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                       REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING
                             MARCH 1, 2010

Angie Barker, Gowland Bass, Joe Burton, Ron Cole, Marcial Foisie, Verne Goodenough,
Ronnie Hunter, Mark Loose, Caleb Ramsey, Brian Smith, Chris Smith, Mike Smith,
Robert Smith,
Jacob Smith (Jr. member), Colton Foisie (Jr. member), Timothy Headley (applicant),

1.    Meeting called to order at 7:12 pm by President Robert Smith. Pledge to the
American Flag recited.
2.     Minutes – Motion by Gowland Bass to accept minutes from February meeting.
Motion seconded by Verne Goodenough, M/C/U.
3.     Treasurer’s report – Motion by Ron Cole to accept report as presented. Motion
seconded by Verne Goodenough, M/C/U.

1.      Robert Smith reported that JBT Marketing was running behind schedule this year.
They hope to begin our portrait fundraiser by the last week of March.
2.      Chris Smith reported that the new bay area lights have been purchased and need
to be installed in the station.
3.      Mark Loose reported that Marcial Foisie and others have finished color-coding
the truck equipment for all apparatus. More discussion followed.

1.       Gowland Bass opened discussion on the tool list from last year that we had been
holding off purchasing. Gowland made a motion to purchase the next set of tools on the
list for $398.00. Caleb Ramsey seconded motion, M/C/U.
2.       Brian Smith opened discussion on possibly hosting a Branson singing group for a
fundraiser earmarked strictly for spookhouse funding. The group he has info on charges
$1995.00 with $300 up-front and the remainder after the concert. They also require 2
hotel rooms with adequate truck/trailer parking. Cost of using the Civic Center was
estimated between $400-$800.00 and there is a current date of August 7th open for all
concerned. After more discussion, Chris Smith made a motion to proceed with booking
this group, provided all other concerns and funds meet our satisfaction. Gowland Bass
seconded motion, M/C/U.
3.       Angie Barker and Ronnie Hunter opened discussion on station upgrades. After
some discussion on this, Angie made a motion to allow $300.00 per month to be
earmarked for station renovations/upgrades. Gowland Bass seconded motion, M/C. They
will be remodeling the office first, this month, and Ron Cole has already gotten some of
the needed material donated for this.
4.       Ron Cole announced that next Monday night will be a training night on using the
new air bags we received by grant.
5.       Robert Smith reported that we were given a gift certificate to Cheddar’s from the
owners of the house that burned on Craft Fenley Loop last month.
6.      Brian Smith presented an amendment to the By-Laws concerning Officer
nominations and voting/yearly elections. Several changes were suggested and needed so
he will work on these and present it again next month.
7.      Verne Goodenough made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Gowland
Bass, M/C/U. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

_________________________________          ______________________________
Chris Smith – acting Secretary             Robert Smith – President

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