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                                 SCUDAMORE DOBERMANS

                                 Potential Puppy Purchase Questionnaire

  Thank you for your interest in a Doberman puppy. In order to assist me in determining if this Doberman
puppy is suitable for what you desire, please answer the following questions and return to the address above.

1. How were you referred to me?

2. Describe your dog history (breeds owned, when owned, dog’s purpose,
   title’s earned, reason no longer have the dog(s), etc.)

3. What are you are looking for in a dog?

4. What type of Doberman are you looking for? Specify sex, color,
   personality/temperament, size, show/performance or pet quality, etc.

5. Describe your family (household members, children & ages), other pets,
   living environment (e.g. house, condo, apartment, and yard), neighborhood
   (e.g. busy streets, nearby parks), occupations, hobbies, etc.

6. Who will be the primary caregiver or will the care be shared amongst
   family members? (Please specify)
7. How will you integrate a Doberman into your life? Mention exercising the
   dog, feeding, dog’s sleep location, where the dog will stay during the day &
   during vacations, training plans, who will be your vet, where you will go for
   puppy classes, etc.

8. Do you plan on using your Doberman for breeding? If so, why?

9. Are you willing to spay/neuter? If no, why not? We do NOT recommend
   that any dog/bitch should be neutered before they reach two years old!

10. What dog-related books have you read?

Name:                                     Address:
                                          City:                State:        Zip:
Phone #’s:

        Thank you for your time and honesty in filling out this questionnaire.
                 Return to me by E mail or to the NC address

                             Janet M. Skidmore
                               80 Sharon Road
                             Fairview, NC 28730
                          Telephone: (828) 628-3566


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