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					The Phil Edwards PRU

 Attendance Policy

    Dated: June 2009

 Review Date: June 2012

                    Phil Edwards Centre Attendance Policy


The Phil Edwards Centre is ‘A Second Chance at Education, not a Second
Rate Education’. We are not prepared to ignore or in any way condone poor
attendance because this impacts on the educational opportunities of the
young people by restricting their access to education and inhibiting their
chances of a successful return to mainstream.

What we will do is take a sympathetic approach to the complex problems
which often contribute to a young person having poor attendance. We will do
everything we can to work with families and other agencies to alleviate these
difficulties and enable improved attendance.


   1. Good attendance should be recognised, valued and rewarded.
   2. Attendance and punctuality will be carefully monitored.
   3. We will work in partnership with parents, the EWO and other agencies
      to promote good attendance and punctuality.

The School Day

The student day at the Phil Edwards Centre begins at 9am and ends at 2pm
Monday – Friday. Students can arrive between 8.30am and 9am. First Lesson
starts at 9.05am

The lunch break is from 12.05pm-12.40pm. Students are not allowed offsite at
lunchtime. The first bell goes at 12.30pm to allow students time to finish their
lunch and go to the toilet before the afternoon lessons commence at 12.40pm.

Where students have committed to attending offsite activities which exceed
the school day they will be expected to stay for the duration of the activity.


Students are registered twice a day by the Attendance and Welfare Officer.
This registration is at 9am and again at 12.35pm and takes place in the day
room. Students arriving between 9.05am and 9.30am are marked as Late.
The registers close at 9.30am. Any student arriving after this time gets a U in
the register.

Reporting Absence

Parents are expected to report their child absent and are encouraged to
provide evidence in the case of medical appointments, for example an

appointment card. If a parent has not reported their child absent by 9.30am in
the morning and the child fails to arrive by 9.30am the Attendance and
Welfare Officer will telephone the parent. This is done for all students in these
circumstances on a daily basis.

Persistent Absence or Lateness

In the case of persistent lateness a letter is sent to parents (see Appendix
One). In the case of persistent absence a different letter is sent (see Appendix
Two). If necessary, the list which appears as Appendix Two B is also sent. If
there is no satisfactory response to these letters the matter is referred to the
Education Welfare Officer for consideration of further action. Where
attendance and lateness is a concern for the whole of the Centre, the
Headteacher will write directly to parents raising the concerns.

Involvement of the Education Welfare Officer and Fixed Penalty Notices.

We have a designated Education Welfare Officer (EWO) for all the Croydon
Pupil Referral Units and Special Schools. They have a very good
understanding of the complex problems that can be experienced by some
families which impact on the attendance of their children. Therefore if we have
concerns about persistent non-attendance we will refer to the EWO and
initially discuss the case with her on an informal basis. We do not have a set
procedure for dealing with these cases. We will always proceed on a case by
case basis and give careful consideration to whether other agencies need to
be involved, for example Social Services.

For example in the case of older students we might involve the Connexions
Advisor and ask him to point out to the young person how their lateness
and/or lack of attendance will impact adversely on their College placement or
employment prospects. The Attendance & Welfare Officer will also speak to
individual students about their attendance. We would not rule out using Fixed
Term Penalty Notices, but this would depend upon the circumstances and
would only be used if there was a very high probability that using a FPN would
make an immediate and significant improvement to the attendance.

Time off in Term Time

In certain circumstances students will be granted time off in term time, but this
is at the discretion of the Head and will once again be considered on a case
by case basis. Any parent taking their child out of the Centre during term, for
any reason, without the permission of the Head will result in an unauthorised
absence and possible referral to the Education Welfare Officer.

Incentives and Rewards for Good Attendance

Students whose attendance is 90% or above during one term will be awarded
a certificate and a voucher at the end of term.

Perhaps the best incentive we can offer to young people to encourage them
to attend regularly and punctually is a chance to re-engage with education
and reach their potential. If young people feel that the Phil Edwards Centre
has something to offer them then in our experience they will attend.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Attendance and Welfare Officer is responsible for the day to day
recording and monitoring of attendance for all students, this includes contact
with parents and liaison with the EWO. The Attendance and Welfare Officer
and Education Welfare Officer also have regular meetings with the Head, who
is the member of the SMT with overall responsibility for attendance who will
also contact parents as required.

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Chair of the Management Commiittee

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