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					                                                                   Dylan Kronenberg

                                 Breakout At Bollymode

       When Kimbo Slice was born his parents knew that he was different from all other

babies, people and living things. His parents Had Norris when they were both twenty five, His

dad was working as a C.E.O of a Computer company call Banana. His name was Phil Fence and

he had fifty billion dollars. His mom was named Annie Densin and she was very good looking,

she was a model for various companies. The couple lived in a bad part of Detroit. Kimbo was

the youngest one of there ten kids, yes ten kids. The Couple went on many trips and left there

kids with friends. Annie was a very good mother and because of this Phil Fence didn’t have to

do much. When Kimbo was two years old he learned how to walk without any help from his

parents. At first Kimbo’s parents thought he was a very weird child but this all changed when

Kimbo got bigger muscles than his father when he was six months. He could run at age 1 and

only ate apples and milk.

       When Norris entered pre school he came home most days with a note saying he had

gotten into a fight and the other boy had lost a tooth with a punch or had a black eye because

of Kimbo’s elbow smashes. His pre school soon became very rough with him. Lots of the boys in

Kimbo’s class started big fights like five on one with Kimbo being the one but the kids soon

stopped after Kimbo said that he would break someone’s arm if one more person attacked him.

Kimbo seemed to be very smart even though he was so physical with other students in his class

and in his neighborhood. Kimbo had some very impressive but most of all he always did
instructions fast, on time, and he did them with ease. The one thing that most teachers thought

was weird was his apperence.

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