahela, to Charlene Peters (Nov. 15,
   1941), daughter of Thomas and Susan (Fields) Peters. Live at
   Brunswick, Ohio near Janet and Frank.
      Michael Alan Hugus (Dec. 17, 1962)
      Robert Thomas Hugus (Sept. 24, 1968)
   Keith Charles Hugus born Dec. 13, 1942 at N. Charleroi, Pa..
   Married, Jan. 4, 1964 in Charleroi to Barbara Dale (Sept. 15,
   1942), daughter of Raymond and Betty (Lynn) Dale. they live in
   North Palm Beach, Fla..
      Rebecca Lynn Hugus (June 19, 1967)
      Jeffrey Armstrong Hugus (July 29, 1969)
   Judith Anne Hugus, (Sept. 11, 1946) at New Eagle, Pa.. Married,
   Oct. 16, 1969 at Honolulu, Hawaii, to Walter Francis McDermott, Jr.
   (July 7, 1946), son of Walter F. and Helen McDermott. They live at
   Bloomington, Ind.

Bernice married, June 1, 1967, to Glenn Reese Gottheld (Oct. 22,
1912), of Charleroi, son of Daniel and Georgia Mae (Reese) Gottheld.
They live in Florida.


HOWARD LAUDERBACK (May, 27, 1920). Howard served in Europe during
World War II. Married in 1942 to LOIS EVELYN SISLEY born March 29,
1924 at Warner, Pa.. They live at Rt. #1, Charleroi, Pa..
   Arlene Ann Lauderback (March 14, 1947). Married David Lee Rotta
   (Dec. 15, 1947)
      David Michael Rotta (Jan. 26, 1970)
      Lisa Marie Rotta (Dec. 9, 1972)
      Natalie Rotta (Dec 21, 1976)
   Howard Joseph Lauderback (June 29, 1954)


     The land on which Layton Station in situated was a track called
"Springfield", patented in 1791 to Mary Higgs, containing 217 acres.
Abraham Layton bought a portion of this land in 1821 for $2353.00.
After his death, his sons, Michael and Abraham II, built keel-boats to
ship sand and glass down the river.
     After the death of their father in 1852 and the sale of the lands
at Layton Station, Michael Layton purchased a tract south of the
river. It is a tradition that before the warrant was obtained for this
land, Michael Sowers lived in an old cabin and ferried people across
the river. After his death a man named Dun lived in the cabin. He was
drowned a few years later and the place was long known as "Dun's Deep
Hole", but was changed to "Layton" after the purchase by Abraham
Layton. There were at one time hundred of graves back of where the
cabin stood.
   ABRAHAM LAYTON, born in 1769 in New Jersey, died in 1852. SARAH,
   his wife, born in 1775 in Pennsylvania, died in 1857. Both are
   buried at Redstone
      Michael Layton (1795-1875), married Sarah (1805) buried at
         Susan Layton, born 1829
         Catherine Layton, born 1838
         Michael Layton, born 1840
      Abraham Layton II (1797-1862), married Susan Branthoover (1816-
      1906), buried at Redstone
         George W. Layton
         Sarah R. Layton married Benjamin Slocum
         Ellen Layton (1852), married --- Carson
         Abraham Layton III (1858-1933)
      HANNAH LAYTON, born 1812, died 1872, married MORGAN SISLEY


     The history of the Martin family begins in Fayette County with
the history of Perry Township surrounding Perryopolis.

MICHAEL MARTIN settled in Perry Twp., being the original holder of
land near Perryopolis. His settlement antedated the American
Revolution and no records are found to dispute his claim to having
been one of the original settlers in what is now Perry Twp. where his
land was patented to him in 1809. He was Scotch-Irish descent. He was
married but there is no record of his wife.

  BENJAMIN MARTIN - born in 1773 in what is now Perry Township and
  died in Perryopolis on June 18, 1850. He was his father's
  assistant in the work of clearing fields and compelling them to
  produce. He became a large land owned and cattle dealer, driving
  his herds and flocks to eastern markets long before the era of
  railroads. There was a generous rivalry between Benjamin and James
  Fuller as to who should control the greater land acreage in the
  township. Ellis' History tells of them buying a part of the
  George Washington track as partners. He married MARY FREEMAN,
  daughter of John Freeman of Franklin Township. She died in
  Perryopolis Nov. 20, 1842. Both are buried in the old Smock

      Betsey Martin - unmarried, died April 5, 1835 buried at Smock
      John Freeman Martin (died Nov. 16, 1849) a prominent merchant
      and glass manufacturer in Perryopolis and Cookstown. He married
      Jane Vail
      ISAAC MARTIN (1820-June 29, 1862) married LOUISA EBERHART (May
      8, 1831-Feb 27, 1918). Both are buried at Mt. Washington
         John F. Martin (1848-1914) raised by Pierson and Mary Cope.
         Buried at the old Quaker Churchyard
         LUCINDA MARTIN (1850-1918) married SAMUEL LAYTON SISLEY
         Isabel Martin (1852-1884) married Patrick Curren (1840-)
         Charles L. Martin (1854-1921) married Mary E. Jackson
         Isaac Martin Jr. (1856-1921) married Jennie Jackson
         Albert Martin (March 1861-Sept. 1861
         The above five are buried at Mt. Washington Cemetery.
      William Martin (died Nov. 11, 1871) born in Perry Twp., was a
      farmer and lived on the home farm. Married 1. Margaret Rossell
      (1811-1846) she had seven children, 2. Sarah Ann Britt, she also
      had seven children.
      Mary Martin (died Oct. 2, 1887) married Pierson Cope
      Edmund Martin (died May 5, 1876)

  Isaac Martin (1790-1818) buried in Harmony Churchyard
  Gilbert Martin
  Nancy Martin married a Sunderland, moved to Ohio
  Marcella Martin married Robert Lynch
  Samuel Martin married Huldah Wilgus
  Ephriam Martin

Ref: Certificate of death for Louisa (Eberhart) Martin
     Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County
     by J. W. Jordan and James Hadden: 1912.


PAUL OLOCK (July 12, 1926). Married in 1953 to DOROTHY VERNE SISLEY,
born July 23, 1925 at Monessen, Pa.. They live at Boyertown, Pa.
   Frances Valerie Olock (October 19, 1955), married on June 12, 1976
   to Brian Johnson (Apr. 3, 1954)
     Todd Michael Johnson (Jan. 27, 1978)
     Steven Craig Johnson (Nov. 29, 1984)
   Paul Michael Olock (Dec. 24, 1956)
     Brittany Victoria Olock (Nov. 8, 1990)
   Carol Anne Olock (August 4, 1958). Married Jack Allen Kauffman
   (Oct. 6, 1956)
     Noah Nathaniel Kauffman (Aug. 17, 1994)


CLAUS RITTENHOUSE born about 1615 in Mulheim, Westfalia, Germany,
married MARIA HAGERHOFFS born about 1619 in Mulheim, Westfalia,

  Margaret Rittenhouse (c1619)
  WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born about 1644 in Mulheim, Westfalia, Germany,
  died in 1708 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. He came to America on
  the Ship Concord in 1688 with his three children. He was the first
  paper maker and first Mennonite Bishop in America. Married GEETRUID
  PIETERS born c1646 in Holland

     Nicholas (Claus) Rittenhouse
     Elizabeth Rittenhouse
     GARRETT RITTENHOUSE born about 1674 in Holland, died Feb. 1742
     in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Name of his wife is not known.
        WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born in 1695 in Cresheim, Pa (near
        Germantown), died in 1767 in Rosemont, NJ. Married
        about 1720 in Pennsylvania to CATHERINE HOWELL born about
        1700 in Philadelphia, Pa, died in 1728

           WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born about 1722 in Delaware Twp,
           Hunterdon, NJ, died about 1799 in Hunterdon, NJ. Married
           REBECCA HARNET.

              Benjamin Rittenhouse (1746/7-Dec. 29, 1821)
              Garret Rittenhouse (born 1754)
              WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born about 1755 in Delaware Twp,
              Hunterdon, NJ, died July 14, 1816 in Franklin Twp,
              Fayette Co, Pa. Married REBECCA BRAY
                 David Rittenhouse (1782-1853/1860)
                 James Rittenhouse (1786-Jan 1852)
                 Abner Rittenhouse
                 Catherine Rittenhouse
                 Rebecca Rittenhouse
                 Ann Rittenhouse
                 Lavinia Rittenhouse
                 Delia Rittenhouse
                 RHODA RITTENHOUSE born March 21, 1796, died Oct. 9,
                 1843 in Perry Twp, Fayette Co. Pa. Married on Jan.
                 7, 1819 to JAMES BLAIR
                 Adah Rittenhouse
                 Thomas W. Rittenhouse

               Rebecca Rittenhouse(Sep. 10, 1758-June 21, 1830)
               Abner Rittenhouse (born May 5, 1760)
               Daniel Rittenhouse (May 2, 1760-May 19, 1848)
               Presylla Rittenhouse
               Catherine Rittenhouse (1762-Jan. 10, 1830)
               Abigail Rittenhouse (born Jan. 6, 1764)
               Anna Rittenhouse (born about 1765)
               Hannah Rittenhouse (about 1767-before 1799)
               Isaac Rittenhouse

            Peter Rittenhouse (1724-1804)
            Priscilla Rittenhouse (born about 1725)
            Isaac Rittenhouse (July 13, 1726-Feb. 23, 1809)
            Moses Rittenhouse (about 1728-1774)
            Lott Rittenhouse (1737-1813)
            Anna Rittenhouse
            Hannah Rittenhouse (died May 19, 1798)
            Sarah Rittenhouse

         Peter Rittenhouse

  Heinrich Nicholas Rittenhouse (c1648)

Ref:   Rittenhouse Family Association
       Historic Rittenhouse Town


JOSEPH RUSSELL, born Jan. 28, 1789 in Westmoreland County, died May
4, 1854, a shoemaker, came to Perry Township in 1848. June 2, 1828
he married ANNA MARY TEAGARDEN (Nov. 8, 1803), still living with
daughter Susanna per 1880 census.

  Bethsheba Russell (June 4, 1829), married Joshua Gaut on Jan.
  11, 1843
  Anna Mary Russell (Jan. 31, 1831), married John Moody on Aug. 12
  WILLIAM T. RUSSELL (see below)
  Susanna Russell (June 10, 1834), Married William P. Trump
  Esenith Russell born in Flatwood Pa. April 22, 1837, died in N.
  Belle Vernon Pa. Nov. 9 1892, Married in 1863 to Francis Marion
  Miller born in Brownsville 1839, died in Monessen on Aug. 9,
  Margaret Marinda Russell (March 16 1841)

  WILLIAM T. RUSSELL, born Dec. 29, 1832 (date on death
  certificate but in family bible listed as Nov 29, 1832), died
  Sept. 18, 1911. He came to Perry Twp. with his father in 1848.
  He was a farmer. Served in the Union Army in the Civil War.
  Enlisted at Pittsburgh, 16 Oct. 1862, Co. B 168th Reg. Pa. Inf.,
  private - mustered out at Harrisburg 23 July 1863 as Sgt., re-
  enlisted as Sgt. of Capt. Cyrus Thomas unassigned Co. 103rd Reg.
  of Pa. Inf. - discharged 25 June 1865 at New Bern N.C. School
  Director and Tax Collector in Perry Twp.. On June 10, 1855
  married LAVINIA KREPPS (1837-1862)(date on grave stone but on
  William's pension request listed as July 6, 1863), daughter of

     Mary E. Russell (July 6, 1856-1916), married 1st Jacob B.
     Husband, on Oct. 1, 1914 married Harry Griffith (1856-1916)
     Susan Russell (March 23, 1858), married W. M. Stickel
     Allean Russell (Aug. 31, 1859), married William Hartwick

  William married a second time on May 4, 1866 to Louisa Hagerty
  (July 11, 1826-Sept. 5, 1908), daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
  (Blaney) Hagerty.

     LINDSEY TAYLOR RUSSELL, born Aug. 31, 1859 in Perry Twp.
     He was educated in the public schools in Perry Township. He
     commenced his medical training in 1879 under Dr. S. S. Stahl
     at Dawson, Pa.. He attended the Physic Medical Institude at
     Cincinnati, Ohio until 1882. Practiced in Ruffadale, Pa. for
     one year. He returned to Physic Medical Instirute for post-
     graduate work. He then went to Vanderbilt from 1883 to 1886.
     He practiced in Monongahela City for six years and returned

      to Vanderbilt. He spent the later part of his life in
      Perryopolis. On July 4, 1884 he married SETTURAH BLAIR, born
      Oct 31, 1865, daughter of John B. Blair and Minerva Sutton.
      She died at Vanderbilt in Sept. 1947. Dr. Russell died in
      Perryopolis on May 4, 1931. Both are buried at Flatwoods
      Baptist Cemetery.

         Gertrude Russell (Nov. 14, 1895-Sept. 1986), Married Frank
         Bessie Russell, born abt. 1889, married Oscar Brown
         Charles Russell (Feb. 7, 1891-Feb. 1975), married Zona
         Robison (Mar. 13, 1894-Jan 1975)
         Maud Russell (abt 1897), married Wm. Harry Brown
         Kent Scott Russell born June 5, 1898, in Connellsville,
         died 17 Nov. 1964, buried at Flatwoods. Married Sarah
         Leona Lynn, born Nov. 2, 1898, in Connellsville
            Norma Jean Russell, married Allan Gray Miller Jr.
            Nancy Jane Russell, married Phillip Hedges
               Lois Hedges
               Kent Hedges
         Louisa Russell (Sept. 6, 1900-Dec. 1987), unmarried

Ref: Birth dates from 1910 census for E3, E5
     Social Security Death Index for E2, E4 and E7
     Family bible for C1-C6

                         AUBREY JOSEPH SISLEY

AUBREY JOSEPH SISLEY (Dec. 16, 1922). Married Dec. 20, 1952 to EDNA
LINK REINIG (Dec. 21, 1924). Daughter of Fredrick J. Link and (Minnie)
Rose W. Wilke.
     William E. Sisley (Aug. 7, 1946-July 8, 1969), killed in action
     in South Vietnam. Buried in Forest Ave. Cemetery, Angola, NY.

                           PERRY R. SISLEY

PERRY RUSSELL SISLEY, born October 1, 1910 at McKees Rocks, Pa., died
May 29, 1991. Married in 1934 to KATHERINE REYNOLDS (Aug. 29, 1912).
   Peter Linsey Taylor Sisley (Dec. 9, 1935-Aug. 20, 1988). Married
   Kathryn Severns Ripp (March 4, 1939)
      Deborah Anne Sisley (March 29, 1962)
      David Linsey Sisley (Aug. 30, 1967)
      Daniel Russell Sisley (May 14, 1970)
   Patricia Jane Sisley (June 6, 1937). On June 14, 1958 married
   Robert E. Webb (Feb. 7, 1930).
      Robert Harold Webb, Died age one day
      Robin Elizabeth Webb (May 2, 1961)
      Russell Ellisworth Webb (Aug. 25, 1971)
   James Perry Sisley (Feb. 18, 1939. Married Bonnie Lou Bareis
   (September 23, 1938). Divorced.
      Garrett Emerson Sisley (Jan. 1, 1957)
      Cynthia Margaret Sisley (Oct. 11, 1968)
   Married second time to Lucy

                        SAMUEL KENNETH SISLEY

SAMUEL KENNETH SISLEY, born Jan. 27, 1914 at West Brownsville, Pa..
Married on Jan. 1, 1933 to FLORENCE LAMMAY, born Jan. 24, 1911 at West
Brownsville, Pa., daughter of Stephan H. and Mabel Louise (Osborne)
   Russell Lynn Sisley (March 14, 1934). Married Donna Kitser -
      Russell Lindsey Sisley (Sept. 1, 1954)
   Russell Lynn Sisley married on Aug. 4, 1956 to Marilyn Claire
   Milton (Nov. 14, 1935), at Carson City, Nev. daughter of James and
   Catherine Milton.
      Judith Anne Sisley (June 19, 1957), married on Apr. 26, 1985 to
      Tom Lee Harris
         David James Harris (Nov. 18, 1985)
         Katherine Marie Harris (July 8, 1987)
      Kenneth Russell Sisley (Oct. 11, 1959), married on March 2, 1993
      to Lisa Ann Marnell (July 2, 1963)
         Anne Coleen Sisley (March 22, 1992)
      Laura Louise Sisley (Oct. 18, 1963), married on Feb. 9, 1985 to
      Joseph Allen Clark (Sept. 21, 1960)
         Justin Anthony Clark (Oct. 1, 1985)
         Sarah Elizabeth Clark (Aug. 24, 1988)
         Nikke Allen Clark (June 13, 1990)
      James Edward Sisley (Aug. 20, 1965), married on March 1, 1996 to
      Etsuko Hishio (May 1, 1966)
         Jonathon Masaru (July 11,1995)
      Russell Lynn Sisley (May 14, 1967-June 14, 1967)
      Lynne Marie Sisley (July 3, 1968), married on June 1, 1991 to
      Pat McNulty (May 12, 1971)
         Kara Lynne McNulty (Jan. 11, 199
         Kayleen Brianna McNulty (Jan. 12, 1994)
   Daniel Wayne Sisley (Jan.3, 1939). Married on December 27, 1959 to
   Margie Eileen Mortensen (March 24, 1938), at Sacramento, Ca.,
   daughter of Clair and Elsie Mortensen.
      Michael Wayne Sisley, (April 30, 1961), married on Oct. 17, 1987
      to Pauline Dabolos (Dec. 31, 1951)
         Hawaikikalanihaahaa (uses Kalani for short) (Jan. 16, 1976)
      Linda Christine Sisley, (Nov. 30, 1962), married on Sept. 25,
      1993 to Zack Scibior (Oct. 1, 1957)
      Steven Edward Sisley, (Nov. 17, 1964), married on June 27, 1992
      to Libby Ann Budd (Jan. 8, 1967)
         Tyler Alan Sisley (April 9, 1996)

                        WILBER CLARENCE SISLEY

WILBER CLARENCE SISLEY born July 7, 1919 at West Brownsville, Pa.
Married April 7, 1945 to DOROTHY WILKINSON (Feb. 14, 1922), daughter
of Robert and Cordalia (Polk) Wilkinson of Buffalo, NY.
   Linda Lee Sisley (June 23, 1946). Married June 18, 1966 to LeRoy
   Gill born June 12, 1946.
      Scott Douglas Gill (Dec. 11, 1966)
      Darak Gill (Oct. 19, 1970)
   Karen Ann Sisley (July 5, 1947-Nov. 22, 1947)
   Robert Kent Sisley (Jan. 18, 1949), married Dec. 20, 1975 to Donna
   Stephens (Sept. 18, 1948)
      Cara Sisley (June 8, 1978)
   Tina Marie Sisley (Feb. 5, 1956)
   Dena Mae Sisley (June 2, 1958). Married Oct. 25, 1980 to Dale
   England (Nov. 19??).
      Heather Sisley England (June 12, 1987)
      Brent Roger England (Feb. 7, 1989)

Clarence Served in the Army From Feb. 1941 until Aug. 1945. He spent
time in the Pacific Theater from Dec. 1941 until Apr. 1945 when he was
returned to the States.


  GEORGE SUTTON born in England, died April 12, 1669 in Perquiman Co,
  NC, Married in Plymouth Co, Ma about 1636 to SARAH TILDEN
    WILLIAM SUTTON born about 1641 in Scituate, Plymouth Co, Ma, died
    April 28, 1718 in Woodbridge, NJ, Married in Eastham, Cape Cod, Ma
    July 11, 1666 to DAMARIS BISHOP
      JOHN SUTTON born Jan. 14, 1673/4 (April 20, 1674 in one
      reference) in Piscataway, NJ, died in 1750 (Will probated Dec.
      20, 1750) in Piscataway, NJ. Married ELIZABETH CONGER
        DAVID SUTTON born July 31, 1703 in Piscataway, NJ, died in
        1775 (Will probated Dec. 19, 1775) in Bernard Twp, Somerset
        Co, NJ. Married ELIZABETH COX
          MOSES SUTTON born about 1734 in Basking Ridge, Somerset Co,
          NJ. He was a Minister. Married SUSANNA COX
            ISSAC SUTTON born about 1765 in Bridgewater Twp, Sommerset
            Co, NJ, died about 1837 (Will probated Nov. 13, 1837) in
            Lyme Twp, Huron Co, Oh. Married about 1790 in Fayette Co,
            Pa to PAMILA REED
              RUEBEN SUTTON born about 1790 in Fayette Co, Pa, died
              1863 (Will probated June 25 1863). Married about 1805 to
              JANE (?)
                MINERVA SUTTON born 1829 in Georges Twp, Fayette Co,
                Pa, died Aug. 2, 1899 in Perry Twp, Pa. Married in
                Perry Twp. Sept 5, 1844 (by Rev. Milton Sutton) to
                JOHN B. BLAIR


JOHN de TYLDEN died before 1370 in England. Married ISOLDE REVE born
in Maden, Kent, England, daughter of JOHN REVE
      THOMAS TYLDEN married JOHANNA (?)
         JOHN TYLDEN married JOAN (?)
            ROBERT TYLDEN married ALICE (?)
               RICHARD (or JOHN) TYLDEN married JOAN (?)
                  RICHARD TILDREN born c1510 in Beneden, Kent,
                  England, buried Jan. 26, 1565/6 in Tenderdon, Kent,
                  England. Married ELIZABETH GLOVER
                     THOMAS TILDEN born c1550 in England, buried June
                     6, 1617 in England. Married March 11, 1576/7 to
                     ALICE BIGGE (c1550-buried May 13, 1593)
                        Joseph Tilden
                        Thomas Tilden was in Marchfield, Plymouth
                        Colony before 1628
                        NATHANIEL TILDEN (1583-1641). Was in
                        Scituate, Plymouth Colony before 1628 .
                        Married LYDIA HUCSTEPE (1588)
                           Joseph Tilden died June 3, 1670. Married
                           Elizabeth Twisden
                           Thomas Tilden
                           Mary Tilden
                           SARAH TILDEN born c1613, baptized Jan. 13,
                           1613 in St. Mildred's Church, Tenterdon,
                           Kent, England, died March 20,1677 in
                           Perquiman's Co., NC. Married c1636 to
                           GEORGE SUTTON
                           Judith Tilden
                           Lydia Tilden married Richard Garrett
                           Stephen Tilden born in Scituate, Plymouth

Ref.   New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Torrey


JACK WILSON born March 15, 1910 in Brownsville, Pa., died Feb. 8
1963). Married RHODA MAE SISLEY born Jan. 6, 1909 in Perryopolis, Pa.
   LENNIS GANELL WILSON (Aug. 3, 1933). Married Nov. 1956 to Joseph
   F. Piccolo (Sept. 26, 1933).
      David James Piccolo (Aug. 28, 1957)
      Susan Madalen Piccolo (Dec. 7, 1958)
      Melania Marie Piccolo (April 24, 1968)
   Joan Elizabeth Wilson (Aug. 2, 1938-Aug. 2, 1938)
   Madalen Kay Wilson (Oct. 22, 1939). Married 1962 to William J.
   Hession (July 11, 1939).
      Michele Lynn Hession (Sept. 26, 1963). Married David Monk (Oct.
      22, 1969)
         Meghan Lynn Monk (April 12, 1991)
         Shannon Ann Monk (June 18, 1992)
         Molly Erin Monk (July 5, 1995)
      Kristine Marie Hession (Oct. 18, 1964). Married Michael
      Shofner (Oct. 28, 1958).
         Taméra Lee Shofner (Jan. 26, 1982)
         Jeremy Michael Shofner (Oct. 14, 1987)
      William James Hession (Oct. 16, 1965). Married Pam Kidd (March
      25, 1967)
         Connie Hession (April 25, 1986)
         Morgan Elizabeth Hession (July 7, 1994)


Only the last names listed except for Sisley families. Wilber C.
Sisley’s children listed in bold type. Wives of Sisley men listed
by maiden name or first name if maiden name not known.

,   Anna E.                   8           Bock                      21
,   Anney                    12           Boden                  7, 14
,   Annie S.                 13           Bongiorno         22, 26, 27
,   Dessie                   14           Boris                     20
,   Effie                    14
,   Georgie                  20           Bordman                   30
,   Gertrude                 20           Boucher                   16
,   Hannah J.                17           Bowne                     31
,   Helen                    16           Bradley                   26
,   Jane                      6           Brandenberg               35
,   Josephine M.                          Branthoover               42
                             15           Bray                      46
, Leona                      14           Bredford          28, 29, 30
, Mary                       14           Brete                     30
, Ruth                       20           Brewster                  30
                                          Brinker                   21
Allis                        30           Britt                     43
Amlung                       35           Brown                     49
Anderson                     19           Budd                      52
Andrieosin                    8           Burkett                   34
Anthony                      14           Burne                     30
Armstrong                    14           Burns                     25
Ashton                       38           Bursell                   30
Ault                         26           Butterfield               35

Backwell                     30           Caldwell                     20
Baird                        36           Camino                       24
Baker                        12           Campana                      26
Banks                        35           Caron                        21
Bareis                       51           Carson                 31,   42
Barker                       30           Cassady                      35
Barstow                      35           Cawood                       33
Barton                       12           Cerasoli                     26
Bartosick                    18           Chaffee                      13
Bauer                         8           Chester                      11
Bayes                        27           Chowning                      1
Belconger (Conger)           33           Churchill                    28
Bell           15, 17, 21,   31           Clark (Clarke) 28, 30, 31,   52
Bergman                      34           Cole                   29,   30
Betts                        12           Coliar                       29
Bigge                        55           Colman                       30
Billington                   29           Comer                        14
Bishop (Bishope)       28,   29           Conger (Belconger)     33,   54
                       30,   54           Cook           4, 5, 7, 8,   31
Blair              22, 31,   32           Cooke                        29
                   46, 49,   54           Cope               17, 18,   43
Blaney                       48           Costner                      19


Cox                        54             Gaal                           17
Crawford, Col. Wm.          4             Gabler                         35
Crise          22, 23, 34, 38             Gallatin                 31,   35
Crooks, Col.                4             Garret                         19
Cross                       7             Garrett                  37,   55
Croushore                   8             Gaut                           48
Culler                     13             Ghrist                         34
Curren                     43             Glover                         55
Curry                      13             Gibbs                          13
                                          Gill                           53
Dabolos                      52           Goe           13, 16, 17,      18
Dagneau                       2           Gottheld              22,      40
Daily                        39           Graham                         31
Dale                         40           Griffith                       48
Darry                        11           Grimm                    18,   19
Davis              5, 9, 20, 26           Gubitosa                       24
Denious                      38           Gue                            18
Dobson                   12, 16           Guy                            23
Dorincz                      20
Dowler                       24           Hadden                         44
Duell (Curry)                13           Hagerhoffs                     46
Dun                          42           Hagerty                        48
Dunham                       30           Hamilton                       14
Dunlap                       35           Haney                          23
                                          Hansaker                       19
Eberhart     18, 35, 36, 43, 44           Harnet                         46
Echard                       21           Harrigan                        8
Eckman                        8           Harris                         52
Edmunds                       8           Hartwick                       48
Ellis            4, 5, 6, 9, 43           Hasson                         15
England                      53           Hatherle                       30
Essington                     8           Hazlett                        14
Evens                    15, 35           Headley                        19
                                          Hedges                         49
Falbo                        19           Henderleiter                   12
Fallowell                    30           Hersey                         25
Ferguson                     15           Herwick            13,   14,   17
Fields                       40           Hess                           26
Findley                      12           Hession                        56
Finney                       21           Hickes                         30
Finny                        30           Higgs                          42
Fisher                        9           Hill                           15
Fortner                      27           Hishio                         52
Fowler                       19           Hixenbaugh               15,   22
Freeman                      43           Hogg                           11
Frieburger                   31           Hopkins             4,   14,   16
Fry                           8           Howell                   37,   46
Frye                          4           Howland                        29
Fuller                       43           Huckels    22, 23, 34,   38,   39
Fulmer                       38           Huckles        22, 34,   38,   39
Furnier                       4           Hucstepe                       55


Huffine                  21             Lyons                      7
Hughes                   26
Hugus                22, 40             Madison                    35
Hunter                   10             Manandise                  19
Hurst                    29             Marnell                    52
Husband                  48             Martin         14, 16, 18, 28
Husted                   26                                36, 43, 44
                                        Mason                      17
Ice                        26           Mattock                    11
Imhoff                     27           May                        14
                                        McBride                    14
Jackovich                20             McClay                     27
Jackson                  43             McCord                     12
James                    13             McCoy                       4
Jefferson                35             McCrory                 7, 14
Jeffries                 16             McCollum                   24
Jenkins                  32             McDermott                  40
Johnson              37, 45             McEwen                      8
Jones        11, 14, 15, 35             McIntyre                   23
Jordan                   44             McLaughlin                  4
                                        McMahon                26, 27
Kaufman                 20              McNulty                    52
Kauffman                45              Mead, Gen. David           12
Keller             4, 5, 6              Meishner                   17
Kelly                   33              Mericke                    30
Kemp                    27              Metcalf                    27
Kidd                    56              Miller      9, 23, 38, 48, 49
Kincell                 17              Milligan                   16
Kirkwood                35              Milton                     52
Kitser                  52              Monk                       56
Kramer                  35              Moody                      48
Krepps                  48              Morelli                    26
Kulleck                 10              Morgan        6, 7, 8, 13, 37
Kurtz                    9              Mort                       21
Kyle                     7              Mortensen                  52
                                        Moss                       13
Lakin                      37           Motzer                     38
Lammay               22,   52           Mullin                6, 7, 8
Lapinsky                   40           Munnery                    15
LaScala                    24           Murphy                     14
Lauderback          23,    41           Murray                      8
Layton          15, 16,    42           Myers                      23
Lee                        29
Leonard                    33           Nagy                      24
Link                 23,   50           Nelson                    29
Litman                      8           Nichols                    8
Little                     32           Norman                    18
Luce                       49           Norris                12, 16
Lutes                      10           Norton                    14
Lynch                      44           Nutt                   9, 21
Lynn            31, 40,    49


Ogle                         15           Rough                      18
Oldacre                      32           Russell            12, 22, 27
Olock                    23, 45                              31, 48, 49
Osborne                      52
Oswald                       21           Sanders                     9
Owens                        11           Schenk                     23
Owning (Owens)               11           Schiebler                  20
                                          Schigner                   38
Page                        36            Schoenberger               38
Papen                       37            Scibior                    52
Parker                      26            Seighman                    8
Parkhill                    31            Seward                      6
Patterson                 4, 8            Shaffer                    31
Peasley                     20            Shaner                     19
Peters                      40            Sharp                      12
Phillips                    10            Shawe                      29
Piccolo                     56            Shellenberger              31
Pickett                     18            Shepler              4, 7, 10
Piersol                     32            Shillingsworth             30
Pieters                     46            Shofner                    55
Plunket                     35            Shoup                      14
Polk                        53            Shreve                     25
Pope                        29            Shriver                    24
Porter                      14            Shurtleff              28, 30
Powell                      24            Sisley (Cicily, Cisley, Cissel,
Powis                       20            Cissle, Cissley, Sicely,
Prat                        30            Sicily, Sicley, Sissley)
Prence                      30               Addie                   10
                                             Alfred                1, 2
Racios                   19, 20              Alice                8, 17
Ramsden                  28, 29              Allie                   10
Reading                      37              Alvin J.                19
Reed                         54              Alvin M.                18
Reese                        40              Amberson          6, 7, 10
Reeves                       27              Anne Coleen             52
Reinig                   23, 50              Arthur              12, 20
Reppert                      35              Aubrey Joseph       23, 50
Reve                         55              Austin Shepler          10
Reynolds                 22, 51
Rickard                  29, 30             Bejemin                 17
Ring                         28             Ben                      8
Ripp                         51             Benjamen              3, 4
Rittenhouse      31, 37, 46, 47             Benjamin          6, 8, 13
Roberts                  14, 36             Benona                   8
Robertson                    21             Bernice Elaine      22, 40
Robinson                     37             Bert                16, 20
Robison                      49             Bertha                  10
Rose                         10             Bertram                 20
Rossell                      43             Brian Keith             24
Rothasz                      18             Brice                   16
Rotta                        41


Cara                    53             Frances Eunice          13
Carl                    20             Frances Madira          13
Cassie                  12             Frances May             14
Catherine June          21             Frank Henry             21
Charles   7, 9, 16, 17, 19             Frederick E.             8
Charlotta                8             Frederick W.             8
Clara K.            14, 22             Freeda Mae              18
Clara Walter        14, 22
Claude                   1             Garrett Emerson         51
Claude A.               20             Gary                    21
Claude Parker           14             Georganna                9
Commodore               17             George Clive             9
Cora                    15             George E.             8, 9
Cora E.                 17             George Franklin         14
Cornelia              7, 9             Gertrude Cassie         12
Cynthia                  9             Gilbert                 24
Cynthia Ann             14             Grace                   12
Cynthia Margaret        51             Gretchen                21
                                       Guillaume                2
Dale                      16
Daniel Russell            51           Hannah           7, 16, 17
Daniel Wayne              52           Hannah J. (Wilgus)      17
Danny                     21           Harold Keith            24
David Lindsey             51           Harris                  15
Deborah Anne              51           Harry               19, 20
Delpha                    16           Helen                   15
Dena Mae                  53           Herbert             16, 20
Dorothy Verne       23,   45           Herman                  20
Dwight L.                 19           Hester                   9
Earl Hamilton             14           Hezakiah Edward      8, 17
Edith Irene         22,   26
Edward               8,   21
Edwin Bertram             21           Idris                   19
Edwin Perry               20           Indiana                  9
Edytha                     8           Irene                   17
Eleanor                    7           Izora                   14
Elisa                      9
Elizabeth        9, 15,   20           Jack                     20
Ella                10,   17           Jacob     1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11
Ellis E.                   8                    12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Ellis W.                   8           Jacob Sr.              3, 4
Ellis William     7, 9,   17           James         8, 10, 14, 17
Emma                      14           James Edward          8, 52
Emily Lucretia             8           James H.                  7
Erma                      24           James Henry              14
Ethel                     19           James Norman             14
Eunice Alvira             12           James Perry              51
                                       James Watson             14
Florence                19             Jean Ann                  9
Frances               1, 2             Jeanette A.              15
Frances Arlene          23             Jennie May               14


Jesse B.                     10                            15, 16, 17
Jessie                        9           Margaret Elizabeth       15
Joan                         21           Margaret (Ellis)       6, 7
John           10, 11, 12,   13           Marie                    14
                   15, 16,   19           Marion Ruth          22, 38
John A.                      17           Marlene                  20
John Douglas                 14           Marsilla                 17
John Edward                  19           Mary                 10, 13
John Ellis           7, 9,   17           Mary Ann                  7
John L.                      17           Mary C.                  10
John Lewis                   12           Mary E.                7, 9
John Morgan             7,   17           Mary Elizabeth (Betty)    8
John Nelson                  17           Mary Ellen               13
Joseph                  9,   10           Mary Jean                21
Joseph F.                    17           Maude                     8
Judith Anne                  52           Melissa                  21
June                         15           Michael Wayne            52
                                          Milton H.                13
Karen Ann                    53           Morgan            7, 13, 15
Kate                         14                            16, 17, 42
Kathleen                     21           Myra                     24
Keith William                24           Myron T.                 19
Kenneth                      19           Myrtle                   10
Kenneth Russell              52
                                          Nancy                7, 10
Laura                15, 16               Nancy Jane            7, 9
Laura Louise             52               Nesley Everett          15
Laurene Maude            18               Norma Jean              20
Laurence                 19
Laverne                  19               Ocie                       10
Leatrice Mae             19               Ollie                      10
Leroy (Roy)               8               Olive (Woodard)            12
Levi                     13               Oliver                     18
Lewis      1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7               Oreta                      18
          9, 11, 12, 13, 17               Ornetta                    20
Lewis N.                 13
Linda Christine          52               Patricia                   19
Linda Lee                53               Patricia Jane              51
Lisa Ann                 21               Pearl Agnes                18
Lois                      8               Percy D.                   21
Lois Evelyn          23, 41               Perry                       1
Lois Orthelia            19               Perry H.        13, 15,    16
Lora J.                  16               Perry Russell        22,   51
Louisa                    9               Peter Lindsey Taylor       51
Louise                   15               Phoepe                     13
Lucretia                  8
Luther Cope              18               Raymond                 23
Lynn Marie               52               Rebecca              9, 18
                                          Rhoda Mae           22, 56
Malinda                    13             Richard Thomas          21
Margaret         7, 9, 10, 13             Robert                6, 9


Robert C.                  10             William K.              16
Robert Kent                53             William Lee             21
Rodney                     21             William M.              17
Roland                     15             Wilson            6, 7, 10
Roswell                    21
Ruhama                      9             Zetta                     16
Russell Lindsey            52             Zora Zabel                15
Russell Lynn               52
Ruth Etta                  19           Slocum                      42
Ruth Pauline                8           Slonaker                    32
                                        Smith                  8,   24
Samantha                  9             Snowe                       30
Samuel        7, 11, 14, 20             Sowers                      42
Samuel E.                15             Sparrow               29,   30
Samuel Kenneth       22, 52             Speelman                    35
Samuel L.                14             Speers                 4,   11
Samuel S.                15             Springer               4,   11
Samuel Layton        18, 43             Squires                     35
Sarah (Boden)      7, 9, 13             Stafford                    17
Sarah                 9, 13             Stahl                       48
Sarah Addie              14             Standish              29,   30
Sarah C.                 15             Staw                        30
Sarah Jane               17             Stein                        9
Silas                    16             Stephens              13,   53
Simon                    12             Stewart             8, 9,   36
Simon Anderson           12             Stickel                     48
Stephanie                21             Stickle               14,   18
Steven                    9             Stiles                      37
Steven Edward            52             Stillion                    26
Stewart                  10             Stoner                      21
Stewart Maxwell          15             Strawn             6, 22,   23
                                        Strickler                   32
Thomas               2, 21              Sunderland                  44
Timothy                  9              Sutton            28, 31,   33
Tina Marie              53                                49, 54,   55
Treva Kae               21              Searer                      17
Tyler Alan              52              Swords                      24
                                        Sykes                       27
Valentine                  24           Synowiec                     9
Vera Mae                   24
Viola                      14           Teagarden                 48
Viva M.                    23           Thomas            29, 30, 48
Vivian                     20           Thompson                  13
                                        Thorndell                 13
Walter S.            14,   22           Thorngate                  9
Wilber C.            22,   23           Thorpe                    23
                     38,   49           Thrasher                  18
Wilber Clarence      22,   53           Tilden (Tylden)       54, 55
William       6, 10, 15,   21           Torrey                33, 55
William Bryan              12           Tory                      30
William Ferguson           15           Towsen                    15


Trask                   13
Trump               17, 48
Tully                   26
Twisden                 55

Underwood                 16

Vail                      43
Vance                     35
Vaughn                    13
Vernon                    23

Walker                    30
Walsh                      8
Ward                      27
Washington          22,   43
Watkins                   10
Wauschek                  15
Webb                      51
Weels                     30
Weller                    12
Welling                   17
Wells               10,   31
Welter                    35
Wilgus       8, 14, 17,   44
Wilke                     50
Wilkins                   23
Walkinson           22,   53
Willis                    30
Wilson          22, 38,   56
Winnett                   40
Winslows            29,   30
Wise                      18
Wood                      30
Woodard                   12
Wyat                      30

Yocum                     31


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