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									                                 The Natural Healers

                                  Association (N.H.A.)

Established in February 1999, the Natural Healers Association, was founded by Dr
H. Zungu, Katharine Lee Kruger and Chris Rall in Johannesburg . This national
organisation was registered as a Non Profit Organisation on 22 May 2003 by the
Department of Social Development. Katherine and Chris are now life members.
The running of the NHA was regionalised in 2004 with separate regional offices in
Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN and Eastern Cape.

We are a completely neutral Umbrella Body, formed to encourage Healers from all
cultural backgrounds and modalities, to unite and lobby collectively for
recognition and accreditation at government level.

 We do not control or interfere with or dictate to anyone, nor do we encourage
anyone to resign from existing associations. We encourage healers to “speak with
one voice”, when and where appropriate and hope that this combined “driving
force” will earn respect from Government. Any complaints received about the
conduct of our members, are considered and possibly referred back to their
respective associations or to the person who sponsored them to NHA..


To widen the window of opportunity to influence the development of healing
legislation in South Africa to recognise the spiritual elements of International
Traditional, Indigenous, Spiritual, Energy and Natural Healing Methods.

To protect and preserve ancient, culture bound, healing practices

To obtain Government Recognition and thereby enable our members to provide a
more cost effective and efficient healthcare service for all South Africans and others.


      To fully participate in the accreditation and recognition of members
       through the Services Seta.
      To open and maintain a register of members, training schools, associate
       and corporate members.
      To eventually submit members' files for accreditation to the Services Seta.
      To integrate western medicine with international, traditional, African,
       Eastern, Western, European and Spiritual Healing practices.
      To create a multi-disciplinary environment of professional and indigenous,
       energetic and spiritual debate, study and activity through meetings,
       conferences and workshops
      To assist with the development of an ethical code of conduct and the
       maintenance of discipline within the Natural Healing Profession
      To network internationally, with the World Health Organisation and other
       public health organisations, statutory health councils, government and
       related organisations in South Africa building bridges of understanding and
       To promote Natural Healing Practices, through television, the Internet,
        radio, television and media interviews.
       To protect and preserve cultures, animals, the environment and all living


NHA systematically and continuously fights for your rights and in addition we
provide the following services:

   1.   Registration Cards and Temporary Natural Healer Practice Numbers.
   2.   Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Product Launches.
   3.   Newsletter/Articles live on Web Site.
   4.   Television Advertising on “Free Spirit” phone (021) 686-9206.
   5.   Members linked on website
   6.   The General Public, phone us first to find out if people are registered
        before making appointments for consultations.
   7.   We attend meetings together with NHSS & COCHASA at Government Level
        on behalf of our members and keep them informed regarding the latest
        developments with regard to registration and accreditation with the
        Services Seta.

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