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									                                   College of Fine Arts
                              TEACHING INITIATIVE AWARD
                                        (Tenured or Tenure Track Faculty)
                                  Teaching Portfolio Cover Sheet

Section to be completed by applicant.

Applicant’s Name ___________________________                            School _____________

Applicant’s Office ____________ Applicant’s Telephone ______________________

Applicant’s Email Address _____________________

Year Appointed at Illinois State University ___________

______ I have taught at least two years, full-time, on a tenure track appointment at Illinois State University.
______ I have no more than five years of tenure track University-level teaching experience, at Illinois State
and elsewhere combined

Portfolio Checklist
____ Narrative contains a statement of my teaching philosophy
____ Narrative summarizes my teaching responsibilities for the past three years
____ Narrative describes my teaching accomplishments in relation to the five selection criteria
____ Appendices provide evidence for accomplishments described in the narrative
____ Appendices contain course materials from at least two recent instructional settings.
____ Portfolio contains summary of student evaluations of teaching in relation to department norms
____ Portfolio contains a copy of my curriculum vitae
____ Portfolio is not longer than 2 inches of material in a three-ring binder (or the electronic equivalent).

_________________________________                    ____________________
Signature of Applicant                               Date

Section to be completed by School Director

I have included a summary statement about the candidate's teaching that includes:
      • The candidate's SFSC ratings in teaching for the previous three years
      • An evaluation of the candidate’s ability to enhance student learning through his or her instructional
         and evaluative practices; and
      • An evaluation of the candidate's teaching contribution to the school, to the University (especially in
         terms of Educating Illinois), and to the discipline as a whole.

By signing below, I endorse this candidate's application for the College of Fine Arts Teaching Initiative

_________________________________                    ____________________
Signature of School director                         Date


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