; Salvador Dal
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Salvador Dal


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									           Salvador Dalí
• 1904 – 1989
• Began his early works with charcoal
  drawings. (age 17).
• Studies at the Academy of San Fernando
  at age 18.
• He was expelled because he stated that
  no faculty member was competent enough
  to grade him.
• Cubism
• Dada – Art movement against war
• Surrealism – He is considered to be the
  greatest surrealist of the 20th century.
• Meets Picasso (his idol) through the
  painter Joan Miró.
• Influenced by Velazquez
• Married Gala, a Russian Immigrant which
  would be the inspiration for his works.
• His works typically have bread, eggs, and
• Supports Franco’s regime and is expelled
  from the Surrealist group. He states that
  he is surrealism.
• Dali was also a writer and tried to produce
  movie scripts.
• He is knighted by King Juan Carlos I.
• Creates his own museum where he paints
  himself as God (mocking the Sistine
  Possible causes for his strange
• Dali was taken to his brother’s grave (also
  named Salvador) at the age of 5. His
  parents told him that he was the
  reincarnated spirit of his brother. A fact
  which he believed.
• His mother died at the age of 17. A
  woman whom he worshipped.
• He was disowned by his father after living
  with Gala.
Image of Dali
La última cena
Bailarina y la cara de muerte
La persistencia de memoria
Aparición de una cara y un
   frutero en la playa
Metamorfosis de Narcissus
Mi deseo, mi madre, mi madre,
          mi madre
Una contorsión topológico de
una mujer se hace un violín
Mujer como caballo
Huevos sobre el plato
El barco
La jirafa quemada
Velazquez muriendo detras de
 la ventana a la izquierda con
         una cuchara
Composición surrealista
Mujer y animal
Madona del puerto Ligat
La cara de guerra
Galatea con esferas

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