Powder Puff and Flag Football by liamei12345


									                                                                                       Homecoming 2011
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Event              Powder Puff and Flag Football Tournaments

Date               Sunday, October 2 & Monday, October 3, 2011
Time               6:30PM until complete (Sunday) & 6:00PM until complete (Monday)
Location           Sherman Field (Rain Location: SDC Multi Purpose Room)

Point System
1st                25     points
2nd                20     points
3rd                15     points
Participation      5      points

Class A competes in flag football
Class B competes in powder puff
Class C may participate in either powder puff (all-female) or flag football (all-male), but not

All rules and regulations are based off of Intramural Sports rules and referees.

If none of registered team members are present at the start time of an event, they earn a single
foul and lose 5 points.

If none of the group members are present 15 minutes after the start time, they are considered a
no-show for the event. The team will earn -30 points and forfeit that game in the completion

Rules & Requirements
Please see attached Intramural Sports rules for flag football.

Foul play will not be tolerated. Any unsportswoman-like or unsportsman-like conduct can
include any acts of intentionally tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, flagrant actions, or any act
intending to cause harm or an unfair advantage will result in a MAX foul (loss of 20 points) and
a ten-yard penalty per act.

If trash-talking occurs, the referee will give one warning and will earn your group a double foul
of -10 points. If it continues, the player(s) will be ejected from the game.

Any player involved in a fight during the game will be immediately ejected from the game and
will result in a MAX foul (loss of 20 points). The individual will be referred to the Director of
Student Judicial Affairs.
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All members participating must sign and adhere to the Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability

All participants will receive eyeblacks from the Homecoming Committee.

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