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IGCSE websites


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									                                     IGCSE Revision Websites

GCSE Bitesize
Practise listening, reading and writing questions; mock GCSE oral (with animations); exam skills
and revision checklists; « Destination Death » interactive game to practice language skills in
Username: wis
Password: pokfulam

Practise all IGCSE topics through a wide variety of games and self-marking exercises;
vocabulary sheets; worksheets available to download.
Username: wis
Password: pokfulam

Click “Retrouvez le Sourire” in the centre of the page for an interactive game set in Paris (good
for practising role play situations); basic vocabulary practice by topic through games.

Interactive self-marking exercises on topic vocabulary and grammar; a wide variety of games to
practise vocabulary; reading questions.

ESF Language Centre Website
Interactive self-marking exercises by IGCSE topic (linked to the WIS curriculum); past IGCSE
questions; listen to IGCSE oral topic questions; grammar practice; video links.
ID: 2980
Password: sis
Topic-based interactive listening, reading and writing exercises; grammar practice; role-play

Ashcombe School Website
Videos with interactive self-marking quizzes to test vocabulary and grammar; games and quizzes
for role-play situations and high-frequency vocabulary;

International School of Toulouse Website
IGCSE-specific vocabulary and information about the exam papers; grammar practice (past,
present and future!); interactive games

Language Guide
Improve your pronunciation and grammar.

French Revision
Interactive exercises at beginner, intermediate and advanced level; past GCSE papers

Polar FLE
Practise your French in context by solving a murder mystery (beginner to advanced level).

The French Experience (BBC website)
10 online topics based on a 20-part TV series with quizzes (watch, listen or read)

French Steps (BBC website)
Practise role play situations by topic through audio and images and keep check of your progress
as you go.

MFL Games
Practise basic vocabulary though games such as “concentration”, “wheel of fortune”, “who wants
to be a millionaire” and word searches.

Aiglon College Website
Online exercises and games for GCSE topics

GCSE topic revision (grammar and vocabulary) linked to textbooks; past exam paper practice;
download exercises to use off-line with your computer.

The French Tutorial
Practise pronunciation, grammar and numbers through this course.

Real French
Nine vocabulary games - choose intermediate or beginner level; grammar explanations provided
by the Manchester Metropolitan University - scroll down the list for an area you wish to revise
(see top left of page).

BBC Languages – Your Say
Interesting ways of learning vocabulary to suit all learning styles.

French Games
Use the illustrated vocabulary exercises to practice your vocabulary.

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