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									                                        Intern Position Open
                                        Placer Valley Tourism
                                   Postcard Photo Contest Intern
                                         January 05-May/05
                            15 hours per week minimum, in Roseville, CA

Job description:

       Placer Valley Tourism is a local non-profit organization that represents the tourism industry
of South Placer County. Specifically Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and the surrounding areas. We
are working to increase and support the many forms of tourism that have sustained a healthy
economy for our area.

        This Internship is an opportunity for students to prepare for an exciting job in Tourism, the
largest employer in California. Internships can help pave the way to a future career within the
tourism and hospitality industries. This experience can open the door to work in a variety of fields
including: hotel support, event coordination, visitor information and more!

        Placer Valley Tourism is currently looking for an intern to work on producing a postcard
photo contest. The can entries cataloged and will be used in the future for promoting our area... This
is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in photography, manage a project and work in the
tourism industry.


     Interns MUST have excellent organizational skills and be willing to work independently.
Computer knowledge and good oral/written communication skills are preferred.

   “With a click of the shutter” Placer Valley Tourism is planning their first Postcard Photo
Contest. Contest will run 14 weeks with an announcement of winners at the end of the contest.
Contestants will submit their best digital or print photographs that depict the great scenery, people
and places found in Placer Valley County. Intern will make a plan for announcing the winners at the
end of the contest. Winner’s photo will appear on the Placer Valley Tourism web site.

        This Postcard photo Contest is designed to (gather) photos to be used for Placer Valley
         Tourism’s web site and to possibly be used in promotional materials and advertising.
        Develop a disclaimer for the postcard photo contest.
        Complete a timeline and “plan” to hold a postcard photo contest. We have many examples
         of contests that have been done throughout the US.
Postcard Photo Contest Intern – Jan. – May. 2005
        We are looking for good action photos of various South Placer County tournaments and
         events. We can accept both digital and print photos.
        Name the contest something like “Reveal the Spirit of South Placer” or another phrase that
         describes the contest.
        Develop categories that the contest will use to gain photos in the areas we are looking for.
        Produce a “contest entry form,” a form that lays out the “rules,” and a “release form” so that
         we may use any photos submitted for promotion or advertising of the Placer Valley region.
        Intern will write press releases and send out deadlines and calendar information.
        Intern will develop a plan to market the contest in order to gain the most photos to choose
        Intern will coordinate and order the “awards” for photo contest winners.
        Intern will coordinate putting together 10 of the photos on plaques to be presented to the
         local cities as thanks for their support.
        Intern will make phone calls to all those inquiring about the contest and return calls regarding
         the contest.
        Intern will maintain an accurate database of information and contacts on an Excel
        Intern will notify in writing all the people who submit a photo with a thank you for
        Intern will gather the judges and develop a one page rating sheet to judge the contest.
        Intern will do a final report on the project.
        Intern will report to Jonelle Norton, CEO of Placer Valley Tourism with weekly progress of
        Intern will maintain a supportive and cooperative attitude while on the project with all
         tourism personnel


        Work will be done inside the Tourism Office. Weekly meetings with staff are required. The
intern is expected to work 15 or more hours per week- depending on hours needed for the contest.

Days: Scheduling is flexible – Minimum 15 hours a week.

Pay: Pay is $8.50 and hour and at the end of your 5 month Internship, Placer Valley Tourism will
give you a thank you plaque and a letter of recommendation.

Project Budget: $2,500.00

Contact Information:

Jonelle Norton, CEO Email:
Ginger Harrison, Administrative Assistant Email:
300 Harding Blvd. Suite 109
Roseville, CA 95678
Office: 916-773-5400
Fax: 916-773-5403

Postcard Photo Contest Intern – Jan. – May. 2005
Postcard Photo Contest Intern – Jan. – May. 2005

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