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					Aarkstore Enterprise ll Setting up an Energy
Management Company in India
Energy management has received unprecedented attention in the last few years in
India as its energy demand grows every year. This is largely a result of India’s
economy, which has steadily advanced over the last 30 years, averaging a 7 percent
per year growth since 2000. Energy is basic requirement of every industry every
individual and it is one of the scarcest and most important source of energy in life of
every individual and industry hence management of energy is becoming more and
more important now as most important source of energy are fossil fuels and in few
year they will deplete as they are on verge of depletion cost of fossil fuel are being
increasing at massive speed and making running of industry and life more and more
difficult hence now demand of energy management have risen a lot because energy
management firm can reduce maintenance cost by 20 % and energy cost up to 30%.
Energy market consist of large number of products which include fossil fuels,
renewable energy etc. But one of the main targets of fossil fuels renewable
resources is generation of electricity. Net electricity generation projection worldwide
totals 31.8 trillion kilowatt-hours in 2030 according to IEO 2010, 77 percent higher
than the 2006 total of 18.0 trillion kilowatt-hours. In this competitive world, cost
competitiveness is vey essential for survival of every individual. To establish any
work / motive or task, energy in one or other form is an essential component. Thus
the need to conserve energy, particularly in industry and commerce is strongly felt
as the energy cost takes up substantial share in the overall cost structure of the
operation. Hence it calls management of energy or in other words management of
resources or energy conservation. Energy Services Companies (ESCos) originated in
France before the Second World War. India’s ESCO industry is relatively young. The
first three ESCOs in India were established in the early 1990s, initiated in large part
by funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). These
initiatives included training workshops held by energy specialists from the United
States and an ESCO feasibility study. Enterprises such as ESPs, LDCs, ISOs, PXs,
UDCs, RESCOs, DISCOs, Transco’s, and ESCOs operate alongside traditional electric
utilities. Of these, the ESCO, or Energy Service Company, are new and they offers
services historically outside the domain of regulated electric utilities. ESCOs also
provide the broadest range of services to energy users. Due to the nascent energy
management market in India, the new firms have the tremendous opportunities to
set up in India and expand their business.


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