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12/26/10 pm Anger Russell Haffner

12/26/10 am Pop Quiz Russell Haffner

12/19 pm WINGS Sam Dilbeck

12/19/10 am Dude, That Thing Got A Hemi? Sam Dilbeck

12/12/10 pm Questions & Answers Sam Dilbeck

12/12/10 am Hell Has Been Slandered (Rev. 20:10) Sam Dilbeck

12/11/10pm (Coping Seminar) Momentary Light Affliction Sam Dilbeck

12/11/10 pm (Coping Seminar) Life After Death Sam Dilbeck

12/11/10 am (Coping Seminar) Alone In A Cave Sam Dilbeck

12/11/10 am (Coping Seminar) A God Close At Hand Sam Dilbeck

12/10/10 pm (Coping Seminar) Preparing For Success Sam Dilbeck

12/10/10 pm (Coping Seminar) Welcome Sam Dilbeck

12/05/10 pm I Am Well-Supplied (Phil. 4:10-19) Sam Dilbeck

12/05/10 am Westhill in Review Sam Dilbeck

11/28/10 pm Calvin's Confusion Russell Haffner

11/28/10 am First Things First Russell Haffner

11/21/10 pm High Mindness (Phil. 4:8) Sam Dilbeck

11/21/10 am Does God Watch the Contribution? (Mk. 12:42-44) Sam Dilbeck

11/14/10 pm Questions & Answers Sam Dilbeck

11/14/10 am Peace That Passeth All Understanding (Phil. 4:5-7) Sam Dilbeck
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11/07/10 pm Sour Pickles (Phil. 4:4) Sam Dilbeck

11/07/110 am Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner Sam Dilbeck

11/06/10 pm (Our Kids, Our Culture) Family Altars Alter Families Tyler Young
           The importance of and suggestions for developing a consistent family
           devotional life.

11/06/10 pm (Our Kids, Our Culture) Worldview Beyond The Church Pew Tyler Young
           Teaching our kids to think biblically about everything in life.

11/06/10 am (Our Kids, Our Culture) Dating, Waiting, & Christian Mating Tyler Young
           Considering strategies for promoting purity and honoring God in
           dating and marriage.

11/06/10 am (Our Kids, Our Culture) Purging and Protecting Tyler Young
           The need and the means to protect our kids from corrosive influencres
           in the culture.

11/05/10 pm (Our Kids, Our Culture) Countering the Counterfeit Tyler Young
           In order for our kids to be what God would have them to be, they must
           know who He is.

11/05/10 pm (Our Kids, Our Culture) Changing Times Changing Kids Tyler Young
           Raising godly kids has always been challenging, but how can we
           deal with the obstacles o

10/31/10 pm Conflict In The Church (Phil. 4:2-3) Sam Dilbeck

10/31/10 am (Sermon Series) A Diamond in the Rough: The Many Faces of Salvation
           Sanctification Sam Dilbeck

10/24/10 pm How Do We Deal With Failure? Russell Haffner

10/24/10 am (Sermon Series) A Diamond in the Rough: The Many Faces of Salvation
           Reconciliation Sam Dilbeck

10/17/10 am (Sermon Series) A Diamond in the Rough: The Many Faces of Salvation
           Deliverance Sam Dilbeck

10/10/10 am (Sermon Series) A Diamond in the Rough: The Many Faces of Salvation
           Justification Sam Dilbeck
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10/03/10 am (Sermon Series) A Diamond in the Rough: The Many Faces of Salvation
           Redemption Sam Dilbeck

9/26/10 pm A Tall Drink of Water Sam Dilbeck
 An old expression is used to describe an attractive or desirable person is to call them a "tall
drink of water". Spiritually speaking, Joseph was a tall drink of water for Egypt. Like a cool glass
of water he was pure, refreshing, and essential. Likewise, Christians are called to be pure,
refreshing, and essential to our culture in order to save the souls of our fellow man.

9/26/10 am The Water Is Getting Hot: How Our American Worldview Has Slowly
             Changed Sam Dilbeck
Life a frog in a slowly warming pot of water that does not notice the rising temperature until it
is too late, many people have lost their biblical worldview to a slowly encroaching atheistic
worldview. It infiltrates family, economy, policy, and even theology. This lesson sounds a
warning of why we need to be concerned about and guard against naturalism taking over our
hearts and minds.

9/19/10 pm I Want Patience And I Want It Now Russell Haffner

9/19/10 am Worlds Colliding Sam Dilbeck
Worlds are colliding...but it's not sciece fiction. In this lesson, we explore the conflicting
worldviews of theism and atheism. In an increasingly atheistic world, secularism threatens to
obscure the sacred.

9/12/10 pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck
This session of Questions and Answers includes: First Corinthians 11:2-7 speaks of head
coverings for man and woman. Is this figurative? If so, how do we know? Please explain the
phrase "sons of God" as used in Genesis 6:2 and Job 1:6. How did the Gentiles in Acts 10
receive the Holy Spirit before baptism when those in Acts 2 received him after baptism? Does
Hebrews 6:4-6 mean you cannot repent and be a Christian again?

9/12/10 am Digging to the Rocks: Finding a Foundation for Transformation
            (Luke 6:46-49) Sam Dilbeck
"The wise man built his house upon the rock". A childhood favorite among songs, but
sometimes we miss the impact of the lesson. The wise man did not just find some rocks and
start building, rather he dug deep into the ground to expose the rock. This is the second lesson
on Worldviews, and we deal with what it takes to clear the dirt to expose the rock that forms a
good foundation.

9/05/10 pm Groups Within the Church Sam Dilbeck
Churches are always looking for ways to be stronger. The strengthening fibers of the church are
the relationship connections between members (Col. 2:2). The more love and shared
connections between individuals, the stronger the church will be. One way churches can
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facilitate these strengthening bonds is through the use of groups in the church. These groups
can be formal or informal, but the result can still be a stronger body of Christians.,

9/05/10 am Peeling Away the Layers: Living a Transformed Life
           (Rom. 12:2) Sam Dilbeck
This lesson is the first in a series on Encountering Worldviews. A person's worldview is the
underlying assumptions that he makes about the world - from where does he start interpreting
the world. In this lesson we look at Paul's call for transformed living, and how it begins on the
inside, not the outside. We compare Paul's formula to Lloyd Kwast's Understanding Culture

8/29/10 pm The Apples of Eden Russell Haffner

8/29/10 am The Second Mile Christian Russell Haffner

8/25/10 pm "Summer Series" Lovest Thou Me? (John 21:15-19) Hardeman Nichols

8/22/10 am Worship Focus Sunday Sam Dilbeck
On this special day at Westhill we worshiped in a little different fashion. Instead of having one
sermon, we had a series of short sermons, each introducing other acts of worship, followed by
the act itself. The intent was to help us focus on each aspect of worship individually.

8/18/10 pm "Summer Series" The God of the Plumbline (Amos 7:7-9) Tom Moore

8/15/10 pm The Challenge of Leading Others to Christ (1 Kings 19) Sam Dilbeck
Often Christians resort to their caves - comfortable places to dwell that keep them out of
danger - like the discouraged Elijah. In this passage we learn how God needs his people to be
among the lost. We cannot stay in our caves and church buildings and expect to change the
world. People need the gospel, and the only ones qualified to take it to them are those who
have already obeyed it. Don't let fear of failure or the loss of friendship keep you from going
into all the world.

8/15/10 am The Everyday God Sam Dilbeck
Too many Christians compartmentalize God, seeking him on Sunday, but relegating him to a
back burner on weekdays. We need God every day. This lesson shows how God ought to be
incorporated into our lives everyday.

8/11/10 pm "Summer Series: These Perilous Times! Kyle Bolton

8/08/10 pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck
This session of Questions and Answers includes: Why was polygamy, concubinage, and incest
allowed under the Old Testament? Can you explain John's baptism and if his disciples had to be
"rebaptized" on the Day of Pentecost? In Acts 16:16-18, why did Paul cast out the spirit that
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seemed to be helping him to preach the gospel, and if it was an evil spirit, why did he wait
many days? Any insight into Luke 11:24-26?

8/08/10 am Can We Trust The Bible? Sam Dilbeck
A common attack against God's Word is that it is corrupted and contradictory. Atheistic
scholars continue denouncing the Bible even though the "contradictions" have been proven to
be non-existent. The Bible is an amazing book conceived in heaven, related in diversity, and
preserved in unity. This Bible shows how God conveyed his word to mankind and preserved it
through history. It is not only trustworthy, but is the only book that is completely trustworthy.

8/04/10 pm "Summer Series" True Sprituality Robert Dodson

8/01/10 pm Averting Destruction:
Dealing with False Teachers (2 Pet. 2:1-3) Sam Dilbeck
Doctrine. For many Christians it is the first sacrifice made for unity, yet for Christ it was the
object of his sacrifice. He died to institute his teaching. When people infiltrate the church to
sacrifice the doctrine, or to change Christ's doctrine, the Bible calls them false teachers. Peter
identifies false teachers, their motives, and their product. This lesson serves as a warning to
protect the doctrine of Christ against false teachers.

8/01/10 am Can We Know God Exists? Sam Dilbeck
As the secular world grows increasingly hostile to Christianity, the Atheist mantra grows louder,
"God does not exist!" Many people are unwilling to go that far and settle on the agnostic fall
back position by saying we just cannot know whether or not God exists. This lesson seeks only
to show that we can know whether or not God exists. It does not offer proof for his existence,
only the understanding that we can know.

7/28/10 pm "Summer Series" Living For God in a World that has Lost Its Way Jeff Jenkins

7/25/10 pm A God Dedicated To Our Salvation (Amos 4) Sam Dilbeck
What can a lowly fig pincher teach us about the dedication of God to our salvation. Join us in
this study from Amos 4, as we learn how to prepare for our destined meeting with God.

7/25/10 am The Grace of God (Titus 2:11-12) Sam Dilbeck
The grace of God has appeared to everyone. It is the greatest gift the world will ever know. So,
how can we accept this gift for our lives?

7/21/10 pm "Summer Series" I Know Whom I Have Believed (2 Tim. 1:12) Bill Burk

7/18/10 pm I Wish People Did Not Trust Their Preachers So Much Russell Haffner

7/18/10 am Spiritual But Not Religious Sam Dilbeck
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A growing trend in world theology is the anti-organizational spiritual but not religious
community. Here we examine the impetus for this philosophy and how the church should

7/11/10 pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck
Our monthly Question and Answer session. Is there life on other planets or in other places in
the universe? In Romans 3:30, what is the difference between "by faith" and "through faith"? Is
God a man or a woman? Please explain 1 John 5:16-17, especially the part about not praying
about the sin leading to death. Please discuss Romans 9:14-24 and the seeming injustice of

7/11/10 am Baptism Stands Between Sam Dilbeck
Theologically, the doctrine of Baptism has caused rifts and division among many people. Those
opposed to the essentiality of baptism for salvation oppose a list of blessings that God says
baptism brings. Baptism stands between the sinner and a new life. It stands between the sinner
and salvation. The list is lengthy, but reminds us of what baptism does for us.

7/07/10 pm "Summer Series" Time With the Father Steven Medford

7/04/10 pm The Joy of Brotherhood (Phil. 4:1) Sam Dilbeck
Often Christians lack forbearance for one another. Quirks, idiosyncrasies, and personality
conflicts drive deeper wedges between brothers and sisters than doctrinal issues and sin. Paul
opens the fourth chapter of Philippians singing the praises and joys of being able to call them
brother. His love for the church and Christians the world over resounds as an admonition to
Christians today--find joy in one another.

7/04/10 am God Wants You Sam Dilbeck
Since 1917, when America fought in the first Great War, Uncle Sam has been calling people to
enlist, join, vote, and even party hard. Using the imagery of Uncle Sam, this lesson focuses on
how God wants us to come, join, serve, and fight for him and his great nation, Christ's church.

6/30/10 pm "Summer Series" A Hidden Christianity? Rick Brumback

6/27/10 pm Our Citizenship (Phil. 3:17-21) Sam Dilbeck
Many Christians identify with different cultures, societies, and organizations before they
identify with the church. They hold dearer their family name, nationality, or civic duty than the
name of Christ, his church, and Christian service. Paul addresses the Christians at Philippi and
reminds them that their citizenship, or literally, their politics are in heaven first.

6/27/10 am I Am Barabbas (Mk. 15:6-16) Sam Dilbeck
As Jesus stood on trial there was a moment of hope that he might be released. Pilate, referring
to a local custom of magistrates to release a prisoner of Rome to the Jews at the Passover,
offered to release Jesus. However, the crowd overwhelmingly called for the release of guilty
Barabbas. In effect, he was the first guilty soul redeemed by the innocent Christ. However, that
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redemptive history continues today because like Barabbas we are all guilty, yet Jesus took our
place too.

6/23/10 pm "Summer Series" Who Is a Christian (1 Pet. 4:15-16) David Tarbet

6/20/10 pm Excuses People Make For Not Obeying the Gospel Russell Haffner

6/20/10 am Enjoying Your Children (Ps. 127:1-5) Sam Dilbeck
Children are a gift from God, but many parents miss the greatness of the gift. As a result they
attempt to build a home in their own image rather than in God's image. Using Psalm 127, this
lesson seeks to show the amazing gift that children really are.

6/16/10 pm "Summer Series" The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ Don Walker

6/13/10 pm Questions & Answers Sam Dilbeck
This lesson is from our monthly Question and Answer session. Please explain 1 Peter 3:18-20,
which seems to indicate that Jesus taught the spirits of dead people while he was in the grave
for three days. Where did Cain's wife come from and do you have any ideas on Cain's mark? A
major tenant of the emerging church ideology is being "spiritual but not religious". How does
this philosophy fit into a Christian walk? I know that we will all recognize our loved ones when
we all get to heaven, but will we be able to interact with them as we did on earth? Is it
necessary to close a public prayer with the words "in Christ's name"? Aren't all Christians "in
Christ anyway"? What about death bed confessions?

6/13/10 am Using Paperless Hymnals Sam Dilbeck
In the last decade many churches have adopted the use of James Tackett's Paperless Hymnal or
something similar. However, some Christians have concerns over using electronically projected
songs. This lesson seeks to assuage any fears over using the Paperless Hymnal.

6/09/10 pm "Summer Series" It's Deja Vu All Over Again (1 Pet. 2:9-12) Toby Soechting

6/0610 pm Teams of Mics Sam Dilbeck
In the last decade or so, many churches have began using praise teams and other tactics to
"make their singing sound better". Such practices are born of a misunderstanding about the
nature of worship and often incorporate other tenants that are unauthorized and sinful. This
lesson examines the practice of using praise teams and micing certain singers in light of biblical

6/06/10 am The Troubler of Israel (1 Kings 18:17-19) Sam Dilbeck
A lot of people in secular and religious circles accuse those who stand up for God as the ones
who trouble society. A ploy that Ahab attempted to use against Elijah. Yet, the great prophet
turned back the accusation on Ahab. The one who troubles Israel is not the one who fights
populist change by repeating God's commands. Rather, troublers advocate, sanction, and drive
the change contrary to God's will.
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6/02/10 pm "Summer Series" What Manner of Man Is This Tyler Young

5/30/10 am Is Jesus Coming Soon? Sam Dilbeck
Many high profile religious leaders around the world have declared that Jesus is coming soon -
within this current generation. By reading the signs of the time, they predict the return of Jesus.
However, there are no signs for Christ's final return, just one admonition - be ready!

5/23/10 pm The Mark of the Beast Sam Dilbeck
Fear, confusion, and superstition surround the number 666 in the minds of a lot of people. In
our continuing series on the end of time, this lesson examines some outlandish and probable
theories about the mark of the beast. The answer may not be as mysterious as some believe.

5/23/10 am Who Is the Antichrist (1 John 2:18) Sam Dilbeck
French prognosticator Nostradamus is famous for many of his predictions that have been
molded to fit historic events, but is most famous for his predictions about the three great
antichrist. Many people have braided his words into the biblical narrative about the end of time
and the identity of the antichrist. Lets unravel the strands and see what the Bible says.

5/16/10 pm We Live In A World of Religious Confusion Russell Haffner

5/16/10 am Armageddon Sam Dilbeck
Is the Iraqi War a sign of the end of time? Could it be the biblical Armageddon? Many people
believe that the world as we know it will end in a full scale battle between the righteous and
the wicked. This battle is known as Armageddon. In this continuation of our series on the end of
time, we look at what the Bible says about this legendary battle

5/09/10 pm The Man of Sin (2 Thessalonians 2:3 -12) Sam Dilbeck
Commentators not only offer differing opinions on Paul's warning to the Thessalonians, but
they even differ on whether this paragraph is easy or difficult to interpret. Many people
associate the Man of Sin with the end of time. In our continuing series on the end, we take a
look at the qualities of this enigmatic character and put a face on the man of sin.

5/09/10 am Balancing Motherhood Sam Dilbeck
Joe McKeever observed the conflicting currents of motherhood that flowed through Mary as
she dealt with her pregnancy and the birth of Jesus. All mothers, and parents in general,
experience these emotional highs and lows. How do we cope with the joys and sorrows of
parenthood. This lesson offers some observations from the life of Mary on how to deal with the
turmoil of parenting.

5/02/10 pm The Rapture and Tribulation Sam Dilbeck
In the 1830s, Rapture Theology and Dispensationalism was invented and championed by John
Darby, a lawyer turned theologian. Since then the rapture has pushed its way into the
discussion of the end of time. Does the Bible really teach there will be people left behind after
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the rapture, or that they will suffer great tribulation while they set their life in order for a
second chance at eternal life? This lesson examines the claims of the rapture in light of the
Bible's teaching about the eschaton.

5/02/10 am The Kingdom of God Sam Dilbeck
In the midst of world turmoil, widening gaps between economic classes, and hostility toward
the church, a lot of people are repeating the apostles' question to Jesus, "Lord, will you at this
time restore the kingdom to Israel?" This question is born out of confusion and
misunderstanding about the Kingdom of God. This lesson focuses on the presence of the
Kingdom based on Daniel's prophecy, Jesus' promise, and the New Testament's picture.

4/25/10 pm Running to Victory (Phil. 3:12-14) Sam Dilbeck

4/25/10 am I Give You Common Sense - With Love, God Sam Dilbeck
Common sense seems to be in short supply today, especially when it comes to spiritual matters.
A lot of people reason by their emotions, but God gave mankind common sense. In the final
lesson in this series on God's greatest gift, we examine the value of common sense.

4/18/10 pm Would We Have Believed Them Russell Haffner

4/18/10 am I Give You Fellowship - With Love, Jesus Sam Dilbeck
John, the beloved apostle, deals extensively with the value and product of fellowship. In fact he
opens his first letter discussing this shared Christian virtue. In our continuing series on God's
greatest gifts, we will glean from John some of the gifts derived from fellowship.

4/11/10 pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck
Please explain the symbolism in Ezekiel 1. Is it wrong for Christians to befriend gay people?
Please explain Matthew 5:19. Are there different parts or levels of heaven for different people
based upon 2 Corinthians 12:1-4? If you go before the church asking for forgiveness, will those
sins be brought up at the judgment? Was the power bestowed upon the twelve in Mark 6:7 the
same power given in Acts 2? Was the power in Mark 6 temporary? If someone is baptized in a
denomination, do they need to be re-baptized to become a member of the Lord's church?

4/11/10 am I Give You The Church - With Love, Jesus (Eph. 4:7-16) Sam Dilbeck
Among God's greatest gifts to mankind is his church. While many in the religious world drift
away from "organized religion" God calls us to come to his church to find spiritual maturity.
This lesson focuses on the blessings God gives in his church.

4/4/10 pm Where's Your Confidence? (Phil. 3:1-11) Sam Dilbeck
Careers. Education. Money, Reputation. Family. Many people take pride in these things.
However, Paul calls us to put our confidence somewhere else.

4/4/10am I Give You Jesus - With Love, God (Rom. 6:1-6) Sam Dilbeck
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This is the first lesson in a series on God's greatest gifts. Naturally, his greatest gift, Jesus,
begins the series. Specifically, his death, burial, and resurrection are the greatest gifts, for
without them all the love, mercy, and compassion in the world could not save sinful man.

3/28/10pm The Signs Of A Blue Collar Christian (Phil. 2:12-18) Sam Dilbeck

3/28/10am Staying in The Love Of God (Rom. 8:31-39) Sam Dilbeck

3/21/10pm Overcoming Temptation Russell Haffner

3/21/10am Daily Christianity Russell Haffner

3/14/10pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck

3/14/10am Contentious Sam Dilbeck

3/7/10pm Diety of Christ Sam Dilbeck

3/7/10am Blue Collar Christians Sam Dilbeck

3/3/10pm The Church Of the Bible M. Shepherd

3/2/10pm Jesus Is the Savior of the World M. Shepherd

3/1/10pm The Disease of Division M. Shepherd

2/28/10pm Does God Communicate With Man? M. Shepherd

2/28/10am Are You Sure You Will Be Saved? M. Shepherd

2/28/10amc Follow Christ As Paul Did M. Shepherd

2/21/10pm There Is No Plan B Russell Haffner

2/21/10am Side By Side (Phil. 1:27-30) Russell Haffner

2/14/10pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck

2/14/10am Finding Life in Christ (Phil. 1:18b-26) Sam Dilbeck

2/07/10am Turning Points (Phil. 1:12-18) Sam Dilbeck

1/31/10pm Limiting God (Mark 6:16) Sam Dilbeck

1/31/10am Captured In Christ (Eph. 6:5-9) Sam Dilbeck
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1/24/10pm Beauty for Ashes Russell Haffner

1/24/10am A Christian Uniform Sam Dilbeck

1/17/10pm Questions and Answers Sam Dilbeck

1/17/10am Marital Love as God Would Have It (Eph. 5:22-23) Sam Dilbeck

1/10/10pm The Breath of God Sam Dilbeck

1/10/10am Clothed in Christ (Eph. 1:3-10) Sam Dilbeck

1/3/10pm Finding Solace With a Holy God (Ps. 5:1-12) Sam Dilbeck

1/3/10am Walk Like an Ephesian Sam Dilbeck

12/27/09pm Epaphroditus Russell Haffner

12/27/09am Blessed Assurance Russell Haffner

12/20/09pm How To Talk To Your Family Sam Dilbeck

12/20/09am Importance of Bible Classes Sam Dilbeck

12/13/09pm What Would You Give To Make Sure Your Children Go To Heaven? Sam Dilbeck

12/13/09am (Coping Seminar) The Joys of Christianity John Moore

12/13/09amc (Coping Seminar) Using Searching For Truth In Your Evangelistic Efforts John Moore

12/12/09_5 (Coping Seminar) When Elijah Got The Blues John Moore

12/12/09_4 (Coping Seminar) If The Lord Is With Us, Why Has This Happened To Me? John Moore

12/12/09_3 (Coping Seminar) How Can I Rejoice When I Feel So Bad? John Moore

12/11/09_2 (Coping Seminar) Why Do I Feel the Way I Do? John Moore

12/11/09_1 (Coping Seminar) Peace, Be Still John Moore

12/06/09am A Westhill Report 2009 Sam Dilbeck

12/06/09pm A View Of Calvary Sam Dilbeck

11/29/09am Where Do We Get Our Authority? Sam Dilbeck
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11/29/09pm Will Everyone Be Saved? Sam Dilbeck

11/22/09am And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: A Fresh Look At Jericho Sam Dilbeck

11/22/09pm Do You Know Why We Are Here? Russell Haffner

11/15/09am Seeing Jesus: Life Looking At the Savior (Mk. 5:22) Sam Dilbeck

11/15/09pm Building New Empires (I Cor. 4:1-10) Sam Dilbeck

11/08/09am Trouble The Teacher (Mk. 5:35) Sam Dilbeck

11/08/09pm Where Are The Dead? Sam Dilbeck

11/01/09am The Value And Need Of Preaching (I Cor. 1:18-25) Sam Dilbeck

11/01/09pm Crisis In the Pulpit: A Gap Behind It Sam Dilbeck

10/25/09am Come Lay Your Hands: The Healing Touch Of The Savior Sam Dilbeck

10/25/09pm The Biggest Word In The Bible Russell Haffner

10/11/09am Falling At His Feet: When There Is Nowhere To Go But Down (Mk. 5:22) Sam Dilbeck

10/11/09pm Imploring A Willing God: Serving A Gracious God (Mk. 5:23) Sam Dilbeck

10/04/09am Give Our Hearts To God Sam Dilbeck

10/04/09pm How The Church Spends It’s Money Sam Dilbeck

9/27/09am There’s Always Work To Be Done Sam Dilbeck

9/27/09pm Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things But They Are Not Bad People Russell Haffner

9/23/09pm Why Is The Church So Important? Mike Vestal

9/22/09pm What Must I Do To Be Saved? Mike Vestal

9/21/09pm What’s The Gospel? Mike Vestal

9/20/09amc What’s My Purpose In Life? Mike Vestal

9/20/09am How’s Your Spiritual Health? Mike Vestal
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9/20/09pm Why Did Jesus Have To Die? Mike Vestal

9/13/09am What Happened To People Under the Old Testament Laws? Sam Dilbeck

9/13/09pm The Concept of Gospel Meetings Sam Dilbeck

9/06/09am Worshipping God In Song Sam Dilbeck

8/30/09am Life Is Like A Voyage Russell Haffner

8/23/09am Jesus Is the Answer To Our Future Sam Dilbeck

8/23/09pm What We Need To Get Through School Sam Dilbeck

8/16/09am Noah’s Ark Sam Dilbeck

8/16/09pm Are We Guilty Of The Sins Of Sodom Russell Haffner

8/09/09am The Eunuch’s Joy (Acts 8:26-40) Sam Dilbeck

8/09/09pm When All Else Fails…(Mk 5:24-34) Sam Dilbeck

8/02/09am Worshipping In Prayer Sam Dilbeck

8/02/09pm Overcoming Impatience (Hab. 2:34) Sam Dilbeck

7/26/09am What Is A Disciple? (John 8:31) Sam Dilbeck

7/16/09am IDA: Maneuver or Missing Link Sam Dilbeck

7/19/09pm How Can We Live Righteously? John Haffner

7/12/09am The Parable Of The Sower (Mt. 13:3-9,18-23) Sam Dilbeck

7/12/09pm Man of Sorrows (Isa. 53:1-12) Sam Dilbeck

7/05/09am True Worshippers (John 4:23-24) Sam Dilbeck

7/05/09pm The Son of a Woman (VBS) Sam Dilbeck

6/28/09am For Thine Is The Kingdom (Mt. 6:13) Sam Dilbeck

6/21/09am Following the Example of God as a Father Russell Haffner
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6/21/09pm Lies We Tell Ourselves Russell Haffner

6/14/09am A Great Pledge of Allegiance (Ruth 1) Sam Dilbeck

6/14/09pm “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” (Mt. 6:13) Sam Dilbeck

6/07/09am Answer Me When I Call (Psa. 4) Sam Dilbeck

6/07/09pm Forgive Us Our Debts (Mt. 6:13) Sam Dilbeck

5/24/09am What It Means to be a Child of Blessing Sam Dilbeck

5/24/09pm A Deacon’s Work Sam Dilbeck

5/17/09am Fathers Leading in Love Sam Dilbeck

5/17/09pm A Deacon’s Qualifications Russell Haffner

5/10/09am A Mother’s Sacrifice Sam Dilbeck

5/10/09pm A Deacon’s Doctrine (I Tim 3:9-10) Sam Dilbeck

5/03/09am Families in Crisis Sam Dilbeck

5/03/09pm A Deacon’s Character (I Tim. 3:8) Sam Dilbeck

4/26/09am Those Lying Clothes Tell the Truth Sam Dilbeck

4/19/09am Reaction to the Gospel Sam Dilbeck

4/19/09pm The Devil Doesn’t Care Russell Haffner

4/12/09am Discerning the Body Proclaiming His Death Sam Dilbeck

4/12/09pm Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Sam Dilbeck

4/05/09am Can You? Do You? Will You? Sam Dilbeck

4/05/09pm What’s In Your Hand? John Haffner

3/29/09am When Jesus Afflicts the Comfortable Sam Dilbeck

3/22/09am Outside of Christ Sam Dilbeck
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3/22/09pm Thy Kingdom Come Sam Dilbeck

3/15/09am Embracing Death Sam Dilbeck

3/15/09pm This Is The Love of God Russell Haffner

3/08/09am Existence of God Based on Design Sam Dilbeck

3/08/09pm Our Father Who Art In Heaven Sam Dilbeck

3/01/09am Jehovah Searches (Zeph. 1:1) Sam Dilbeck

3/01/09pm Surrounded By The Enemy (Psa. 3:1-8) Sam Dilbeck

2/22/09am What Happens When Blessings Strike? Sam Dilbeck

2/22/09pm The Tears of Jesus Russell Haffner

2/15/09am Before Jesus Came (Mk 5:1-8) Sam Dilbeck

2/15/09pm Submitting to God (Zeph. 3:2) Sam Dilbeck

2/08/09am A Great Opportunity: Giving Sam Dilbeck

2/08/09pm Homosexuality Today Sam Dilbeck

2/01/09am Don’t Throw In the Towel, Throw Out the Net Sam Dilbeck

2/01/09pm Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide Sam Dilbeck

1/25/09am Becoming All Things Sam Dilbeck

1/25/09pm Are You Holy? Russell Haffner

1/18/09am I love the Patterns of the Law Sam Dilbeck

1/18/09pm But God (Eph. 2:4-5) Sam Dilbeck

1/11/09am Cold Beer Not Trash Sam Dilbeck

1/11/09pm This Ministry We Have (2 Cor. 4:1—6) Sam Dilbeck

1/04/09am Using Our Golden Moments Sam Dilbeck
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1/04/09pm Reaching Out to God (Psalms 42) Sam Dilbeck

12/28/08am Our Journey Home Russell Haffner

12/28/08pm Thomas Russell Haffner

12/21/08am Bearing One Another’s Burdens Sam Dilbeck

12/21/08pm Burying Our Chains Russell Haffner

12/14/08am The Classic Struggle (Gal. 5:16-26) Sam Dilbeck

12/14/08pm Three Keys to Evangelism (Jer. 44:10) Sam Dilbeck

12/07/08am The Yoke of Slavery (Gal. ) Sam Dilbeck

12/07/08pm The Three-Legged Milking Stool: Faith Works Love (Gal. 5:6) Sam Dilbeck

11/30/08am Cut Along a Straight Line (Gal. 3:26-27) Sam Dilbeck

11/30/08pm The Body as the Bible Sam Dilbeck

11/23/08am Justified By Faith I (Gal. 3:2-29) Sam Dilbeck

11/23/08pm Justified By Faith II (Gal. 4) Sam Dilbeck

11/16/08am Not By Working Law (Gal. 2:15-21) Sam Dilbeck

11/16/08pm The Lord’s Work Russell Haffner

11/09/08am Resolving Division (Gal. 2:11-14) Sam Dilbeck

11/09/08pm He Didn’t See the Stones (Acts 7:54-60) Sam Dilbeck

11/02/08am Communication in the Body of Christ Sam Dilbeck

11/02/08pm Praying for the Elections Sam Dilbeck

10/26/08am God Will Supply (Gal. 1:11-24) Sam Dilbeck

10/26/08pm Baptism for the Dead Sam Dilbeck

10/19/08am A God Who Can Be Pleased Sam Dilbeck
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10/19/08pm Sin is Black – Hell is Hot – Eternity is Forever Russell Haffner

10/12/08am No Other Gospel (Gal. 1:6-9) Sam Dilbeck

10/12/08pm What Jesus Said About Divorce (Matt. 19:1-9) Sam Dilbeck

10/05/08am Grace To You (Gal. 1:3-5) Sam Dilbeck

10/05/08pm I Am Rhoda Sam Dilbeck

9/28/08am Wisdom’s Decree (Psalms 2) Sam Dilbeck

9/28/08pm The Growth of Love (Song of Solomon) Sam Dilbeck

9/21/08am What It Takes to be a Man Sam Dilbeck

9/21/08pm Where Would Jesus Worship? Russell Haffner

9/14/08am Our Responsibility to Elders Sam Dilbeck

9/14/08pm Nothing Else Matters in This Life Sam Dilbeck

9/07/08am Shepherd’s Selection Sam Dilbeck

9/07/08pm Shepherd’s Conduct Sam Dilbeck

8/31/08am Shepherd’s Charge Sam Dilbeck

8/31/08pm Shepherd’s Call Sam Dilbeck

8/24/08am Stay the Course Russell Haffner

8/24/08pm Remember Lot’s Wife Russell Haffner

8/17/08am Build the House of God Sam Dilbeck

8/17/08pm Your Responsibility to the Church Russell Haffner

8/10/08am The Victory of the Cross Sam Dilbeck

8/10/08pm Rightly Divide: A Study of 2 Timothy 2:15 Sam Dilbeck

8/03/08am The Demands of the Cross Sam Dilbeck
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8/03/08pm Rejoice in the Lord Russell Haffner

7/27/08am The Drama of the Cross Sam Dilbeck

7/27/08pm Suffer Little Children Sam Dilbeck

7/20/08am Let’s Circle The Wagons & Shoot Outward Sam Dilbeck

7/20/08pm The Blood of the Cross Sam Dilbeck

7/06/08am The Burden of the Cross: True Discipleship Sam Dilbeck

7/06/08pm Can Sam Dilbeck

6/29/08am The Trials of the Cross: Facing Personal Trials Sam Dilbeck

6/22/08am Climb More Trees (Lk 19: 1-4) Sam Dilbeck

6/15/08am God a Father of Consistency Sam Dilbeck

6/15/08pm Where Art Thou? Russell Bankes

6/08/08am A Look Behind the Fig Leaves (Gen 3:7,19,21) Sam Dilbeck

6/08/08pm Who Will Stand at the Judgment (Rev. 6:15-7:10) Sam Dilbeck

6/01/08am A Judgment of the Heart (Mk. 4:1-20) Sam Dilbeck

6/01/08pm But They Went On Sam Dilbeck

5/25/08am The Power Of Hope (Lam. 3:21-24) Sam Dilbeck

5/25/08pm Hitting the Reset Button Ben Griffith

5/18/08am A God Close at Hand Sam Dilbeck

5/11/08am A Mother’s Prayer Sam Dilbeck

5/11/08pm A Night of Bad News Sam Dilbeck

5/04/08am Fringe Benefits of Prayer Sam Dilbeck

5/04/08pm Let The Word of God Dwell in You Richly Sam Dilbeck
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4/27/08am Take The Fear Out of Prayer Sam Dilbeck

4/27/08pm Self-denial to Holiness Sam Dilbeck

4/20/08am Our Example of Holiness Sam Dilbeck

4/13/08pm God Is Able Russell Bankes

4/06/08am Who Needs The Gospel? Sam Dilbeck

4/06/08pm Kiss The Son – Psalms 2 Sam Dilbeck

3/30/08am Culture of Death Sam Dilbeck

3/23/08am Power of the Word of God Sam Dilbeck

3/23/08pm The Brevity of Life Sam Dilbeck

3/16/08am Symphony of God Sam Dilbeck

3/09/08am Trusting God as Provider Sam Dilbeck

3/09/08pmTrusting God as Strength Sam Dilbeck

3/02/08am Trusting God as Refuge Sam Dilbeck

3/02/08pm Trusting God as Judge Sam Dilbeck

2/24/08am Four Things We Must Know Sam Dilbeck

2/24/08pm Evangelistic Tools Sam Dilbeck

2/17/08am Jesus Develops Interest Sam Dilbeck

2/10/08am The Great Commission of Mark Sam Dilbeck

2/10/08pm By His Side Sam Dilbeck

2/03/08am The Beginning of Evangelism Sam Dilbeck

2/03/08pm What I Hate About Hell Sam Dilbeck

1/27/08am Giving By Faith Sam Dilbeck

1/20/08am A Cheerful Attender: Responsibility to Attend Sam Dilbeck
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1/20/08pm The New Testament Russell Bankes

1/13/08am The Christian’s Responsibility To Teach Sam Dilbeck

1/13/08pm The Ezra Factor Sam Dilbeck

1/06/08am At the Intersection of Ability and Opportunity Sam Dilbeck

1/06/08pm Christians Taking Flight Sam Dilbeck
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