Powder Puff Football Game (DOC) by liamei12345


									The cheerleaders are hosting the first annual Powder Puff football game on Thursday
October 6th at 7pm. It is going to be a ‘tuff enough to tackle pink’ night, for breast
cancer awareness. The game is going to be held at the football field, they will be using
full field. The coaches are going to be the high school football players. Each class will
have two coaches that will be helping the girls. The grades that will be participating are
going to be the 7-12th graders.

The games will consist of 2-12 minute halves with a 5 min break at halftime. The clock
will be a running clock for both games. The two refs for the games will be James Strang
and Brad Struck.

The first game will be held at 7:00, with the 8th graders taking on the 7th/9th graders.
Following will be the sophomores playing against the juniors and seniors. Since the
number of girls is so low compared to the sophomores we had to combine the juniors
and seniors to make a team as well as the 7/9th team.

“This is the first annual Powder Puff football game and we hope to have a very good
turnout” said Tanisha Remer.

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