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									Tier 3: Integrative Capstone
8. Integrative Capstone: (select one course)
ACCT A452 Auditing                                                                                                           UAA’s General Education Requirements
                                                                                                                                     2011-12 (37 credits)
ANTH A354 Culture and Ecology
ART A491 Senior Seminar
ASTR/BIOL A365 Astrobiology
ATA A492 Air Transportation System Seminar
BIOL A378 Marine Biology
BIOL A452 Human Genome                                                                                                          Note: General Education requirements cannot be waived or
BIOL/CHEM/PHYS A456 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
BIOL A489 Population Genetics and Evolutionary Processes                                                                               substituted with UAA courses not on this list.
CA A495 Hospitality Internship
CE A438 Design of Civil Engineering Systems
CEL A450 Civic Engagement Capstone                                                                                                  Tier 1: Basic College Level Skills
CHEM A441 Principles of Biochemistry I
CIS A326 Information Age Literacy
CIS A376 Management Information Systems
CM A422 Sustainability in the Built Environment
                                                                                                                      1. Oral Communication Skills: (select one course)
CM A450 Construction Management Professional Practice
CS A470 Applied Software Development Project
                                                                                                                      COMM A111 Fundamentals Oral Communication
CSE A438 Design of Computer Engineering Systems                                                                       COMM A235 Small Group Communication
DH A424 Community Dental Health II
DN A415 Community Nutrition                                                                                           COMM A237 Interpersonal Communication
DNCE A370 Interdisciplinary Dance Studies: Issues & Methods
ECON A492 Seminar in Economic Research
                                                                                                                      COMM A241 Public Speaking
EDFN A300 Philosophical and Social Context of American Education
EDFN A304 Comparative Education
EE A438 Design of Electrical Engineering Systems                                                                      2. Quantitative Skills: (select one course)
ENGL A434 History of Rhetoric
ENGL A478 Public Science Writing                                                                                      MATH A107 College Algebra
ENVI A470 Environmental Planning and Problem Solving
GEO A460 Geomatics Design Project
                                                                                                                      MATH A108 Trigonometry
GEOG A390A Topics in Global Geography                                                                                 MATH A109 Pre-calculus
GEOL A456 Geoarcheology
HIST/INTL/PS A325 Northeast Asia in 21st Century                                                                      MATH A172 Applied Finite Mathematics
HIST A390A Themes in World History
HIST/RUSS A427 Post-Soviet Culture and Society
                                                                                                                      MATH A200 Calculus I
HNRS A490 Senior Honors Seminar                                                                                       MATH A201 Calculus II
HS A491 Health Issues in Alaska
HS A492 Senior Seminar: Contemporary Health Policy                                                                    MATH A272 Applied Calculus
HUMS A495B Human Services Practicum IV
INTL A315 Canada: Nation and Identity                                                                                 STAT A252 Elementary Statistics
JPC A403 Communications and Media Research
JUST A460 Justice in Crisis
                                                                                                                      STAT A253 Applied Statistics for the Sciences
JUST A463 Biobehavioral Criminology                                                                                   STAT A307 Probability and Statistics
LSIC A488A Capstone Project I: Design and Research
LSSS A312 Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
MATH A420 History of Mathematics
ME A438 Design of Mechanical Engineering Systems
                                                                                                                      3. Written Communication Skills: (select two courses)
MEDT A302 Clinical Laboratory Education and Management                                                                ENGL A111 Methods of Written Communication
MUS A331 Form and Analysis
NS A411 Health II: Nursing Therapeutics                                                                               ENGL A211 Academic Writing About Literature
PEP A384 Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Health and Physical Activity
PHIL A400 Ethics, Community, and Society                                                                              ENGL A212 Technical Writing
PS A492 Senior Seminar in Politics
PSY A370 Behavioral Neuroscience
                                                                                                                      ENGL A213 Writing in Social & Natural Sciences
SOC A488 Capstone Seminar                                                                                             ENGL A214 Persuasive Writing
STAT A308 Intermediate Statistics for the Sciences
SWK A431 Social Work Practice IV: Integrative Capstone                                                                ENGL A311 Advanced Composition
TECH A453 Capstone Project
THR A492 Senior Seminar
                                                                                                                      ENGL A312 Advanced Technical Writing
                                                                                                                      ENGL A414 Research Writing
See UAOnline for additional Integrative Capstone courses.

Note: The 37-credit General Education Requirement, including the 3-credit Integrative Capstone, is required for                             X:\Advising Resources\Curriculum Sheets\11-12\2011-12 GER Sheet.docx
graduation after September 2008 for baccalaureate students who were admitted to major or pre-major status under the
2005-2006 UAA Catalog or later catalogs. (For specifics on catalog year requirements, see Chapter 7, Academic
Standards and Regulations, Related Undergraduate Admissions Policies).
                                                                                     Tier 2: Disciplinary Areas
4. Fine Arts: (select one course, music majors   6. Social Sciences:                                7. Humanities: (Select two courses)                 HIST A122 East Asian Civilization II
must select courses outside major)               (Select two courses outside major & from 2 different   AKNS A101A Elementary Central Yup’ik            HIST A131 History of United States I
AKNS/MUS A215 Music of Alaska Natives &          disciplines)                                              Language I                                   HIST A132 History of United States II
   Indigenous Peoples of Northern Regions        ANTH A101 Introduction to Anthropology                 AKNS A101B Elementary Tlingit Language I        HIST A341 History of Alaska
ART A160 Art Appreciation                        ANTH A200 Natives of Alaska                            AKNS A101C Elementary Alaska Native             HNRS A192 Honors Seminar: Enduring Books
ART A261 History of Western Art I                ANTH A202 Cultural Anthropology                           Language I                                   HUM A211 Introduction to Humanities I
ART A262 History of Western Art II               ANTH A250 The Rise of Civilization                     AKNS A102A Elementary Central Yup’ik            HUM A212 Introduction to Humanities II
ART A360A History of Non-Western Art I           BA A151 Introduction to Business                          Language II                                  JPN A101 First Year Japanese I
ART A360B History of Non-Western Art II          CEL A292 Introduction to Civic Engagement              AKNS A102B Elementary Tlingit Language II       JPN A102 First Year Japanese II
DNCE A170 Dance Appreciation                     ECON A123 Intro to Behavioral Economics                AKNS A102C Elementary Alaska Native             JPN A201 Second Year Japanese I
MUS A121 Music Appreciation                      ECON A201 Principles of Macroeconomics                    Language II                                  JPN A202 Second Year Japanese II
MUS A124 History of Jazz                         ECON A202 Principles of Microeconomics                 AKNS A201 Alaska Native Perspectives            JPN A301 Advanced Japanese I
MUS A221 History of Music I                      ECON A210 Environmental Economics & Policy             ART A261 History of Western Art I               JPN A302 Advanced Japanese II
MUS A222 History of Music II                     EDEC A105 Introduction to the Field of Early           ART A262 History of Western Art II              LING A101 The Nature of Language
THR A111 Introduction to the Theatre                 Childhood                                          ART A360A History of Non-Western Art I          MUS A221 History of Music I
THR A311 Representative Plays I                  ENVI A212 Living on Earth: People & the                ART A360B History of Non-Western Art II         MUS A222 History of Music II
THR A312 Representative Plays II                     Environment                                        ASL A101 Elementary American Sign               PHIL A101 Introduction to Logic
THR A411 History of the Theatre I                GEOG/INTL A101 Local Places/Global Regions:               Language I                                   PHIL A201 Introduction to Philosophy
THR A412 History of the Theatre II                   Intro to Geography                                 ASL A102 Elementary American Sign               PHIL A211 History of Philosophy I
                                                 HNRS A292 Honors Seminar in Social Science                Language II                                  PHIL A212 History of Philosophy II
5. Natural Sciences: (Select two courses:        HS A220 Core Concepts in the Health Sciences           ASL A201 Intermediate American Sign             PHIL A301 Ethics
one course must include lab)                     HUMS/SWK A106 Intro to Social Welfare                     Language I                                   PHIL A313 Eastern Philosophy and Religion
ASTR A103/L Solar System Astronomy               JPC A101 Media and Society                             ASL A202 Intermediate American Sign             PHIL A314 Western Religions
ASTR A104/L Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology        JUST A110 Introduction to Justice                         Language II                                  PS A331 Political Philosophy
BIOL A102 Introductory Biology                   JUST/SOC A251 Crime and Delinquency                    CHIN A101 First Year Chinese I                  PS A332 History of Political Philosophy I:
BIOL A103 Introductory Biology Laboratory        JUST A330 Justice and Society                          CHIN A102 First Year Chinese II                     Classical
BIOL A111 Human Anatomy and Physiology I         JUST A375 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency             CHIN A201 Second Year Chinese I                 PS A333 History of Political Philosophy II:
BIOL A112 Human Anatomy and Physiology II        LSSS A111 Cultural Foundations of Human                CHIN A202 Second Year Chinese II                    Modern
BIOL A115 Fundamentals of Biology I                Behavior                                             ENGL A121 Introduction to Literature            RUSS A101 Elementary Russian I
BIOL A116 Fundamentals of Biology II             PARL A101 Introduction to Law                          ENGL A201 Masterpieces of World Literature I    RUSS A102 Elementary Russian II
BIOL/GEOL A178 Oceanography                      PS A101 Introduction to American Government            ENGL A202 Masterpieces of World Literature II   RUSS A201 Intermediate Russian I
BIOL/GEOL A179 Oceanography Lab                  PS A102 Introduction to Political Science              ENGL A301 Literature of Britain I               RUSS A202 Intermediate Russian II
BIOL/CPLX A200 Intro to Complexity               PS A311 Comparative Politics                           ENGL A302 Literature of Britain II              RUSS A301 Advanced Russian I
CHEM A103/L Survey of Chemistry                  PS/SOC A351 Political Sociology                        ENGL A305 National Literatures in English       RUSS A302 Advanced Russian II
CHEM A104/L Intro to Organic Chemistry &         PSY A111 General Psychology                            ENGL A306 Literature of the United States I     SPAN A101 Elementary Spanish I
    Biochemistry                                 PSY A150 Lifespan Development                          ENGL A307 Literature of the United States II    SPAN A102 Elementary Spanish II
CHEM A105/L General Chemistry I                  SOC A101 Introduction to Sociology                     ENGL A310 Ancient Literature                    SPAN A201 Intermediate Spanish I
CHEM A106/L General Chemistry II                 SOC A110 Introduction to Gerontology:                  ENGL A383 Film Interpretation                   SPAN A202 Intermediate Spanish II
ENVI A211/L Environmental Science: Systems           Multidisciplinary Approach                         ENGL A445 Alaska Native Literatures             SPAN A301 Advanced Spanish I
    & Processes (=GEOG A211 & ENVI A202)         SOC A201 Social Problems and Solutions                 FREN A101 Elementary French I                   SPAN A302 Advanced Spanish II
GEOG A111 Earth Systems: Elements of             SOC A202 Social Institutions                           FREN A102 Elementary French II                  THR A311 Representative Plays I
    Physical Geography (=GEOG A205)              SWK A243 Cultural Diversity & Community                FREN A201 Intermediate French I                 THR A312 Representative Plays II
GEOL A111 Physical Geology                         Service Learning                                     FREN A202 Intermediate French II                THR A411 History of the Theatre I
GEOL A115/L Environmental Geology                WS A200 Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies            FREN A301 Advanced French I                     THR A412 History of the Theatre II
GEOL A221 Historical Geology                                                                            FREN A302 Advanced French II
LSIS A101 Discoveries in Science                                                                        GER A101 Elementary German I
LSIS A102 Origins: Earth-Solar System-Life                                                              GER A102 Elementary German II
LSIS A201 Life on Earth                                                                                 GER A201 Intermediate German I
LSIS A202 Concepts & Processes: Natural                                                                 GER A202 Intermediate German II
   Sciences                                                                                             GER A301 Advanced German I
PHYS A101 Physics for Poets                                                                             GER A302 Advanced German II
PHYS A123/L Basic Physics I                                                                             HIST A101 Western Civilization I
PHYS A124/L Basic Physics II                                                                            HIST A102 Western Civilization II
PHYS A211/L General Physics I                                                                           HIST A121 East Asian Civilization I
PHYS A212/L General Physics II

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