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									Ender’s Game                                                  Chapter 7 Salamander
                                                              67 “They aren’t normal. They act like…”
Study Guide                                                   69 Alai friend “Salaam”
                                                              73 End of the World and snake
                                                              75 Petra Arkanian
Chapter 1 Third                                               75 Salamander Army, Bonzo Madrid
1 Who are the voices?                                         76 Anderson runs game
5 What is a third?                                            77 Bonzo’s unfair rules
7 What happens with Stilson?                                  79 Petra trains Ender in off hours
                                                              82 Petra’s “philosophies”
                                                              84 Bonzo’s formations
Chapter 2 Peter                                               85 Launchies practice with Ender
11    playing bugger                                          86 Bonzo’s no-nos
13   “They won’t elect you…”                                  87 “free play is free”
14    “Peter was a murderer at heart…”                        89 stars
15    Peter knows Ender, loves him, tries to destroy him      90 Ender’s clever fighting position, legs
                                                              92 Ender’s birthday
                                                              95 Bonzo hits Ender

Chapter 3 Graff                                               Chapter 8 Rat
19   “I wanted to win all the next ones, too”                 97 unfair games
21   “Ender didn’t like to fight…”                            99 Jewish myth
22   Non Complying Families Act                               100 Mazer’s legend
23   “brother hates you, parents resent you…” Val loves you   101 Rose the Nose forbids Ender…
24   Ender result of genetic engineering                      101 Ender in Dink’s toon, Dink’s leadership style
25   “We had Mazer…”                                          105 Rose’s “forced self-destruction…”
                                                              108 Dink, “It’s the teachers, they’re the enemy”
                                                              109 Spanish honor
Chapter 4 Launch                                              110, 111 Dink’s conspiracy theory
29   censorship                                               113-115 Battle Room bully fight
31   “only one of you…”                                       117 fantasy game, snake, mirror
33   Bernard’s arm                                            118, 119 “I’m your man… …you most need.”
34   “Don’t mess with Ender… boys have died…”
35   “We’re tools…”                                           Chapter 9 Locke and Demosthenes
36   “make him the best military commander…”                  122 Ender’s eighth birthday
                                                              123 squirrels
                                                              124 Peter’s “dark gods” and “model student”
Chapter 5 Games                                               125, 126 Peter’s theory about Warsaw Pact
40   Dap=mom, he’s paid to be nice                            127 Val able to understand and persuade Peter
40   “If you don’t like getting pushed around…”               128 Peter studies history…
41   “getting iced…”                                          132 “Pax Americana”
43   Mick’s advice                                            134 pseudonyms
44   “touch of kindness…”                                     135 “offer for a weekly column”
45   “Thank you for this Peter…”                              136 “call for war”
45   “Some of the games they knew…” games                     138 Locke’s column
48   Bernard tormentor                                        139 Ender toon leader Phoenix Army
53   “wiggle butt” Shen                                       146 Peter’s cruelty
                                                              150 Val’s letter
                                                              152 the kiss
Chapter 6 Giant’s Drink
55   flashsuit
57   the gun
                                                              Chapter 10 Dragon
60   “I’m not Bernard, I never tortured cats…”                157   inexperience Dragon Army
61   “everyone in the room was frozen except…”                159   “gate is down”
61   “Ender had joined a new group”                           162   Ender teaches Dragon position
63   Giant’s Game                                             167   “What’s with Bean?”
64   Giant’s death                                            169   no practice with other armies
65   “hadn’t meant to kill Giant”                             170   Alai’s friendship changes… competition
Chapter 11 Veni Vidi Vici                                     Chapter 14 Ender’s Teacher
175 Ender’s teaching philosophy                               255 “greatness, magnitude of spirit and killer instinct”
177 “learned the wrong lesson from Bonzo”                     257 description of Eros
178 Hot Soup, Crazy Tom                                       258 simulator, most perfect game Ender ever played
180 Carn Carby’s lesson of sportsmanship                      260 “Is that all the simulator does?”
184 “added him to his private list of people…”                262 In less than two seconds, the old man defeated Ender
186 Petra’s Phoenix Army scored more hits                     263 “No one but the enemy will ever teach you to destroy…”
186 commanders hate Ender                                     264 “learn to defeat the enemy. He will teach you how.”
187 watching vids                                             265 “for the first time in his life, a teacher was pointing out…”
188 Ender learns Bugger strategies                            265 “miracle of relativity”
193 Crazy Tom and Bean’s “shield”                             266 “fifty years in space”
194 Dragon beats Salamander, Bonzo                            268 “Buggers are bugs.” “the queen who controls the whole
195 Bonzo thirsty for blood                                   group” “all their thoughts are present at once”
197 “Ender was human and Bean had been…”                      269 “they really couldn’t believe… that I would actually kill
197 Ender’s insecurities                                      the queen.”
198 Bean’s “stupid ideas”                                     270 “Murder’s no big deal to them. Only queen killing…”
                                                              270 “We do have a right to defend ourselves…”
Chapter 12 Bonzo                                              272 “The Little Doctor could never be used on a planet…”
200 “Dap filed a report”                                      273 Molecular Detachment Device
202 “no matter what happens, no adult will ever…”             273 simulator has changed… description
203 Bean’s new toy                                            274 “… everyone Ender had trusted in Battle School.”
204 “There are some boys who want to kill you”                275 “We look like a bugger fleet” “all guided by Ender’s…”
205 “Don’t be alone. Ever. – Dink”                            276 human advantages and the one disadvantage
207-212 Bonzo’s attack                                        276, 277 Mazer’s sacrifice
213 double army challenge                                     278 “they were cutting up his memories…”
214 government cover up                                       278 “the simulator field went blank…”
217 Ender’s unusual formation                                 279 “attack where most concentrated…”
218 “…They had the gaul to perform the victory…”              281 “other times he wished for this with all his heart”
221 “I don’t care about their game anymore”                   281 “his private unhappiness meant nothing”
223 Ender graduates to Command School                         282 nightmares
224 Bean’s pain                                               283 “he seemed to be slipping.”
225 Ender’s “vacation”                                        284 Petra cracks under pressure
225-226 “Arrested?… and maybe a couple of years too late.”    286 “my whole life keeps playing out as if I were a recorder…
226 “Ender Wiggin isn’t a killer. He just wins—thoroughly”    I’m afraid I’m going crazy.”
                                                              287 “The room went black and he woke up on the floor with
                                                              his face bloody…”
Chapter 13 Valentine                                          288 “… hands with affection in them… It’s nearly finished.”
228 “boy has the soul of a jackal”                            290 “Today is your final examination in Command School.”
230 Val’s trouble at school                                   291 “Does the Little Doctor work against a planet?”
230 Peter and Val discover truth about Russians               291 “Ender, the buggers never deliberately attacked a civilian
231 “Perhaps it’s impossible to wear an identity without      population…”
becoming what you pretend to be.”                             292 “The enemy outnumbered him a thousand to one.”
235 “I’ve been learning about preemptive strategies”          292 “It was nice to know that one of the adults noticed that
237 “Maybe that’s who you are, what you remember”             it wasn’t a fair test.”
238 “In the moment when I truly understand my enemy…”         292 “Remember, the enemy gate is down” Bean… they all
241 “If you don’t try… you killed us all”                     laughed
242 “I want him to love me”                                   293, 294 Ender’s 3 whispers: 1- cylinder formation on
243 “It’s easy to forget why Earth’s worth saving…”           approach then “hopeless individual paths,” 2- formation on
244 “It only works because what’s between you that’s real”    far side of enemy’s strongest groups 3- “ships dropped like
244 “billions of human connections…”                          rocks toward planet’s surface,” then Little Doctor aimed at
245 “he had never sought power, he had always had it”         planet
247 Eros                                                      294 “perhaps Mazer cannot believe that I would do it.”
248 “only Bugger alive…”                                      295 Boom!!
248 Bugger description                                        296 “This was the Third Invasion. There were no games…”
249 ansible- Philotic Parallax Instant Communicator           297 destroyed “all the queens from all their colonies”
250 “We’re not waiting for the Third Invasion. We are the…”   297 “I’m not a killer!”
252, 253 “Why are we fighting the buggers?”                   298 “I was ordering pilots to go in and die and I didn’t even
                                                              know it.”
Continued Chapter 14
299 “They’re going to start a war… all of them want you”
299 “Above all it worked. Memorize that defense, Graff”
300 “He seemed to pass through lifetimes in his dreams…”
301 “during the five days of the League War”
301 “A lot of them came over when the Strategos told them
that you were loyal to the I.F.”
303 accept the Locke Proposal
304 “They’ll probably make us go to school”

Chapter 15 Speaker for the Dead
305 “I knew I’d be acquitted”
306 Anderson appointed Commissioner (of entertainment?)
307 “Ender is far too dangerous… every petty tyrant…”
308 “I’m the new Minister of Colonization”
308 “repeal the population limitation laws…”
308 court martial videos, Ender is Admiral
309 “No one thinks to call it a crime”
309 friends reluctantly left him, pleas censored
310 worship of the colonists
311 “Ender, you’re never going back to Earth. I saw to that
before I left” why not?
312 Val blackmails Peter for hers and Ender’s freedom
313 “The best you can do is choose to fill the roles given you
by good people.”
313 Val’s plan
315 Ender learns about the buggers
316 Ender and Abra explore new land for new colony
317 “The buggers built it for me.” Giant’s corpse, tower
318 “They must’ve dragged these images from Ender’s…”
319 pupa of a queen bugger
322 “joined them in peace; it was the beginning of wisdom”
320-324 Ender’s new calling- Speaker for the Dead
Possible Essay Questions
1. Several characters either
experience or teach that you must
understand your enemy in order
to defeat him. Give 3 examples.

2. Memories make us who we
are… Give 3 examples of how this
is represented by way of any
character(s) in the novel.

3. Individual sacrifice is often
necessary for the common good.
Give 3 examples.

4. The power of individuality
Give 3 examples.

5. Preemptive strategies
Give 3 examples

6. Never underestimate your
opponent. Give 3 examples

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