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									Satya Prabhakar is the CEO of, one of the most popular Indian Internet sites, that
pioneered the integration of classifieds and local search with social media in 50 cities. Sulekha
partners with companies such as Vodafone, Reliance, Airtel, Sify to offer Classifieds and Yellow
Pages services through mobile and online platforms. Sulekha serves tens of thousands of paying
corporate and small-to-medium business advertisers using a ground-breaking "Response
Guaranteed" model.

Satya raised capital from Indigo Monsoon Group and Norwest Venture Partners to
grow from two employees to more than 500 employees with 10 offices in India, US and
Canada. He leads a team of world class professionals in developing revenue-generating services that
were acclaimed by users, media and industry.

He has ~ 20 years of experience in US and India in management, business development,
strategy/technical roles at TCS, Philips, Honeywell and AT&T. Satya's expertise is in building
organizations, developing strategy and performance frameworks, recruiting and motivating high-
skilled teams, marketing, technology, resource allocation and, most importantly, revenue growth and

Satya was featured in ~ 500 news stories and invited to speak in ~ 200 conferences, industry
gatherings and academic/corporate institutions, including Wharton, McCombs, ISB Hyderabad, IIM
Calcutta, IIT Bombay, REC Trichy, and NIT Singapore. Satya has authored nearly 100 technical and
general interest articles. Satya's blogs/opinions/columns were published by Penguin, Mint/Wall Street
Journal, Impact, Economist and Harvard Business Review.

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