DICE_GAME by liamei12345


									DICE GAME

This takes a little work to set up, but has been known to get 4 bookings at almost every
show! Imagine that! Once it’s set up, it’s easy to just replace the bags or prizes that have
been used. In most cases, it will cost you less than $7 per booking. Worth it? Of Course!

You will need:
    11 lia sophia boxes numbered 2 -12
    6 slips that say “Book a Show & Pick a Prize” (put these in 6 of the boxes)
    4 slips that say “Win a Prize” (put these in 4 of the boxes)
    1 slip that says “Grand Prize Winner” (put this in a box)
    A jewelry tray or basket filled with collector’s pieces
    A basket with wrapped, small prizes ($1 cute prizes)
    An expensive collector’s necklace with a high $ value placed on a necklace display
    A set of dice
    4-6 gift bags containing 2 $1 gifts and a collector’s piece—use tissue paper & make
      them look really inviting

You can play this along with the Pocketbook Game, although it will fit any show format.
When you get to “B” for Booking, explain the benefits for booking and then ask “Okay ladies,
who here likes to gamble? Well, have I got a great game for you! You can choose to play
or not, it’s totally up to you, but EVERYONE who rolls the dice will win a prize!”

“When you roll the dice, you take the box with the number you rolled on it. If someone else
rolls a number that someone else did, you roll again until you get your own number.”

“Now, your box will say one of 3 things. It might say “Pick a Prize” and you will get to pick a
prize from this basket full of fun prizes (the $1 basket).”

“OR it might say Grand Prize Winner and you will get to take home this beautiful necklace
which is valued at $____.”

“OR you may get the best prize of all and that is “Book a Show & Pick a Prize”. If you get
this box, you are going to get all the wonderful Hostess Benefits we talked about earlier, plus
you get to pick a piece of jewelry from my tray/basket to bring home with you tonight! How
great is that?!” (Be excited & smiling)

“Once you roll the dice, hold onto your box until the end—NO PEEKING! Now, who wants to
be the first to roll the dice?” Let everyone who wants to roll, roll.

After everyone has rolled, say “Okay, now let’s play a little Deal or No Deal. Now you have
all rolled the dice and you know that your box MAY say “Book a Show & Pick a Prize”, right?
Okay, well, I have these pretty little gift bags that have another 2 gifts & a retired piece of
lia sophia jewelry in them. Anyone who agrees to book a party before you look in your box,
will still get the prize in the box, AND this gift bag too! So, who would like to take a gift

Pass them out—You’ve got your bookings!!!
Okay, now everyone open your boxes and bags!!!

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