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									                                                            VOL. XLVIII NO. 1
                                                                    May 2004

        M I L L E R C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

                          Check out the
Harris & Ruth Painting
Press Telegram
City Plumbing                                           Businesses are Making a
The LBL Group
Browning Oldsmobile
Mintie Corporation
UBS Financial Service, Inc.                                a Positive One
Walter’s Wholesale
Wertz & Company
Blake Christian
CABE Toyota
Castlerock Environmental
Creative Cakery
Creative Productions
C.R. Bard
Fysicaly Fit
Queen Beach Printers
Service Mailers, Inc.
Advocate Insurance Services
                                             Partnerships in Excellence proves that businesses can make
                                             a positive difference in the health of Long Beach communities. These
Dann Froehlich Design
                                             companies have pledged to play a role in providing leading-edge
Med Art
                                             clinical medical equipment to ensure continued excellence in health
Sammons, Preston, Rolyan
                                             care at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s. The philanthropic
                                             support of these companies proves their noble commitment.

                                             The gifts given by the Partners for fiscal year 2004 will allow
                                             Memorial Rehabilitation to obtain specialized equipment to enhance
                                             the physical capabilities of children and adults.

                                                  Partnerships in Excellence
                                                       Applaud them. Support them. Join them!

Annual mixers allow Partners to meet
other community leaders, board members
and physicans, while learning more about
critical services on the campus of
Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s.

                                               For more information about this program, or to join their ranks, contact Wanda Cockey
                                                Memorial Medical Center Foundation: 562-933-1655, wcockey@memorialcare.org,
                                                                    or log onto our website: www.lbmmcf.org
                                                     Paramedic Base Opens
                                                                         Patricia Meier, RN, MICN, and
                                                                         Ray Sebastian, MD, respond to
                                                                         the first call received by the
                                                                         Emergency Department’s new
                                                                         Paramedic Base Station.


                   Contents    LONG BEACH MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER
                                    MILLER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
                                                                                                                VOL. XLVIII NO. 1
                                                                                                                   May 2004

        8        Less Invasive, More Durable,                                                             Features
                 Fewer Surgeries

                                                                                                           2 An Open Letter
                  From infants to seniors, see how the latest advances in
                  orthopedics affect the quality of life.
                                                                                                           5 Health News
                                                                                                           6 Research Update
      10 Fighting The Forgotten Cancers                                                                    7 Legacy of a Couple
                  Lung and GI cancers prove fatal to more people each year than                           18 Women’s Health
                  any other forms of cancer, yet they fail to receive proper media
                  attention. Progress is being made at the Todd Cancer                                    Departments
                  Institute for those affected by these deadly diseases.
                                                                                                           4 Spotlight
      14 The Beat Goes On                                                                                 26 Education
                  Charles Branch and Millard Black are only two of the                                    28 Honor Roll
                  thousands who have experienced the miracle of a new life
                  at the Memorial Heart and Vascular Institute.
                                                                                                          39 In Memoriam
                                                                                                          40 Making Philanthropic
      22 Breathing Easier                                                                                     Friends
                  Children with chronic pulmonary diseases find a team
                  to help them catch their breath.

      24 The Journey
                  Looking at precocious Azzurra-Sky Riley today,
                  you would never think she was close to death
                  just two and a half years ago.

                     Left to right: Bryon Schweigert, PharmD, CEO of
               Long Beach Memorial/Miller Children’s; Beverly O’Neill,
                    mayor of Long Beach; Robert C. Maxson, president
                   CSULB; at the May 6 dedication of the Health Skills
                            Education Center on the Memorial campus.

On cover:
Walt Wilson, colon cancer survivor
and experienced pilot.
          An open letter to Sandra J. Jackson, Board Chair -

                    “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

        DEAR SANDRA,
                                     n May 1994, you accepted an invitation to serve on
                                     the Memorial Medical Center Foundation Board of
                                     Directors - a board of 31 dedicated volunteers.
                                During the past 10 years, you served as Chair of the
                                Grants Application and Finance Committees and member
                                of the Investment Committee. Then, in 2001 you accepted
                                the nomination and election as Board Chair and served
                                in that capacity for the regular two-year term.
                                    As you neared the end of that term, this Foundation
                                began initiating plans to increase philanthropic funding
                                for the anticipated expansion of pediatric facilities and
                                consolidation of outpatient cancer services. At this critical
                                juncture, the Nominating Committee and Board asked
                                you to continue as Chair for another year. You accepted
                                this challenge graciously, in spite of your many family
 Sandra J. Jackson and Donna    and other community commitments.
   Reckseen share a pleasant        Just as gardens need careful tending, you tended
moment at the Sherman Gardens   and invigorated the Board with a retreat that focused on
      in Corona Del Mar.
                                increasing philanthropic gifts and grants to support the
                                growing needs of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
                                and Miller Children’s Hospital.

                                                                     “Plant trees

     You challenged current board committees to re-evaluate their responsibilities
  and established three new ad hoc committees, with the latter two evolving
  into ongoing active committees:
  1) Board Structure Committee - to review the organizational makeup of the
    Memorial Medical Center Foundation.
  2) Linkage Committee - to interface with Long Beach Memorial and Miller
    Children’s administration and boards to receive prioritized needs for            SANDRA J. JACKSON
    philanthropic effort.                                                            received a combined program
  3) Philanthropic Development Committee - to formalize philanthropic                BS from Colorado State and
    teams composed of board members, physicians and development staff                Stanford Universities in
                                                                                     Occupational Therapy and
    for philanthropic solicitation.
                                                                                     Psychology. She then worked
     Under your chairmanship in the two and a half fiscal years (ending 12/31/03),   at the University of Southern
                                                                                     California as a researcher
  philanthropic individuals, foundations and corporations gave $27.6 million to
                                                                                     in pediatric neurology and
  the Foundation. The Board allocated $20.2 million to Long Beach Memorial
                                                                                     learning disabilities. She
  and Miller Children’s for medical equipment, research, health education            and her husband, Douglas
  activities and patient care programs. Total assets reached $106.5 million,         W. Jackson, an orthopedic
  with $54.1 million in active endowments. Diligent fiduciary oversight of           surgeon (see page 7), have
  these assets (32.5 percent fixed income/67.5 percent equities) resulted in a       three children Kristen, Kori
  positive performance by the money managers in the past year: domestic              and D.J. After receiving
                                                                                     her MFA degree from the
  equity up 40.4 percent, international equity up 36.9 percent and fixed income
                                                                                     New York School of Interior
  up 6.0 percent.
                                                                                     Design, Sandi launched a
     To recognize your innovative leadership and financial support, the              new career - Jackson Interiors
  Foundation Board of Directors is proud to announce that you, Sandra J. Jackson,    based in Newport Beach.
  have been elected Director Emeritus. Though you have completed your third          She is one of the most
  year as chair in 2004, you are eligible and invited to retain active board         committed volunteers in
                                                                                     Long Beach and Orange
  membership until your 12-year term limit ends in May 2006.
                                                                                     County communities. Her
     Thank You for the time, talent and treasure you have given to plant, water,     long list of other charities
  and feed this unique Foundation “garden.” The harvested philanthropic              that benefit from her efforts
  gifts and grants help provide “that extra measure of care” for the patients        include: Opera Pacific,
  served at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital.       Cattle Baron’s Balls,
                                                                                     Orangewood Children’s
                                                                                     Home and Foundation,
                                                                                     League of the American
     Donna M. Reckseen, President                                                    Cancer Society, Long Beach
     Memorial Medical Center Foundation                                              Cancer League, Chapman
                                                                                     University and more. She
                                                                                     was voted “Outstanding
                                                                                     Woman in Orange County
to benefit another generation.”                                                      in Health Care” in 2003.
                    Caecilius Statius (220 BC - 168 BC), Synephebi


  Spotlight                                                          News from Miller Children’s Hospital and
                                                                     Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

           Base Station Opens          Paramedics
 First New Paramedic Base Station Opens in 25 Years
    In February, Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Emergency Department and Trauma Center opened Los
 Angeles County’s newest paramedic base, providing radio contact between paramedics, physicians and specially-trained
 mobile intensive care nurses (MICNs). A base hospital plays a critical role in the assessment and treatment of patients before
 they arrive in Emergency. This new station is the region’s only pediatric trauma center in a children’s hospital. Providing
 this service for the county means the Emergency Department picks up between 700 to 800 extra paramedic calls each month.
    This base station is an added enticement for nurse recruitment to the department. “Having this station adds to our ability
 to recruit Emergency Department staff,” said Richard DeCarlo, senior vice president for operations.

                                                                                            Special Delivery Babies
                                                                                               Long Beach Memorial and
                                                                                            Miller Children’s Hospital
                                                                                            were featured on the top-rated
                       New Medical Director Named                                           Discovery Health Channel
                                                                                            program “Babies: Special Delivery.”
                          Gary Moreau, MD, has been appointed medical director              The one-hour program chronicled
                       of the Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Emergency           the high-risk delivery of five
                       Department. Dr. Moreau brings more than 27 years of                  expectant mothers and the care
                       experience as a staff physician in the ED. He is a graduate of       of their seven babies in Labor
                       the University of Iowa Medical School and completed his              and Delivery, Operating Rooms,
                       residency in Emergency Medicine at Los Angeles County-               Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,
                       University of Southern California Medical Center. He is              Post-partum and Newborn Nursery.
                       board-certified in Emergency Medicine and is a member of
                       the American College of Emergency Physicians.                           More than 100 physicians, nurses,
                                                                                            respiratory therapists and hospital
     “With my new responsibilities comes the opportunity to enhance our already             staff participated in the filming.
  exceptional patient care and to provide the type of service in this community that
  each of us wants for our own family members, if needed,” says Dr. Moreau.
  “Emergency Medicine continues to evolve and we are ready to adapt and meet the
  challenges ahead.”

    News about diabetes is everywhere you look - even                                  we see a higher incidence in
                                                                                                                       News   insulin is made. In Type 2, the
on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, “Researchers’                            certain groups of people. Of the       disorder usually results from the
                                                                                       Hispanic-Americans born in this        body’s inability to use its insulin
Goal: Stopping Diabetes Before Kids Get It.” It’s making                               country, 52 percent of the women       properly, called insulin resistance.
the headlines because more Americans have the disease                                  and 45 percent of the men will         The pancreas tries to produce
than ever before.                                                                      develop the disease, as will 37        more insulin to compensate, but
                                                                                                                              eventually loses its ability to
      Of the 18.2 million with the         is linked to obesity. Dr. Brakin says                                              produce the hormone altogether.
disease nearly one-third, or 5.2           children who are genetically
                                                                                                                                    With more and more
million people, are unaware they           predisposed can reduce their risk
                                                                                                                              Americans developing diabetes,
have this disease. In 2002, the            of ever developing this disease, or
                                                                                                                              it’s fortunate that progress is
National Diabetes Clearing House           delay its onset, by maintaining a
                                                                                                                              being made to provide better
reported the total cost of diabetes        normal weight. He stresses that if
                                                                                                                              treatments. That’s a good thing,
in the United States was $132              a child does become diabetic, it is
                                                                                                                              since it’s the complications from
billion. Yes, that’s a “B.”                possible to control the disease
                                                                                                                              diabetes that can affect quality
This includes the cost of care             without medication by eating a
                                                                                                                              and length of life. Diabetes is the
($92 billion) and the indirect costs       healthy diet and getting plenty of
                                                                                                                              leading cause of blindness, a
for work loss, disability and              exercise. But, if the parents and
                                                                                                                              major factor in heart and kidney
premature mortality.                       child are not diligent in doing so,
                                                                                                                              disease and the loss of extremities
                                           and the child’s blood sugar level
                                                                                               Richard Berkson, MD            due to poor circulation.
                                           is not controlled, then the result
                                           could be a lifetime of insulin                                                           It is easier today for patients
                                                                                       percent of Filipino women. Also,
                                           dependence.                                                                        and physicians to track blood
                                                                                       Samoans, certain native American
                                                                                                                              sugar levels and use effective and

                                           Remember, education is the key factor.
                                                                                                                              sophisticated medications to
                                                 Education is a factor in              tribes and Asian-Americans are at
                                                                                                                              maintain even sugar levels with
                                           disease prevention. In certain              high risk for developing diabetes.”
                                                                                                                              fewer doses. Insulin dependent
                                           cultures, carbohydrates make up             He adds, “A recent study predicted
                                                                                                                              individuals can now use injectable
                                           more than 50 percent of the diet,           that one-third of the Americans
                                                                                                                              forms of medication administered
         Mario I. Brakin, MD               which is a big problem. Also,               born in the year 2000 will develop
                                                                                                                              through high tech wearable
                                           school cafeterias present a                 diabetes. But with proper nutrition
                                                                                                                              pumps. These pumps, not much
      Mario I. Brakin, MD, board-          challenge. With easy access to              and exercise, Type 2 diabetes is
                                                                                                                              larger than a cell phone, deliver
certified in pediatrics, endocrinology     “fast” food and decreased                   highly preventable.”
                                                                                                                              the proper amount of insulin, and
and metabolism, is a clinical              physical activity, the school                    Diabetes is actually a group      do so painlessly, 24 hours a day.
professor of pediatrics at the             environment has not been                    of diseases characterized by high
University of California, Irvine           conducive to good health. School                                                        Remember, education is the
                                                                                       levels of blood glucose (sugar).
School of Medicine and a member            districts are trying to reverse this                                               key factor. No matter how
                                                                                       This can be the result of defects
of the Miller Children’s Hospital          trend, but have a long way to go.                                                  sophisticated treatments become,
                                                                                       in insulin production, insulin
staff. Dr. Brakin says, “Diabetes is the                                                                                      the best prescription is prevention,
                                                 Richard Berkson, MD, FACE,            action or both. Type 1 and Type 2
most common endocrine disease                                                                                                 which includes a healthy diet,
                                           a board-certified internist and             are the most common types, with
in children. About 50 percent of                                                                                              proper weight management and
                                           endocrinologist, is an associate            Type 2 accounting for 90 to 95
my patients are diabetics.”                                                                                                   exercise. And for those at risk for
                                           clinical professor at UCLA and on           percent of all diagnoses. Type 1,
                                                                                                                              diabetes especially, that is a goal
      Type 2 diabetes, also called         the staff of Long Beach Memorial.           also called juvenile onset diabetes,
                                                                                                                              worth pursuing.
adult onset diabetes, is the most          Dr. Berkson treats adult diabetics          occurs when the body destroys its
prevalent type of the disease and          and points out, “In Type 2 diabetes,        own pancreatic (islet) cells, where    by Carol A. Beckerman

     Innovative Research
                Designed to postpone knee joint replacement,
                these devices are, counter-clockwise from top:
                A flowable polymer filling in a knee defect;
                pre-molded implant from phase two of research;
                current laminate polymer soon to enter
                clinical trials.

              Achieving breakthroughs in treatment
              can take decades of research.
              by Carol A. Beckerman

                oint replacements have been done since the           greatly slowed, the patient will become pain-free and the need

    J            Civil War, but it was not until the 1980s that
                 modern, improved, functioning joints were
                available. It was hoped that these new devices
             would last 10 to 12 years. At that time, most
                                                                     for replacement postponed, hopefully for three to five years.
                                                                           The polymer material they used was flowable and
                                                                     poured directly into the defect during a surgical procedure.
                                                                     In less than a minute, the material set and filled the hole
patients having joint replacement were 60 to 80 years old            nicely. While the material did act as a spacer to prevent
and new joints were expected to last a lifetime or, if               bone from rubbing on bone, modifications were necessary
necessary, replaced just once. Today, revision replacements          when the material showed the tendency to slip out of the
have improved greatly and can be replaced two or more                defect and have surface wear.
times. However, it is still desirable to avoid the need for
                                                                          During the next set of trials, changes were made to
revisions. As “high impact” exercise became popular, much
                                                                     create molds from the defect. Polymer was poured into the
younger patients needed replacements, making multiple
                                                                     mold, allowed to set and then fitted into the defect. An
revisions likely. So, physican researchers began looking for
                                                                     anchoring device was incorporated at this point to secure the
new solutions.
                                                                     device. This resulted in keeping the device in place longer,
     Achieving breakthroughs in treatment can take decades           but brought new challenges for the material itself. With
of research. One such evolving story began in 1997 when              the polymer cushion in place longer, microscopic bits of the
one of Long Beach Memorial’s orthopedic research teams               material were wearing off. Further changes to the polymer
comprised of Douglas Jackson, MD, Tim Simon, PhD,                    were made. This new material is an elastomer, which is
and Dennis Kunishama, BS, began investigating different              much like plastic, but tends to recover better and have less
materials to replace worn and missing cartilage. Articular           deformation as a cushion.
cartilage is a unique tissue and is critical to normal joint
                                                                          Also, modifications were made to the design of the cushion.
function, but unlike bone, cartilage is unable to repair itself.
                                                                     In a desire to make the procedure as minimally invasive as
     Dr. Jackson’s team seeks to find ways to postpone joint         possible, the cushion evolved into a plug. Now, instead of
replacement, specifically the knee, as long as possible. They        using a rope-like anchor, ridges and barbs are incorporated
researched many avenues, including repair of the initial             into the design of what resembles a short, squat screw.
defect (holes) that develop within the cartilage of an
                                                                          After seven years of research, these plugs are heading
arthritic knee. Initially, they worked with polyurethane
                                                                     into human trials here in Long Beach and other U.S. and
materials already proven to be biocompatible in the human
                                                                     international sites. Trials in other countries have been
body. The team explored whether or not the material could
                                                                     encouraging and nothing less is expected here. Developing
be used to repair defective cartilage and provide a cushion
                                                                     new implants for human use requires years of pre-clinical
between the exposed bones in arthritic joints. They
                                                                     trials and evaluation as safety data and efficacy need to be
believed that if the initial defects are filled and replaced,
                                                                     demonstrated first.
further break down of the remaining cartilage will be

                                          the            L EGACY
                                                                       of a
                                                                    by Paul Young
                                                                        Dr. Wiltse attended medical            Dorothy Wiltse was instrumental in
                                                                    school at Northwestern University          her husband's success. "Her support
                                                                    where he received his medical              allowed him to be productive,"
                                                                    degree in 1941 (given after a one-         Dr. Smith said. "She has been one
                                                                    year internship at Charity Hospital        of the community standouts.
                                                                    in New Orleans, where he completed         She's charming, smart and strong
                                                                    his orthopedic residency also).            and a wonderful person who cared
                                                                    In 1942, he married Dorothy, who           about and participated in the Long
                                                                    would become well-known for her            Beach community." Dorothy followed
                                                                    volunteerism in the Long Beach area.       her father's admonition to grow up
                                                                                                               and help build a school, a church
                                                                        The Wiltse's moved to Long Beach
                                                                                                               and a hospital.
                                                                    in 1948, where Dr. Wiltse set up his
 Leon Wiltse, MD, and his wife Dorothy are true philanthropic       orthopedic practice. He developed             She is past president of the
friends supporting orthopedic research, Memorial Heart & Vascular
                                                                    the Wiltse Spinal Fixation System in       Junior League of Long Beach and
 Institute and Memorial Women’s, with charitable gift annuities
                                                                    1985, a system where rods and              has been recognized as a
                        and outright gifts.
                                                                    screws are used to stabilize injured       “Rick Racker Woman of the Year.”
                                                                    or diseased vertebrae while bone           Dorothy left her mark on the Memorial
                          Some people feel lucky to
                                                                    grafts solidify and fuse the area.         campus, serving as founding chair
                       influnce just a handful of others
                                                                    Dr. Wiltse classified spondylolisthesis,   of Memorial Women's, chair of
                       in their lives. Leon Wiltse, MD, has
                                                                    a condition where the spine slips out      Memorial Heart Institute Board and
                       impacted the world.
                                                                    of alignment. Also, he is credited         MHS Research Policy Committee
                           In a career spanning more than           with being the first to use a plastic      and director emeritus of the
                       50 years at Long Beach Memorial,             called methyl methacrylate to bond         Memorial Medical Center
                       this renowned orthopedist pioneered          prostheses into joints. He is known        Foundation Board of Directors.
                       several surgical spinal procedures,          as a fine researcher and a major
                                                                                                                  "Mrs. Wiltse was the power
                       led research that changed the face           contributor to the development of
                                                                                                               behind Dr. Wiltse," Dr. Spencer said.
                       of orthopedics, mentored dozens of           spine fusion techniques, one of
                                                                                                               "She was the elegant lady of
                       orthopedic surgeons-in-training and          which is named The Wiltse Approach.
                                                                                                               orthopedics ... and Dr. Wiltse's voice
                       became known as one of the great
                                                                        "Dr. Wiltse is known as an             in politics. They came as a team."
                       masters of lower back surgery... not
                                                                    excellent clinician, but what              And the community of Long Beach
                       to mention the numerous medical
                                                                    distinguishes him is his outstanding       will always be better because they did.
                       association boards he served and
                                                                    research ability and his excellence as
                       the thousands of patients he helped.
                                                                    a teacher," said Douglas Jackson, MD,
                           "He influenced a whole                   who was in practice with Dr. Wiltse        Postscript: Dr. and Mrs. Leon Wiltse
                       generation of spinal surgeons in the         for 10 years. "He is a great role model    retired in 1994 and are living in
                       nation and the world,” said Curtis           and a gentleman who accomplished           Carmel surrounded by their three
                       Spencer, MD, who worked as a                 the things I hoped to emulate."            adult children (who grew up in
                       fellow with Dr. Wiltse in the late                                                      Long Beach) Emily, Mary, Lamont,
                                                                       Ron Smith, MD, an orthopedic
                       1970s. "He's methodical and                                                             and their families.
                                                                    surgeon and former member of the
                       thorough and everything he does
                                                                    Board of Directors at Long Beach
                       is well thought out. He's always
                                                                    Memorial, agreed and added that
                       thinking about the future."

                                                               Smaller Incisions and High Tech Materials
                                                                    Bill “Slick” Miller had his right shoulder replaced
                                                               three years ago, but usually he forgets about it until
                                                               he goes through metal detectors at an airport. His
                                                               range of motion is excellent and his daily activities
                                                               so normal it was only natural that the 65-year-old
        The Latest                                             returned to the same orthopedic surgeons for a new
                                                               hip after osteoarthritis made walking painful.
        Advances in                                                 In February, Bill traveled all the way from his

                                                               home in Amsterdam to have hip surgery at Long
                                                               Beach Memorial Medical Center (LBMMC). Two days
                                                               after surgery, he was walking and talking about his
                                                               new cutting-edge ceramic hip that is expected to last
                                                               much longer than a traditional joint replacement
                                                               made of metal and a plastic called polyethylene.
        Less Invasive,                                         “There is always some risk with new technology, but
                                                               the promise is good enough that I was willing to
        More Durable,                                          take the risk,” said Bill, a former Navy fighter pilot,
        Fewer Surgeries                                        power lifter and surfer. “There has been almost no
                                                               restrictions on my shoulder ... and I’m expecting the
        by Paul Young                                          same for my hip.”
                                                                    Bill is one of thousands who benefited from this
                                                               latest technology in the treatment of bone and joint
                                                               problems. Where there has been little hope in the
                                                               past, physicians are discovering new ways to revive
                                                               knees, hips, shoulders and other areas, making the
                                                               future more promising for people like Bill.
                                                                    The newest trends involve: treatments that
                                                               postpone joint replacement; development of more
                                                               durable prostheses; and minimally invasive surgical
                                                               techniques. Douglas Jackson, MD, a Long Beach
                                                               Memorial orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee
                                                               problems, said. “We continue to develop minimally
                                                               invasive surgical approaches that will do as well as
                                                               traditional methods. The advantage is that an active
                                                               person has the potential to recover faster with
                                                               possibly less pain.”
                                                                    For knee problems, attention is being directed
                                                               toward local treatments utilizing new synthetic
                                                               materials and biologic approaches. For example, now
                                                               physicians are able to replace portions of the knee,
                                                               implant small spacers or cushions and in select
                                                               patients, transplant living cells to repair damaged
                                                               areas. “We are able to solve problems you couldn’t
                                                               solve 15 years ago because we didn’t have the
                                                               equipment or materials to do so,” said Curtis Spencer, MD,
                                                               an orthopedic surgeon who practices with Jackson
                                                               and a number of other LBMMC orthopedic surgical
                                                               specialists. “We are able to do bigger and more
                                                               complex surgeries now (due to technology) ...
                                                               and are helping people once considered too old
                                                               to undergo these surgeries.”
    Just five days after his hip replacement, Bill Miller is
    making music. Above, Bill shows his incredible range of
    motion as a result of a previous shoulder replacement.

Non-surgical Approaches                                                               stimulate fusion in the vertebrae so physicians don’t need to
     Even newer technologies and treatment options are being                          remove bone from the hip and graft it to the spine.
researched at LBMMC. In September, Douglas Garland, MD, who                                For this new treatment, physicians use a collagen sponge
specializes in hip problems, became the only orthopedic surgeon                       coated with protein, placing it inside the bone to promote bone
in the Los Angeles area to use electricity to stimulate cartilage                     growth, and eventually, fusion. “It’s less invasive because there
growth in arthritic hip joints as an alternative to surgery. This                     is no need for a bone graft,” Dr. Spencer said. A similar new
device delivers constant mild electric stimulation to the hip or                      concept is being tested on shoulders by David Morrison, MD,
knee and is worn by the patient throughout the night. “This is                        an LBMMC orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder problems.
hotter than hot because we are the only ones currently doing                               Dr. Morrison helped develop a shoulder joint prosthesis -
this,” Dr. Garland said. “We are still studying how well this                         used for the first time last year - made of a porous metal that
works and which patients benefit ... but, this has the potential to                   promotes bone growth into the prosthesis. It is designed to be
be huge. This may be one of the first real ‘cures’ for arthritis.”                    press-fit into the shoulder instead of being screwed or cement-
     Another minimally invasive treatment physicians are using is                     ed, making it extremely strong. “I’ve never had to replace
a new way to treat the clubfoot, a deformity in which the foot is                      (a shoulder) for wear, but there can be problems with the
turned in and down. During the past year, LBMMC orthopedic                            cement or screws,” Morrison said.
surgeons have strayed from the complex two- to three-hour                                  For hip replacement, orthopedic surgeons are experimenting
surgery required to fix this deformity and have turned to a                           with different materials to create a prosthesis that will last
technique developed by researchers at the University of Iowa.                         longer than the patient by reducing the wear between the ball
     The new procedure begins by treating a baby’s club foot                          and socket portion of the joint. Currently, they are looking at
soon after birth, gradually stretching the foot and holding it in                     three materials that coat the artificial hip - high crosslinked

  Non-surgical treatment of club foot begins one to two weeks after birth. From the left: Jadrian Lugo gets his first cast; Jose Arturo Sandoval
  enjoys a warm bath while his cast is removed in preparation for further manipulation of his foot and application of a new cast; Kwaliya Chim
  Myles is in a maintenance phase and wears her splint primarily while sleeping.

position with a series of casts. Then, a physician tenderly cuts the                  polyethylene (considered more durable than the original),
child’s Achilles tendon to increase flexibility, a simple procedure                   metal-on-metal and ceramic-on-ceramic.
done in the office. Eventually, the Achilles tendon grows back                             Physicians say it’s too early to tell which material will prove
into its normal anatomical position. “Club foot is common in                          to be the strongest. Bill Miller researched all three materials and
children all over the world and this (procedure) is influencing                       concluded that ceramic-on-ceramic was the best choice for him.
care everywhere,” said Ron Smith, MD, a LBMMC foot and ankle                          “I was looking for something that would last for a long time
orthopedic specialist. “Other countries don’t have the resources                      under active usage,” said Bill. “Hopefully, this new hip will give
or money to train orthopedic surgeons and this method of                              me my old life back.”
correction is much more cost effective and easier to teach.”                               And, if his right shoulder is any indication of how his hip
     Sometimes there is no way around a total joint replacement, but                  will fare, Bill will be surfing again in no time.
new ways are being found to make prostheses more durable and
other joint surgeries less invasive. Dr. Spencer reports that bone
morphogenic proteins have been used for the last year to

                                              Ahoy, Skipper!
                                                          David Hanbidge would retreat to his boat,
                                                          Positano after his chemotherapy and radiation

Lung and gastrointestinal cancers are common, deadly - and hardly ever mentioned.
The team at the Todd Cancer Institute (TCI) is dedicated to changing that - bringing
new hope to patients and their families.

                         by Katie Sweeney        After his father's death from lung cancer in March 1999, David
                                            Hanbidge found himself having trouble breathing, coughing and
                                            lacking energy. Even putting up the main sail on his sailboat became
                                            an impossible task. Only five months later, David's worst fears were
                                            confirmed: He, too, had lung cancer. "I was scared to death," recalls
                                            David, now 59 and a longtime Long Beach resident.
                                                 His situation is not rare; lung cancer strikes 172,000 people
                                            each year. While national walk-a-thons and ribbon campaigns have
                                            raised public awareness and research dollars for breast and ovarian
                                            cancers, lung cancer receives scant societal attention.
                                                  Lung cancer is not the only common cancer missing from the
                                            media spotlight. Gastrointestinal (GI) cancers (colon, stomach,
                                            pancreas and other parts of the digestive tract) seldom make the
                                            news or are the focus of corporate-sponsored fund-raising campaigns.
                                            The irony is, lung and GI cancers kill thousands more people each
                                            year. Last year, approximately 54,000 people died of breast and
                                            ovarian cancers combined, while nearly 300,000 people died of lung
                                            and GI cancers.
                                                "The most common and most lethal forms of cancers are receiving
                                            proportionally minuscule funding and attention," says Robert
                                            Nagourney, MD, medical director of the Todd Cancer Institute (TCI)
                                            at Long Beach Memorial.

     That deficiency correlates to lower survival rates. The overall        Cutting-Edge Technology
five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 86 percent versus                  The professionals at TCI are on the cutting edge of
62 percent for colorectal cancer. And lung cancer is the leading            radiation therapies as well. This is critical because lung and GI
cancer killer for men and women.                                            tumors often are located close to vital structures in the body,
    "We have a great opportunity," Dr. Nagourney says. "If we               such as the heart, spinal cord or rectum, which suffer damage
take available treatments and apply them intelligently, there's a           during conventional radiation treatments.
very good chance we can improve outcomes for a larger number                     At the TCI's Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Radiation Oncology
of people."                                                                 Center, physicians use an advanced radiation treatment called
    His theory: Every patient's cancer is different, almost like a          Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy (IMRT). IMRT is
fingerprint. By scientifically tailoring chemotherapy treatment to          extremely precise, so physicians can deliver higher doses of
each individual, the chances for a better outcome are increased.            radiation to a tumor while sparing the surrounding healthy
Currently, this "chemo-sensitivity" testing for lung and GI cancer          tissues from major damage, explains A.M. Nisar Syed, MD,
patients is part of a clinical study at the medical center.                 the Center's medical director.

                                                                                  Far left: Jim Williamson enjoys his Siberian huskies,
                                                                                  Silver Star and Lakota Moon.

                                                                                  Walt Wilson and his twin brother started flying
                                                                                  lessons at age 14. While he left the piloting to
                                                                                  others during his chemotherapy, he never stayed
                                                                                  away from the wild blue yonder.

Tailor-Made Treatments
                                                                                 Dr. Syed and his colleagues are leaders and pioneers in
    Determining the best treatment is done by testing a small
                                                                            brachytherapy, which involves implanting radioactive seeds
sample of the patient's tumor tissue against various chemotherapy
                                                                            inside a tumor. This therapy is often used with pancreatic cancer,
drugs to see which drugs are most effective against those
                                                                            an especially lethal cancer. Heat treatment - called hyperthermia -
particular cancer cells.
                                                                            is used with some advanced GI cancers to enhance the
     David Hanbidge believes in this method of treatment. He                effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy.
was diagnosed with a particularly deadly form of lung cancer,
                                                                                 The Center is installing the most advanced IMRT technology,
known as small cell or oat cell cancer. His tumor was confined
                                                                            which will allow physicians to adjust radiation doses to match
to his lower left lung and was successfully removed by Douglas
                                                                            a tumor's daily changes. This Center will be one of just 10
McConnell, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Dr. Nagourney
                                                                            institutions in the country to have this advanced equipment.
collaborated with the surgical oncology team so that the
removed tissue could be saved and tested against a variety of
chemo drugs. After tests were complete, he devised a treatment              Taking a Team Approach
plan for David that included radiation treatments and                            Innovative treatments and technologies are only part
chemotherapy normally used for brain and breast cancers.                    of the battle against these difficult cancers. Determining which
    Today, five years later, David is cancer-free and living a              treatments are best for each patient is most important.
                                                                                                                                          contined next page
normal life. He continues to sail and recently completed a 37-mile
bicycle ride. "I am convinced that the treatment I received saved
my life," David says.

                     Each tumor board consists of experts including: surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiation
                  oncologists, radiologists, primary care physicians, acute care internal medicine specialists, nurses and others.
                  The goal is to discuss and determine the best treatment plan for each individual patient.

                 Milton Drachenberg, MD             Douglas McConnell, MD               Robert Nagourney, MD                   A.M. Nisar Syed, MD
                        Pathologist                  Cardiothoracic Surgeon              Hematologist-Oncologist                Radiation Oncologist
                   Ajmel Puthawala, MD                                                                                        Jonathan Blitzer, MD
                     Radiation Oncologist                                                                                     Hematologist-Oncologist

     That's why there are multidisciplinary Cancer Treatment                  uses a lung CT scan to screen people at high risk - those over
Planning Conferences. Each conference, called a "tumor board,"                40 who have smoked a pack a day for at least 10 years.
is attended by professionals who review the cancer areas: chest                   The CT scan uses a low dose of radiation and, unlike chest
and lung, GI and genital/urinary, as well as breast and pediatric             X-rays, can pick up tumors at early stages, says John W. Renner, MD,
cancers.                                                                      medical director and department chair of Imaging Services at
    "It's like a multiple second-opinion program," says Dr. McConnell,        Long Beach Memorial.
who participates in the chest and lung tumor board. "You get                       Early detection cannot guarantee a cure, he cautions.
feedback from every discipline, so every angle is reviewed."                  Long-term data are not available yet to verify that early screening
    The tumor boards are particularly valuable in managing                    will boost the survival rate for lung cancer. However, Dr. Renner
complex cases. "Lung cancer is a complex disease and the                      is hopeful and the data so far are promising. "We think tumor
treatment plans are complex, too," says Thomas J. Asciuto, MD,                size does matter," he says. "There are too many deaths from
a pulmonary critical care physician who chairs the chest and                  lung cancer and this is a great opportunity to change that through
lung tumor board. "These conferences provide a good venue for                 early detection and intervention when the cancer is still localized."
communication and dialogue so we can give patients and their
physicians guidance on the best possible treatment plan."                     Conquering Colon Cancer
    For Dr. Nagourney, the conferences are one more step toward                   Jim Williamson was recovering from colon cancer surgery
creating a better future for cancer patients. "We're focusing on              at Long Beach Memorial when he received a surprise visit from
these common and deadly cancers," he says. "Working together,                 Robert Nagourney, MD.
we will make a real difference in the lives of our patients."                      It was April 2000 when Dr. Nagourney asked Jim if he'd like
                                                                              to participate in a research study designed to test the efficacy
Lung Cancer Screenings Aim to Save Lives                                      of certain chemotherapy drugs in human tissue. Dr. Nagourney
     David Hanbidge's father didn't discover he had lung cancer               asked to test a sample of Jim's tumor to see which chemo
until he collapsed in his Ohio kitchen one day in late 1998.                  drug(s) worked best.
The cancer had already spread to his spine, and he died three                      A few months later, Walt Wilson, then 53, was diagnosed
months later.                                                                 with colon cancer. Like Jim, Walt's cancer was locally advanced
     Unfortunately, finding lung cancer when it's far advanced is             but had not spread to other organs. And like Jim, he participated
an all-too-common scenario. That's why the Todd Cancer                        in the study.
Institute offers a lung cancer screening program. The program

                                        Pam Gambol, RN, MSN, (left) looks over a
                                        patient’s x-rays with Dr. Carey Cuillinane,
                                        surgical oncologist and geneticist.

                                                                                 What’s Your Cancer Risk?                                      by Katie Sweeney

Marsha Guerrein, MD, radiologist, presents
                                                                                 Up to 10 percent of cancers have a hereditary component.
a case to her colleagues at the tumor board.                                     A new program sheds light on which people are at risk.
                                                                                      If my mother had breast cancer, will I get it, too? If just one relative has
                                                                                 had cancer, am I at increased risk? What does my risk mean for my children and
                                                                                 their children?
                                                                                       Giving patients answers to these and other questions is one of the goals
        "Their lab profiles were completely different," says                     of the Cancer Risk and Prevention Program, a new program at the Todd Cancer
   Dr. Nagourney. Based on those different test results, each                    Institute (TCI) at Long Beach Memorial. "Genetic cancer risk assessment is very
   received very different chemotherapy regimens. Neither                        individual," explains Carey Cullinane, MD, MPH, surgical oncologist and director of
                                                                                 the program. "We give patients an accurate assessment of their genetic risk
   regimen was considered standard treatment in 2000,                            and then create an individualized plan for cancer screening and prevention."
   although both are widely used today.
                                                                                      How is this possible? Over the past decade, scientists have discovered specific
        Because it was part of a research study, there was                       genes related to the development of hereditary breast, ovarian, colorectal and
   no charge to the patients for the cost of the lab analysis.                   certain other cancers. A change, or mutation, in one of these genes increases a
   The final results of the research study were published by                     person's chance of developing that cancer. Genetic testing can reveal whether
   Dr. Nagourney in the November 2003 issue of the                               you have a specific mutation, but it's not always necessary, says Pat Gambol,
                                                                                 RN, MSN, an advanced practice nurse in genetics and the program's cancer risk
                              British Journal of Cancer.                         counselor. Patients go through a genetic counseling session to discuss their
                              More importantly, Jim and Walt                     family and personal cancer history, learn basic genetic concepts and have a
                              are healthy and cancer-free four                   physical exam.
                              years later.                                            Pat and Dr. Cullinane look for specific patterns and warning signs in a
                                "Dying never once crossed                        patient's history. One red flag is having two or more close relatives who developed
                                my mind," says Jim, now 63.                      cancer before age 50. Some patients are surprised to learn that their risk is
                                                                                 much lower than they thought. "Many people say, 'Everyone in my family had
                                "I knew my number wasn't up."                    cancer; I know I'm going to get it,'" Dr. Cullinane says. "But when we look at
                                                                                 the patterns of disease in their family and go through their history, the risk isn't
    Karen Byczynski, RN                                                          as high as they perceived it to be."
         Manager, TCI                                                                 If a patient chooses to have genetic testing, a blood test is done. If the test
    Multidisciplinary Cancer                                                     finds a mutation, Dr. Cullinane advises the patient on possible preventive steps,
     Conference Forums
                                                                                 such as more intense and early-age screening, or in some cases, preventive
                                                                                 surgery. If you don't have a mutation, does that mean you won't get cancer?
                                                                                 No. In fact, only 5 to 10 percent of cancers are believed to be hereditary.
                                                                                      Dr. Cullinane encourages anyone concerned about a genetic risk of cancer
                                                                                 to take advantage of the program. Counseling in most cases is covered by
                               Jeffery Dobkin, MD                                insurance. Many people are afraid that their insurance premiums will increase
                                    Radiologist                                  based on genetic counseling or testing. However, federal law prohibits genetic
                                                                                 discrimination. "Patients should make decisions based on knowledge,"
                                                                                 she says, "not fear."

                                                                                      For further information call: 562.933.RISK (7475).

the beat on
                                                                     > TREATMENT AND CARE THAT WILL
                                                                     MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES <
                                                                                                     by Paul Young

                                               Charlie’s Story
                                                    His stepfather died suddenly of a heart attack at age 65, and with a heart as
                                               damaged, Charles Branch was headed down the same path. Slowly, the blood flow
                                               to his heart was being constricted by corroding arteries, and the four chambers of
                                               heart muscle were becoming too weak to sustain his body. In the past, the most
                                               physicians could have done was to hold his hand and hope for the best.
                                                    But Charles was in luck. Thanks to an evolving and unique heart program that
                                               began at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (LBMMC) in the 1960s, Charles is
                                               alive 25 years after his first and only heart
                                               attack. Now 84 years young, he has
                                               remained healthy enough to visit nearly
                                               every state in the continental U.S., celebrate
After almost 30 years together as doctor and   his 53rd wedding anniversary and enjoy 10
 patient, John Messenger, MD, and Charles
 Branch have shared a great deal, including    grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
                    chocolate and laughter.    “If you’re 65 years old now with heart disease,
                                               you’ve got your whole life ahead of you,”
                                               Charles says. “It’s unbelievable to think
                                               about the things that are happening
                                               (in medicine) today. When I was a kid, if you stepped on a nail and they didn’t put
                                               turpentine on it right away, you’d die of infection.”
                                                    Advances made in the last five years alone are nothing short of miracles.
                                               Even more impressive is the fact that many of these improvements are being
                                               made by a dynamic team of physians, nurses, cardiac technicians and researchers
                                               at the Memorial Heart and Vascular Institute (MHVI). “We receive research
                                               products two years before the rest of the world,’’ says John Messenger, MD,
                                               medical director of the Coronary Care Unit. “We have evolved dramatically in
                                               every area ... it doesn’t get any better than this.”

                                                                                 “Our goal is to make patients’ lives
                                                            14                     Nancy Fleeman, RN
                                                                                   Vice president of MHVI and Critical Care Services.
                                   Dr. Messenger shows Charles Branch a biventricular pacemaker,
                                                     like the one recently implanted into Charles.

         The Institute - located on the third floor of LBMMC               In 1985,
   - is larger than many hospitals in Southern California. It         Charles came
   has 95 inpatient beds, approximately 750 full-time                 to Long Beach
   employees (not including the personnel who support                 Memorial expecting
   them), about 600 new patients monthly and performs                 just that. Four years after
   some 600 surgical procedures a year. It is equipped with           he survived a heart attack in
   three operating rooms, four cardiac catheter labs, cardiac         Northern California, he consulted with
   procedure unit, intermediate cardiac care unit, cardiac            Dr. Messenger and the two formed such a strong bond
   monitor unit, cardiac rehabilitation center, pharmacy              that Dr. Messenger has kept his heart ticking for the last
   and a host of other services contributing to successful            30 years. “As far as I’m concerned,” Charles says,
   outcomes in patient care. There has always been a                  “Dr. Messenger is ‘God.’ I told him I want to see him
   healthy research program. Currently, 17 research                   walk on water.”
   projects are underway with plans to take on five more,                  In 1986, Dr. Messenger recommended quadruple
   ranging from clinical and heart disease management                 bypass surgery for Charles. Surgeons bypassed four
   studies to research on quality of life issues, medications         clogged coronary arteries with healthy ones from his
   and women’s heart disease.                                         leg. Ten years later, Charles underwent an angioplasty,
        Dr. Messenger says all activity is propelled by a team        whereby a small mesh tubular device was inserted into
   approach that begins when a heart patient arrives and              his thigh and positioned into a vessel near his heart in
   experiences a seamless network of care. In addition to             order to hold it open and enhance blood flow. His most
   high quality diagnosis and treatment, patients receive             recent procedure was the implantation of a biventricular
   follow-up and appropriate rehabilitation.                          pacemaker attached to his cardiac muscle to better
       “Our goal is to make patients’ lives as productive             coordinate his heart’s pumping ability. The device is so
   as possible,” says Nancy Fleeman, RN, vice president               new physicians are studying the progress of people like
   of MHVI and Critical Care Services. “That’s the most               Charles to determine how patients fare with this type of
   important thing we can do ... because patients come to             pacemaker in the long term. So far, he’s doing just fine.
   us expecting high quality medical treatment and care               “Before the procedure (biventricular pacemaker), I’d go
   that will make a difference in their lives.”                       shopping with my wife and huff and puff behind her
                                                                      until I couldn’t walk anymore,” says the retired truck
                                                                      driver. “Now, we go around the store like it’s a race
                                                                      track. It’s fantastic that they can keep someone like me
                                                                      alive to enjoy the quality of life we have.”
                                                                                                                            continued on page 16

                                                                      Above center: Misty Eckert, RN, and Brent Conklin, CVT,
                                                                      check the computer output during a cardiac catheterization.

                                                                      Right: Linda Trillo, RN, manager of the cardiac monitor unit
                                                                      and Kim West, RN, discuss placement of patients in the critical
                                                                      care area.

as productive as possible.”
Literally, On the Cutting Edge
      Roger Roadstrom of Los Alamitos tells            cardiothoracic surgeon Daniel Bethencourt,     Treatments for
a similar story. From all appearances, it’s            MD, said that there have only been about
difficult to believe this 63-year-old once had         1,000 such surgeries performed worldwide.
                                                                                                      Today and
a heart so diseased that physicians said                   The surgery includes a bypass to
he would eventually require transplant                 improve blood flow to the cardiac muscle,           Joann Hokans, of Long Beach, found
surgery to stay alive. Now, “When the sun’s            repairing the mitral valve of the heart        herself in MHVI for the first time in
out, I’m out,” Roger exclaims.                         and cutting into damaged cardiac muscle        February. She lives a healthy lifestyle,
     Just months ago, this outdoorsman                 to change the heart’s shape. Restoring         walks at least a mile a day, does not
was in such bad shape that a short walk                the heart to its natural conical shape, is     smoke and eats well. So when she
was a major chore. He feared he’d never                achieved by implanting a special patch         arrived at Memorial’s Emergency
be able to partake again in his favorite               onto the cardiac muscle, improving             Department with mild chest discomfort,
sport, racing drag boats at 130 mph.                   pumping ability and efficiency.                she was shocked to learn that a vessel
“It scared me when the doctor said my                                                                 leading to her heart was between 80 to 85
                                                            “We evaluated Mr. Roadstrom and
heart was not in good shape,” Roger said.                                                             percent occluded - a dangerous blockage
                                                       decided we could do more to help him
“It was a blow to me. I thought, ‘Gee,                                                                that could potentially pave the way for a
                                                       with this new approach,” Dr. Bethencourt
if this doesn’t get fixed, my lifestyle is                                                            massive heart attack. Three days later,
                                                       said. “Research studies have shown the
going to change in a hot minute.’”                                                                    she was lying in the Recovery Room after
                                                       procedure can improve the heart by
                                                                                                      a stenting procedure and angioplasty by
     Roger’s heart had become large                    about 50 percent. It excludes the part of
                                                                                                      Prabhtej Brara, MD. The procedure revived
and round, preventing it from pumping                  the heart that is not squeezing. If we had
                                                                                                      her vessel and made it almost good as
efficiently. He also had several clogged               done just the bypass, the rest of his heart
                                                                                                      new. “I read that Long Beach Memorial
coronary arteries that restricted blood                would have performed better for awhile,
                                                                                                      was renowned for its cardiac care, so
flow to the muscle and caused him chest                but the problem is the non-functioning
                                                                                                      that’s why I came,” said Joann, who
pain. His surgeon decided that he needed               area stresses the rest of the heart and,
                                                                                                      selected her insurance to ensure that she
quadruple bypass surgery to fix the                    in time, causes the heart to fail.”
                                                                                                      would be able to receive care at LBMMC.
arteries, but determined that Roger was                Dr. Bethencourt says the procedure has
                                                                                                      She was impressed to learn that the
an excellent candidate for a cutting-edge              great potential to help thousands of people
                                                                                                      professionals at the MHVI were treating
experimental surgery called ventricular                with congestive heart failure, a condition
                                                                                                      an increasing number of women with
restoration. The procedure is so new                   in which the heart pumps poorly and
                                                                                                      heart disease and aggressively working
                                                                       allows fluid to back up in
                                                                                                      to bring women’s heart disease to the
                                                                       the lungs.
                                                                                                      forefront. (See page 18.)
                                                                     Roger likened his new lease
                                                                                                          Physicians are working on several new
                                                                     on life to a drag racing boat.
                                                                                                      technologies and treatments including:
                                                                     “The more prepped a boat
                                                                     is, the better it’s going to     • Blood tests that help determine if
                                                                                                        someone is having a heart attack
                                                                     do. It’s kind of like me, I’ve
                                                                     got a new pumper now...
                                                                     and I feel good.”

              Prabhtej Brara, MD, shows Joann Hokans before
               and after images from her angioplasty displaying
                                  the flow of blood to her heart.
                                                                                               “There were no open heart surgeries
                                                                          16                     Myrvin Ellestad, MD
                                                                                                 Medical director of MHVI
    • Microwave energy to block the             technology changes and our understanding
      conduction of atrial fibrillation         of the (cardiovascular) process changes.
      in the heart (which is when the           As we go along, everything is new and
      top part of the heart quivers)
                                                exciting. That’s the way life is in cardiology.”
    • A method to detect heart sounds
                                                     Millard Black, a 79-year-old who
      that are indicative of significant
      coronary artery disease                   has arteriosclerosis, a hardening of the
    • A program to correct metabolic            arteries, has watched the medical center’s
      syndrome, a newly recognized              level of cardiac care evolve over the last
      cause of diabetes and heart               30 years from a patient’s perspective.
      disease                                   “The professionals at Long Beach
                                                Memorial sure have improved my life,”
         “We have a booming research            said Millard, who is enjoying the benefits
    program in the MHVI,” said Leslie Kern,     of a new stent recently implanted by               In the MHVI Recovery Room, Rachel Sanders, RN, and
    RN, director of research program            Winfried Waider, MD. “Instead of sitting           Michelle Cline, RN, update the patient information board.
    development for the Institute. “We can      in a chair doing nothing, I can get out
    tell you what’s coming because we’re        and actually do something. When you
    researching it right now.” The MHVI is      need to have heart surgery, you want to
    expanding so quickly that Dr. Messenger     go to a place where they do a lot of it,
    says it’s sometimes a challenge just        where they’re the finest.” And that,
    trying to keep up. “Research results and    Millard says, is at Long Beach Memorial
    technology are changing at such a pace      and the MHVI.
    that it’s economically hard to stay
    ahead,” Dr. Messenger says. “It’s like
    when you finish painting a bridge and
    already you have to go to the other end
    and start all over again.” Future plans
    are to expand MHVI, grow a larger
    research program and enhance the
                                                                                                   Above: Some of the MHVI staff include, left to right:
    services already offered.                                                                      Elsa Saldivar, data coordinator; Linda Garwood, scheduling
         Myrvin Ellestad, MD, medical                                                              manager; and Eurlene Seitz, office manager.

    director of MHVI, has participated in                                                          Left: Garry Yefsky, LCSW, left, and John Messenger, MD,
                                                                                                   stay in constant communication with colleagues and
    the medical center’s heart program                                                             patients’ families to ensure coordinated teamwork and
    |exponential growth over the last 50                                                           comprehensive care.

    years. “When I started, there weren’t a
    lot of physicians practicing cardiology.
    Cardiology was part of internal
    medicine,” Dr. Ellestad said. “There
    were no open heart surgeries and no
    pacemakers ... (Treatment) is changing as

and no pacemakers...”
    There Sare T W E E N T H E S E X E S
                                                B Y    P A U L     Y O U N G

                                                     Eileen Joy Lowthorp, 66, was close to death and didn’t know it. Her
                                                heart was only pumping at 15 percent efficiency and was so damaged that
                                                physicians discovered eight blockages in her coronary arteries. Her surgeon,
                                                Anne Cahill, MD, medical director, Memorial Women’s Heart Health Program,
                                                commented that it was the sickest heart she had ever seen.
                                                     The irony is that when Eileen arrived at Long Beach Memorial’s Emergency
                                                Department in January with shortness of breath, heart disease was the last
                                                diagnosis she expected to receive. “I went in there not feeling good, but had no
                                                idea I was so sick,” she said. “It never dawned on me that it would be my heart.”
                                                     Eileen’s not alone, since 53 percent of women are expected to die of heart
                                                disease, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control. In addition,
                                                the American Heart Association reports cardiovascular disease claims the lives
                                                of half a million women each year, more than the next seven causes of death
                                                     “We have a major obligation to educate women because heart disease
                                                is preventable,” said Dr. Cahill. This disease usually develops over time by a
                                                buildup of fats, cholesterol and other substances that can significantly restrict,
                                                or even stop, blood flow through an artery, causing a heart attack or stroke.
                                                     Dr. Cahill says there are no cardiac research trials published exclusive to
                                                women, despite the fact that the risk factors, symptoms and treatment of heart
                                                disease for women are different than for men. Because of this, many women have
                                                had delays in their diagnoses of heart problems. So Dr. Cahill in collaboration
                                                with Dr. Carol Grabowsky, will launch a screening program to identify women’s
                                                risks for heart disease and attack them with aggressive intervention.
                                                     Eleanor Martinez, 75, a patient of Dr. Cahill, warns that it is important for
                                                women to be aware of the signs and symptoms of heart disease. Her heart’s
                                                condition had deteriorated to a point that she found herself lying in a hospital
                                                bed waiting to have triple bypass surgery. “The first time they told me I had a
                                                heart attack, I couldn’t believe it,” Eleanor said. “I have always been a very
                                                healthy person.”
                                                     The signs and symptoms of a heart attack for women include nausea,
                                                abdominal pain, unexplained fatigue and sleep disorders, with or without the
                                                typical symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath.
           Top: Eileen Lowthorp visits with          Dr. Cahill says exercise, even just walking, can minimize the risks for
  Barbara Easterbrook, RN, after her surgery.   heart disease as will weight management and a healthy diet, including low
           Below: Dr. Anne Cahill checks on     cholesterol and a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fat.
        Eleanor Martinez before her surgery.         “Women should have their hearts checked,” Eileen said. “I feel fortunate
                                                that this was found.”
                                                     For a free heart health guide or a referral to a Long Beach
                                                Memorial heart specialist, call 1.800.MEMORIAL (1.800.636.6745).

Women’s Health
                                                B Y    C A R O L       B E C K E R M A N

Most women take their health care very                What attracts physicians to Memorial              Dr. Grabowski: I would add that the
personally - desiring the best technical              Women’s?                                          comprehensiveness of our care is what
care possible, but placing a high value                                                                 makes us so successful. There are many
                                                      Dr. Nageotte: Physicians who are interested
on feeling comfortable and confident                                                                    general OB/GYN physicians on staff, along
                                                      in continued learning and who are not
with their health care professionals.                                                                   with all the subspecialists in: maternal-fetal
                                                      reluctant to share their findings enjoy working
Memorial Women’s at Long Beach Memorial                                                                 medicine, infertility, GYN/oncology and
                                                      with our team. This results in high quality
Medical Center (LBMMC), is devoted to                                                                   GYN/urology. Whatever services a woman
                                                      patient care.
women’s health care. More than 7,000 women                                                              needs are provided here by a team that works
were treated here as inpatients in 2003.              Dr. Grabowski: When a patient’s care              together to make women feel comfortable.
Following are excerpts from an interview              becomes complex, I don’t have to give up
                                                                                                        Dr. Nageotte: Another important benefit to
with Michael Nageotte, MD, Careline director;         my patient. We have specialists and clinical
                                                                                                        both patients and physicians is the medical
Margaret Herman, RNC, BSN, executive                  professors to help and co-manage cases.
                                                                                                        education fellowship programs for all the
director; and Carol Grabowski, MD,                                                                      subspecialties mentioned. These programs
chief of staff of Memorial Women’s.                   What is the advantage of being located            encourage our staff physicians to stay current,
                                                      next to Miller Children’s Hospital?               continue learning and serve as teachers.
What unique services are provided at                                                                    Margaret: Our nurses receive advanced
                                                      Dr. Nageotte: The concept of a women’s
Memorial Women’s?                                     center and a children’s hospital together is      education and training in labor-delivery
Dr. Nageotte: We have dedicated operating             appealing to parents as it provides for all       nursing. The GYN/oncology nurses are
rooms and a separate recovery room so our             the prospective needs of both baby and            certified to deliver chemotherapy. In addition,
patients are cared for in a specialized setting for   mother. If there is a problem at birth, the       we offer support groups for ovarian cancer
women. There are obstetric anesthesiologists,         infant does not have to be transferred to         patients, menopausal women and a Breast
subspecialists in maternal fetal medicine             another facility for care, and the mother-baby    Friends program for breast cancer survivors.
and obstetricians in the hospital, on call            bonding is not disrupted. This advantage          We provide many classes for expectant parents.
24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.                    applies for low-risk as well as high-risk         Recently, Memorial Women’s was rated as
Because Miller Children’s Hospital is                 pregnancies since professionals here provide      one of the top 18 places in the country to
adjacent, there is always a neonatologist             a safety net for normal OB patients.              have a healthy baby by Fit Pregnancy
available 24/7.                                                                                         magazine.
Margaret: A comprehensive lactation                                                                     Dr. Nageotte: I’d like to add that because
support program funded by a grant from                To what do you attribute the stellar              we participate in basic research and clinical
LA5 allows us to expand inpatient and                 reputation of Memorial Women’s?                   trials, the patient care we deliver stays
outpatient breastfeeding consultation to              Dr. Nageotte: Basically, this is the result of    “ahead of the curve.” While we maintain
seven days a week. One of our pharmacists,            the quality of care given to our patients by      high standards of compassionate patient
Gerald Briggs, PharmD, developed a widely             the health care team. Our physicians and          care, we continue to pursue ways to learn
used hyperemesis protocol that is the                 nurses practice evidence-based medicine;          and do more.
source of many referrals. Our Perinatal               this means they are willing to improve
Special Care Unit has 10 specially equipped           procedures and management of their
beds allowing us to continuously monitor              patients based upon reliable studies and
high-risk pregnant women and their babies.            data. They are willing to have this care
In addition, we have an outpatient surgery            reviewed by their peers. Further, they are
center, MemorialCare Breast Center,                   leaders in their profession and act as
OB Clinic, and Family Planning Clinic.                mentors to others, both at LBMMC and in
Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine                   the community.
Center also provides OB/GYN services.

Two beautiful boys.
Two Princes.
Trust their health care to
Miller Children’s Hospital.
                                                 B Y PA U L YO U N G

                                                     Kellisa Myers has a life-threatening lung disease called cystic fibrosis (CF). She has a
                                                 chronic cough and undergoes several daily treatments in order to breathe more easily.
                                                 But this 16-year-old Lakewood resident doesn’t let it stop her from gabbing on the phone,
                                                 grooving at dances and attending sleepovers just like any other teen. “She’s always on the go,”
                                                 her mother, Kathy, said.
                                                     Thanks to new therapies being used at Miller Children’s Hospital Pediatric Pulmonary
                                                 and Cystic Fibrosis Center, patients like Kellisa are breaking old molds and living longer
                                                 with a better quality of life. They are playing sports, starting families and overcoming a
                                                 disease that once took children’s lives before reaching age 10.
                                                     “People live longer now due to early diagnosis and regular intensive treatment,”
                                                 said Chuanpit Moser, MD, assistant director of the center, which sees more than 100 CF
                                                 patients, thousands of asthma patients and hundreds of patients with a variety of complex
                                                 respiratory disorders. What makes this center so special is our outstanding multidisciplinary
                                                 team that pays attention to every detail.”

Top: Dr. Eliezer Nussbaum, is the medical
  director of the Pediatric Pulmonary and
                    Cystic Fibrosis Center.

    Andrew Terrill Ioimo was a patient at
     Miller Children’s for treatment of the
  many complications of his cerebral palsy.
   After he passed away, his mother, Kristi
 Ioimo, persuaded the manufacturer of his            On the first visit to the center, a child is seen by a team that includes physicians, nurses,
  Thairpy Vest®, which had been leased to        social workers, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, nutrition
help keep Andrew’s lungs clear of fluids, to
   donate the vest to the hospital for use by    experts and dieticians with the ability to treat a wide spectrum of respiratory diseases.
       other pediatric pulmonary patients.       There is even a component that includes treatment of adults with cystic fibrosis, a growing
      Tom Newton, RCP, RRT, seen with            group making up almost 40 percent of people living with this condition.
 Kristi, reports that the use of this vest has
 been extremely successful with patients at           Directors of the program call this center one-stop-shopping. Instead of making
                          Miller Children’s.
                                                 appointments with several different physicians and ancillary professionals, the patient is
                                                 diagnosed and treated aggressively by a line of professionals and people who care for their
                                                 every need in the same location. “Everything is taken care of all at once, so I’m not running
                                                 around from one place to another,” Kathy said. “I’m usually in the center for three or four
                                                 hours seeing one specialist after another and that is good because all the doctors (and staff)
                                                 are sharing their notes. Kellisa has just flourished with the proper care.”
                                                       Social worker Julia Greenwald, MSW, who has worked at the center for 15 years, said
                                                 it’s her job to help facilitate that care, offering services that include finding transportation
                                                 to the center, tapping into local resources for financial aid or simply lending a shoulder on

which to rely. “There are so many obstacles to getting good                     Julia Greenwald, said many of the patients are seen
medical care,” Julia said. “But this center is all about overcoming        throughout their lives. “With chronic illness, you need to
those obstacles. Sometimes, what I do for patients just feels              know the whole person and have a relationship with them,”
like a drop in the bucket, but my goal is to make the parents feel         she explained. “It’s not like having a broken leg where you go
a little less alone.”                                                      to the hospital, get it fixed and never come back ... we watch
                                                                           these kids grow.”
     The program has become so effective that it is one of the
largest pediatric pulmonary centers in the state and one of only                Jeffrey Riker, MD, who treats adult CF patients, said it’s
three in California to become an accredited national program               fulfilling to watch his teenage patients grow older and flourish
for providing post-graduate fellowship training. “We have                  as technology improves. Two people under his care will soon
cutting edge technology at all levels for pulmonary disorders,”            turn 50, despite an average life expectancy of 32 years. “It’s nice
said Eliezer Nussbaum, MD, medical director of the center.                 to go through life challenges with them,” he said. “I’ve been to
“You will not find any center with more patient care capability.”          their weddings.”
    Included in the center’s toolbox is the ability to perform                 For Alex Ramirez, 16, and his mother Becky, life has been
bronchoscopies, in which a fiberoptic scope is used to examine             much better since coming to this center. Alex suffers from
                                                                           severe CF and is on a waiting list to have both of his lungs

                                                                           replaced with transplants. Yet, he said he feels lucky.
                                                                                Alex was treated at another hospital for the first years of
                                                                           his life and said that he didn’t realize what he was missing
                                                                           until he came to Miller Children’s Pediatric Pulmonary and
                                                                           Cystic Fibrosis Center. “They really get to know a lot about
                                                                           you and when you’re sick, they do everything they can to
                                                                           make you better.” When his birthday landed during a hospital
                                                                           stay, Alex said, the nurses decorated his room, brought him
                                                                           presents and threw him a party.
                                                                               During his stays in the hospital, physicians from the center
                                                                           are the first ones he sees arriving at the hospital and the last
                                                                           ones leaving.
                                                                              “I have all the faith in the world in our doctors,”
                                                                           Becky said. “Alex is going to live for a long time.”

                                                                           Far left: Some members of the pediatric pulmonary team
a patient’s airway from the nose down to the lungs. Physicians             surround Alex Ramirez.
perform pulmonary function tests, where children’s airflow                 Center: Jocelyn Loza blows as hard as she can to obtain a high
and oxygen levels are monitored to determine how well their                score on her pulmonary function test.
lungs are performing. They diagnose unborn babies with CF
                                                                           Right: Alex is examined by Dr. Chuanpit Moser.
and have a host of sophisticated equipment and techniques that
deliver high frequency oscillations to help clear the respiratory
tract of mucous, including a high frequency VEST.
     In addition, the center participates in clinical research, has
a solid patient education program and access to a wide range
of cutting edge drug therapies and treatments that make it much
easier for patients to breathe. Perhaps the newest treatment for
CF patients is an antibiotic to reduce infection and inflammation
in the lungs. “Our hope is that one day we will cure this disease,”
said Elaine Harrington, RN, BSN. “Most of our team members
have been together for a long time. We have longevity with
patients and, therefore, provide a lot of consistent care.”

                                                            This story started in Dallas, Texas as Chris and Stephanie
                                                      Riley made plans to move their family to a new home in

    the Journey
                                                      Orange County, California. Chris was being transferred from
                                                      Singapore to America and the family was making a temporary
                                                      stop at his company’s headquarters in Dallas while their home
                                                      was readied.
                                                            While in Dallas, Azzurra-Sky Riley, their cherubic two-year-
                                                      old, complained of pain in her hip. She had fallen off her bed
           “It’s a parents worst nightmare            a week before, so Stephanie took her to an orthopedist, who
                       to hear that                   said everything seemed fine. With that concern resolved, the
                                                      family joined Chris for a five-week business project in Hong
               your child has cancer...”              Kong. Azzurra-Sky continued to complain about pain in her
                                                      hip, but another orthopedist assured them that nothing
                            BY CAROL BECKERMAN        seemed wrong. However, walking became more painful each
                                                      day. The Riley’s had planned a stop in Australia to visit family
                                                      and then go on to California, but plans came to a halt when
                                                      they landed in Sydney - Azzurra-Sky couldn’t walk.
                                                            They took her straight to Westmead Children’s Hospital,
                                                      which they knew well since their oldest daughter, Savanna,
                                                      had been a patient there several years before. Chris and
                                                      Stephanie were told that Azzurra-Sky would need to stay
                                                      overnight for observation of a suspected infection in the lining
W. Mark Roberts, MD, and                              of her hip joint. Blood was drawn and x-rays taken - the first
 Joetta DeSwarte Wallace,                             time such tests had been done since her complaints began.
        RN, MSN, are two                              These simple tests revealed that the problem wasn’t just in her
           members of the                             hip, it was in her bone marrow.
             JJCCC team.                                    Seeing the results of the blood tests, physicians told Chris
                                                      to prepare his wife for unwelcome news - Azzurra-Sky had
                                                      Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare
                                                      to hear that your child has cancer, and even more of a shock
                                                      to hear physicians say that the next 30 days were critical to
                                                      get Azzurra-Sky into remission or she wouldn’t survive for

                             Left to right: The Riley family, Azzurra-Sky, Chris, Savanna and
                         Stephanie have fun around the piano. Savanna and Azzurra-Sky love
                                                 dressing in costumes and staging productions.

                                                                                                    The basic treatment protocols for this disease are
                                                                                                    universal, having been developed by the international
                                                                                                    association of physicians called the Children’s Oncology
                                                                                                    Group. The JJCCC has made some slight alterations
                                                                                                    to the treatment plan, increasing survival rates from
                                                                                                    80 percent worldwide, to 84 percent. This slight
                                                                                                    enhancement of the odds “sealed the deal,” as Chris
                                                                                                    says, to make the journey to California as soon as
                                                                                                    Azzurra-Sky’ condition stabilized.
                                                                                                        After a little more than 30 days of treatment in
                                                                                                    Australia, Azzurra-Sky went into remission. The news
                                                                                                    came on Chris’ 40th birthday - what better gift could
                                                                                                    a parent receive. However, after one day “at home”
                                                                                                    Azzurra-Sky spiked a temperature and had to be
                                                                                                    readmitted to the hospital where she stayed on and off
                                                                                                    for the next 50 days, undergoing more chemotherapy.
                                                                                                    During this time, Chris traveled alone to meet Dr. Roberts
                                                                                                    and tour MCH. This visit finalized Chris’ decision to
                                                                                                    bring Azzurra-Sky to Long Beach for the remainder of
                                                                                                    her treatment. The family is grateful for the treatment
                                                                                                    and care received from the physicians and staff in
                                                                                                    Australia and is appreciative of their cooperation in
                                                                                                    transferring Azzurra-Sky to Miller Children’s Hospital.
                                                                                                        With her blood counts stabilized, Azzurra-Sky,
                                                                                                    Savanna, Chris, Stephanie and her mother “Nona”
                                                                                                    finally left Sydney. Following their 16-hour journey to
                                                                                                    Los Angeles, they drove directly to Miller Children’s to
                                                                                                    meet Dr. Roberts. Azzurra-Sky had her blood drawn and
                                                                                                    when the results were known, Dr. Roberts told the
                                                                                                    family to go home, rest, and bring Azzurra-Sky back in
more than six weeks. By this time, the family’s belongings were                                     three days to begin the next round of chemotherapy.
enroute from Dallas to Orange County. Although their new home was                        When they returned to MCH, the Riley family learned what Chris
now ready, it was felt that the only option was to stay in Australia and            had felt from his first visit ... that the JJCCC is a special place. Beyond
take any steps necessary to save their little girl. They enrolled Savanna           the chemotherapy protocols, there are values, a philosophy and an
in a local school and settled into another rented home and prepared                 environment that sets the place apart. Dr. Roberts says, “What makes us
for long hospital stays.                                                            unique is our honest-to-goodness multi-disciplinary team that meets daily.

Dr. Roberts says about his patient, “She’s perfect.”
       With Stephanie’s encouragement, Chris continued plans to move                Joetta Wallace, RN, MSN, clinical nurse specialist adds, “In some
the family to the United States, but it was important to find medical               places, it’s the physician who makes all the decisions, but here, it’s the
options for Azzurra-Sky. So, Chris began an Internet search and spoke               team members. It’s a very different approach. We have everything here
with friends about hospitals in Southern California. He made many                   - a children’s hospital, an environment of care - warm, personally attentive,
trans-Pacific phone calls. Most hospitals answered his basic questions,             along with professional medical care.” According to Dr. Roberts,
but told him someone would call him back. At the suggestion of a                    “Nutritional support, antibiotic regimens, our commitment to consistency,
family friend, he called Miller Children’s Hospital (MCH) in Long Beach,            our team and the tumor board make positive differences.”
California. There was no “we’ll call you back later,” he was connected                    These differences seem to agree with Azzurra-Sky and her family.
immediately with W. Mark Roberts, MD, medical director of the                       It is almost two and a half years since their move to California and
Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC) at MCH.                            Dr. Roberts says about his patient, “She’s perfect.” However, he does
       The two talked a long time that first day and nearly everyday                point out, “We can’t yet say she is cured. We wait six to seven years before
thereafter. Dr. Roberts explained that protocols in Australia are slightly          we talk about a cure, but with everyday that passes, the probability for
different than here. Chris said, “The man (Dr. Roberts) was just                    a cure increases.”
brilliant. He shared information and explained what the Australian                        It’s been a long road - a difficult journey to be where the Riley’s
physicians were doing. His support and understanding of what we                     are today ... a journey they know has been made less traumatic by the
were going through, well, probably we would have been in total crisis               technical skill and medical knowledge of the great team assembled by
if it hadn’t been for him. It is rare to meet such a caring, giving human           Dr. Roberts ... a team that gives world-class loving care to their little
being with such a depth of knowledge on his subject. We count                       girl. In September, Azzurra-Sky enrolls in kindergarten. This brave little
ourselves very fortunate to have the privilege of working with him                  girl will tell you in her own words, “I’m not afraid of monsters. If they
and his incredible team to overcome Azzurra-Sky’s challenges.”                      try to eat me, I’d just make them let me go.” Out of the mouths of babes.

Education in Hea
Simulation Enhances Realization
by Cristina Salvador

     To address the critical shortage of nurses in California,               Center Foundation made this innovation possible. The simulators
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (LBMMC) and Miller                        can speak their discomforts, react to overdoses, convulse, have a
Children’s Hospital (MCH) are partnering with California State               stroke, etc. The technology allows students to make assessments,
University Long Beach (CSULB) to increase the number of                      become familiar with breathing sounds and other body rhythms,
graduating nurses.                                                           and monitor reactions to medications. “This is very high-tech
     In January 2004, 72 nursing students from CSULB began                   simulation,” Paulette said. “It looks exactly like a hospital setting.
clinical coursework at LBMMC. Because of this partnership,                   We’re going to be able to learn every procedure - like inserting
36 of these students were able to be a part of this class. They              catheters and nasogastric tubes, and performing wound care.”
were able to be moved from a waiting list to this nursing degree                  The lab will be a showroom for vendor partners, whose
program and begin classes a full semester earlier than anticipated.          philanthropic gifts-in-kind (see page 38) enable students to use
So, each spring and fall trimester for the next two years, these             the same equipment found in patient rooms at Long Beach
36 additional slots will be available in each nursing class. Every           Memorial and Miller Children’s.
year, approximately 50 of these students are expected to contract                 By combining resources with CSULB, innovators at LBMMC
with LBMMC as they enroll in the trimester program. This will                are leading the health care industry with this pilot program,
allow them to complete the nursing portion of their bachelor’s               which now doubles the number of nurses graduating annually
degree one year ahead of schedule. After the second year of the              and will add more than 250 RN, BSN’s to the medical center
program, instead of waiting for a fall or spring trimester to begin          staff within the next five years.
a new nursing class, CSULB will accept freshman students in
the summer trimester, increasing the graduate numbers by 108
students each year.
     As an additional incentive, Long Beach Memorial will pay
for one year of a student’s costs for books and tuition for each
year they agree to work at the medical center after graduation.
The Director of Clinical Program Development, Susan Crockett,
RN, said, “It really struck me that there are so many talented
students at CSULB who were going to be asked to change their
majors away from Nursing for lack of nursing school openings
and here’s a stellar medical center that can’t hire enough nurses.”
     The program utilizes master-degreed LBMMC/MCH clinical
nursing staff to teach year-round classes at CSULB’s satellite
campus at Long Beach Memorial. According to Paulette Rubia,
a new 23-year old student, “We’re pioneers for this new trimester
nursing program. We will have intensive summer training, so we
will be better prepared. It’s a “win-win” for the university, the
medical center and for me. I get a diploma and a job after I
                                                                         “Paul,” the adult patient simulator is examined by, left to right: Karen
graduate, and the medical center gets a new nurse.”                      White, RN, MN, clinical instructor; Sue Crockett, RN, director, Clinical
     Students will benefit from instruction held in a recently           Program Development; Sharlene Hodges, RN, Labor and Delivery;
completed 1,500 square foot health skills laboratory. This futuristic    Dora Van de Mortel, RN, MSN, clinical instructor.
skills lab is revolutionizing nursing education by installation of a
trio of “human” patient simulators in three unique rooms that
replicate adult, pediatric and neonatal intensive care. Philanthropic
gifts from the James Pott Family Endowment, the Phillip Pryne
Family Endowment and others through the Memorial Medical

                                                                                       An Award for
                                                                                       Carole Warde, MD

lth Care                                                                                    Thanks to a major philanthropic gift from
                                                                                       the late Hubert Houssels, the Memorial/UCI
                                                                                       Center for Health Education was built on the
                                                                                       campus of Long Beach Memorial and Miller
                                                                                       Children’s in 1974. The Trust he established
                                                                                       continues to support health education through
                                                                                       Memorial Medical Center Foundation. The
                                                                                       Hubert Houssels Memorial Award is presented
                                                                                       annually to a physician who provides exemplary
                                                                                       leadership in continuing medical education.

The new accelerated CSULB nursing program students arrive at their Long Beach
Memorial/Miller Children's satellite campus for the first day of class.

                                                                                            The 2003 recipient is Carole Warde, MD.
                                                                                       Dr. Warde is director of the Internal Medicine
                                                                                       Teaching Service at Long Beach Memorial and
                                                                                       is associate program director for the Internal
                                                                                       Medicine Residency Program, University of
                                                                                       California, Irvine. She is an associate clinical
                                                                                       professor of Medicine at the University of
                                                                                       California, Los Angeles and UC, Irvine. Dr. Warde
                                                                                       earned her medical degree from UCLA and
                                                                                       completed a Primary Care Research Fellowship
                                                                                       at West Los Angeles Veterans Administration
                                                                                       Medical Center, UCLA and RAND.
                                                                                            She has presented numerous lectures,
                                                                                       workshops and seminars on subjects in
                                                                                       physician heatlh education (nutrition, exercise
From the left: Robert Maxson, CSULB president; Loucine Huckabay, CSULB Nursing         and burnout prevention), patient-centered
Department director; Judy Fix, RN, MSN, LBMMC/MCH chief nursing officer, senior
                                                                                       interviewing and topics on ambulatory care.
vice president Patient Care Services; and Byron F. Schweigert, PharmD, CEO LBBMC/MCH
finalize the establishment of the new nursing program partnership.                     Dr. Warde says her educational successes were
                                                                                       made possible through the involvement of
Photos above by Victoria Sanchez
                                                                                       many people. She emphasized, “This award
                                                                                       shouldn’t be just for me, but for all the people
                                                                                       who make health education more meaningful
                                                                                       and patient care better here at Long Beach

Our Thanks and Appreciation
                                     Memorial Medical Center Foundation
                                     Supporting Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
                                     and Miller Children's Hospital
                                     It takes a lot of caring to make a garden grow and produce flowers and food. It takes even more caring
                                     to make Memorial Medical Center Foundation grow and produce philanthropic support for patient care
                                     needs at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital. The following pages list
                                     the many “gardeners” who care and are responsible for providing “that extra measure of care” for the
                                     patients served here.
                                     We invite continued and new philanthropic support. Tax-deductible gifts may be made with cash, stocks,
                                     bond, real estate or items of personal property. They may be given in memory or honor of anyone with
                                     acknowledgement to appropriate parties and recognition in the Mercury (plus a permanent name plaque
    Donna Reckseen                   on the recognition wall for gifts of $1,000 or more).
Memorial Medical Center Foundation   Unrestricted Philanthropic Gifts
                                     are for “where the need is greatest” and
                                     provide expeditious use of the gifts to support
                                     clinical research, medical equipment, patient care
"It is every man’s                   programs and medical, nursing and health care
                                     education in all areas of the medical center.

obligation to put                    Restricted Philanthropic Gifts
                                     may be designated for any medical/research
                                     area of interest to the philanthropic friend
back into the world                  making the gift.To assure tax deductibility,
                                     checks should be made payable to Memorial
at least the equivalent              Medical Center Foundation with a note stating
                                     “unrestricted” or “restricted to your area of
                                     interest.” For information about outright gifts,
of what he takes                     or making a deferred gift paying you income,
                                     call: 562.933.4483 or
                                     e-mail mmcf@memorialcare.org.
out of it."
                                                                                                         Nien Ling-Wacker, Chair and
Albert Einstein                                                                                          CEO of LaserFiche presented
                                                                                                         Tim Jackert, vice president
                                                                                                         finance, Memorial Medical
                                                                                                         Center Foundation, a check
                                                                                                         from LaserFiche employees
                                                                                                         matched by a company gift to
                                                                                                         provide pediatric rehabilitation

                                     Memorial Medical Center Foundation hosted a celebration breakfast to thank Charter
                                     Communications for their "Long Beach Loves Women" campaign which raised over $7,000 for
                                     the MemorialCare Breast Center. Left to right: John S. Link, MD, medical director, Breast
                                     Center; from Charter Communications - Lorelai Kude, sales rep and founder of LBLW;
                                     Paul Certo, sales manager; Samantha Taylor, manager of Communications; Craig Watson,
                                     vice president, Communications Western Division; Carey Cullinane, MD, director, Cancer Risk
                                     and Prevention Program, Todd Cancer Institute, LBMMC. This campaign earned Charter a
                                     2004 Beacon Award given by the Cable Television Public Affairs Associations for excellence in
                                     public programming.
Gifts and grants received from September 1, 2003 through January 31, 2004.

2nd Street Optical                  Gale C. Andrews                        Loralyn Barica                         Michelle Berro-Krugman
  Lydia Talican                       Diana Carson Adams                   Laurie Barrett                         John and Jean Betz
A-VIDD                              Janine M. Andrews, CRT                 Hal and Terri Barrow                     Lavane E. Sansum, MD
Abbott Laboratories                 Ramona Andrews                           Diana Carson Adams                   Ann Bial
Sanford and Esther Abramowitz       Anonymous                              Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant         Eddie and Michelle Bianchi
  Sharon Gould                      Anonymous Team Spirit                    Countess Pease Jeffries                Dell Tomeoni, MD
  Jo-Anne Shapiro                   John and Helen Apostle                 Pegi Bartush                           Bickerstaff Family Foundation
Samih and Honey Abushousheh            Foundation                          Patricia L. Bastien                    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Bielman
  Ralph Mitchell                      John Apostle                           Gail Zotovich                          Virginia M. Quirk
Mary S. Aby-Valestrino              Christopher Aquino                     Bonnie Bateman, DDS                    Brenda Biller
  Shanaz Helfer                     Barbara D. Arehart                     Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bateman            Bio-options, Inc.
                                    Tracy Tran Arko                          Ercelle Ryan                         Mr. and Mrs. Bud Bird
Brian and Shelley Acker             Jack Arneson
Edgardo Acuna                                                              Verla M. Bateman                         Nicholas Menke
                                      Virginia Pryne
Patricia D. Adams                                                            Lavane E. Sansum, MD                 Bixby Knolls Towers Residents'
Linda O. Adelman                    Allen Arnette                                                                    Association
                                    The Arthur J. Gallagher                Gary D. Baugh
  Shanaz Helfer                                                            Craig T. Baumann                       Robin L. Black
                                       Foundation                                                                 Iris Blackmore
Carol W. Ader                       Deborah J. Arzaga                      K. Erik Baur
Eugene and Louise Adlof                                                      Glen R. Hok                          Douglas W. Blake
                                    Clara C. Asch                                                                   Barbara J. Blake
  Ida Herrmann                        Sandra F. Asch                       Nolan and Ma Luisa Bautista
Laura Aguilar                                                              Bayer Corporation                      Susan Blakeley
                                    Mrs. Richard A. Aschieris                                                     Jean Blakey
Paul Aiello                           Richard A. Aschieris, Sr.            Bequest of Ruth M. Beal
Helen H. Airey                                                             David K. Beale                         Susan E. Bland
  Carol Sonnenberg                  Steve and Diane Askew                  Pamela Beard                           Della Blanton
  Betty Wagner                        Virginia Pryne                       Patricia K. Beard                        Mary Blanton
  Pat Eorio                         Associate Guild                        Jacques D. Beaumont                    Mrs. Audrey Bloom and
Wylie and Bette Aitken              Associated Gastroenterology            James M. Beck                          Miss Jacquelyn Bloom
  Countess Pease Jeffries              Medical Group                       Barry Beckerman                          Countess Pease Jeffries

Caryl M. Akamichi
Maria E. Alarcon
                                    David V. Atherton
                                    Myrtle E. Atkins
                                                                           Joseph H. Beckerman
                                                                           Kathleen Beckhardt
                                                                                                                  Trudy Bly, RN
                                                                                                                  Mary Bodnar
                                      Robert A. Pitts                      Marybelle Beerling                       Diane Bodnar
Donna M. Albertson                                                           Mr. A. Palagyi
Dan and Nancy Albright              Michael and Marian Aurelio                                                    Boeing IDS Ethics Organization
  Virginia Pryne                      Frank Tillmann                       Ann B. Beeson                            Diana Carson Adams
                                    Roger and Julianne Austin              Mary E. Beiermann
Meryl Alderson and Hal Blase                                               Emma A. Belen, RN                      Jean M. Boerth
  William Ambicki                     Mark Cardoza                                                                  Virginia Pryne
                                                                           Shauneen Bell
Linda and Bill Alexander            Bob and Debbie Autrey                  Donald Benjamin                        Dale Bohannon
Esther Allen                        JoAnn Avalos                             Sybyl Benjamin                       Daniel L. Bohannon
  Loved Ones                        Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Ayers                                                   Reuben Bohnet
                                      Virginia Pryne                       William and Beverly Benjamin
Jerry Allen                                                                Bequest of Charles and Geraldine         Henrietta Patterson
Patricia A. Allen                   Michael Azurin                            Bennett                             Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Bonzer
  Melissa Miller Jeffries           Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bagan                Mike and Karen Benton                    Gertrude E. Dowds
Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Allswang      Mary Baisch                            David and Kay Berg
                                    Elaine Bak                                                                    Booey Kober Productions, Inc.
  Shanaz Helfer                                                              Virginia Pryne                       Elizabeth A. Bordessa
                                    James A. Baker, MD
Yasemin and Mustafa Altuner         Leonard and Paula Baker                M. Christine Bergkvist                 Bequest of Matthew J. Borza
Lisandra Alvarez                      Virginia Pryne                       Alice Berk                             Charlene and Phil Bosl
American Parkinson Disease                                                   Sharon Gould                           in honor of Timothy Jackert
 Association, Inc.                  Mary Baker                               Jo-Anne Shapiro
                                    Balance Orthopaedic Foot and                                                  Jane Boubelik
Mae G. Amundson                                                            Jonathan L. Berke                        in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
  Maxine Powell                       Ankle Center
                                    Robert E. Balmat, III                  The Berlin, Gries & Taubman families   John and Diane Bowen
Carol Anderson                      Fred and Lillian Banfill                 Rosa Taubman                           Daryl J. Bowen
Daniel O. and Marilyn L. Anderson     Aubra Fortune                        Robert Berman
Eileen R. Anderson                                                                                                Marianne B. Bowers
                                    Bank of America Foundation             Deborah L. Bernstein                   Connie Boyd
Erling and Ilith Anderson                                                  Doris Bernstein
  Robert A. Pitts                     Edwin and Edna Taylor                                                       Gwen M. Boynton
                                                                             Dr. Harry Bernstein                    Lorraine Napolitano
Lori Eileen Anderson                Frank Barbera, Jr.
                                    Don and Bette Barden                   Seymour and Shirley Bernstein          Elsa Karen Braden
Mary Anderson                                                                in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Anderson      Hilma Greenberg                                                             Kelly Braden
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques     Gordon Barger                          Bob and Sally Berrell                    Mrs. Gladys E. Fletcher
                                                                             Virginia Pryne

Stephen P. Brandman                     Michael and Debra Carcano              Charter Communications                  Opal M. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Brandt              Countess Pease Jeffries              Anne Chen                                 Robert A. Pitts
  Mary Bartraw                          CardinalHealth                         Inga Cherman                            Richard and Kathy Cooper
  Louise Leader                         Jean B. Cardoza                          Sharon Gould                          Cheryl Copeland
James and Suzanne Braun                   Mark Cardoza                           Jo-Anne Shapiro                       Tony and Anita Correa
  Stan Rivett                           Judith R. Carey                        Mr. Aubrey L. Chevalier                 Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Cosand
Breast Cancer International               in honor of                          Chicago Pizza & Brewery, Inc.           Don and Ruth Costin
   Research Group                         4th Floor Wound Care Unit Staff      Children's Memorial Hospital              Robert A. Pitts
BreastLink Medical Group, Inc.            7th Floor ICU Nurses                   Auxiliary                             Christina Cota
William and Laura Brecht                                                         Zetta Hunter                          Theresa A. Coughlin
                                        Barney and Edna Carlin                   Ann M. Greeno
John and Susan Brennan                    Sharon Gould                                                                   Clara M. Webster
Joseph and Elizabeth Brennan                                                     June Herklotz
                                        Monica Carlson                           Bessie Brock McCoy                    Kathy and Roger Coulter
  Clara M. Webster                                                                                                     County of Los Angeles
                                        Bob and Marlys Carlson                   Violet McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brookes, Jr        Virginia Pryne                                                               Ruth, Danny & Ben Cousineau
  in honor of Joanna, Christina,                                               Chiron Corporation                        in honor of Clara Jaques
  and Michelle Brookes                  Eddie Carr                             Clare Choi
                                          Diana Carson Adams                     Mark Cardoza                          Mr. and Mrs. James G. Craig, Jr
Gini Brooks                                                                                                            Robert and Jeanette Crandall
Marilyn and Bud Brown                   Debbie Carrington                      Pat M. Chovanec                           Mrs. Gladys E. Fletcher
  in honor of Jim and Pat Craig         Allie Carsia                             Clara M. Webster
                                        Garland and Mona Carver                  Charles L. Webster                    Bonnie Crawford
Paul and Patricia Brown                                                                                                Kathleen N. Crawford
  in honor of Robert A. Nagourney, MD                                                                                  Mrs. Nelson H. Creath
Laurie D. Browning                                                                                                       Linda Davies Farnsworth
Browning Automotive Group                                                                                              Katie Crevda
Troy and Kimberly Broyles                                                                                              Zara A. Cross
Byron H. Brummond                                                                                                        Mary Blanton
  Wanda A. Brummond                                                                                                    Deann Crouthamel
Bree Bryson                                                                                                            Jewel Crouthamel
Victor and Sally Buccola                                                                                               Ann Crowe
  Laurie Gilmore                                                                                                       CSK Auto, Inc.
Phyllis Buchanan and Suzi Drake                                                                                        Marcia and Richard Cunningham
  Rex Richmond                                                                                                         Carl M. Curtis
                                                                                                                       Fred and Rosemarie Cuthill
Cathleen Ann Buck                                                                                                        Virginia Pryne
Buck & Gordon LLP
  Diana Carson Adams                                                                                                   Cystic Fibrosis Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                       Cytokine PharmaSciences, Inc.
Megan F. Buczek                                                                                                        Sharon Dahme
Patricia Bulat                                                                                                         Betsy Daley
Charles and Marjorie Bunten                                                                                            Camille M. Daniels
Wilma E. Burley                                                                                                        Karen Y. Daniels-Porties
Jack W. Burnett, III                                                                                                   Dann Froehlich Design
  Virginia Pryne                        Children’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary held their Designer Show at the         Jeanne A. Davenport
Kay H. Burt                             Hyatt Regency in Long Beach. This successful annual event was organized        Ward and B. Blanche Davenport
Lynne Burt-Jenkins                      by: Janet Foley, chair Ways and Means; Margie Penney, chair, Silent Auction;     Virginia Pryne
  Elmer H. Jenkins                      and Leslie Schlauch, president. Proceeds from this event will help             Frederick Davidowitz, DDS and
Stanley and Carol Ann Burtis            establish an obesity program for children at Miller Children’s.                   Sherry Davidowitz, MD
Henry E. Burwash                                                                                                       Kristen Davidson
Donald A. Buschenfield                  Georgia B. Case                        Shirley Christensen                     Sandra H. Davidson
Robin Bushmiaer                         Millicent W. Cass                      Steve Chudy                             Tony Davies
Regina Bustamante                        Lydia Talican                           Diana Carson Adams                      Linda Davies Farnsworth
Kathleen V. Butkus                                                             Marlene Chumo                           Mrs. Harold Davis
                                        Charles L. Castagna
Lisa A. Byers                                                                  Beth M. Ciceri                          John and Maria Davis
                                         Lavane E. Sansum, MD
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.                                                     Teri L. Cilurso, CMT                    Rhonda R. Davis
Cabe Bros. Toyota                       Leo L. Castro                          City of Long Beach
                                        Catalina Island Yacht Club                                                       Bryan Fleming
Colleagues of Kathy Vinton:                                                      Norma L. Riedel
  Jane Caestecker, Debbie Eagle,          Auxiliary                                                                    Troy J. Davis
                                         Virginia Pryne                        Lida F. Clancy                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Dawson
  CJ Harmatz, Lori Laws,
                                                                                 Vincent M. Clancy                       Virginia Pryne
  Margaret Locke, Darlene Porter,       Kathleen Catroppa
  RuthAnn Sammis, Pam Watanabe          Rebecca Caudillo-Jones                 Victoria T. Cleveland                   Janet I. Day
  Louis Forinash                        Kathleen M. Cavanaugh                  Linda Clougherty                        L. Carmen Day
                                        Marjorie Cavanaugh                     Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.                 Toni M. Day
California Community Foundation
                                         Robert A. Pitts                         Countess Pease Jeffries               William and Margaret Day
California Hospital Medical Center
California Pizza Kitchen                Noralyn Cayetano                       Wanda L. Cockey                           Rena Gettman
Don Cameron                             Mae S. Center                          Carolyn Colby                           Donald and Ann Marie De Blois
Edna M. Campbell                         Catherine Kay Kesten                    Diane Maizlish                        Celeste E. De Cuir
  Thelma Palmer                         Robert and Bobbe Cetti                 Rema K. Coleman                           Mae Thomas
John Campbell                            Virginia Pryne                        Paul Colice                               Willard Kennedy
  Mrs. Gladys E. Fletcher                                                      Deborah R. Collett                      Barbara L. Decker
                                        Rebecca Chadwick, RN                   Betty A. Colquhoun
Mary M. Cantor                          Duke Chairez                                                                     Virginia M. Quirk
                                                                               Helen and Larry Connelly
Barbara J. Caponero, RN                 Chariots So. Cal.                                                              Mary Jo DeFrates
                                                                                 Lydia Talican
  Gizela Foley                          Denver and Arliss Charleville                                                  Gerald J. Delaney
                                         Sara and Jessica Tucker               Kimberly W. Cooper                        in honor of Ryan Colleen Delaney
Adrienne Cappuccio
                                                                                 Janet Carey

Mary A. Delia                           Jean E. Edwards                         Frank and Sandra Espinosa                   Judith A. Fix, RN
  Gene Blair                              Marcel D. Flores                        Linda Davies Farnsworth                   Bruce and Kathleen Fjelde
Clare M. Dellemann                      Erika I. Eidam                          Silvia B. Estabrook                           Virginia Pryne
The Deo Foundation                        Lavane E. Sansum, MD                  Gregory L. Estrada                          Alice Flaig
  in honor of Robert A. Nagourney, MD   Paul and Joyce Eidbo                    Ethics - Huntington Beach                     Clara M. Webster
Dept. of Health & Human Services          Virginia Pryne                          Diana Carson Adams                        Fred and Linda Fleischman
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.                Ilene J. Eisenberg                      Les and Sally Evans                           in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Design Accompli                           Sharon Gould                            Ralph Mitchell                            Wade and Marjorie Fleming
Dana Detmers                              Jo-Anne Shapiro                       Mary Evans                                  A. W. and Lucille Fletcher
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation                                               Lise Evaul                                    Kip Heston
Sara Deweese                            Jack and Judith Elder
                                          Ralph Mitchell                        Evy of California                           Abigail Fletcher, MD
Diane Ripley Fundamentals                                                       Marilyn Faller
Eugene and Ann DiCianni                 Bob and Irene Elder                                                                 Wesley and Muriel Flood
                                                                                Judith Ann Fanslow                          Angelina Flores
  Shanaz Helfer                           Virginia Pryne                        D.L. Farley                                 Erica Flores
Cynthia F. Dickson                      Eli Lilly and Company                   Farr & Associates                           Barbara A. Flowers
Christine DiGiovanni                    Linda A. Elias                            Virginia Pryne                              Patrick Robert Barrett
Linda L. Dilday                         Jo Ann Elkins                           Norma J. Fast
Theresa A. Dimare                       Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ellestad                                                        Sharon Flynn
                                                                                  Mrs. Gladys E. Fletcher                     Lydia Talican
Dawn Dinnie                               Wilbur Andrews
Florence Dinsmore                                                               Patty Faustner                              Joyce Folsom
                                        Diana Elliott                             Clara M. Webster
  Carl Milano                                                                                                               Susan L. Footdale
  Lewis Prather                                                                                                             Forest Lawn Foundation
Suzanne and Robert Diulio                                                                                                   Howard J. Forman
  in honor of Nickolas R. Diulio                                                                                            Eileen Fortin
                                                                                                                            Tracey L. Fosnaugh
June Doherty                                                                                                                Pamela I. Foster
Sharon W. Dolan                                                                                                             Margaret Foulds and Family
  Mrs. Gladys E. Fletcher                                                                                                     Gloria Nicholson
Katherine Dollard and                                                                                                       Sherry Francetic Tarrio
   Sigurd Meldal                                                                                                            Feliciana B. Francisco
Anna M. Dominguez                                                                                                           Jack and Carol Frank
Scott J. Dominguez                                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Frankenfeld
Karen C. Donaldson                                                                                                            Lavane E. Sansum, MD
Mary C. Dondero
  Virginia M. Quirk                                                                                                         Virginia Frankenfield
                                                                                                                            Donna J. Franklin
John and Dorothy Doukakis                                                                                                   Hazel M. Franks
James Dowdalls                                                                                                                Warren Fowler
Timothy and Jean Dowell
  Shanaz Helfer                                                                                                             Carrie A. Frantz
                                                                                                                            Fraternal Order of Police
Robert Draeger                                                                                                                 L.A. County Lodge #1
John R. Drake                                                                                                               Karl Frazier
Tim Dreher                              Melvin Marks, MD, administrator, Miller Children's Hospital, and Byron
                                                                                                                            Katherine Frazier
Mark D. Dressner, MD                    F. Schweigert, PharmD, chief executive officer, Long Beach Memorial
                                                                                                                            Nancy A. Fredinburg
Dennis and Sandee Duarte                Medical Center ,join Mayor Beverly O'Neil, Ed Brann, proprietor of                    Betty M. Marr, RN
  Gladys E. Fletcher                    Outback Steakhouse, representatives of T-Bird Restaurant Group and                    Marie Fultz
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Duce               representatives of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce at the ribbon                 Mr. and Mrs. Winslow P. Freeman, Jr
Peter Duentes                           cutting for the Outback Steakhouse located in the new Pike area of                  Gayle A. Freige
Duke University Medical Center          Long Beach. Miller Children's Hospital was the beneficiary of 50% of the            Lynnette and Robert French
Craig Dunford                           proceeds from Outback Steakhouse's opening day.                                       Norma L. Riedel
Joyce D. Dunkley
Charles and Anita Dunn                                                                                                      Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Friedman
                                        Rachel Ellis, Atty.                     Jack and Grace Feld
Roberto Dupuy                                                                                                                 Janet Carey
                                          Countess Pease Jeffries                 in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Rob and Jennifer Durazzo                                                                                                    Marv and Carol Friedman
                                        Lyle and Catherine Emerick              Deborah L. Fenton
Terry Durham                                                                      Clara M. Webster
                                                                                                                              Virginia Pryne
Charles Durnin, MD                        Clara M. Webster
                                                                                                                            Phil and Kathy Friedrich
Debra M. Eagle                          Employees Community Fund                Terry and Sparky Ferguson
                                                                                                                              Virginia Pryne
Michelle L. Easley                        of Boeing California                  Carol and Shelly Fernandez
                                                                                Don and Freddie Fernback                    Jean and Charles R. Fullerton, Jr
Barbara Easterbrook                     Rodger R. Engel, MD
                                                                                  Lavane E. Sansum, MD                      Futas Design Group Inc.
Bonnie G. Eastman                         Robert Blake, DDS
                                                                                                                              Edna L. Lasser
Kent and Sharon Eastman                 Raymond and Sherrill Engle              Evelyn Fidler
  Robert W. Godwin, MD                                                            Robert A. Pitts                           Fysicly Fit
                                          Robert A. Pitts
                                                                                                                            Kenneth M. Gabrielson
Mrs. Betty A. Eastman-Todd              Rosemary English                        Sadie Field
                                                                                                                            Ryan, Adam, & Walter Gajewski
Shirlee J. Easton and                   Mark S. Enriquez                        Scott Filler and Bett Eng
                                                                                                                            Dolores A. Gale
  William Janeski                       Teresita Enriquez                       Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Z. Finklestein
                                                                                                                            J. Gall
  Virginia Pryne                        Envy Records                              Dell Tomeoni, MD
                                                                                                                            Cynthia Marie Galles
Sonia Ebert-Martin                      Ann L. Ernst                              in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Carlin
                                                                                                                            Pamela Garabedian
Ebner-Bloom Family                        Don Stobaugh                          Mildred J. Finstad                          Daisy Garan
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques           Evandne Gillette                        Virginia Pryne                            Agustina A. Garcia
Mary Eckardt                            Carolyn Ernst                           George and Kay Fiori                        Felipe Garcia
Linda S. Eddenfield                     Robert and Eileen Ernst                 First 5 LA                                  Karen Garcia
Edison International                      Charles & Clem Ernst                  Stephen and Susan Fishman                   Manuel and Sally Garcia
                                                                                  Janet Carey                               Marilys K. Garcia
                                                                                                                            Jose E. Garduno

Gloria Gastaneda                      Kathy Greiner                              Chris and Susan Hartman                Joann D. Houf
Tony Gatoff                           R. Gricius                                   Clara M. Webster                       Virginia Pryne
Debra and Regina Gatto                Ruth Gries                                 Demetra G. Harvalos and                House of Packaging, Inc.
  in honor of Randi Castillo          Lynn H. Grieves                               Leah Psilovikos                     Hubert Houssels Trust
  Orlando T. Gatto                    Barry and Liz Griffin                        Penny Skounjos                       Catherine Howard
Frances B. Gawel                        Virginia M. Quirk                          James Hadoulias                      Russ and Virginia Howland
  Linda Davies Farnsworth             Marta A. Griffin                           Usa Hassenberg                           Alice Powell
Gazette Newspapers, Inc.              Mary and Rick Griggs                       Lulu Hatfield                          Mary Jo Hoyt
Hayward Gee                           Geraldine Grill                            Amy Hawks                              Dr. Debby Huffman
Nanci R Gee                             Chuck Johnson                            Chuck and Joyce Hawn                   Jean Hughes
Richard J. Geirman                      Lewis Spurlin                              Virginia Pryne                       Julie A. Hulst
Chris Geist                           Sally Grix                                 Amber Hays                             Lynn Hummel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geminder          Jane E. Grobaty                            Scott and Margaret Hayward             Richard K. Hummel, Jr.
  Shanaz Helfer                       Ewel and June Grossberg                      Linda Davies Farnsworth              Leslie Hunsaker
Genentech, Inc.                         Virginia Pryne                                                                  Linda A. Hurley
                                                                                 Healing Arts Medical Center            Opal F. Hutcherson
Minnie H. George                      Sarah and Oren Grossi                      Carmencita A. Hebert
Sarah B. Gerhart                      Marilyn Guastamacchio                                                               Myron Hutcherson
                                                                                 Lyne Z. Hechanova
Rebecca E. Gerl                         Matthew S. Dillon                          Mark Cardoza                         Christina K. Hutson
  Shanaz Helfer                       Judy Parsons Gumbiner                        Faye Wise                            I-101 Express, LLC
Daniel Gerlach and Sharon Tejeda-     Gunal & Associates                                                                Mary K. Iacono
                                                                                 Julie Heggeness                        Ideas-Designs
 Gerlach                              Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gutierrez              Mrs. Edward Heil
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques         James J. Gutierrez                                                              Lucy Iha
                                                                                   Myron Hutcherson                       John & Matilda Vattuoni
Ethel M. Gesterling                     Victor Gutierrez
                                                                                 Daniel and M.V. Heise                  Ruth T. Ikeda
  Mrs. Gladys E. Fletcher             Ruth Haberman                              Charles and Anita Heisick
                                      Mark Hachigian, MD                                                                  Linda Davies Farnsworth
Robert and Virginia Geston                                                       Charles W. and Ruth E. Henderson
  Virginia Pryne                      Mrs. Myrtle H. Hachmeister                 Gretchen Henkel                        In-N-Out Burger Foundation
                                        Harry C. Hachmeister                     Sandrina Hennesey                      INCO Company
Howard T. Gilchrist                                                                                                     Margee Infante
The Gill Family                       Nancy E. Hagthrop                          Cathy Ann Heriot
                                        Ned Morgan                               Chris Hernacki                         Phillip Infelise
John T. R. Gillespie                                                                                                    Inhibitex, Inc.
  Katie Gillespie                       Janet Carey                              Robin A. Herrera
                                                                                 Cynthia Ann Herzog, MD                 Jeanette C. Inman
Joyce L. Gillette, RN                 Patricia A. Haight                                                                Inovise Medical, Inc.
                                        Edith Tyler                              Molly Hickman
  Manuel Airada                                                                  Carol B. Hickman                       Lloyd and Tazuko Inui
  in honor of John C. Messenger, MD     Gwen Peterson                                                                   Monica P. Iriate
                                        Lois McCain                              Pat Hiddie
  in honor of Bryna Kane, MD                                                     Patricia J. Higgins                    Kevin Irwin
  in honor of Edward Glassberg, MD    Mary Hall                                  Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hile                Richard and Karen Irwin
Frances Y. Gillis                     Patti D. Hall                                Michael M. Emling                      R.J. Rogers
Peter and Maureen Glines                Lavane E. Sansum, MD                                                            Daryl E. Isaacs
                                                                                 Sandy Hill
Jayne A. Glodowski                    John and Gari Halligan                     Teri Hill                                Faye Wise
  Katie Gillespie                       Marc Koblensky                             Gladys E. Fletcher                   Barbara and Bob Ivey
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell W. Glover         Denise Hamilton                            Charles and Aida Hillway                 Ruth and Art Green
Chris Godwin                          Frances Hanckel, ScD                       Sara Hilt                              Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Jackert
Golden State Foods Foundation         Helon P. Haneline                          Lynn L. and Lottie M. Hink             Donna R. Jackman
Charles and Alison Goldenberg           Kathy J. Harris                            Johnnie Dilatush                     David S. Jackson
Ginger K. Gomez                       Neil C. Hansen, Jr                                                                Ronald and Marilyn Jackson
Deborah H. Gonsalves                                                             Martha E. Hittinger
                                      Patricia K. Hansen                         Robert and O'nice Hlavac               Don and Phyllis Jacobson
Linda Gonzales, RD                      Virginia Pryne                                                                    Virginia Pryne
  Shanaz Helfer                                                                    Virginia Pryne
                                      Todd and Amy Hansen                        Robert J. Hlavaty                      Janar Staffing Solutions, Inc.
Lisa Gonzales                           in honor of Miss Clara Jaques                                                   Barbara and Steve Jansen
Edwardo Gonzalez                                                                   Nicholas Robert Hlavaty
                                      Haps Auto Parts                                                                   Carlene M. Jaques
Glenda Gonzalez                                                                  Diemha T. Hoang, MD                      in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Josephine A. Gordon                   David W. Hardy                             Jean Hobart, Esq.
                                      JoAnn Hari                                                                          Alex C. Horowitz
  Gladys E. Fletcher                                                               Countess Pease Jeffries
                                      Harinder S. Gogia, MD, Inc.                                                       Rosalind Jarrett
Debra Johnson Gorman                  Alice S. Harless-Briddle                   CJ Hobgood                             Robyn Javier
Jean B. Gorman                        Catherine Harlin                           Renee H. Hoffman                       L. K. Jaworska
  Virginia Pryne                      David and Renee Harness                      in honor of Myrvin H. Ellestad, MD   Suzanne M. Jenifer
Marvin L. Gottfried                     Anita Underwood-Ragster                  Richard C. Hoffman                     Catherine Jenkins
Debbie Gow, RN                        Dr. and Mrs. James A. Harper               Beverly Holcomb                        Harvey and Lessie Jenkins
Jo-Anne K. Graham                       Eldon B. Hickman, MD                       Derek Niblow                         Joan, Kristin and Kurt Jensen
Kim W. Gray                             in honor of John C. Messenger, MD        Diane M. Holdaway                        Alex C. Horowitz
The Gray Family Foundation                                                       Gregory and Kathleen Holleran          Paul Jensen
  in honor of Sandy King              Arnita Harriel-Allen
                                      Joyce C. Harris                              John Keane, Jr                       Jewish Community Foundation
The Greater Long Beach Foundation     Konstantine W. Harris                        in honor of Ryan Holleran            JJCCC Sponsorship Committee
Heather Green                         Stephan A. Harris                          Cyndi Holman                             Shanaz Helfer
S. Robert Greenberg                     Mark Cardoza                             Angelina G. Holthaus                   Cecilia Johnson
Doris N. Greene                                                                  Brian and Karen Hope                   Donna Johnson
  Martha S. Lynch                     Harris & Ruth Painting
                                      Leslie A. Harrison                         Martha E. Hopkins                      Bequest of Edna A. Johnson
Bernice and Jim Gregory               Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hart                Fay R. Horner                          Krista Johnson
Kathryn Gregory and Richard Roth        Lavane E. Sansum, MD                       Virginia Pryne                       Russell and E. Shearen Johnson
Marian and Donald Greif                                                          Hazel L. Hoshiko                       Russell and Ann Johnson
  Sharon Gould                        Tracy M. Hart
                                                                                 Dennis J. Hosier                         Lavane E. Sansum, MD
  Jo-Anne Shapiro

                                                                                Charles E. Johnston                    Kim Koenig
                                                                                Gregory Marc Jones                     Katie Kolden
                                                                                Holly A. Jones                         Arthur Kole
                                                                                Robin L. Jones                         Carol and Danny Kole
                                                                                Thayone Jones                          Rita & Charles Kole
                                                                                Timothy S. Jones                       Rob Kole
                                                                                Scott Joslyn                           Stuart & Margaret Kole
                                                                                Junk Design                            Brenda J. Konersmann
                                                                                Daniel J. Kachel                         Diana Carson Adams
                                                                                Bette R. Kain                          Theresia J. Kooij
                                                                                Laura Kalayjian                          Frank Tillmann
                                                                                Diana Karpontintis
                                                                                Donald S. Karvelis                     Cathy Jo Kopy
                                                                                Mary Kato and Lori Berberet            Glenn Kozawa
                                                                                Skolmill families                      Teresa Kozlowski
                                                                                  Shanaz Helfer                        Martha J. Kretzinger
                                                                                                                         Robert A. Pitts
                                                                                Daniel Katz, MD
                                                                                Mabel Katz                             Theodore H. Kropp
                                                                                Christina D. Kauffman                  Bud and Betty Krszjzaniek
                                                                                David and Lyn Kaufman                    Virginia Pryne
The Sixth Annual Fight Night at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin,          Janet Carey                          Elaine Krugman
hosted by Dick and Priscilla “Bo” Marconi, proved to be a “Knockout” for        Stephanie A. Kautz                     Goldie Krugman
Miller Children’s Hospital (MCH). The proceeds from the event were gifted by    George Y. Kawaguchi                    Linda Krugman
                                                                                                                       Alison D. Krumland
the Marconi Foundation for Kids to MCH. Participating in this event are,        Harry and Dorothy Kayajanian
                                                                                  in honor of Rex J. Winters, MD       Cynthia I. Kuffner
back row, left to right,: De Shawn Foster, Tony Parrish, Sugar Ray Leonard                                               Diana Carson Adams
and Johnnie Morton. In the front, left to right: Mel Marks, MD, Susan Marks,      in honor of Myrvin H. Ellestad, MD
                                                                                Seda Kazazian                          Doug and Thora Kulberg
Danny Marks and Vincent Perricone.                                                                                       Virginia Pryne
                                                                                  Daniel Kazazian
                                                                                  Samuel Kazazian                      Alice Kuntz and Jean Wanner
                                                                                A. Keet                                  Gladys E. Fletcher
Corporate/Foundation Report                                                     Henry and Miriam Kehler
                                                                                  Virginia Pryne
                                                                                                                       Tim Kunze
                                                                                                                       Marlin C. Kurle
Memorial Medical Center Foundation received $3,032,512 in grants                Paul and Lori Kelly                    Kristen Kurz
                                                                                Jill Kelso                             Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kushner
from foundations/corporations for this six-month period.                                                                 Sharon Gould
Highlights of grants recived:                                                   Richard S. Kerstine
                                                                                Miriam Kessler                         Eva I. Kuwata
                                                                                Carol A. Kewell                          Atsushi Ishikawa
 • A grant from the Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation for                Morton and Elizabeth Kier                Carlyn Katz Marks
   Miller Children’s Hospital expansion                                           Virginia M. Quirk                    L'Ermitage Foundation
                                                                                Paul M. Killian                        LA County Fire Department
 • A start-up grant from The Greater Long Beach Foundation for                  Christy Killinsworth                     Aubra Fortune
   Miller Children’s Abuse and Violence Intervention Center to                  Roger K. Kim                           LA County Sanitation District
                                                                                King Family                            Shirley J. Lademan
   establish after-school activities to reduce the risk of young gang           Frances M. King                          Virginia Pryne
   violence in high-risk, traumatized children and adolescents                    Virginia Pryne
                                                                                                                       Gregory Laetsch
                                                                                Pamela King                            Sidney Laham
 • Program support from In-N-Out Burger Foundation for                          Patricia King                            Anita Laham
   Miller Children’s Abuse and Violence Intervention Center                     Rick and Kathy King                      in honor of Rev. Karyn S. Reddick
                                                                                  in honor of Christopher J. King
                                                                                                                       Tina Louise Laine, Atty.
 • Charity care support from the Forest Lawn Foundation for                     Sue Kinnimont                            Countess Pease Jeffries
                                                                                  Mark Cardoza                           Janet M. Lainger
   Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
                                                                                Victoria A. Kirkpatrick                  Edwin and Edna Taylor
                                                                                Carol Kirshman                         Jean Lake, MD
 • Continued support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation                    Helen R. Kirshman                      Lakewood Eye Physicians
   to the Allies Against Asthma, a community-wide program for                   Maggie Kite                              Oliver R. Nees, Jr, MD
   support children with asthma and their families                                Ruth Sauter
                                                                                                                       Mary Ann Lakics
                                                                                  Hilma Greenberg
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lamb
                                                                                  Donald Wayne Allen
 • Continued support from First 5 LA to Memorial Women’s for                      Zetta Hunter
                                                                                                                         Beverly A. Adams
   the establishment of a comprehensive Lactation Support Program                                                        Dena Burian
                                                                                  Eleanor McClelland
                                                                                                                         Pam Hall
                                                                                  William Lee
                                                                                  Linda Valentine                      Dick and Linda Lambert
“We are extremely grateful for grant support from corporations                    Joe Mitchell                         Susan Lance
                                                                                  Dan Vessey                           Cheri M. Lane
and foundations who help this regional medical campus provide                     Ron Lal                              Julie Ann Lane
high quality health care services.”                                                                                    Sally and Hal Lane
                                                                                Jenny B. Klein
                                                                                                                         Melissa Miller Jeffries
            Iris Quiros, Executive Director of Development                      Marshall Klieman
                                                                                Valerie D. Klimaszewski                Daniel and Deann Lantry
            Foundation and Corporate Relations                                    Veronica Liane "Nikki" Hindley         in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
            562.933.1657 or iquiroz@memorialcare.org                            Ed and Sue Kline                       Mr. and Mrs. Fred Larimer
                                                                                Paula Knaus                              Barbara Dent
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James Koblensky           Patricia Larison
                                                                                  Myron Hutcherson                     Jude Larocque

Don LaSalle                            Long Beach Yacht Club               Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mantle                Barbara Mathis
LaserFiche                             Los Angeles County Sheriff           Linda Davies Farnsworth                       Raymond D. Mathis, PhD.
Chuck and Sandy Lavington                Frank Tillmann                    Robert Manwaring                             James A. Matsey
  Virginia Pryne                         Louis Watson                      Sue E. Manyak                                Kazuko Matsumoto
Roger and Jo Ann Lawrence              Gloria Louk                          Susana "Suki" Berro                         Bruce and Mary Ann Mattheiss
  Michael P. Gould                     Edna Loveridge                      Steve Marban                                   Lavane E. Sansum, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Lawrence           Vern L. Loveridge                 Vanik Marcarian                              Barbara E. Matthias
  Lavane E. Sansum, MD                 Ida Frances Lowry                   George and Audrey Marchand                     John DeLonchaw
Mary Lay                                 Robert W. Godwin, MD               Virginia Pryne                              Mary K. Matulich
Billy Lee                              Rose M. Lozano                      Dorothea P. Markarian                          Anna Pagni
Kelvin Lee                             Eileen Ludlam                        in honor of Miss Clara Jaques                 Vern L. Loveridge
Phil LeGaspe                           Jack and Nancy Lunde, Jim Lunde      Shanaz Helfer                               Jack and Magdalena Maul
M. Eileen Lemmon                         and Dick and Sue Lunde            Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Marks, Jr                 Frank Tillmann
  Martha S. Lynch                        Virginia Pryne                     Mary Ann Marks                              Perry B. Maxson, Jr
Lisa A. Lenzini                        Ronald and Elaine Lustig, Andrew     in honor of Miss Clara Jaques               Richard E. May
Mrs. Alan J. Leonard                     and Nicole Lustig and Richard     Mel Marks, MD                                  Countess Pease Jeffries
  Hannah Shay                            and Michele Falcon                 Dell Tomeoni, MD
                                         Shanaz Helfer                                                                  Kristi Maya
James Leonard                                                               Jerry Florio                                Douglas and Cathy McBeth
Derek Lester                                                                                                            Rose McBeth
Joanne and Robert Lester                                                                                                Shirley M. McBride
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                                                                                         Capt. James D. McCampbell
The Levenson-Mirell Family                                                                                                Virginia Pryne
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
                                                                                                                        Shannon McClary
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Levi                                                                                            Paul and Lynn McClellan
Daniel and Marian Koltai-Levine                                                                                         Annabell McCord
  Janet Carey                                                                                                             Robert A. Pitts
Dane Levy, Atty.                                                                                                        Mary McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewis                                                                                                LaLisa C. McDaniel-Odom
  Virginia Pryne                                                                                                        Joan E. McEwan
Wanda L. Lewis                                                                                                            Carlyn Katz Marks
Steven and Charlotte Liebeck                                                                                            Mary McGinnis
  Virginia M. Quirk                                                                                                       Clara M. Webster
Howard M. Liebman                                                                                                       Marie L. McGinnis
  Countess Pease Jeffries                                                                                               Patricia McGinnis
Maureen M. Liebman                                                                                                        Clara M. Webster
Frank and Sefi Lind                                                                                                     Mary McHan
  Frank Tillmann                       Long Beach Yacht Club “Wet Wednesday” annual racing event benefits               Julie A. McKenzie
Gene C. Lind                           Miller Children’s Hospital. Pictured left to right: Mel Marks, MD,               Margaret McKinzie
  Ralph Lind                           administrator, Miller Children’s Hospital; Donna Reckseen, president,            Marja McKenzie and
Jill and Chuck Lineberger              Memorial Medical Center Foundation receive the proceeds from this                  Tylene Quizon
  Evelyn Berg                          event from John Busch, co-chairman of the Long Beach Yacht Club                    Lydia Talican
  Oliver R. Nees, Jr, MD               “Wet Wednesday” and Long Beach Yacht Club member Bobby Frazier.                  Robert L. McMahan
Miguela Lineses                                                                                                           Eli S. Kuhns
Marcie Lipsett                         Jeffrey Luther, MD                  Tim and JoAnn Marshall                       James and Jodelle McMillen
Kathi Varon Litman                     Rose Lutz                             Leo Altshuler                                Gladys E. Fletcher
  Stephanie L. Davidson                Lynne F. Lynch                                                                   Terry and Nina McMullen
                                       Ellen R. Lynn                       William and Karen Marshall
Vicki Liu                                                                    Robert W. Godwin, MD                         Stephanie L. Davidson
  Shanaz Helfer                          Diana Carson Adams                                                               Michael Krissman
                                       Pamela L. Mable                     Burt and Norma Marter
Kathleen M. Livermore Myers                                                  James W. Lafferty                          C. McNaughton
Charles Livingston                       Carl P. Ohlert                                                                 F.T. McQuilkin
                                         Mary K. Ohlert                      Kellee Murchison Bennett
Jeffrey and Margaret Lizotte                                                 in honor of Miss Clara Jaques              R. B. McQuillin
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques        Barbara C. MacCready                                                               Mrs. Sloane
                                       Alison Mackerchar-Chacona           Janet G. Martin
Vanessa Llanes                                                               Virginia Pryne                             Med Art
Michael and Virginia Lloyd             Rosalie Magdaleno                                                                MedImmune Inc.
                                       Margaret W. Mahannah                Linda S. Martin
  Virginia Pryne                                                                                                        Medtronic, Inc.
                                         J. B. Dixon                       Matthew Martin
Thomas D. LoBue, MD                                                                                                     Alilali G. Mehale
                                         Joan Dummit                       Randy and Patti Martin
  Gladys E. Fletcher                                                                                                    Bill and Cheryl Melville
                                         Ralph Sternberg                   Yvonne M. Martin
                                                                                                                          Virginia Pryne
Paula Lock                             Farrokh Mahboubian, Esq.            Angelina A. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Lockhart                                            Jennifer Martinez                            Susan Melvin, DO
                                         Shanaz Helfer                                                                  Memorial Family Medicine
Betty Alice Lokken                                                           in honor of Michele L. Rusin
Debby Lomas                            Joni Maiden                                                                         Medical Group
                                       Ed and Margaret Mainus              Yolanda Martinez
Long Beach Firefighters Honorary                                                                                        Memorial Health Services
                                       Richard A. Malley                   Sharon J. Mason
   Assoc.                                                                                                               Memorial Orthopaedic
                                       Richard and Lois Malone             Sophie T. Masters
Long Beach Honda Yamaha Sea-Doo                                                                                            Surgical Group
                                         Margaret Halverson                  Gladys E. Fletcher
Long Beach Ice Dogs Booster Club                                                                                        John W. Menard
                                       Mr. Sonny A. Malonzo                Mr. and Mrs. Jon Masterson                   Maryann G. Mendoza
  Ron Schmeideberg
                                       Ronald and Margaret Malouf          Flora Irene Mata                             Pauline N. Mendoza
Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc.                                         in honor of Vernon and Elizabeth Harrell   Helen Menkel
Long Beach Marlin Tournament           Kate Mann
                                       Carolee T. Mantil                     in honor of Mary B. Sherman, MD              Lydia Talican
Long Beach Press Telegram
                                                                                                                        Colby Menning

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Mentas           Mary Lou Moorhead                     Emilei Noceti                        John Q. Paulsen
  Lavane E. Sansum, MD                     Robert W. Godwin, MD                Ky Noffsinger                          Virginia Pryne
Ronald Mercado                           Yovonka Morales                       Bequest of V. Ruth Nold              PCI
Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach              Ron and Lorie Moran                   Isabel B. Nonaca                     Robert C. Pearman, Jr.
Mary G. Merchat                            Ralph Mitchell                        Gladys E. Fletcher                   Countess Pease Jeffries
Merck & Co., Inc.                        Jennifer Morga                        Kevin Noonan                         Ruth A. Peck
Carey Meredith                           Phil and Lisa Moroso                  Nancy Noone                          Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.
Josef and Eva Mergili                    Alan and Carolyn Morris                 Gladys E. Fletcher                 Barbara L. Pedigo
  Frank Tillmann                           Virginia Pryne                      Pamela Norko                         Raelynn Pratt-Pedroza
Kurt Meridith                            Lorasue Morris                        James and Peggy Normandin            Tom Pellenwessel, RN
Ann Merrill                              June Morrison and                     Kathy and Michael Norris             Lynn Perryman
Shirley A. Merrill                          Cherise Villalobos                 Northridge Hospital Medical Center   Persona Neurobehavior Group, Inc.
Nancy Merrill                              Frances Morton                      Alana Northrop                       James W. Peters
John C. Metcalfe                                                               Northrop Grumman Corporation           Capt. William P. Tanner
Dennis and Pauline Michael               Yvette Moseman                           friends
                                         Mike and Mary Mottola                                                      Jeanette Petersen
  Samuel Charles Wheeler                                                         Mark Cardoza                       Jann Peterson
                                         MS Voyager Inc.
Frances S. Middlebrooks                    Shanaz Helfer                       Sese Novas, DC                       Pfizer, Inc.
  C. Jack Middlebrooks                                                         Dennis and Emmy Nozawa               Francine Pflug
                                         Robert and Joan Muenzer                 Tsutomu Toma                       PHFE Management Solutions
Mike Campbell & Associates, Ltd., Inc.   Judith C. Mullen
Carolyn and Michael Milburn                                                    NSABP Foundation, Inc.               Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club
                                         Mr. and Mrs. James M. Muller                                                  Of Long Beach #8225
  Robert F. Carter                       Paul and Wendy Muller                 Yolanda Nuhi
                                                                               Julie E. Nulty                       Frances Pianelli
Ljepa Miletich                             Lydia Talican                                                            Janet L. Pillsbury
Harlan and Phyllis Miller                                                      Anne Nunes
                                         Jose G. Munoz                         Cheryl O'Brien                       Marian K. Pincombe
  Joanne Putman                          D. Murphy                                                                  Roy and Cynthia Pinkerton
  Christopher Pearson                                                          Tim and Dianne O'Brien
                                         Judy Murphy                             in honor of Les Rose                 Gladys E. Fletcher
  Tim Cook                               Patrick Murphy
  Ruth W. Sheffield                                                            John and Patricia O'Connell          May Pinkman
                                           Monsignor John Twomey                                                    Stanley F. Plewes
  Stanley Beckett                          in honor of Sammy Messiah           Judith L. Obarr
                                                                               Eliya Obillo                           Diana Carson Adams
Kim & Don Miller                           the father of Sherry Hall
Melva L. Miller                            the mother of Jonathan Brannon      Ohmega Solenoid Co., Inc.            Plumb Family
Thomas Miller                              the father of Carleen Sigsby        Lauren Okida                           Gertrude E. Dowds
Vivian G. Miller                           the father of Lorraine Mooney       Bruce Olds                           Louise S. Plusch
The Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller                                               Virginia G. Oleen                   Kim Podesta
                                         Rosario C. Nadal                        Robert W. Godwin, MD
   Foundation                            Robert A. Nagourney, MD                                                    Barbara A. Pollack and
Hendrika D. Milner                       Mr. and Mrs. Rey J. Nakagi            Marilyn J. Olson                        John Burkholder
  Clyde Milner                           Naples Rib Company                      Virginia Pryne                     Ellen Pollack
Audrey Minami                            David B. Nathan                       Natalie Olson                        Bonnie A. Pollak
Gina Mindock                               Josephine S. Nathan                 Emelita C. Ong                       Holly J. Pollak
Harry and Liz Minor                                                            Marilee Ann Ong                      Nancy and Ed Pollard
                                         Ross Nathan, MD                                                              Gail Zotovich
  Dick Bogard                            National Charity Support Foundation   Michelle L. Ong
  Brian Ottney                           Patricia A. Navarro                   Venus June Orden                     Sara Pollaro
Sandy Russo                              Rahmatollah Negari                    Richard L. Ortega                    Poly Club
Tally Mintie                              in memory of Shanaz Helfer           Ortho Biotech Inc.                     Lydia Talican
Mintie Corporation                                                             Toni Ortiz                           Sheila Poncher and Family
                                         Neill Aircraft Co., Inc.              Deborah Osborne-Debber
Mintie Technologies, Inc.                Neonatal Medical Associates, Inc.                                            Sharon Gould
Mirta Moyano Skin Care, Inc.                                                   Andrew Osman                           Jo-Anne Shapiro
                                         Despo Neumeyer, RD and                Patti G. Ossen
Carolyn F. Misajon                        Tom Neumeyer                                                              Dean Porter
E. Blair Mitcham                                                               M. C. Otis
                                           Shanaz Helfer                         Virginia Pryne                     Mr. and Mrs. James T. Pott
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques           in honor of Shahin Firouzbakhsh                                           Betty Jean Potthoff
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett C. Mitcham, Jr                                             Debra Ouellette                        in honor of Jeremy Potthoff
                                         New Beetle Club of Southern           Guadalupe Padilla, MD
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques             California                                                              Christina K. Powers
                                                                               Sandra Padilla
Bettye Mitchell                          Carolyn Newcomb                       Allison Pagenkopp                    Dorothy M. Powers
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques          Claire, Chris and Corey Newcome       Debra L. Paiz                          Virginia Pryne
  Gertrude E. Dowds                        Mark Cardoza                        Anna Panigua                         George and Patti Pratt
Paul S. Mitchell                         Sherwin W. Ng                         Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Pappelbaum        Virginia Pryne
Harvey and Phyllis Modlin                Ryan Ngo                                Sharon Gould
                                         Dong Q. Nguyen                                                             Constance M. Pressley
  Shanaz Helfer                                                                  Jo-Anne Shapiro                    Pamela Pressley
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Phuong Nguyen
Marjorie J. Moe                          Lisa Nguyen                           Juliana C. Parades                   Sydney and Keith Pringle
Michael and Thai Moga                    Thu H. Nguyen                         Paramount Elks 1804                    Doug Gin
Mitchell Mohr                            Barbara J. Nice                       Christel Pareigis                      Pauline P. Vos
Georgeann Mollet                         Alphonse and Beverly Nicholson        Parents Against Cancer               Professional Peace Officers Charity
Jeffrey and Pamela Monahan                 in honor of Demi Rose Nicholson     Parkers' Lighthouse                     Foundation
Mary Mondragon                                                                 The Parkinson's & Movement           Frances Provost
Marilyn Montgomery                       Donald and Billie Jo Nicholson           Disorder Foundation
                                           Gladys E. Fletcher                                                       Phillip Pryne
Betty Hunter Moore                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Dan Parr                  Virginia Pryne
Elwyn and Allene Moore                   Beverly G. Nieves                     Victor Parra
                                         Nightingales                                                               Richard and Margaret Pryne,
  Marvin Campbell                                                              Carolyn Ward Parsons
                                         John H. Nilson, Jr                                                          Eric and Carla Pryne, Susan and
Irene Moore                                                                    Penelope Ann Pascual Salz
                                         Richard W. Nixon, MD                                                        William Mahler and Julie Pryne
Nancy Moore                                                                    Arminda R. Patacsil
                                                                                                                      Virginia Pryne
  Glen S. Moore                             in honor of Mr. and Mrs.           Jeri A. Pauloski
                                           Donald C. Carner                                                         Richard and Elaine Puccini
                                                                                                                    Erika Pugery

Dee A. Qualls                         Nelle N. Richards                      Chuck and Kathleen Rogers           Patricia L. Sanchez
Mr. Marty Quamma                        in honor of Carlene M. Jaques          Virginia M. Quirk                 Anna Maria G. Sanding
Frances A. Quary                      Carol H. Richardson                    Juliann Rogers                      Mr. and Mrs. Murray H. Sandler
Lisa G. Quibin                          Stan Rivett                          Karen A. Rogers                     Lisa Sandoval
Gary and Lizbina Quick                  Paul Rich                            Sharon Rogers                       June Satariano
E. Quigley                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Rose           Lavane E. Sansum, MD
Erin Quigley                          Dorothy B. Richardson
                                      Rick Rackers                             Duane Rash                        Victoria H. Sawtelle
Iris Quiroz                                                                                                      SBC Employee Giving/United Way
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Rader          Eva Rico                               Debora S. Rosen
                                        Edgar Garcia                           Sharon Gould                         Campaign
Radiology Practice Management, Inc.                                                                              Tracy L. Scane
Jeff Ragos                              Aedrean Mancilla                       Jo-Anne Shapiro
                                                                                                                   Anna Labbe
Douglas F. Raidt                      Mary L. Riddick                        Richard and Loretta Rosenbaum
Joni Ramirez                          Ruth A. Ridens                           Janet Carey                       Jude Schaefer
Tammy J. Ramirez                      William Ridgeway, DDS                                                      Virginia R. Schaffer
                                                                             Phyllis and Herbert Rosenberg         Joseph M. Schaffer
Tita Ramos                            Josephine L. Riedel                    Dan Rosenfield
  Shanaz Helfer                       Riley neices and nephews               Glenn Ross                          Mona Scheraga
Randall Owen Inc.                       Aubra Fortune                        Patricia Ross                       Gunther and Jo Schiff
Carol L. Rankin                       Rachel Riles                           Ylia A. Ross                          Countess Pease Jeffries
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Rankin          Allen and Laura Riley                  Rothenberg Family                   Leslie Schlauch
   and Family                           Mackie Powell                        Joyce Rothrock                      Susan Schmier
  Helen Witshreck                     Lisa Rinaldi                             Virginia Pryne                    Melinda Schneider
The Karl & Mary Ransleben                                                                                        Marc and Elizabeth Schnitzer
   Charitable Trust                                                                                                Janet Carey
Beatrice R. Rao                                                                                                  Dick and Sandra Schonfelder
Raymond Rayas, Jr                                                                                                  Gladys E. Fletcher
P. A. Rayney                                                                                                     Debi N. Schroader
Bennie C. Reagan                                                                                                 Darrol and Jean Schroeder
Violeta Recinos                                                                                                    Virginia Pryne
Donna M. Reckseen
                                                                                                                 Evelyn N. Schuber
  Virginia Pryne
                                                                                                                   Walter H. Schuber
  Carlyn Katz Marks
                                                                                                                   Patricia G. Oakes
  Lavane E. Sansum, MD
  Alex C. Horowitz                                                                                               Dick Schuller
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques                                                                                  Dorothy Schurr
                                                                                                                 Nancy Schuttenhelm
Joy Redmond
                                                                                                                 Barbara Schwartz
Tasha Reeder
                                                                                                                   Cornie Schurter
Matt and Andy Reeves
Rehabilitation Associates Medical                                                                                Byron F. Schweigert, PharmD
   Group                                                                                                         Keri J. Schwenker, RD
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Reid                                                                                        Shanaz Helfer
  Virginia M. Quirk                                                                                              Maria A. Scott
                                      For the fifth year in a row, Mrs. Dena Deck’s 4th grade class at Stephen
Steve and Jan Reid                                                                                               Sandra Scott
                                      Foster Elementary School created their very cute snow gourd men and        Ted H. Scott
  Virginia Pryne
                                      women. Presales were brisk for these unique creatures, which is a          Nedra J. Seals
Virginia L. Reidenbaugh               good thing for Miller Children’s Hospital which is the recpient of the     Evangeline A. Sedillo
  Fred Reidenbaugh
                                      $250 gift through the Memorial Medical Center Foundation. Shown            Dianne Seeber
Brunetta Reigel                       working on their masterpieces are (left to right): Ronnie Tripodi,         Albert Segal
Jack Reihing and Richard Wulfe        Erin Merton and Jennifer Smulo.                                              Marc Koblensky
L. S. and Jeanette Reimers
                                                                                                                 Sue Seidner
  Virginia Pryne
                                      Judith Riopelle                        Arda J. Roy, Jr                     Ola M. Seitz
Michelle A. Reinglass                 Kathleen R. Ripley                       Virginia Pryne                      Lois Roberts
  Countess Pease Jeffries             Helen M. Ristani                       Ronald A. Roy                       Bob and Ginger Sellberg
Maria Reis                            Joan Ritchie                           Silvinia Rubinstein                   Virginia Pryne
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Renner           Mary Ann D. Rivas                      LaJuana D. Rudy                     Carolyn J. Sellers
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Resin             Vaine K. Rivera                        Cheri Lee Rumler                    Viola Sellers
  Sharon Gould                        Martha C. Rivera-Robinson                Mark Cardoza                      Service Mailers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest J. Reush         Terie Riviere                                                              Eleanor M. Severson
                                      The Robert Wood Johnson                Rita G. Rushing
  Suzanne Elmore                                                               Clara M. Webster                    Virginia Pryne
Antoinette C. Reynolds                                                       Ann Russ                            Harry Shad
                                      Nancy H. Roberts
Steve Reynolds                                                               Bequest of Mrs. Geneva Russell      Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Shadle
                                      Phyllis Mechell Roberts
  Gladys E. Fletcher                                                         Kelly A. Russell                      Lavane E. Sansum, MD
                                      Eric G. Rodli
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Rhorer        Adelina Rodrigez                       Richard P. Rutgers, MD and            Richard Berrian
Sally A. Ribble                       Eleanor D. Rodrigues                     Joanne Rutgers, MD                  Robert W. Godwin, MD
James and Kathleen Ricchiuti            Anna Pagni                           Billie W. Ryan                        Rebecca Reeves
  Aubra Fortune                         Vern L. Loveridge                      Lorraine Napolitano               Shannon Shafer
Brian Rice                            Almira H. Rodriguez                    Dr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Sachs       Loretta J. Shak
Suzette Rice                            Stella Hurtienne                       Robin Sachs                       Dexter H. Shaler
Ursula Rice                                                                                                      Ron Shapiro
                                      Lupe Rodriguez                         Haroun Said
John A. Richards                                                                                                 Vance Shaw, RN
                                      Marilyn Rodriguez                      Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sakrison
  Robert W. Godwin, MD                                                                                           Claudia Shea
                                        Mary Blanton                         Norma Salazar-Walker
Catherine Rene Richards                                                                                          Patricia A. Shea
                                      Maye Roeder                            Marcel Salomon
                                                                                                                 Margaret V. Shearouse
                                        Dolores Passmore                     Michelle Samuelson
                                                                                                                   Robert A. Pitts

John H. Shedd                      Frank A. Spiziri                        Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tamminga      Dr. and Mrs. William H. Todd
  Mark Cardoza                     St. Jude Medical                          Stan Rivett                        Lavane E. Sansum, MD
Tara Cunningham Shepard            Nadia L. Stanley                        Margaret J. Tamura                   Robert W. Godwin, MD
Karen Sherman                      Roberta K. Stanley                        Shanaz Helfer                    Arleen Tolle
Bruce K. Shields                     Lydia Talican                                                            Keiko Toma
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jay Tanenbaum
H. Linda Shields                   Marilyn B. Stansbury                      Sharon Gould                       Tsutomu Toma
Sam Shiesha, MD                      Robert Stansbury                                                           in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Morinishi
Cynthia Josephson Shilkret           Scott Lee Stansbury                   Shirley L. Tanner
                                                                             Countess Pease Jeffries          Jessica Torres
Carolyn Shipley                      Stephan B. Stansbury                                                     Rebecca Torres
Jay G. Shipley                     Barry A. Starkel                        Lee Tarnofsky                      Marcie Torres-Moody
Christine Shippey                  Pat Starkey                               Lucy T. Cantalupo                Barbara J. Tostado
Dorothy F. Shishim                 Jane Starr                              Bob Taylor and Jo Ann Wainwright   Roxana Y. Toyofuku
  George Shishim                   Larry and Joy Starr                       Ralph Mitchell                   Lisa Toyota
Lesli Shishim                      State of California Treasury            Cathy A. Taylor                      J. B. Dixon
  Virginia M. Quirk                John S. Stea, DDS                       Teal Consulting & Computing        Vinh Quang Tran
Michele R. Sholty                  John and Linda Steele                      Services                        Mr. and Mrs. John Trapani
Myrna and Forrest Short              Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Emling        Terry and Linda Teeple             Dorothy H. Tremblay
  Celia Williams                   Nancy Stefanides                        Matt and Kathryn Teffenhardt         Gertrude E. Dowds
Timothy Short                      Tracie M. Steffen                         Frank Tillmann                   Frank and Kay Tremmel
Pamela Sich                        Don and Martha Stegen                   Steve and Sharon Teffenhardt         Frank Tillmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Siemer        Lavane E. Sansum, MD                    Frank Tillmann                   Robert and Margaret Trester
Mary Sieu                          Barbara Stein                           Michael E. Tenenini                  Countess Pease Jeffries
Barbara Sigert                       Shanaz Helfer                           Lillian M. Tenenini
Sigma Phi Gamma Intl Sorority                                                                                 Sheila Trivedi
                                   Catherine Steisel                       Tenet Healthcare Foundation        Troy and Bob's Auto Works, Inc.
Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation       4th Grade Class Stephen Foster
Norma F. Siler
                                                                             Claire Hensel                    Carlton and Kathleen Tucker
                                      Elementary School                                                         in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Silhouttes of California                                                   Betty Teramoto
                                   Ryan J. Stern
Cheryl Simkins                                                             Dixie Terry                        Renee Tucker
                                   Karen A. Stevenson and
Aaron and Katherine Simmons                                                Ruth Tesfaye                       Paul Tully
                                      Douglas Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Simon                                               Sandra Teters                        Willis C. Hendrick
                                   David A. Stiles, CBET
  Virginia Pryne                                                           Diana Thackrey                     Thompson and Maureen Tully
                                   Brian J. Stock
                                                                           Pamela Thames
Richard H. Simon                   Rosemary M. Stoegbauer                                                       Willis C. Hendrick
                                                                           Carmen M. Thantut
Sydney M. Simon                      Virginia M. Quirk                                                        Robert and Patricia Turansick
                                                                           The Belmont Athletic Club
Gene R. Simonson                   Valerie Stokes                                                               Ralph Mitchell
                                                                           Theresa Thiel
Sigrid Simonson                    Robert and Sarah Stolze                   Frank Tillmann                   U.S. Trust
Sandra Sims                        Jean Stone
                                                                           Jesus Thillet                        Janet Carey
Lizbeth Siquerios-Lee              Christine Stout
Richard and Kathy Sitter                                                   Rosemary A. Thomas                 UBS Financial Services Inc.
                                     Robert A. Pitts
Sharon Ann Sitton                                                            Virginia Pryne                   Jeanette Ulepic
Carl and Dorothy Sjoberg           Patricia L. Strait                                                         Reinhold Ullrich, MD
                                                                           William and Kathleen Thomas
Lois S. Skinner                    Michael B. Strauss, MD                                                       Alex C. Horowitz
                                                                           Alice R. Thompson
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques    Susan Strauss
                                                                           Doris Thompson                     Macy's West United Way
                                   Peggy and Frank Street
Mariana Skinner                                                            L. L. Thompson                        Campaign
                                     Virginia Pryne
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Skytte                                                  Lynda L. Thompson                  United Way of Central New Mexico
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Sloan         Mildred Strichard                       Pat Thompson                       United Way of Orange County
  Carol, sister of Jessie Butler   Marlon and Jewel Strong                   Sue Montero                      United Way of The Bay Area
                                     Virginia Pryne                                                           United Way, Inc.
Nancy R. Slusher                                                           Robert Z. Thompson
                                   Theresa Strumberger                     Virginia A. Thompson               Grace and Pete Utecht
Small Island Productions Inc.
                                     Frank Tillmann                        Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. Thornton     Lavane E. Sansum, MD
George L. Smira
Bennie Jean Smith                  Daniel Struve                             Lavane E. Sansum, MD             Yuji Utsumi
  Juanita Ritzema                  Betty Stubbs                            Robert W. Thronson                 F. Vadurro
                                   Yoshimi N. Sufall                         in honor of Miss Clara Jaques    Ruth Valdez
George and Madeline Smith
                                   Lawrence F. Sugano                                                         Evelyn B. Valley
  Ruth Smith                                                               Isabelle Steward Thurber
                                   Angela K. Sugimura                                                           Aubra Fortune
Lee S. Smith                                                                 Wesley Nelson
                                   Mary Ruth Sullivan and                                                     Valley Environmental Associates
Robert and Fran Williams Smith                                               Maria Teresa Del Campo
                                      John Sanders                                                            Peter Valli
  Addie Williams                   Windes & McClaughry                     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tiano             Virginia Pryne
  Arthur Williams                     Accountancy Corporation              Kevin and Elaine Tiber
                                                                           Tichenor Orthopedic Clinic for     Dora Van de Mortel
Sherry C. Smith                      Linda Davies Farnsworth
                                                                              Children                        Debra F. Van Deventer
Stan Smith                         Betty J. Sunofsky
                                                                           Joseph and Shirley Tillmann        Harold Van Dyke
Lisa Venegas Smith                   in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
                                                                             Frank Tillmann                   Doris Van Rossum
Frederick Smith, Jr.
                                   John and Gloria Supancik                                                   Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Rae Anne Snidecor                                                          Sally DeCastro Tilsen
                                     Dorothy M. Tray                                                             Program
Linda L. Snodgrass                                                           Shanaz Helfer
                                   Anthony M. Swanson                                                         Naomi R. Vanley
Marion Solotoff                                                            Lei S. Tobias
                                   Elizabeth A. Swanson                                                         in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Mae Chinn Songer, MS                                                       John R. Todd
Marilyn T. Sonners                 Matthew Swanson                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Vicente C. Varona
                                                                             Aubra Fortune
  Sharon Gould                     Karen Swindells                                                              Clara M. Webster
                                   Mary Beth Syms, RD                      M. Douglas and Nancy Todd          Anjali Verma, RD
South Coast Ecumenical Council                                               Malcolm Todd, MD
Teresa K. Spence                     Shanaz Helfer                                                              Shanaz Helfer
                                                                             Ruth Todd
  Mark Cardoza                     Cecilia V. Talbert                                                         Edward and Ann Vernikoff
Gregory J. Spiess                    Wilmier M. Talbert, Jr, MD                                                 in honor of Miss Clara Jaques

Veterans of Foreign Wars              Robert and Eileen Wellman            Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wilson           Karin and Fred Yen
  June Strong                         Georgette Wells                        Donald G. Wilson                      in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Mary Denise Vidmar                    Karen A Wells                          Lenore Wilson                       Miriam Yin-Wolverton
Caroline Villa                        Margo A. Wells                       Joyce A. Wilson                         Countess Pease Jeffries
Linda Villalobos                      Wells Fargo Community                Libby F. Wilson
                                         Support Campaign                                                        Carol Ann Yinquez
Divina M. Villareal-Mitra                                                    in honor of Dr. A. E. Choy and
                                      Wellsprings                                                                Donna J. Yoachum
John and Dorothy Vincent                                                     Dr. C. Y. Yamaguchi
                                      Sara J. Wenkle Kaplan                                                      Mary Caroline Young
  Dave Fellars                                                             Doris M. Windham                      Virginia and Ray Young
                                        Lavane E. Sansum, MD                 Lorraine Napolitano
Teodora Vinoya                          Gertrude E. Dowds                                                          in honor of
Michael W. Vizard                                                          The Wine Country                        Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Ginnett
Voice of the Arts Inc.                Wertz & Company                      Winesuff/Kauffman
                                      Marilyn L. Wesley                                                          Curtis and Miriam Zacuto
Volunteer Auxiliary to                                                       Janet Carey                           Linda Davies Farnsworth
   Memorial Hospital                  T. Wessel
                                                                           Erick Winkler                         Sharon B. Zamora
  Clara M. Webster                    Connie M. West                       Mr. and Mrs. Jess D. Winn
  Hope Glasener                       Scott L. West                                                              Nancy L. Zantiny
                                                                             Jerry Florio
                                      John and Yvonne Whalley                George E. Wilman
                                                                                                                   Lavane E. Sansum, MD
Cheryl and Roger Von Der Hellen         Dr. and Mrs. Lavane E. Sansum
Denis Vossler                                                                                                    Michael and Christine Zarro
  in honor of Brian & Kevin Vossler                                                                                in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Karen J. Wada                                                                                                    Stephanie Zarro
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques                                                                                    in honor of Miss Clara Jaques
Caroline W. Wagner                                                                                               Marvin and Jenny Zavatsky
  Robert W. Godwin, MD                                                                                             Janet Carey
Shabana Wahid                                                                                                    Daniel E. Zehler
Ann Walker                                                                                                       Michelle R. Zentgraf
Nancy and Ken Walker                                                                                             Martha Zepeda
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques                                                                                  Xiang Zhou
                                                                                                                 Zimmer Corp.
Barbara J. Wallace                                                                                               J. Paul Zimmerman
  Virginia Pryne                                                                                                 Robert and Holly Zirretta
Valerie Wallace, RD                                                                                                Ralph Mitchell
  Shanaz Helfer                                                                                                  Peter and Katherine Zotovich
Joan Allen Walsh                                                                                                   Gail Zotovich
Walter B. Moore Corporation                                                                                      Stephen Zotovich
Lulu Wang                                                                                                          Gail Zotovich
Amy and John Warden                   Sam Chaalon, general manager (left), and Debbie Auman, client care
Andrea Ware                                                                                                      Karen and Joe Zucchero
                                      administrator, both from Mercedes Benz of Long Beach, joined
Sigrid Washburn                       John S. Link, MD, medical director, MemorialCare Breast Center and
Stephen P. Washburn                   Carey Cullinane, MD, director, Cancer Risk and Prevention Program,
Barbarah Washington
Washington Mutual, Inc.
                                      Todd Cancer Institute, LBMMC, in celebrating the success of the
                                      Long Beach Loves Women campaign created by Charter Communications
                                                                                                                 Sept. 1, 2003 thru Jan. 31, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Y. Watada
  Leslie Watada                       and sponsored by the Mercedes dealership with proceeds benefitting
                                      the Breast Center.                                                         Equipment valued at $800,000 for the
Betty L. Watanabe                                                                                                Nursing Skills Lab was contributed by:
Kenneth S. Watanabe                                                        Connie L. Wiseman
Pam Watanabe                          Carolyn S. Wheaton                                                         BARD
                                      Karen Whistler                         Virginia Pryne
Bill Watson                                                                                                      Cardinal Health-Pyxis
                                      Don Whitaker                         Dawn A. Witte
Matt Watson                                                                                                       Division
                                      Annette White                        Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Wittkamp
  Johnny Cash                                                                                                    Diamond Drapery
  Royal Dano                          Karen White                            Robert A. Pitts
                                      Katherine E. White, MD               Stephen M. Wittman                    Edwards Life Sciences
Thomas and Sherry Watt                  Carlyn Katz Marks
  Virginia Pryne
                                                                           Joan Y. Wolter                        Herman Miller
                                      Alice E. Whitmore                    Alfred Wong, DDS                       Workplace Resource
Diane Watters                           Raymond Whitmore                   Jane Woodson
Imogene Waughtel                                                                                                 Hill-Rom
                                      David and Helen Whitney              Paula L. Workman
Robert and Linda Waxman                                                    Grace E. Wray                         Phillips
                                        Justin Whitney
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques                                              Lucille M. Stroud and               United Hospital Supply
Ernest J. and Julie J. Way            Mary Ann Whitsitt                      Brady Stade                         Zoll Medical
Miriam Wedemeyer                      Shirley A. Wilburn
                                        Fred Reidenbaugh                   Janet R. Wright
Beverly J. Weed                                                            Kathleen T. Wright                    Other gifts from:
  in honor of Miss Clara Jaques       Carl and Elizabeth Wildhagen         Robert and Kathleen Wright
Scott and Linda Mar Weidman             Alex C. Horowitz                     Patti Kendall                       Cabe Brothers Toyota
  Leslie Watada                       Jayne E. Willcocks                   Susan Wright
                                                                                                                 Betty A. Eastman-Todd
Nancy L. Weisbrod                     Sandi P. Williams                    Heather Wurst                         Evy of California
Craig and Kathy Weismann              Katherine Williams                   Bequest of Eudora Bell Wyatt          Manuel Garcia
                                      June and Lindsey Williams
  Gladys E. Fletcher
                                      Dr. and Mrs. George B. Williamson
                                                                           Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories             Mark P. Hachigian, MD
Karen Bever Weiss                                                          Terry and Laura Wynne                 Paul McClellan
                                        Virginia Pryne                     Viki Yamashita
  Virginia Pryne
                                      Paul and Al Verta Williamson         Doris Yang                            Diana Parr
Jerome and Joyce Weiss                  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Johnston      Sandra Yavitz                         Jack Reihing
  Sharon Gould                                                             Barbara J. Ybaben                     We thank these individuals and
  Jo-Anne Shapiro                     Sondra Williamson
                                        Gladys E. Fletcher                   in honor of Michael Eschenbrenner   organizations for their generosity.
Mary Welch                                                                   and Ed Yonek
                                      Kristan Ann Willis
  Mary Blanton

                                                                                                                 IN MEMORIAM
In Friendship and Sympathy
     The Memorial Medical Center Foundation acknowledges the recent loss of special individuals who
touched the lives of those around them and helped provide “that extra measure of care” for patients at
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital. We offer our sincere sympathy to
their families, friends and remind them that “death ends a life, but not a relationship.”
                         Alex Horowitz 1919 - 2003
                               Alex Horowitz was born in Vienna, Austria and immigrated to the United States in 1939 after fleeing the Nazis. When WWII broke
                         out, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and participated in the European Campaign. Upon his return from the war, he married Toni Kohl and
                         completed his studies at the City College of New York, graduating Cum Laude with a degree in accounting. In 1948, the Horowitz family,
                         including their young son, Jack, moved west to California, settling in Long Beach. He, Guy Balser and Syd Wakeling established the CPA
                         firm of Balser, Horowitz and Wakeling. During his years in Long Beach, and later in Rancho Palos Verdes, he was very involved in civic,
                         religious and political volunteer activities.
                               In Long Beach, he contributed expertise and philanthropic gifts to the Memorial Medical Center Foundation, where he was a member
                         of the board of directors for twelve years - serving as Chair of the Investment Committee most of that time and as Chair 1980 - 82. He
  Alex Horowitz          was also appointed to the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center board of trustees. It was in 1980 that he (along with Mr. Don Carner,
                         then President/CEO of Long Beach Memorial) appointed Donna Reckseen and Timothy Jackert, CPA, to serve as the administrator and
                         finance officer of the Foundation...where they still serve in 2004 as president and vice president, Finance - with deep appreciation to
                         Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Carner. Because of these ethical, dedicated leaders, along with the others who served after them, the Memorial
                         Medical Center Foundation has enjoyed success for 44 years. Donna, Tim, and Jim Normandin (who joined them in 1984 as executive VP)
                         are reminded of the saying by Isaac Newton in his letter to Robert Hooke: "If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood
                         on the shoulders of giants."
                               Alex is survived by his second wife, Winona (Lindy); his son Jack and daughter-in-law, Ruth; two grandchildren; and four great-grand-
                         children. (His first wife, Toni, predeceased him.)

                         Richard C. DeGolia 1920 - 2004
                               Dr. DeGolia was a Navy fighter pilot and trainer of pilots during WWII, earning two Distinguished Flying Crosses and eleven Air
                         Medals. During that time, he had a blind date with a Stanford University co-ed, Sallie Van Dyke. This meeting was a turning point in his life.
                         Not only did that date lead to marriage, but his father-in-law, pediatrician H. Milton Van Dyke, MD, inspired him to become a pediatrician
                         also. Both men shared a love for children and a strong desire to contribute to their community.
                               That combined commitment led to a significant philanthropic gift from the DeGolia family given in memory of Dr. Van Dyke. This gift
                         help build the Van Dyke Theater in the UCI/Long Beach Memorial Center for Health Education located on the Long Beach Memorial
                         Medical Center campus. Also, Dr. DeGolia played an important role in the planning and building of Miller Children's Hospital and served
                         on the boards of Long Beach Memorial, Miller Children's Hospital, Memorial Medical Center Foundation and as chief of staff at Miller
Richard C. DeGolia, MD
                               Dr. DeGolia is survived by his wife Sallie Van Dyke DeGolia , and their children - Richard C. DeGolia, Jr. Esq., Van Dyke DeGolia, MD
                         (Lela), Peter A. DeGolia MD (Rachel), Sallie G. DeGolia, MD (Martin I. Bronk, MD), Alexander C.G. Van Dyke, MD (Penelope), Alexis G. Van
                         Dyke, Harold Milton Van Dyke, II (Lisa), Elizabeth L. Van Dyke and 8 grandchildren.

                         John Gragg 1907 - 2004 Gertrude “Trudy” Dowds 1921 - 2003 R. Philip Dowds 1918 - 2004

   Memorial Seaside Legacy Circle
      The Memorial Medical Center Foundation appreciates the thoughtfulness and vision of those philanthropic
      friends who support Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s through life income gifts and bequests in
      wills and trusts. We pay tribute to them through the Memorial Seaside Legacy Circle:
      September 1, 2003 – January 31, 2004                                        Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Laufer
                                                                                        Sandrina Hennesey
                                                                                          Matthew J. Borza
                                                                                    1/15/2004 deceased
                                                                 To learn more about the Memorial Seaside Legacy Circle,
                                                                 call the Memorial Medical Center Foundation at 562.933.4483.
                                                                 “You can make a difference if you link your life to a worthy
                                                                 institution that will live on when you are gone.”
                                                                                                                              ...Olan Hugh Runnels

                 Making Philanthropic Friends
    Since 1961, the Memorial Medical Center Foundation has assisted friends and their advisors in determining
the best way to utilize philanthropic gift planning techniques to compliment estate and financial planning goals.
A professional development team works with a 31-member volunteer board of directors to match philanthropic gift and grant goals
with capital, healthcare education, research and patient care needs of Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital.
    Donna Reckseen, president, introduces this team (left to right):

Julie Heggeness, JD, director Trusts and Estates, received her BA                     Iris Quiroz, executive director of Development, received a BA
degree from Southern California University, her JD from Western States                from California State University, Fullerton and had 15 years of development
University College of Law and completed the Certificated Specialist in Planned        experience prior to joining MMCF in 1999. She manages the MMCF
Giving Program at California State University Long Beach. She joined the              Corporation/Foundation Grants Program securing funds from community,
MMCF team in 1999 to design and provide charitable gift planning services,            independent, family and company sponsored foundations for equipment,
with an emphasis on charitable gift annuities.                                        program and general support needs for Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s.

Tom Poole, MEd, CFRE, vice president of Development,                                  Wanda Cockey, development officer, came to MMCF in 2002 with
Miller Children’s Hospital, has been a hospital fundraiser since 1976                 nine years of experience as a development officer and contract manager of
and worked at an international fundraising consulting firm for over twenty-five       social service programs. She established a new MMCF program, “Partnerships
years. As senior vice president of that firm, he was assigned as resident campaign    in Excellence” providing opportunities for businesses in the greater Long Beach
director for MMCF’s successful $43 million capital campaign, 1989-1995. He            area to help purchase medical equipment for the not-for-profit Long Beach
returned this year to join the MMCF team on a permanent basis. Tom received           Memorial and Miller Children’s. Wanda is currently enrolled in an accelerated
a BA in history from Ohio Wesleyan University and MEd at Wright State                 bachelor’s degree program in Business Management.
University in Ohio. He was one of the first Certified Fund Raising Executives
in the United States.                                                                 Thom Knight, CSPG, gifts and estate development manager is a
                                                                                      political science and economics graduate of American University, Washington,
Jim Normandin, executive vice president of the MMCF,                                  DC, and completed the Certificated Specialist in Planned Giving Program at
received his BA from California State University, Long Beach and has been             California State University Long Beach. He was an executive at the Virginia
active in providing financial and estate planning services throughout LA and          Port Authority Board before joining the MMCF team this year. Thom is working
Orange Counties, joining the MMCF team in 1984. Jim designs and oversees              with Memorial physician groups, departments and community organizations to
the MMCF seasoned Charitable Gift Giving Program and implements financial             cultivate philanthropic gifts for clinical equipment, health care education,
policies guiding the investment of life income charitable trust assets. Jim is well   research and patient care programs.
known throughout Southern California as a leading specialist in the charitable
tax-planning field.

                                                                                          Memorial Medical Center Foundation
                                                                                                   professional development team

      MERCURY                                                   MeMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER FOUNDATION
                                                                 Long Beach Memorial Medical Center/Miller Children’s Hospital

MERCURY is published to provide information
                                                                                         Board of Directors July 2003 - June 2004
about Long Beach Memorial Medical Center,                     Executive Committee           Treasurer                         Board Members                   Jon A. Masterson
                                                              Chair                         Kevin P. McGuan, CFM              H. Richard Adams, MD            James M. Mintie
Miller Children’s Hospital and the Memorial
                                                              Sandi Jackson                 Grants Application Chair          James A. Baker, MD              Robert H. Murphy
Medical Center Foundation for philanthropic                                                 Karen K. Clements                 Richard W. Bryson, CLU          Michael P. Nageotte, MD
                                                              First Vice Chair
friends, auxiliaries, volunteers, patients, medical           Finance Chair                 Nominating Chair
                                                                                                                              John W. Dameron                 Donna M. Reckseen
staff, employees and visitors. MERCURY highlights             Joseph L. Maga, Jr.           Charles W. Durnin, MD             William Durkee                  Mark W. Roberts, MD
medical center programs and patients who have                                                                                 David J. Fogarty                Byron F. Schweigert, PharmD
                                                              Second Vice Chair             Philanthropic
                                                              Investment Chair                                                Alan L. Fox                     Thomas E. Shadden
benefited from philanthropic gifts and grants                                               Development Chair
                                                                                                                              Bryna Kane, MD                  Candice R. Stacy
                                                              Michael S. Rouse.             James G. Craig, Jr.
to the Memorial Medical Center Foundation,                                                                                    Mary K. Klingensmith            Kevin M. Tiber
                                                              Secretary                     Linkage Chair
a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Long Beach                 Barbara A. Enlow
                                                                                                                              B. Peter Knudson                Laura R. Wynne
                                                                                            Charles R. Fullerton              Michael R. Leff
Memorial Medical Center is a 541-bed acute
care hospital and adjacent Miller Children’s
Hospital, is a 198-bed acute care hospital. Both                  Long Beach MeMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER
are teaching and research facilities committed                         Board of Directors and the
to providing high quality, cost-effective patient               Miller Children’s Hospital Governing Board
care and are members of the MemorialCare®                                                                  July 2003- June 2004
family of hospitals.
                                                              Board of Directors            Bryna Kane, MD                   David L. Brown                   B. Peter Knudson
Memorial Health Services                                      Dean Porter                   Secretary                        James G. Craig, Jr.              Robert Murphy
Barry Arbuckle, PhD                                           Chair
                                                                                            Barry Arbuckle, PhD              John W. Dameron                  Kenneth Walker
President and CEO                                             Charles Lineberger            President and CEO                Eric Feldman, MD                 James H. Wells, MD
                                                              Vice Chair                    Memorial Health Services         Roger K. Freeman, MD             Howard “Les” Worcester, MD
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center                                                                                           Doug Jaques, Esq.
Miller Children’s Hospital
Byron F. Schweigert, PharmD
                                                                  Miller Children’s Hospital Advisory Board
                                                                                                           July 2003- June 2004
Memorial Medical Center Foundation                            Jannie Mackay, PhD            Melvin Marks, MD                 Doris Hauser                     Leslie Schlauch
Donna M. Reckseen                                             Chair                         Senior Vice-President/           Douglas Jaques, Esq.             Chris Steinhauser
President                                                                                   Administrator                    Visut Kanchanapoom, MD           David Stotler
                                                              Santos Cortez, DDS
                                                                                            Miller Children’s Hospital       Jeanne Karatsu                   Joel Widelitz, MD
James Normandin                                               Vice Chair
                                                                                                                             Jerry Kaufman                    Susan A. Wise, Esq.
Executive Vice President                                      Paul Motenko                                                   Alan Kolsky
                                                              Secretary-Treasurer                                                                             Emeritus Members
Timothy Jackert, CPA                                                                        Shirley Black                    Vicki Lawrence
                                                                                                                                                              Mary Alice Braly
Vice President, Finance                                       Barry Arbuckle, PhD           Gerald Blatt, MD                 Robert Maney
                                                                                                                                                              Chuck Lineberger
                                                              President and CEO             David L. Brown                   Liz Minor
Tom Poole                                                     Memorial Health Services      Jay B. Davis                     Pam Munzer
                                                                                                                                                              Norma Marter
Vice President for Development, MCH                                                                                                                           Harry Orme, MD
                                                              Byron F. Schweigert,          Venner Farley, RN, EdD           Dean Porter
                                                                                                                                                              Katherine White, MD
Iris Quiroz                                                   PharmD                        Mike Garcia                      Donna Reckseen
Executive Director of Development                             CEO, Long Beach Memorial      Carol Grabrowski, MD             Peggy Reep
                                                              Miller Children’s Hospital    Michael Gyepes, MD               Linda Richardson
Julie Heggeness, JD
Director, Trusts and Estates
Mercury Publication Team
Donna M. Reckseen
Managing Editor
Terri Starkman                                                                                                                                               Long Beach
Director, Public Relations/Marketing, LBMMC                                                                                                                  Memorial
Joni Ramirez                                                                                                                                                 Medical Center
Director, Public Relations/Marketing, MCH                                                                                                               A   MemorialCare® Medical Center
Carol A. Beckerman
Dann Froehlich Design                                                  Byron F. Schweigert, PharmD        Dean Porter
Graphic Design                                                         CEO, Long Beach Memorial           Chair
                                                                       Miller Children’s Hospital
Queen Beach Printers, Inc.
Cristina Salvador
Charles Michael Murray
Scott Windus

For information regarding MERCURY, call the president
of the Foundation at 562.933.4483.

Copyright 2004 MERCURY, Memorial Medical Center Foundation.
All rights reserved.
The material in this issue may not be reproduced in whole                                                 Melvin Marks, MD                      Jannie Mackay, PhD
or in part without permission of the publishers.                                                          Senior Vice-President/Administrator   Chair
                                                                                                          Miller Children’s Hospital

                                                              Please write us at our address if you wish to have your name removed from the list to receive fund-raising
                                                              requests supporting Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital in the future.

                                                                             Starting in August
...you can connect with Memorial Medical Center Foundation
and become a philanthropic friend - www.lbmmcf.org
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  and clinical research.
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We’re working to keep in touch with you.
Log on and let us know how we’re doing.

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