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Chemistry Scavenger Hunt

Go to (Chemistry 4 Kids): >
matter Matter is the Stuff Around You)

   1. What is matter?

   2. What are the five states of matter?

Return to the homepage > atoms (Overview: Atoms Around Us)

   3. Matter is used to make up atoms. What are atoms used to create?

   4. What are elements used to create?

Go to > atoms > structure (Atoms = Building Blocks)

   5. What three basic particles make up an atom?

   6. There are over 100 elements that make up the _________________________________. What
      makes each of these elements different?

   7. Where in the atom are the protons and neutrons located?

   8. Where are the electrons located?

   9. What charges do each of the particles have?
Go to > atoms > orbitals (Orbital Basics)

   10. What is an orbital?

   11. According to the quantum theory, where can electrons be found?

Go to > atoms > electrons (Charge It)

   12. What is the mass of an electron compared to the mass of a proton?

Go to > atoms > neutrons (Neither Here Nor There)

   13. Why is a hydrogen atom different from most atoms?

Go to > atoms > bonding (Bonding Basics)

   14. Describe the basic concept called “Happy Atoms?”

   15. What is the 2-8-8 rule that applies to elements 1- 18 on the periodic table?

Go to atoms > compounds (Compound Basics)

   16. What’s a compound?

   17. What is a covalent compound?

   18. What is an ionic compound?

   19. Name three compounds that you found in reading this section.
Go to > atoms > compound names (Whole Lot of Rules Going On)

    20. If a compound is made up of four chlorine atoms, what would it be named?

    21. If a compound is made up of two oxygen atoms, how would it be named?

Go to > atoms > more chemistry topics > periodic table > periodic table

    22. What is a period in the periodic table?

    23. What is a group in the periodic table?

Go to > periodic table > element list (The List)

Choose five elements from the list and write 2 important facts about each.






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