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					                                                         Project III - Game Concept Docu
Game Design Concept: Original Concept                Percent      Score 0-10     Total         Comments
Game Overview (Summarized in a concise, engaging
style. Idea, Theme, Summary and Selling Points to         10%         0                  .00
entice Publisher to read further.)
Marketing (Identifies target audience, player's
expected experience and motivation, and lists any         10%         0                  .00
games that might be competition.)
Game Levels (summary of various game levels with at
least one game level detailing the environment and        10%         0                  .00
significant objects in the scene.)
Character Description (description of characters and
significant features, along with the Non-Player           10%         0                  .00
Characters and their contribution(s) to the game)
Visual Assets (free-hand drawings, 3d models, and
screen shots from Unreal Editor, etc. Enables             10%         0                  .00
publishers to better understand the game.)
Team Roles (Project personnel identified and their
assignments well-defined. Provides Publisher the          10%         0                  .00
option to modify personnel based on game changes.)
Schedules and Budgets (Salaries and project time-
lines well defined. Allows Publisher alternatives in        10%       0                  .00
schedule, budget and features in funding the game).
Overall Evaluation (summary and general
organization. Would this be a sellable game?)               10%       0                  .00

Appropriate Use of Standard English (misspellings,
                                                            10%       0                  .00
grammatical errors, improper words)
Report and Style (addresses all required topics within
the recommended page length, proper citations.              10%       0                  .00
Outline / sub-topic headers as appropriate)
                                                 Total     100%                         .00
name                                                               Percent           .00%
                                                                   x 100 =             .00

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