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									                            Curriculam vitae
Contact details:

Chandran Rajakumar
Middle street,
Mobile no. +919790162687.
Career Objective:

To work as a responsible member of team in an organization.

    With sufficient opportunity for application of knowledge gained through education and
     work experience.
    To contribute the best knowledge effectively towards the growth of the company.

Work profile
 I have 7 years plus of experience as Consultant/ QA / QC Inspector in Marine, oil & gas field as
end user representative, Third Party Inspector or as part of EPC Contractor QA/QC team.
Involved in Quality assurance & control of pipeline, pressure piping, pressure vessels, storage
tanks, structural fabrication, GRE pipelines, erection of static equipments etc. Having hands on
experience in inspection of all Mechanical Construction activities mainly Welding, NDT & other
related activities. Familiar with International standards like, ASME, API, AWS, BS, BSEN, ISO.
Shell and PDO Standards.

Experience In Detail:

Oct 2004 to Present
Company              :    Jasscan Inspection Pte Ltd,
Clint               :    Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd,
Nature of job        :    QA/QC Piping Inspector,
Place               :    Singapore.

Job & Responsibilities
   Representing Client (PDO) as QA/QC Inspector (part of the project QA team) to monitor and
   implement company quality requirements in procurement stage of the project.
   Responsible for review & approval of EPC contractors quality documents, approving EPC
   QA/QC personnel, conduct review meetings, carry out audits on contractors etc.
   Review and approval of vendor package documents, ITPs, procedures & inspection reports.
   Review and approval of FAT procedures, performance test procedures for pumps, heat
   exchangers, valves, pressure vessels etc.
   Attending Pre-inspection meetings, factory acceptance tests, stage inspections for project
   equipments and packages.
   Updating PDO lead QA Engineer about quality parameters and quality concerns in the project.
   Review of inspection reports from TPIs for the inspection activities performed at package
   vendor facilities.
Mar 2005 to Dec 2007
Company : (BINGO-III) NOBLE DANNY ADKINS for the SEMI submergible rig
Client    : Jurong Shipyard pte ltd
Nature of job    :     Worked as part of Project Management Consultancy team as
                       Client representative at various positions, as stated below,
                       responsible for Engineering, Procurement & Construction
                       QA/QC activities:-

Duties and Responsibilities
        Review and approval of CQP, construction Method Statements, ITP, NDT procedures in
          compliance to the project specific code & contract documents.
        Subcontractors and vendors to assess the level of implementation of quality
          management system and to verify the conformity of contractual requirements in the
        Conducting/Attending the monthly QHSE and weekly site meetings with the EPC
          contractors at various sites and providing inputs to resolve the Quality, safety and
          progress related issues.
        Review of ITPs, technical specifications for packages procured from vendors, leak tests
          at vendor premises.
        Witnessing of Fugitive emission test, IPF test, FAT tests of valves at vendor site.
        Surveillance Inspection & Supervision of construction activities like Welding, Coating,
          Lowering, Painting, Pressure Testing, Gauging and all other associated Pre-
          Commissioning activities which Involves Drying, Caliper Gauging etc.
        Review of Radiographs, Witnessing of other NDT Methods like Weld Scanning,
          Lamination Checking by UT & MPI, Hardness Testing. Review and final approval of all
          NDT reports.
        Releasing of critical project items like valves at vendors premises after Inspection of
          materials, witnessing of tests and review of certificates.
        Approval of Project permanent material & consumables (Welding Electrodes, Coating &
          Painting material) in compliance with the related specification.
        Final Review of Mechanical completion records and the entire related document,
          preparation of Punch list prior to releasing the section for the next activity as per the
          specification or Contract document.
        Reporting all the work activities to the project manager on daily basis detailing the
          achievement of the Project milestone including non-compliances of the contract or
          specification if any.

Jan 2008 to Nov 2008

Client       :   KEPPEL SHIPYARD LTD
Project      :   FPSO VINCENT

Duration     :   (2003 to 2004) 1 years
Position     :   NDT TECHNICHIAN
Company      :   BHEL
Place        :   Thiruchy.Tamilnadu,India.
Seconded as welding Inspector/ NDT co-coordinator to various companies as listed below:

Other projects/ client:

Quality Control for welding inspection / Non Destructive Testing and Inspection activities related to
Construction / Fabrication. Familiar in Stage Inspections during plan Maintenance, fabrication of process
piping and construction industries. Performing visual inspection in plant piping, Ultrasonic inspection
corrosion survey and welds scanning, maintenance inspection for corrosion survey of process piping, etc.

Job Profile as EPC contractors QA/QC Representative:

    Responsible for preparation of quality control plans and work procedures of the projects as
     per relevant international standards and client specifications, Implementation of quality
     system procedures and project specific procedures and QCP in the project.
    Conduct weekly and monthly quality meetings with project team and Quality Assurance
     team to get feed back to improve quality system.
    Prepare and propose welding procedures prior to run PQR and qualifying the same by
     welding PQR test piece, witnessing Non destructive and destructive testing.
    Review subcontractors procedures which includes NDT, Pre heating, stress relieving
     procedures, Civil procedures, Internal FBE coating, PE lining, painting, structural
     fabrication, Fiber Optic Cable installation, Cathodic protection systems and forward for
     client approval.
    Supervise work of QC inspectors in welding, civil and incoming material Inspection fields.
     Co-coordinating NDT activities, subcontractor’s inspection activities, preparing and
     updating daily NDT and repair status.
    Prepare and update welder performance log, calibration status log of Inspection of
     measuring tools in the project and verifying the calibration accuracy requirements to in-
     house standards and client specifications.
    Preparing mechanical package and Hydro-test packages for pipelines and on-plot piping
    Witness mechanical testing of base metals, electrode consumables and procedure
    Witness final acceptance tests like hydro testing, holiday testing of piping, air leak testing
     of threaded lines, Low pressure leak testing of tanks, vacuum box testing of tank bottom
     plates, strength and leak tightness testing of off-plot pipelines etc.
    Inspection and monitoring of hot tapping activities carry-out Welding Inspection, Painting
     Inspection and incoming material inspection as and when required.
    Carry-out Civil Inspections like right of way, trenching, padding, lowering, backfilling and
     wind row construction, marker post and access barrier installation activities in compliance
     to approved procedures.
    Carry-out inspection of GRE pipes and other associated fittings for external, Bell and
     tapered end damage of at off-loading, loading and stringing stages, inspection of adhesive
     bonded joints for jointing integrity, curing and workmanship according to manufacturer’s
     recommendation and PDO standards.
    Organize training for GRE jointing crews, witness hydro testing & burst testing of training
     joints and maintain training records.
    Arrange qualification tests for brazing operators and equipments and witness subsequent
     mechanical tests.
    Take appropriate action on Non-conformance reports and discuss with the project
     management team and QA/QC Manager for possible measures and their implementation
    Maintain adequate records/ files of all inspection issues and administer the NCR’s until
     resolution, completion and acceptance As Clint Representative.
Nature of job & Responsibilities: -
    Review third party NDT reports and radiographs of valve body castings, Indian railways,
     Russian railways, and other export castings.
    Monitor repair welding of castings by subcontractors and vendors
    Implementation of welding procedures by training welders and supervisors.
    Witness load testing of final assembly of railway bogie frames and deal with client
     inspectors for final approval.
    Verifying dimensional accuracy and tolerance limits specified in client drawings of ball
     valve, Ni-hard castings after machining and incorporating details with dispatch documents
    Attend quality management meetings and provide quality feed back and give suggestions
     to overcome the related problems.
    Leading a team of Juran Quality improvement team to minimize the sand inclusion in
     hopper frame castings.


                  Secondary School Leaving Certificate from State Board of Tamilnadu , India .
                  Higher Secondary Education from State Board of Tamilnadu , India .
                  Diploma in Pharmacy from State Board of Tamilnadu , India .

CWI (AWS) - Certified welding Inspector (Certificate no. 09083391)
ASNT Level II -     RT, UT, MPT, LPT
ASNT RTFI – (Certificate no.21199).

MS office operating systems.

Date of Birth          : 08-06-1982
Father’s Name          : CHANDRAN
Religion               : Hindu
Marital Status         : Unmarried
Nationality            : Indian
Passport No            : E9094382
Good command in verbal & written communication skills
Ability to resolve comprehensive problems.
Ability to deal with people diplomatically.
Willingness to learn emerging technology.
Efficient and able to work under pressure.
Ambitious & goal oriented.

I hereby declare that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief,
and I am in possession of the documents in proof of the claims in this application.
Place: INDIA

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