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					             Nike Reception Desk Design
Project Description:
Nike corporate offices in Portland are remodeling their lobby. They want you to design
their new custom reception desk and lobby area. They want the desk and lobby to
represent the company and what they are about. Nike uses branding strategies in every
aspect of their company and they want the desk to maintain the Nike brand and possibly
the logo.

Students will design a lobby space with detailed reception desk in Google SketchUp. The
following requirements must be met in order to receive full points.

    Reception desk must have a counter top height check in at 39” and an ADA
      counter height at 30”. Additionally there must be a workspace at 32” that hides
      the receptionist computer, papers, etc from the view of the client.
    Reception desk must include storage space for the receptionist. Consider file
      cabinets under the desk top or some free standing cabinets on the wall behind the
    The desk must be built in the room onto the floor and not show the receptionists
      feet or chair legs.
    The desk must have some lighting incorporated in or around it.
    The desk should represent the Nike brand either in material, logo, shape, form or
      any combination.

    The lobby must have a flooring material, and should be surrounded by at least 3
    There should be 2 different flooring materials used to create some type of floor
       pattern or pathway of interest.
    There should be a doorway into a room or hallway behind the reception desk
    The lobby must have a sitting/ waiting area with at least 2 chairs and a table. You
       may import chairs from the 3D warehouse.
    There must be a ceiling. And possibly a soffit or lowered ceiling above the desk
       with lighting.

The finished model will be saved to the turned in box by Friday, October 15.

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