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					                    Voluntary GHG Programs & Climate Policy
                          Public and Corporate Policies

Brazilian Program
                      Summary of Presentation

                    • State of the GHG Protocol Brazil
                    • Impacts on Public and Private
                    • Recommendations
Brazilian Program
                           GHG Protocol : Brazilian Program
                    • Main: Promote a permanent culture of GHG inventory
                    making and public disclosure
                      – Secondary: Influence Public and Private Policy related to GHG management

                     Main activities:
                    • Build capacity within companies and organizations for GHG
                    inventory making
                    • Online platform for publication of inventories
Brazilian Program

                      – Up to now – PDF online
                      – In the process of developing a registry (arrangements with
                      governments to use this as an ´incubation of a Public Registry )
                    • Creation of a forum: space for information exchange and
                    debate between relevant stakeholders
                       Brazilian Program GHG Protocol
                    Plans for June 2010:

                    • Publish the final specification with cases

                    • Publish 27 complete inventories
Brazilian Program

                    • Launch the Brazilian Program Registry

                       (incubate national public registry ?)

                    • Open the program to new members
                            Now: Inventories publication

                    Through program website, using the program template

                             Template do Programa
Brazilian Program
                                     Inventories publication

                    •22 published inventories (9 complete, 13 partial)
                    •Reviewed by the program team

                     Brazilian Program GHG Protocol inventories (2008/2009)
Brazilian Program

                     - Abril                   - CNEC                    - O Boticário
                     - Alcoa                   - Copel                   - Petrobras
                     - Ambev                   - Embraer                 - Política Federal
                     - Anglo Americano         - ENBR                    - Quattor
                     - Banco do Brasil         - Ford                    - Suzano
                     - Banco Real              - Furnas                  - Votorantin
                     - Bradesco                - Itaú Unibanco           - Wal Mart
                     - CESP                    - Natura
                                          2008 inventories results
                                              (27 companies)

                                  Comparison entre Emissões Nacionais e das
                                  Comparaçãobetween national and the founding
                                          Empresas do GHG (MtCO2e)
                                         members´ emissions (Mt CO2e)




                                                                                                  Programa GHG
                    1000                                                                          Brasil (2005)
Brazilian Program


                                        Total                          não-LUCF*

                    *LUCF: Land use and deforestation.
                    Source of Brazilians emission: Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) Version 6.0. (Washington, DC:
                    World Resources Institute, 2009)
                    Brazilian Program GHG Protocol Registry
Under development

                    Login home page (for member companies)
Brazilian Program
                     Brazilian Programa Brasileiro GHG Protocol
                    Registro doProgram GHG Protocol Registry
               Under development

                    Company data
Brazilian Program
                                             Brazilian Program GHG Protocol Registry
                                         Registro do Programa Brasileiro GHG Protocol
                                                 Total Information Available (Pilot)
Under development

                                           Information Accessible to General Public

                                                Emissão através da abordagem:                                              Emissão através da abordagem:
                                                    Controle Operacional                                                       Participação Societária

                                         6000                       Escopo 3;                                       6000                       Escopo 3;
                    Emissão (Ton CO2e)

                                                                                               Emissão (Ton CO2e)
                                         5000                         5000                                          5000                         5000

                                         4000                                                                       4000
                                                     Escopo 1;
                                                                                                                                Escopo 1;
                                         2000          1800
                                                             Escopo 2;
                                                                             Biomassa;                              2000          1800
                                                                                                                                        Escopo 2;
                                                                                                                                                        Biomassa;          (PDF)
                                         1000                                   800                                 1000                                   800
                                                                500                                                                        500
                                            0                                                                          0
                                                                    1                                                                          1
Brazilian Program

                                                                 Escopo                                                                     Escopo

                                                                                Scope 3 included

                                           About the company             About the inventory                        Organizational                 Operational         Emissions
                                                                                                                    boundaries                     boundaries
                                           International                 Other elements                             Base year                      Information about   Methodologies
                                           emission                                                                                                compensation
                    Brazilian Program GHG Protocol Registry

                           Public Recognition of Organization´s Efforts
Brazilian Program

                     Bronze: Partial      Silver: Self-     Gold: Verified
                                          declaration       by third party
                    Impacts on
                    Public and Private Policies
Brazilian Program
                    Fundação Getulio Vargas, Business and Public
                    Administration School

                       •high reputation
                       • relevant convening power
                       • tradition in helping develop public policies in different
                          areas of economy
Brazilian Program

                       • opinion maker

                    CES – Center for Sustainability Studies
                      •7 years old
                      •influence public and private policy making and measures in
                      •CES has a unique and priveleged situation to establish
                      partnerships and convene organizations
                         •public and private
                         •national and international
                         •NGOs (Climate Observatory)
                         •All sectors
Brazilian Program

                    Access to Media
                         •Through PR (involvement of publicist)
                         •One of the GHG members is a media company
                            Voluntary Emissions Reductions,
                           Public Policies and GHG Inventories
                    National Level                     Sub-national Level (CES
                    (recommendations)                  drafted or is helping draft)

                    • National Policy (Law passed      • State of Sao Paulo (biggest
                      by Congress in Dec 2010)           GDP): mandatory reductions of
                                                         20% ref to 2005 emissions
                    • Voluntary emissions                 – State Bank – low interest rate for
                                                            low carbon activities (just
                      reductions target
Brazilian Program

                    • National Plan on Climate         • Other States: Amazonas, Pará,
                      Change                             Amapá, Acre, Mato Grosso,
                    • National Climate Change
                      Fund                             • City of São Paulo: mandatory
                       – BNDES – financing inventory
                         Economic and Financial
                    • Public
                      – Federal Government looking at establishing
                        voluntary market (Finance Ministry)
                      – BNDES financing inventory and low carbon
                      – State of Sao Paulo: State Bank launched
Brazilian Program

                        credit line for low emission activities with low
                        interest rate
                         • Interest rate of 6% per year, for small and medium
                          Economic and Financial
                    • Private (Corporate Sustainability Movement)
                      – ISE – BM&F/Bovespa – Stock exchange
                          • 2009 – Climate Change dimension
                          • Funds – mirror funds
                      – GRI
Brazilian Program

                      – CDP – since 2007 in Brazil
                                     We believe
                    • The GHG Protocol Program

                      – Is helping develop the ‘culture of inventory
                        making’ and ´ghg management´ in the
                      – Pushed policy makers to include provisions in
                        laws and policies about:
Brazilian Program

                        • Demanding publication of corporate inventories
                        • Creation of Registries
                        • Demanding local governments to produce and
                          publish their inventories
                                     We believe
                    • The GHG Protocol Program Impact´s in
                      private sector initiatives
                      – Influenced the ISE-BMF-BOVESPA (Brazilian
                        Stock Exchange Sustainability Index) to
                        include criteria on emissions measurement,
                        verification and reduction
                      – Helped companies perform better in
Brazilian Program

                        sustainability evaluation initiatives (CDP, ISE,
                        GRI, others)
                      – Impacted the content of CDP questionnaire in
                                      We believe
                    • The GHG Protocol Program Impact´s in
                      private sector initiatives
                      – Created the basis for the establishment of the
                        Program `Companies for Climate´
                        (EPC = Empresas pelo Clima)

                        • Publication of inventories (basic requirement)
Brazilian Program

                        • Establishment of Climate Strategy
                        • Establishment of GHG Management plans and
                           – Program launched in 2010 by CES – FGV, with 28
                                 We believe

                    • The GHG Protocol Program is helping shape
                      public debate (media coverage, NGO
                      community, carbon community)
Brazilian Program
                    •        use your uniqueness or compared
                        advantaged status to partner and engage with
                        relevant stakeholders and promote engagement of
                        companies beyond inventory making
                         – Engage with NGOs –
                            » create pressure for corporate action
                            » demand governmental policies
                         – Engage with Academia
Brazilian Program

                            » EF (technical Schools)
                            » Business Strategies (BA Schools)

                    •      establish strategy to involve
                        high, middle and low ranking actors
                        within companies to establish and
                        implement carbon strategies
Brazilian Program

                    • Promote PR – use media to
                      publicize major steps
Brazilian Program
                    Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade –

                        Center for Sustainability Studies
                           Fundação Getulio Vargas
                               Sao Paulo - Brazil
Brazilian Program

                            Rachel Biderman

                            ( 55 11) 3799 3410


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