Maui Scuba Diving FAQ Sheet by LionelSmith


									    Maui Scuba Diving FAQ Sheet
Maui’s Most Professional Dive Company
        Toll Free 877-873-4837 or
                 Local Number 808-298-3972 cell
         Types of diving offered daily
 • Boat dive to Molokini Crater
      Boat leaves daily from the Kihei boat ramp going to Molokini
      Crater for a two-tank dive. Boat capacity is, 12 divers and
      three crew members. Six divers per group led by an instructor.
      Cost for the trip is $134.00 p/p. Equipment is additional $15.00 if
      needed.      RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST

 • Boat dive to Lanai
      Boat leaves daily from Mala Wharf going to the Island of
      Lanai for a two tank dive. Boat capacity is 12 divers, 3 crew
      members. Six divers per group led by an instructor. Cost for
      the trip is $139.00 p/p (equipment is $25.00 additional if
      needed.)       RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST.

 • Beach diving from West Maui sites
      Certified divers can join our dive groups, (6 per group),
      leaving at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily from several sites on
      the West side of Maui. Depths are to 50 feet where most
      animals are seen. These dives are guided to bring you to the
      best areas of the reef. The cost is 59.00 p/p and includes
      equipment if needed. RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED

 • Introductory Dives for the non-certified
      If you are not certified with 45 minutes of training you can go
      on a supervised scuba dive with the instructor to depths not
      exceeding 40 feet. If you decide to become a certified diver than
      we can use this training towards certification. No more than
      four to a class. The cost is 89.00 p/p. Classes are held at 9:00
      a.m. and 1:00 p.m. RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED

 • Padi Scuba Certifications available
      If you want to become a certified scuba diver you can with
      three fun filled days of training. Cost is $325.00 p/p for the lessons
      Group rates ( 6 or more ) are available call for pricing

  •   Referral Certification (Check-Out Dives) $275.00

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