Pringle Boarding Housemaster_ Job Outline by stariya


									                                                                PRINGLE BOARDING HOUSEMASTER
                                                                         FOR SEPTEMBER 2010

Pringle, Merchiston’s Junior School, offers boys a flying start, with its excellent academic record and access to
some of the best sporting and co-curricular opportunities in Edinburgh. Founded in 1967, Pringle caters for our 8–
12 year olds and provides a homely environment for both its boarding and day pupils, currently numbering 37 and
67 respectively.
Our Primary Department consists of three classes: J4 (Year 4) and J5 (Year 5) and First Form (P6/Year 6) who are
taught in the Pringle Centre which was built seven years ago and is very well resourced. Secondary teaching is
fully established when the boys enter Second Form at the age of 11. The Pringle Centre teachers have full access
to Senior School facilities, including the ICT Centre, the Music Department, the Theatre, the Sports Hall, the
Swimming Pool and the Spawforth Library.

The Pringle Centre benefits from the additional support of a full time Classroom Assistant, as well as from our
Faculty of Support for Learning. Niamh Hairs is responsible for the curriculum for 8-10 year olds and teaches the
J4 class, working closely with the Head of Junior School and the Pringle Director of Studies. The primary
curriculum is based on the Scottish 5-14 Curriculum, but enriched with aspects Curriculum for Excellence and the
National (English) Curriculum. Currently, our junior pupils are assessed annually, using 5-14 assessments in
Maths, Reading and Writing. A full programme of trips and excursions enriches the curriculum and we are very
lucky to be situated so close to the centre of Edinburgh in this regard.

Pringle Housemaster will be responsible for the welfare of all Pringle boarders and to take particular responsibility
for the academic welfare of a yeargroup of pupils within the Junior School. The Housemaster benefits from the
support of an Assistant Housemaster, the Pringle Housemother, and at present, 2 Gap Graduate Assistants.

Outline Job Description
Purpose of the Job
   To establish and promote an atmosphere which allows all Pringle pupils to thrive and feel valued, thus allowing
    them to develop to the full any talents they may possess.
   To safeguard the health, safety, discipline, welfare, overall development and general well-being of all Pringle
   To deal with all disciplinary issue which arise for boarders within a boarding context.
   To implement whole School policies, and in liaison with the Head of Junior School, to adapt, write and establish
    Junior School policies as required and to ensure the smooth running of the Junior School as an academic and
    pastoral entity.
   To represent the Head of the Junior School at School management meetings, where required.
   To be line-manger for the Assistant Housemaster, Pringle Housemother, and Gap Assistant.
   To co-ordinate the outdoor education programme, social, and co-curricular activities for all Pringle boys.
   To be the first line of enquiry for staff on academic, pastoral and disciplinary matters for a designated
   The generic job description for a Merchiston Housemaster applies and is attached as Appendix A. It should
    be stressed that the term Housemaster is used at Merchiston whether the appointee is male or female.

Teaching and Co-curricular Commitment:
The structure of the timetable and responsibilities of the post will be dependent upon the particular strengths of the
successful candidate and will involve some teaching in either the Junior or the Senior School. A Housemaster
currently teaches 27 periods over our 8 day cycle, ie a timetable concession of 13 lessons. All Housemasters are
expected to contribute to the co-curricular life of the School.

Spacious accommodation attached to the boarding House is provided, comprising three bedrooms, large sitting
room, family room, large kitchen, utility room, bathroom, as well as a study linked to the private flat and garden.

Salary will be dependent upon the teaching experience of the candidate, with an additional allowance for the
position of Housemaster, currently £6,030 per annum. The Merchiston Castle School Salary Scales for Full-time
Staff are available on the vacancies section of our website,

Applicants are invited to apply on line through the vacancies page of the School website: or
to submit a full cv, a letter of application and the names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of
two referees, one of whom should be a current employer, to: Andrew Hunter, Headmaster, Merchiston Castle
School, Colinton, Edinburgh, EH13 0PU, or email to to arrive no later than 5pm on
Wednesday 2 December 2009.
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview as soon as possible, currently scheduled for the week beginning
7 December 2009. Please provide telephone numbers or email addresses where you can be contacted during the
day and evening. All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.

Specific duties and responsibilities of the post would include:
 To ensure for each boarder, the provision of a comfortable living environment and to ensure that all his
   requirements are met.
 To ensure boys are turned out correctly and encourage punctuality to classes and activities and to organise
   haircutting as needed.
 To ensure that appropriate care is given to boarders of all ages, and that the special needs of each group are
   met. This will include liaison with the School Counsellor and Head of Faculty of Support for Learning.
 To be aware of and respond to the special needs of individual boarders, including those from different cultural
   backgrounds, and to be aware of the changing needs of all boys as they develop. This will entail liaison with
   the Co-ordinator of International students.
 To ensure a healthy diet for each, and happy and civilised mealtimes.
 To ensure that all boarders have sufficient rest, and that bed-time routines appropriate to each age group are
 To build a strong personal relationship with each of the boys in your care, to sound out the needs of each and
   to work continuously towards meeting those needs.
 To ensure that the House is never left unattended and that boarders are always adequately supervised at all
   times outside lessons, including at weekends.
 To ensure First/Second Form pupils and all boarders fit in with the Pringle House and Whole School ethos.
 To be prepared to work at any time to help care for the boarders in times of emergency.
 To work with the Head of Junior School to ensure that any unauthorised absence of students is reported to the
   Head of Junior School/Deputy Head/Headmaster immediately, and to work with him to ensure that the parents
   and the proper authorities are informed and the safe return of the boarder ensured.
 To assist with holiday residential camps in Pringle, as agreed with the Headmaster.
 Arrange rotas for Pringle Dining Hall duty days
 Record outlays appropriately.
 Manage the Lower Sixth helper team.
 To ensure that the travelling arrangements for each boarder are known and recorded, and to send copies of
   passports and visas to Reception for uploading to SIMS.
 To oversee the tutorial system including the proof-reading of all internal and end of term reports. To write
   comment on the report cards and termly reports of the designated year group and to write a summative termly
   report on each boarder.
House Maintenance and Health and Safety:
 To develop the presentation of Pringle in a contemporary and welcoming fashion.
 To be responsible for the security of Pringle House at night and to assist individual boy’s security.
 To work with the Assistant Housemaster, Housemother and Head of Junior School to ensure that visitors to the
   Houses are welcomed and carefully monitored, and that the dorm accommodation, including the corridors, is
   private to the boarders and to members of the House Team only, and to parents only at the appropriate times;
   to ensure that no other visitor, including members of the families of House staff, is permitted to enter these
   areas unless with permission from a member of staff.
 To be in charge of the fire practices and evacuations procedures in Pringle House.
 To assist with the organisation of and attend as required Information Mornings, Open Mornings and other
   initiatives such as the Big Activity Weekend and to assist with tours and arrange taster visits.
 To liaise with parents about the education and progress of their children.
 To assist the Housemother in ensuring that the House is ready to welcome parents as they bring back their
   children after every holiday.
 To work with the House Team to welcome parents on the day of return, and in ensuring that all proper
   arrangements are made to guide and refresh them.
 To assist the Head of the Junior School and Pringle Director of Studies in arranging and leading
   Parent/Teacher meetings.
 To keep in contact with parents and guardians in every possible way and to get to know them personally.
 To monitor and respond timeously to emails, voice mails etc taking care to log issues and resolutions.
 To keep parents and guardians informed by telephone email or letter of any matter affecting the welfare or
   happiness of their children and to ensure contact is made with each new boarding parent within the first week
   of term and with each day parent within the first two weeks. To consult the Head of Junior School and keep him
   informed of all matters concerning the welfare of the boarders.

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