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Slide 1 - Rollins School of Public Health - Emory University


									         International Grain Industry Forum
         Meeting the Challenge: Industry’s Role
         In Expanding Flour Fortification

Forum Hosts                       Supported by
AWB Ltd                           Micronutrient Initiative
U.S. Wheat Associates             Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Ingredients Company      UNICEF
Wheat Foods Council

8:30      Welcome/Challenge
                 Chair - Andrew Lindberg, AWB Ltd.
                 Facilitator - Peter Hindle, Fleischman- Hillard
                 FFI Coordinator – Glen Maberly

8:45      Scope of the Issue: Why Fortify?

Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation
Nevin Scrimshaw, University of United Nations
David Frey, Kansas Wheat Commission
Judi Adams, Wheat Foods Council
Philip Purnama, Bogasari Flour Mills
William Dietz, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Today, the grain industry delivers more food to more people in more parts of the world than
ever before. However, deficits in key vitamins and minerals remain widespread and
devastating threats to health, survival and economic growth in developing countries. Flour
fortification, adding essential nutrients during the milling process, can reduce or virtually
eliminate these deficiencies. The panel will discuss the benefits of expanding flour
fortification worldwide, highlight successful fortification efforts and answer questions about
fortification costs … as well as explore potential benefits to the grain industry.
AWB Limited is Australia's
major national grain
marketing organization and
is one of the world's largest
                                Its core business function is to serve the
wheat management and            needs of Australian grain growers, and
marketing companies.            specifically wheat growers, by marketing
                                and financing their grain. In particular, AWB
                                has the responsibility for the management
                                and marketing of all Australian export bulk

                                Around 90% of the grain managed by AWB
                                is wheat. The wheat pools managed by
                                AWB are a significant contribution to the
                                Australian economy, accounting for around
                                3% of the total value of Australia's exports
                                and about 12% of Australia's total farm
                                exports. AWB Limited also competes in the
     Andrew Lindberg            trading and management of non-wheat
                                grains including barley, sorghum, oilseeds
                                and pulses.
                                          Fleischman-Hillard Inc.

                                          Through our offices and affiliates in
                                          Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin
                                              America, and North America,
                                          Fleishman-Hillard effectively meets
                                            client needs in the world's major
                                         business capitals. Each FH office has
                                         access to the resources of our global
                                           network. At the same time, a local
                                        practitioner who understands regional
                                             business, government issues,
                                        regulations, marketing strategies, and
                                         social customs manages each office.
                                          With years of experience in national
                                            communications, our managers
                                          ensure that our clients' international
Peter Hindley (Meeting Facilitator) &          programs are designed and
         Michelle Gibbons               implemented in the most effective and
                                                    appropriate ways.
                                                FFI Mission:
                                       During the decade we would like to
                                       see the benefits of flour fortification
                                     expanded from a few countries to the
                                           world. This requires committed
                                      leadership and investments by many
                                        individuals and organizations from
                                       both the public and private sectors.
                                      This can only happen in countries as
                                     governments embrace the opportunity
Glen Maberly                              to change their laws and millers
Professor International Health       change their milling practices. Please
                                     help with this noble cause that will be
Rollins School of Public Health of       good for the industry ande for the
Emory University                          people who eat cereal products.
Flour Fortification Initiative
The foundation's Global
Health Program is
focused on reducing
global health inequities by
accelerating the
development, deployment
and sustainability of
health interventions that
will save lives and
dramatically reduce the
disease burden in
developing countries.

Bill Gates
          Kansas Wheat Commission

   The Kansas Wheat Commission is a grower-
funded, grower-governed wheat products advocacy
organization working to secure the future of Kansas
  wheat in the global market through international
    trade research, export system studies and
      continually improved varieties of wheat.

    Its mission is to increase wheat producer
  productivity and profitability through research,
 education and domestic and international market

David Frey
     The Wheat Foods Council

  is a national nonprofit organization formed to
help increase awareness of dietary grains as an
      essential component to a healthy diet.
Information or graphics included in this web site
 may be used for educational purposes as long        Judi Adams
as the information is not altered. The information
         cannot be used for advertising.
Phillp Purnama
                International Micronutrient Malnutrition
                Prevention and Control Program
                Through IMMPaCt, the Centers for
                Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
                contributes its skills and resources to the
                global effort to eliminate micronutrient

William Dietz
9:45     Our Roles: How Public Agencies and Industry Will Work

Roy Loop, Seaboard Corporation;
Ashok Sarkar, Canadian International Grains Institute
Ram Chaudri, Fortitech
Vince Peterson, U.S. Wheat Associates;
Rainer Gross, United Nations Children’s Fund;
M.C. Venkatesh Mannar, The Micronutrient Initiative.

Achieving the health and economic benefits of flour fortification requires a
collaboration of private, public and civic sectors. Each sector has a vital role
to play. This panel will examine how different organizations with different
interests can open channels of communication and work together - from
government outreach and industry communication to technical training and
consumer education. Discussion will focus on opportunities for involvement
as well as probe the roadblocks standing in the way of progress.
 Seaboard Corporation is a
  diversified and vertically
integrated agribusiness and
    ocean transportation
company. Our goal across all
 of our business lines is to
provide exceptional value to
       our customers.
CIGI Organization
and Operations
The Canadian International
Grains Institute (CIGI) is located
in Canada’s agricultural heartland
of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Created in
1972 as a non-profit organization
by the Government of Canada,
CIGI promotes and enhances
world markets on behalf of
Canada’s grains, oilseeds and
special crops industries through
instructional programming and
technical activities in the belief
that: by broadening agriculture-
related knowledge, the agri-food
industry benefits as a whole by
making Canada a better trading
    Fortitech is the
fortification partner of
  choice for leading
global food, beverage
 and pharmaceutical

                Ram Chaudhari
Vince Peterson

                    U.S. Wheat Associates (USW)
    is the export market development organization representing the U.S. wheat
    industry. With the support of wheat producers through their respective state
    organizations, USW strives to increase the level of U.S. wheat exports. The
   goal of export market development is achieved by demonstrating the unique
  role of the United States as a reliable producer and supplier of a wide range of
   quality wheats and by encouraging the growth of world consumption of wheat
   and wheat products through technical assistance and service. USW does not
     buy, sell, or process wheat. Its resources are devoted exclusively to export
   market development, with activities performed in the United States providing
          support for the work carried out by USW offices around the world.
Rainer Gross
                                              The Micronutrient Initiative (MI) is a
                                              not-for-profit organization specializing
                                              in addressing micronutrient
                                              malnutrition. MI is governed by an
                                              international Board of Directors. MI
                                              supports and promotes food
                                              fortification and supplementation
                                              programs in Asia, Africa and Latin
                                              America and provides technical and
                                              operational support in those countries
                                              where micronutrient malnutrition is
                                              most prevalent. MI carries out its work
                                              in partnership with other international
                                              agencies, governments and industry.
MI is based in Ottawa, Canada and maintains regional offices in New Delhi, India
and Johannesburg, South Africa.
11:15    Moving Forward: What Do We Need to Take the Next Step?


David Haxton, The Micronutrient Initiative;
Gary Anderson, International Association of Operative Millers;
Tim Burleigh, International Association of Operative Millers;
William Gamble, American Ingredients Company;
Andrew Lindberg, AWB Ltd.

For almost a century in many industrial countries, fortified wheat flour has
delivered essential vitamins and minerals to consumers - reducing
mortality, improving health and eliminating many diseases. The benefit of
expanding flour fortification worldwide is clear. The technology is simple.
The cost is pennies per metric ton. This panel will consider next steps and
discuss what information, materials and support the grain industry needs to
become an active partner in making flour fortification a reality for
developing countries.
David Haxton
                     Association of
                     Millers (IAOM)

    is an international organization,
   comprised of flour millers, cereal
grain and seed processors and allied
       trades representatives and
        companies devoted to the
  advancement of technology in the
 flour milling, cereal grain and seed
          processing industries.

Gary Anderson
                      American Ingredients

                 has made a commitment to quality. It is
                 based on the premise that survival and
                 success are not entitlements; they
                 depend on delivering total satisfaction to
                 our customers. We see the clearest path
                 to our goal through the principles of Total
                 Quality Management (TQM).
                 Accordingly, our quality process, "CQI"
                 (Continuous Quality Improvement),
                 embraces these principles:
                    Focus on the customer,
                   Team problem solving,
                    Leadership over management,
                    Continuous improvement, Statistical

William Gamble

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