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									                                Granite State ASHRAE Chapter
                              Leadership Profile of Eric Flinkstrom

                            The Granite State ASHRAE Chapter is approaching the 25th
                            anniversary of its founding. This milestone has prompted us to
                            reflect about the members that contributed to the Chapter’s
                            mission and history.

                            Eric Flinkstrom is one of those persons. Eric participated in the
                            first meeting in 1986 to discuss creating a chapter in New
                            Hampshire. He recalls that Deanna Bradley asked him if he
                            would attend. Eric became the first treasurer after the Chapter was
                            established, and later became President for the ‘91/’92 term.
                            During those years the Chapter typically met in Manchester, NH.
                            Eric particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of members in the
                            Chapter, and the opportunity to learn and broaden his knowledge
                            of the industry.

Flinkstrom didn’t start his career in the HVAC and related industry. After graduating from the
University of New Hampshire in ’77 with a degree in mechanical engineering, He worked for 6
years at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME as a Systems Engineer for propulsion
plants on nuclear submarines. He then met Ed Sicard of Palmer & Sicard Inc. who hired him
as an in-house engineer for their design/build projects. From ’84 to ’88, Eric’s project work
grew from $2.5M to $5-6M while working on hotels, office space, schools, and some
manufacturing facilities. Eric’s professional growth during that time was the result of Ed Sicard
being a mentor to him. From 1989 to 2000, Eric ran his own consulting firm, EAF Engineering
& Consulting and Brenex Consulting in South Berwick, ME. In 2000, he took a position with
Munters in Amesbury, MA as a Turnkey Project Engineer. This wasn’t the first time a
Flinkstrom was involved with Munters. Eric’s grandfather had been the primary supplier of
metal cabinets to the Munters Cargocaire Division in the 50's when Cargocaire was in its
infancy. Before he worked at Munters, he recalls having many discussions at Chapter
meetings with Dick Dussault, who had a consulting engineering and manufacturing firm that
specialized in dehumidification systems and strategies. He also fondly remembers Don
Parker, who worked for Munters Cargocaire, and listening to Dussault and Parker discuss
different methods of dehumidification.

Some of Eric’s accomplishments while he was on the Chapter’s Board of Governors were
organizing the Chapter’s first conference and exhibition at the Center of New Hampshire, and
establishing regular joint meetings with the local chapter of the Association of Energy
Engineers (AEE). The Chapter also had a popular contest to locate and document some of
the oldest HVAC equipment in New Hampshire during that time.

These last seven years Eric has returned to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a Drydock and
HVAC Engineer. He also has been performing various consulting projects in the recent past to
stay in practice. While he has not been as involved in ASHRAE recently, he saw some familiar
faces and enjoyed reminiscing when he attended a Chapter meeting this year at the invitation
of a friend!

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