DOL Overheads and handouts WEEK by alicejenny


									                    WEEK EIGHT
       1. wolves live in groups these groups are

   called packs

2. wolves are predators and hunt other animals

such as Moose Elk and Deer for food

3. in stories like little red riding hood

the wolf is described as being evil

4. Native Americans hold the wolf in high regard.

And believe that wolves have many good qualities

5. wolves were brought to Yellowstone park in


        6. smaller and lighter than gray wolves the

arctic wolf lives on the islands in canadas arctic

7. the red wolf used to lived as far north as

Pennsylvania and as far west as texas

8. the leader of a wolf pack is called the alpha

wolf the leader of the united states is called the


9. the sawtoothpack lives on the nez perce

reservation in Idaho.

10. wolves communicate by howling

growling whimpering whining barking squealing
             WEEK NINE
1. jackie robinson was the first African

American major-league baseball player.

2. he played his first game with the Brooklyn

dodgers in 1947

3. Until April 8 1974 babe ruth held the record for

home runs

4. he held the record for bases on balls until april

26 2001.

5. the Cleveland Indians are named after Louis

Sockolexis whom was the first native American to

play professional baseball

6. the major league baseball teams use about

850000 balls per season

7. bill klem served the most seasons as major

   league umpire - 37 years starting in 1905

8. a baseball ball has exactly one hundred eight

stitches, a cricket ball has between 65-

70 stiches

9. the baseball home plate is 17 inches wide

10. The 2005 world series champions was the

chicago white socks
                  WEEK TEN

1. Would you believe that over 7000 years ago

Ancient Egyptians liked to bowl on alleys alot like


2. About forty two thousand tennis balls are

       used in the wimbledon championship

3. Golf ball’s used to be little feather

pillows maid of leather.

4. a soccer ball is made up of 32 leather panels

held together by 642 stitches

5. basketball and rugby ball are made from

   synthetic material

6. earlier, pig’s bladders were used as rugby balls.

7. The first modern day Olympic Games taked

   place in Athens Greece in 1896.

8. when he began playing pool for exercise louis

   XIV made the game vary popular in France.

9. Before players begun wearing safety gear

   football produced so many injurys

   that colleges often banned the game.

10. Jerry Rice hold the nfl record for touchdowns

   two hundred five.
                   WEEK ELEVEN

1. Until 1892, all professional boxing matches was

slugged out with bear fists no gloves.

2. In 1867, William a cummings through the first

curveball in Baseball history.

          3. In 1981, baseball players gone on strike

          for seven weaks, and seven hundred thirteen

           games across the country were canceled.

4. pete rose retired, in 1985, with 4256 hits to his


5. Wow About 25 million hollow rubber tennis

balls in put into play every year.

6. boxing became a legel sport in 1901

7. Jean genevieve Garnerin was the first female

parachutists jumping from a hot air balloon in 1799

8. the very furst Olympic race held in 776 bc was

winned by Corubus a chef.

9. in 1896 the first Olympics has there were 311

male but no female competitors.

10. Soccar is the most attended or watched sport in

the world.
                WEEK TWELVE

1. bricklaying are the traditional trade of those

whom most often become Spanish bullfighters?

2. Emmitt Smith he holds the NFL record for the

most yards rushing in a career,

3. Until 2001, Babe Ruth were walked more then

any other baseball player?

4. reggie Jackson swinged like a dynamo. Reggie

hit three home runs in the final game of the 1977

world series.

5. ty cobb is the 1st player excepted into the

baseball hall of fame.

6. Jackie Joyner Kersee has won 3 gold 1 silver

and 1 bronze Olympic medals.

7. She has held the Heptathlon world record with

over 7,000 points since 1986.

8. at 15, mia hamm was the youngest player ever

on the national soccer team.

9. Two sports legends have come out of the

university of north carolina mia hamm and michael


10. Mia has also scored more goals than any player

male or female in her soccer career.
              WEEK THIRTEEN

1. When a dessert lizard senses danger it vibrates

too instantly sink beneath the sand.

2. Juan did you know that some kinds of wasps for

example, mud daubers builds nests out of mud

3. a Queen bee can live for 5 years. She can lie

millions of eggs.

4. Wood you believe a caterpillar have about 4000

muscles in it’s body?

5. Catfish are sort of weird, they didn’t have scales

but they did have whiskers.

6. beluga whales can lived up to thirty years.

7. Mountain zebras’ tails are one and a half feet

long they can weight between 530 and 820 pounds.

8. mexican spotted owls prey on a variety of

species including woodrats mice voles rabbits

gophers bats birds reptiles and arthropods.

9. Endangered means a species is considered in

danger of extinction; threatened means a species

may become endangered in the future.

10. 10 species of snakes are threatened in the us.

The gray wolf is an endangered species in        urope.
              WEEK FOURTEEN
1. Using it’s lungs to breathe the walking catfish

move themselves over land from one body of water

to another.

2. A mosquitos wings beat about 1,000 times a

second, an annoying hum comes from it’s beating


3. Hummingbirds only beat their wings eighty

times per second.

4. But they’re heartbeat pounds 1260 times per


5. A full grown lion can eat seventy-five lbs of

meet in one meal.

6. Male lions way several hundred pounds and are

vary strong but they prefer to stay home with the

cubs while the females hunt.

7. When a llama get mad, it spits thick bad

smelling saliva into their enemy’s face.

8. dolphins can live for over one hundred year!

9. they live in social groups of 5 to 7 hundred.

10. Almost 1,000 bat species can be found

worldwide, in fact, bats make up a quarter of all

mammal species on Earth?
                WEEK FIFTEEN

1. Lobsters walks around on 8 legs just as spiders


2. Only an fraction of an inch long at berth lobsters

may grow to way as much as 20 lbs.

3. A baby squirrel is born with it’s eyes closed, and

they keep them closed four about a month.

4. Starfish don’t have no legs but they can creep

around on alot of little tube feet.

5. A beaver can swim half a mile and hold it’s

breath for 15 min., which is a quarter of an hour.

6. The worlds’ fastest animal is the Peregrine

Falcon that can fly 100-200 mph.

7. A snale can move only 0.03 miles per hour

8. anaconda is the world’s largest snake twenty

seven ft, five hundred pounds.

9. the hippopotamus giraffe and wail all have 1

thing in common.

10. Male hippopotamus giraffe and whales are

called bulls. Females are called cows. Babies are

called calves.
                WEEK SIXTEEN

1. Ill bet you didnt know that youll sleep through

one third of you’re life.

2. canned foods was first developed in order to

feed napoleon’s army.

3. Napoleon designded his battle plans in a sand


4. In China, brides traditionally adorn their selves

in bright red, putting on crimson apparel.

5. during the middle ages in England beer oftenest

served with breakfast.

6. ancient rock drawings proves that Horse Racing

is at least 3,000 years old.

7. amazing most lip sticks contain fish scales

8. In it’s anceint form, carrots were pirple not


9. More people are killed by Donkies each year

than in plain crashes.

10. wal-mart generates $3 billion dollars every 7

              WEEK SEVENTEEN

1. Polar bares can run about thirty-five miles per

hour which is as fast as lions can run.

2. The most largest bird is the ostrich it weigh as

much as 300 pounds.

3. Ostriches they cant fly, but it can run as fast as

forty miles per hour.

4. The bee hummingbird about 2 inches long

builds a nest the size of half a walnut shell.

5. A bird called the arctic tern migrates from the

North Pole to the South Pole and back again each

year about twenty-two thousand miles round-trip

6. The National Zoo in Washington. D-C recieved

it’s first panda bears from china in 1972.

7. baby pandas weighs less than an apple at birth!

8. predecessors of the modern day american

flamingo could have lived over thirty million years


9. west nile virus is carried by mosquitos and 800

people have been died by WNV since 1999.

10. Humans are 7 times more likely to be bitten by

mosquitoes in late summer vs. early summer.
               WEEK EIGHTEEN

1. Did you no that human beings are the longest

living mammals in the world

2. One way a shark protects its own self are with

skin so rough that humans once harvests it to use as


3. It is a mail sea horse, that carries the eggs in a

pouch until it hatches.

4. The elephant seal is the most largest type of seal

5. Growing as long as 21 feet and it weighs as

much as 8,000 pounds.

6. Really! Are rhinoceros horns which both male

and female rhinoceros have maid of hardened hare

7. there is a really bird called a roadrunner. It runs

up to 20 mph.

8. bald eagels were really named for their white

feathers not for being bald silly

9. Armadillo is spanish for little armored one.

10. while Kate attacks her suitors with venomous

words at least 3 species of shrews attack there pray

with venomous saliva.
               WEEK NINETEEN

1. Poison works good in controling rat populations

because rats cant never vomit.

2. Yikes if you get a horned toad angry, it will

squirt blood from it’s eyes

3. A typical Hen lies about two hundred twenty-

five eggs in 1 yr.

4. Dolphins is considered one of the mostly

intelligent creatures on this earth.

5. Skunks can shoot their bad-smelling spray only

about two yards, but you can smell it up to two and

a half miles away.

6. even the hungryest piranhas cant eat a hole

human despite what you might sea in the movies.

7. ancient greeks and Chinese persons called

cicada insects magical musical.

8. Lions say hello buy butting there heads.

9. The blue wail the largest animal to ever existed

is 96 ft long and weights 125 tons as much as 4

large dinosaurs or 1800 men.

10. Elephants purr like cats do as a means of

                 WEEK TWENTY

1. Pluto the most small planet in our solar system

travels around the sun every 248 years.

2. It taked 2 earth years for mars to complete one

orbit round the Sun.

3. It takes the moon a little more than twenty-seven

day’s about a month to orbit Earth and go all the

way around it.

4. Is the moon moving away from Earth at a rate of

one half in. per year

5. Earth moves threw space at sixty-six thousand

seven hundred miles per hour

6. The average temperitoure on Mars is minus 81

deagres F.

7. on August 27 2003 At 5:51 am EST mars were

within 34million miles of earth, the closest its come

to our planet in 73,000 year.

8. Blood is thicker than H2O…6 times thicker.

9. There are four main Blood types. a, b, ab and o

and each Blood type is either Rh positive or


10. Human blood conssists of about twenty two %

solids and 78 percent water.
             WEEK TWENTY-ONE

1. Because it is the most fast planet in our solar

system Mercury has the shortest year, it’s only 88

days long.

2. Driving at seventy-five mphour, it would take

258 day to drive around 1 of Saturns’ rings.

3. Saturn's rings got made of chucks of water ice;

raging in size from dust to large houses.

4. Saturn is the 2nd biggest planet but its’ also the

lightest planet

5. If there were a bath tub big enough to hold

saturn; it would float in the water!

6. Listen class do you know that the planet Jupiter

is so big that each of the other planets could fit

inside of it Mr. Grim asked.

7. Each day meteor dust drift down to Earth about

a thousand tons of it.

8. In 1851, a French scientist named jean Foucault

discovered an important fact of astronomy the earth


9. Saturn is named after the roman god of

agrecultur the day saturday is named also after him.

10. Saturn in 1610 was discover by galileo.
            WEEK TWENTY-TWO

1. Hair is the most fastest growing tissue in the

body second only to bone marrow.

2. Hair is composed primarily of protiens (88%)

these proteins are of a hard fibrous type known as


3. We all with our hair follicles are born.

4. Healthy hair has an averige life time of 2-6 year.

5. Hare never growed on the palms and souls these

are the only areas with no hair folicels.

6. If you had read you would of discovered that

skin are the largest organ of the human body.

7. You’re sense of smell is the first scents to go to

sleep at night and the last one that wakes up in the


8. The most hardest bone in the human body is the

jawbone or mandible.

9. The skin on your eyelid is more thinner then the

skin anywhere else on you’re body.

10. In 1602, the first successful stomack surgery

was performed on a sword swallower whom has

swallowed a dagger.

1. Goat’s milk are easier two digest then Cow’s

   milk, so it is often used for baby food.

2. The cucumber and the tomato isn’t vegetables,

   there fruits.

3. A redwood tree won’t never burn because its

   bark is so thick the tree protects it from fire

   this way.

4. The ginkgo is the oldest living tree species?

5. geological records indicate it been growing on

   earth for 250 million year.

6. Ginkgo trees is also called the Maidenhair


7. Ginkgo and boosts oxigin levels in the brian

   which use twenty percent of the bodies


8. Ginkgo trees be male or female the female

   fruit stinks

9. There is a maidenhair tree in kew gardens in

   london which is now over 200 years old.

10. It was planted in 1758 and be a mail tree.
             WEEK TWENTY-FOUR

1. Honey is sweet, nutritious, and spoilage is never

a problem it’s an favorite food of bears badgers and

humans like it, too!

2. Lemons container more suger then strawberries.

3. A disease called ichthyosis turn human skin

scaly as a fishs this disease is hereditary.

4. With 90,000 victims each year the state of N.Y.

has the most high rate of cancer in the U.S.

5. Did you know that 1 out of every 4 americans

about 73,000,000 people will get cancer during his

or her lifetime?

6. There are more then 50,000 earthquakes in the

world, each year.

7. Any earthquake above 6.0 maginitude on the

richter scale can cause considerible damage.

8. If yous can feel a earthquake; it is at least 2.5


9. The Richter Scale is not a actual instrument it is

a measure of the amplitude, of seismic waves, and

am related to the amount of energy released.

10. florida, and north Dakota have the most small

number of earth quakes in the united states.
            WEEK TWENTY-FIVE


1. Action speak more loud than words.

2. The only way to have an friend are to be 1.

3. He who loses their honesty, has nothing else too


4. H. Spencer once said “No one can’t be perfectly

happy til all is happy.”

5. He whom flees proves his self gilty.

                  More Proverbs

6. Something is not always best than nothing.

7. Every pikture telled a story?

8. You cant make a omelette without breaking no


9. Speak when you is spoken too.

10. Every man has hisself own faults.

                 ~Danish Proverb
             WEEK TWENTY-SIX

              MORE PROVERBS

1. Advice is something the Wise dont never need

and Fools wont never take.

2. Everything has it’s beauty, but not everyone see

it. ~Confucius

3. Boldness have genious power and magic in it.

4. Curiosity may of killed the cat, but satisfaction

brought them back.


5. Without friends no one wood chose to live.

              ~Greek Proverb

6. Look before you leep.

7. Many hands make lite work.

8. Money is the route of all evil.

9. Necessity is da motha of inventions.

10. Nothing is certain. But death and taxes and


1. Mt. Whitney Ms Williams reminded the class is

the highest mountain in the continental United

States (apart from Alaska).

2. Wow, the empire state building has 10,000,000

bricks in their structure

3. The Caspian sea is actually a Lake that lays

north of Iran.

4. Of all the states in our country AK have the

most longest coastline and the smallest population.

5. The boot of italy looks as though it “kick” the

iland of sicily.

6. Albert Einstein a brilliant german-born physicist

discovered that the force of Gravity can bend light.

7. Einstein discovered also that the faster things

move, the heavier it became.

8. The deepest spot in the ocean in the Pacific

Ocean is called the mariana Trench, is approx.

35, 797 ft deep.

9. That's deeper than the hight of the worlds higher

mountain mount everest which is 29,035 ft high.

10. Death Valley, ca is in an good location for large

amounts of sun light.

1. In the year 2050, paris is 2099 years old.

2. The face of Theodore Roosevelt wears

eyeglass’s carved into Mt Rushmore.

3. Jamaica is a island that lays 90 miles South of


4. All land masses according to one theory on the

earth use to be part of one big continent.

5. Jamaica an island of about 4,500 sq. mi. is just a

little smaller then Conn.

6. The most large continent in the world is only

14,000,000 million square miles largest then the

smallest one?

7. An archipelago is a string of ilands.

8. The largest archipelago is in indonesia 3500

miles it has 17 thousand islands.

9. mammoth cave this limestone cavern in central

kentucky is the longest cave system in the world.

10. It has three hundred forty five miles of passage

ways & underground lakes and rivers.
            WEEK TWENTY-NINE

1. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which

taked up more than one seventh of the earth’s land

surface was once the largest country in the world.

2. Over 25% of the worlds forests is in Siberia.

3. China has the larger population of any country

in the world more than a billion people live their.

4. Eleven million persons live in bombay, india it

is the most popular city in the world.

5. The Persian gulf contain extremely salty water

and isn’t hardly more than 100 feet deep at any


6. The Persian Gulf oil spill of 1991, covered a

area twice the size of rhode island.

7. The world’s newest countries is Montenegro that

become a country in June 2006.

8. 16 european country use the Euro as currency.

9. When the USSR dissolves in 1991 fifteen

countries came out of it.

10. 89 out of the 192 countries in the world speak

some little bitty part of english some only speak a

                 WEEK THIRTY

1. The hole country of Israel is only one fourth the

size of the state of Maine.

2. The u.s. it could fit inside of Africa at least 3x’s.

3. Although Bangladesh has the eighth-largest

population of any county its only about the size of


4. In eighteen sixty-seven, Secretary of State

William Seward buyed the oil rich state of Alaska

for only $7.2 million.

5. It is dark 24 hours a day four one hundred

eighty-six days of the year at the north pole.

6. The most small country in the world is Vatican

city it is less than .5 miles squared.

7. Vatican City is the spiritual center for over one

billion roman catholics think of that.

8. The artic ocean is only 3 billion square miles by

comparison it is the smallest ocean.

9. Would you like to read the smallest book ever


10. Chameleon by anton chekov reproduced in

1996 is 11 pages smaller than a dime.
             WEEK THIRTY-ONE

1. Mesopotamians who lived in what is today called

Iraq develop written language around 3500 B.C.E.

2. Some people think that there was a nother

continent called oceania way earlier in history.

3. The Silk Road connected acient Europe and asia

threw dangerous terrain during the third century A.D.

4. travellers on the silk road brought silk, food and

religion to other places.

5. Egyptians first beginned preserving dead body

in the form of mummies around twenty-five

hundred B.C.E.

6. In 3000 b.c.e., the first adventure story was

wrote about this warrior gilgamesh.

7. Hammurabi an ancient king, of Babylon in the

eighteenth century B.C.E., develops the first code

of law’s.

8. Alexander the great conquered most of the

known world, a lot of territory needless to say,

before he dyed in 323 b.c.e. at the age of 33.

9. Around 2500 B.C.E. the mayans planted corn

and rotated fields much like todays farmers.

10. what if the world was flat jack asked.
             WEEK THIRTY-TWO

1. When Alexander the Great died his body were

preserved in a big pot of honey.

2. In 982, Eric the Read the first viking colony in


3. Venetians complete the building of St Marks

Cathedral ending ninety-five years of construction.

4. The Mayan civilization discovered the concept

of the number zero, and developed mathematics

around two hundred C.E.

5. The aztecs invade Chichimec territory, in 1193,

and conquer the native peoples.

6. Constantine the Great was the first Roman

emperor to declare his self a christian and

christianity then becomed legal in rome in 313.

7. Marching to take over the holy city of Jerusalem

almost 50,000 european children lost there lifes in


8. One of the seven wonders of the world the

library of Alexandria been destroyed by fire in 391.

9. In 1199, richard i lionheart of England be killed

during a dispute over a treasure trove in France.

10. Richards brother John i becomes King of Engl..

1. The Hundred Years’ War, witch lasted from

1337 to 1453 and was 116 years long, was an

English fighted for control of France.

2. Joan of Arc a famus French Warrior in the

Hundred Years’ War was considered a heretic tried

for this crime and burned at the Stake in 1431.

3. In 1536, Henry viii had his 2nd wife Anne

Boleyn killed because she hadn’t never produced a

mail air.

4. The first British theater knowed simply as The

Theatre were built outside London in 1576.

5. elizabeth I was queen of England and she was

completely bald at the age of 29 and she always

wore a red wig.

6. Francis Drake in 1580 completes the first

English circumnavigation of the globe.

7. pope gregory establishes the new Gregorian

calendar because the old Julian calendar had

gradually became in accurate.

8. Decimal fractions are introduced to mathematics

by the dutch mathematician Simon Stevin.
            WEEK THIRTY-FOUR

1. After 1589, the first knitting machine is invented

by Englands William Lee.

2. The Great Plague breaked out in London in 1665

killing 75000 people between july and October.

3. In 1718, a London lawyer James Puckle

invented the vary 1st machine gun.

4. Napoleon proclaims himself emperor of France

in 1804

5. The Enlightenment a movement of the

eighteenth century emphasized rational thought and

it encouraged thinking a lot.

6. The first encyclopedia, called Encyclopedie,

were completed in France in 1722 it was commonly

referred to as the bible of Enlightenment.

7. In 1804, Haiti became the first black Nation too

gain freedom for it when it declares it’s independence

from france.

8. U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr mortally wounds

former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a


9. during the 1830s A dire famine in Japan forces

nearly 3 million people to starve to death.
            WEEK THIRTY-FIVE

1. The first u s subway line opens for operation in

Boston running between the public gardens and

park street 1897.

2. The first photocopying machine in 1900 is

invented in France

3. In 1812, napoleon invaded Russia but only 20,000

will survive the Russian winter of his 60,000 men.

4. Photography were invented buy French painter,

Louis Dagu erre, in 1839.

5. In the year after World War I ended Adolf Hitler

became a member of Ger.’s Nazi Party.

6. In 1912, the Titantic the largest ocean liner of its

time hit an iceberg and sinked into the freezing

northern waters of the Atlantic.

7. 1,513 passengers are lost, 711 are rescued.

8. In 1971, Switzerland which is located at the

southeastern border of Germany became the last

Western nation too give women the rite to vote.

9. Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen becomes

the first to reach the South Pole in 1911.

10. 1914 after ten years of work and 30,000 died in

its construction, the panama canal opens to ships.
             WEEK THIRTY-SIX

1. The national cancer institute say that 70% of the

plants useful in treating cancer come from rain


2. Over two million people dyed of lung cancer in

2003 more than any other cancer.

3. Mostest counties in North Carolina have little to

no growth in cancer rates which is good.

4. In 1680, dodo birds they became extinct and

were not seen or heard from again.

5. We were telled that “every day 40,000 children

dye of hunger and preventable disease.”

6. The 1988 drought in the U.S. cost the Nation

more than one hundred million tons of grain.

7. The United States it looses three point five

billion tons of topsoil each year because of erosion.

8. In the year 2005, we had the most highest

number of tropical storms or hurricanes since 1850.

9. major tropical storms in the Atlantic and Pacific

have increased in duration and intensity by about

50 per cent since the 1970s.

10. Acres and acres and acres of tropical forests are

destroied each year by deforestation.

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